Garnier family

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1. Eustache I Garnier (Flemish) died 1123, cr 1105 Lord of Caesaria, married 1099 to Emma de Chocques, (neice of Patriach Arnulf de Chocques), with issue.

1.1. Eustache II Garnier,  Lord of Sidon 1124., married to Paia de Nablus, with issue.

1.1.1. Agnese Garnier, married to Henri de Milly.

1.1.2. “Daughter” Garnier, married N. Lord of Nephin.

1.2. Gerard Garnier,  Lord of Sidon 1131, Lord of Beaufort 1139., married 1138 to Agnese de Bures, with issue.

1.2.1. Eustache III Garnier, Lord of Sidon.

1.2.2. Renaud Garnier,  Lord of Sidon, married 1171 to Princess Agnese de Courtenay of Jerusalem, married (2) 1189 to Helvis d’Ibelin, with issue. (Second Marriage) Balian Garnier, Lord of Sidon, Balli of Jerusalem, married 1228 to Marguerite de Reynel, with issue. Gilles Garnier,  Lord of Sidon 1240. Julien Garnier,  Lord of Sidon and Beaufort 1247., married 1252 to Princess Eupheme of Armenia, with issue. Balian Garnier, Killed in Battle 1277,  titular Lord of Sidon, married to Marie Embriaco of Jabail, with issue. Eupheme Garnier, married 1290 to Hethum V, Prince of Lampron. Isabella Garnier, married 1290 to Maurice de Bouillon. Jean Garnier, drowned in Armenia 1289. Margherite Garnier, married to Guy d’Ibelin Embriaco, Lord of Jebail, (see below). Philippe de Beaufort Garnier. Isabella Garnier. Agnese Garnier, married to Guillaume of Antioch, Lord of Boutron. Agnese Garnier, married Raoul de Saint Omer, Prince of Galilee, (see below) Femie Garnier, married to Odo de Saint Omer.

1.2.3. Florence Garnier, married to Guy Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut 1148-69., with issue. Gauthier II Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut 1169. Guy II Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut, married to Maria Bessan, with issue. Gauthier III Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut, 1179. Lord of Montreal 1168. Lord of Blanchgarde near Jaffa 1174. , married (1) Helena de Milly, married (2) Agnese de Nablus, with issue. (First Marriage) Beatrix Brisebarre. (Second Marriage) Gilles Brisebarre, 1198., married to Agnese de Leiron, with issue. Raoul Brisebarre, Lord of Blanchegarde 1253, married Isabella de Caiphas, with issue. Gauthier Brisebarre, Lord of Blanchegarde, married to Agnese Alaman, with issue. “Daughter” Brisebarre, married to Juan d’Aragona, Signore di Aegina. Thomas Brisebarre, married to Agnese de Flory, with issue. Raoul Brisebarre. Isabella Brisebarre. Jean Brisebarre. Nicolas Brisebarre. Stephanie Brisebarre. Agnese Brisebarre, married to Thomas Alaman. Marie Brisebarre, married to Balian de Laneele. Alix Brisebarre, married to Berthelot de Garnier. Bermonde Brisebarre, married 1178 to Bertrand of Marqab. Marguerite Brisebarre, married to Guillaume Porcelet. Eschiva Barisebarre, married to Joselin de Giblet, Lord of Avegore. Orable Brisebarre, married to Eustache de Neuville.

1.2.4. N. Garnier, married to Hughes I de Lille de Charigny created Barone de Vostitsa c.1209, with issue. Guy I de Lille de Charigny, Bali of Moree 1289, died 1295., with issue. Hughes II de Lille de Charigny, Bali of Moree 1293-1304, with issue. Geoffrey de Lille, died 1327, with issue. Agnese de Lille, Dame de Voztiza 1327. Guillermette de Lille, Dame de Vostiza 1328-59, married to Philippe de Joinville, Barone de Vostiza et de Nivelet 1344. Isabella de Lille, died 1328, mmarried to Henri de Prato, Pretender of Nivelet, with issue. Helene de Prato, married 1328 to Marino Ghisi.

1.3. Gauthier Garnier, Lord of Caesaria 1128, married Julienne de Puy, with issue.

1.3.1. Eustache Garnier, died 1160, Monk at St Lazarus., dunm.

1.3.2. Hughes Garnier,  Lord of Caesaria 1150, married 1160 to Isabella Gothman, with issue. Guy Garnier,  Lord of Caesaria 1176. Gauthier II Garnier, killed in battle 1189.  Lord of Caesaria. Julienne Garnier,  Lady of Caesaria 1193, married (1) 1182 to Guy Brisebarre, married (2) 1192 to Aymar de Lairon, Lord of Caesaria.

1.3.3. N. Garnier, married to Guillaume Charpentier, Cr: Lord of Caiphas, Regent of Antioch, with issue. Vivian Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas 1138., married to Beatrice de Cayfa, with issue. Payen Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1188), married to Hodierna N, with issue. Rohart Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1198), married to Aiglantine of Nephim, with issue. Helvis Charpentier, Lady of Caiphas, married (1) to Geoffrey de Poulain., Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1250), married (2) Garcia Alvarez, with issue. Gilles de Poulain, Lord of Caiphas, married to Marguerite de Brie, with issue. Geoffrey de Poulain, Lord of Caiphas, married to N. Beduine, with issue. Gilles de Poulain, Lord of Caiphas, married to Princess Philippa of Antioch. Marguerite de Poulain. Rohart de Poulain, married (1) to Alicia da Gloria, married (2) Beatrix de Pecquigny, with issue. Gilles de Poulain. Philippe de Poulain. Marguerite de Poulain. Helvis de Poulain, married to Hughes, Lord of Radouf. Rohart de Poulain. Aiglantine de Poulain, married to Anseau de Brie. Alix Charpentier, married 1236 to Jean d’Ibelin, Lord of Arsur. Agnese Charentier. Isabella Charpentier, married to Roaul de Blanchegarde. Rohart Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1229), married to Isabella d’Ibelin of Beirut., with issue. Hughes Charpentier. Philippe Charpentier. Jean Charpentier, married to Isabella de Mallenbec, with issue. Philippe Charpentier, Seigneur de Cossi, married to Isabella Aleman, with issue. Hughes Charpentier, Seigneur de Cossi. Jean Charpentier. Frederic Charpentier. Georges Charpentier. “Daughter” Charpentier. “Daughter” Charpentier, married to Georges de Gloria. “Daughter” Charpentier, “Nun”. Guy Charpentier. Odiard Charpentier, married to Raymond Blondiau. Sibylle Charpentier., married to Jean de Morpho. Havise Charpentier, married to Daniel de Mailenbec. Mathilde Charpentier, married to Robert de Lille, died 1207, with issue. Robert de lille, Signore de Veligosti, 1207-39, married to Peronette. Conon de Lille, died 1207.

1.4. Matilda Garnier, married to Miles de Bazoches, with issue.

1.4.1. Hughes de Bazoches, Seigneur de Bazoches-sur-Vesle. 1110, married to Eupemia de Saint Omer, with issue. Maria de Bazoches, married to Ulric de Nablus, Ulric (1155), Cr: 1123:Vicomte de Nablus, with issue. Baudouin de Nablus, (1164), Vicomte de Nablus, married to Isabella Embriacio, with issue. Amaury de Nablus, (1180)., Vicomte de Nablus, married 1175 to Stephanie d’Ibelin, with issue. Raymond de Nablus, (1192), Vicomte de Nablus. Renaud de Nablus (1178). Jean de Nablus. Roger de Nablus. Raymond de Nablus. Balian de Nablus. Melisende de Nablus. Gisele de Nablus. Agnese de Nablus, married to Gauthier III Brisbarre. Rohart de Nablus, (1152), married with issue. Stephanie de Nablus, married to Baudouin, Lord of Saint Gilles. Raoul de Nablus. Etiennette de Nablus, married to Renier de Milly, Prince of Montreal. Gisele de Nablus, married to Adam Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, with issue. Gremont I Bessan of Tiberias, Lord of Bethsan, 1161., married to Marguerite d’Ibelin of Beirut., with issue. Adam Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, 1179, married to Helvis de Milly, with issue. Gremont II Bessan, Lord of Bethsan 1198., married (1) Julienne de Soisson, married (2) Agnese Embriaco, with issue. (First Marriage) Baudouin Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married to Marie Visconti, with issue. Gauthier Bessan, Lord of Bethsan d. 1315., married (1) Marguerite Babin, married (2) Alix d’Ibelin, with issue. (First marriage) Thibaut Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married (1) Nicola d’Ibelin, married (2) Alix Montolivo. Ague Bessan, Lieutenant of Cyprus 1309., married (1) 1306 to Alix de Mandelee, married (2) 1345 to Alisie de Dampierre, with issue. (First Marriage) Baudouin Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married 1325 to Marie d’Ibelin, with issue. Agne Bessan. Agnese Bessan, married to Alfonso d’Aragona, Barone di Avola. Gremont Bessan. Amaury Bessan. “Daughter” Bessan, married to Jean de Brie. (Second Marriage) Marie Bessan. Philippa Bessan, married 1306 to Jean d’Ibelin. Philippe Bessan, married to Eschiva N. Amaury Bessan, dunm. Eschiva Bessan, married Nicolas Boule. Thibaut Bessan, killed 1289 in battle., married to Isabella de Mandelee., with issue. Baudouin Bessan, killed 1289 in battle. Gauthier Bessan. (Second Marriage) Helvis Bessan, married 1245 to Rolando de Lucca. Gauthier Bessan, married (1) div. to Douce Porcelet., married 1180 to Princess Theodora Comnene, with issue. (First Marriage) Amaury Bessan, Signor of Tricario, Royal Councillor in Sicily 1247, married to N, Signora di Tricario., with issue. Agremont Bessan, Signor of Tricario 1280. Philippa de Beisan, married to Noble Giovanni de Vassallo. Eschiva Bessan, married to Jean of Antioch, Marshall of Cyprus. Stephanie Bessan, married to Guy de Soissons. (Second Marriage) Alix Bessan, married 1230 to Baudouin d’Ibelin. Femie Bessan, married to Guy de Morpho. Amaury Bessan, dunm 1195. Philippe Bessan, dunm 1196. Richilde Bessan, married 1155 to Baudouin d’Ibelin. Isabella Bessan, married to Guy de Arsuf, Signore di Arsuf. Stephanie Bessan, married to Philippe Rufus., with issue. Isabella Rufus, married to Renaud Barlais, Bailly of Jaffa 1197, married (2) to Bertrand Porcelet, with issue. Aimery Barlaid, (d. 1253), Bailly of Cyprus 1229, married to Agnese of Marqab, with issue. Amaury Barlais. Guillaume Barlais. Renaud Barlais. Jean Barlais. Aimery Barlais. Philippa Barlais, married 1240 to Guy d’Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus. Guillaume Barlais, (d. 1305), married 1277 to Isabella d’Ibelin, Lady of Beirut., married (2) N. Maria Bessan, married to Guy Brisebarre, Signore di Beirut. Paia de Nablus, married to Eustache II Garnier. Stephanie de Nablus, married (1) to Guy de Milly., Seigneur de Gourgouce, de Bodival et de Ribeauville-en-Camcresis in France, Cr: 1108 Lord of Nablus, married (2) Baldwin I, (d. 1138), Lord of Ramla, Count of Jaffa, with issue., with issue. (First Marriage) Guy de Milly, (d. 1164), Seigneur de Gourgouce, de Bodival et de Ribeauville-en-Camcresis in France. Philippe de Milly, (d.1170), Lord of Nablus 1161., Exchanged it for the Lordship of Oultrejourdain., married Isabella du Puy, Lady of Oultrejourdain, with issue. Renier de Milly, Prince of Montreal, married 1180 to Etiennette de Nablus, with issue. Isabella de Milly, married to Renouard II de Renouard. Maria de Milly, married to Alberto da Verona. Helvis de Milly, married to Andrea Ghisi, Signore di Mykonos, a Venetian nobleman, created Lord of Mykonos, Skyros, Skiathos, Skopelos, Seriphos, Tinos, Amorgos and Chios 1202, with issue. Filippo Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, married to Isabella Ghisi (See Below), with issue. Giovanni Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, (d. 1309), married with issue. N. Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, married with issue. Zannachi Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, (executed 1363). Andrea Ghisi, Constable of Achaia, married to Bartolomea Chauderon, with issue. Bartolomeo Ghisi, married with issue. Bartolomeo Ghisi, Lord of Tinos and Mykonos, Seriphos and Chios, member of the Grand Council of Venice 1301., married with issue. Giorgio Ghisi, (killed 1311), Lord of Eubea, married (1) N de la Tremoille of Chalandritza, married (2) Alix delle Carceri, with issue. (First Marriage) N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married to Pietro delle Carceri, Triarch of Eubea. N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married to Martino Zaccaria, Lord of Chios. (Second Marriage) Bartolomeo II Ghisi, (d. 1341), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos, Grand Constable of Achaia, married to N de Liedekerke, with issue. Giorgio II Ghisi, (d. 1358), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos, married 1327 to Simona d’Aragona of Salona, with issue. Bartolomeo III Ghisi, (d. 1390), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos and Tinos, Marshall of Achaia, married to Theodora Asanina., with issue. Giorgio III Ghisi, Triarch of Eubea. Marino Ghisi, Lord of Tinos, married 1326 to Helene de Charpigny, of Vostitza. Filippa Ghisi, Lady of Seriphos, married to Daniele Bragadin, Patrican of Venice. Alix Ghisi, married to Ruggerio Remarin, Patrican of Venice, Signore di Ceos in the Aegean, died 1348, with issue. Marco Premarini, 1348 Signore di Ceos, died 1364, married to N. Michieli, with issue. Caterina Premarini, Co-Signorina di Ceos, died 1375, married to Giusto Michieli, Signore di Seriphos. Angela Premarini, Co-Signorina di Ceos, died 1375. Nicolo I Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1348 49, died 1375, married to N. Michieli, with issue. Pietro I Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1375 – 79, died 1383, with issue. Francesco I Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1383. Maffeo Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1372, 1375, Negropont 1378, died 1436., with issue. Giovanni III Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1403. Tommaso Premarini, Signore di Negropont 1407 -60, Ceos 1436- 37., with issue. Antonio Premarini, Signore di Ceos. 1467- 70. Nicolo II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1470 – 1500., married (1) 1463 to N. Venier, married (2) Chiara da Corogna, with issue. Fiorenza Premarini, married 1467 to Pietro da Canale, Signore de Vumi e Negropont. Caterina Premarini, died 1495, married to Luca Venier. Polissena Premarini, died 1505. N. Premarini, married 1411 to Nicolo Venier. Giovanni II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1375 -60, died 1466, with issue. Paolo I Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1444, died 1460. Andrea Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1452 -74, with issue. Alessandro Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1497 – 1530, died 1530, married with issue. Domenica Premarini, Styled Signorina di Ceos, married c.1520 Rhodes Island to Judge Nicola Caloriti, (Migrated to Malta with the Knights of Malta), with issue. Mco Giacomo Caloriti, married 1565 (Notary Vincenzo de Bonetis) to Alemana de Rogeriis, with issue. Pietrino Caloriti, married 1604 Valletta to Maddalena Bonaventura, married (2) 1619 (Notary Giovanni Tholossenti) to Maddalena Schembri, with issue. (illegitimate with Maddalena de Fiore) Dr Giovanni Caloriti, Jurat of Malta 1651, married (1) 1607 Valletta to Donna Antonia Bologna, married (2) 1624 Valletta to Antonia Ansaldo, with issue. (First marriage) Speranza Caloriti, married 1635 Valletta to Ottavio dello Re. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Caloriti, married 1667 Valletta to Anna Giordano. (illegitimate with Maddalena de Fiore) Graziulla Caloriti, married 1630 (Notary Michele Ralli) to Giuseppe Fiteni. (illegitimate with Maddalena de Fiore) Angelica Caloriti, married 1607 to Nobile Don Gio Vincenzo Beccadelli di Bologna. Caterina Caloriti, married 1574 (Notary Giacomo Baldacchino) to Nobile Giacomo Santa Mauro. Bernardina Caloriti, married 1566 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Vincenzo Camilleri. Vincenzo Antonio Caloriti, married c.1560 to Margherita Pisano, with issue. Antonina Caloriti, married 1590 (Notary Mario Mallia) to Pietro Cutajar. Mario Caloriti, married 1599 (Notary Pietro Calleja) to Caterina Caruana. Richilda Caloriti, married 1570 to Giovanni de Pyro Marietta Premarini, married to Ruggiero Contarini. Polissena Premarini, married to Almoro Barbaro. Giovanni Premarini. Andrea Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1491. Maffeo II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1444, 1466 – 88, with issue. (illegitimate ) Francesco II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1488 – 1500, married 1488 to Ginevra da Canale, with issue. Paolo II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1531 – 41, married with issue. Ginevra Premarini, married to Tommaso Michieli, Signore di Seriphos. Luigi Premarini, Co- Signore di Ceos 1531 – 37. Elvria Premarini, married to Pedro d’Avola, Barone di Avola. Bartolomeo I Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1348 -49, died 1379, married to N. Michieli, with issue. Giovanni II Premarini, Signore di Ceos 1375-87, married 1372 to Marulla Dandolo, with issue. Bartolomeo II Premarini, Signore di Ceos, died 1420. Chiara Premarini, Signorina di Ceos 1420., married N. Malipiero. Cecilia Premarini, Signorina di Ceos 1375 – 79, married (1) to N. Badoer, married (2) Michele Duracini, with issue. Michele Duracini, Signore di Ceos 1410 -37. Maddalena Premarini, Signorina di Ceos 1375., married to Angelo Sanudo. Philippe de Milly, Prince of Montreal, dum. Helene de Milly, married to Gauthier III de Brisbebarre, Lord of Beirut. Helvis de Milly. Stephanie de Milly, (d. 1183)., married (1) 1163 to Honfroy III Lord of Toron, married (2) 1173 to Milon de Plancy, Seneschal of Jerusalem, married (3) 1177 to Renaud de Chatillon, with issue. (Third marriage) Renaud de Chatillon, (d.inf 1175). Alix de Chatillon, married 1204 to Azzo VI d’Este, Lord of Ferrara. Henri de Milly, (d.1164), married to Agnese Garnier of Sidon, with issue. Helvis de Milly, married to Adam, Lord of Bethsan. Stephanie de Milly, married (1) Guillaume Dorel, Lord of Boutron., married (2) 1179 to Hughes II Embriaco, Lord of Jebail. Agnese de Milly, married 1176 to Joscelin de Courtenay, Count of Edessa. Sibille de Milly, married to Eustache le Petit. Raoul de Milly, migrated to Calabria, married (c. 1140) to Elvira du Puiset, with issue. Guido de Milly. Anna de Milly. Pietro de Milly. Stefano de Milly. Hugo de Milly. (Second marriage) Renier de Ramla. Helvis de Ramla, married 1120 to Barisan de Ibelin, Constable to the Count of Jaffa, with issue. Hugues d’Ibelin, Lord of Rama, +1169/71; m.1157 Agnes, Lady of Toron (*1133 +1184/5) dau.of Joscelin de Courtenay, Ct of Edessa. Baudoin d’Ibelin, Lord of Mirabel and Rama, +1186/8; 1m: before 1157 (div 1174) Richilde de Bessan; 2m: 1175 Isabelle (+1177/8) dau.of Jean Gothman; 3m: after IV.1180 Marie (+after 1228) dau.of Renier, Constable of Tripoli; all kids were by 1m. Thomas d’Ibelin, Lord of Rama, *before 1175, +ca 1188. Eschiva d’Ibelin, +1196/97; m.before 29.10.1175 Amaury II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (*1145 +1205) Estefanie d’Ibelin; m.before XI.1175 Amaury, Viscount of Nablus Balian d’Ibelin, Lord of Nablus, +1193; m.1177 Maria Komnenos, widow of King Amalric I of Jerusalem. Jean d’Ibelin “the Old”, Lord of Beirut and Arsur, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem, Bailiff of Cyprus, +1236; 1m: ca 1202 Helvis (+ca 1208) dau.of Raymond of Nephim; 2m: ca 1209 Melisende of Arsur; all kids were by 2m. Balian III d’Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, Constable of Cyprus, Bailiff of Jerusalem, +Askalon 1247; m.1229/30 Eschiva von Mompelgard Balian d’Ibelin, +young Hugues d’Ibelin, *1231/32, +1254/55; m.1250/53 Marie von Mompelgard Jean d’Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, +1264, bur Nicosia; m.1249/50 Alice, Lady of Beirut (+after 1277) dau.of Guy de la Roche-sur-l’Ognon, Duke of Athens Isabelle d’Ibelin, Lady of Beirut 1264, *ca 1252, +Beirut 1282/83, bur there; 1m: 1265 Hugo II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (*1252 +5.12.1267); 2m: 1272 Haymo le Strange (+1273), Lord of Beirut; 3m: 1276 Nicolas d’Aleman, titular lord of Caesarea and Beirut (+1277); 4m: after 1277 Guillaume Barlais (+1304/05) Eschiva d’Ibelin, Lady of Beirut 1282, *1253, +Nicosia 1312, bur Nicosia; 1m: 1274 Onfroi de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus (+12.2.1284); 2m: 7.12.1291 Guy de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus (+1302/03) N. d’Ibelin; 1250 Henri de Giblet (+ca 1271) Jean d’Ibelin, Lord of Arsur, Constale and Bailiff of Cyprus and Jerusalem, *1211/2, +1258; 1236 Alice (+after 1241) dau.of Rohard of Cayphas Balian IV d’Ibelin, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem, lord of Arsur, *1239, +1277; 1m: 1254 (annulled 1258) Plaisance de Poitiers, dau.of Ct Raymond of Tripoli (?); 2m: ca 1261 Lucie de Chenechy; all kids were by 2m. Jean d’Ibelin, +1309, bur Nicosia; m.after 1300 Isabelle d’Ibelin Guy d’Ibelin Balian, titular lord of Arsur, +ca 1338, bur Nicosia; 1320 Marguerite d’Ibelin Philippe d’Ibelin, murderer of King Peter of Cyprus, +1374/6; 1m: Eschiva de Dampierre; 2m: ca 1355 Alice (+after 1376) dau.of Fernando de Majorca, Viscountessa d’Omelas Guy d’Ibelin, Bishop of Limassol, +1367 Thomas d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +after 1361 Jean d’Ibelin, a priest. Marie d’Ibelin, +after 1357; 1m: ca 1340 Hugues de Dampierre-sur-Salon; 2m: ca 1349 Jean d’Ibelin (+after 1357) Simone d’Ibelin, +after 1350; 1m: ca 1355 Baudoin de Nores; 2m: Jean Babin Marguerite d’Ibelin, +after 1353; m.Balian d’Ibelin Marguerite d’Ibelin; 1323 Balian d’Ibelin Lucie d’Ibelin; 1m: ca 1332 Baudoin de Milmars; 2m: ca 1334 Raymond du Four Alice d’Ibelin, married to Mehmedoglu Hizar Bey, Emir of Aydin Jeanne d’Ibelin; m.Baudoin du Morf, Lord of Stambole. maybe by 1m.] Nicole d’Ibelin, +ca 1300; m.Thibaut de Bessan Ermeline d’Ibelin; m.NN in Apulia Hugues d’Ibelin, +1237/39 Baudoin d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +1266; 1230 Alice, dau.of Gautier de Bessan by Theodora Komnene Jean d’Ibelin, +after 1250; 1247 Isabelle, dau.of Aimery du Rivet by Eschiva de Saint-Omer Gautier d’Ibelin Baudoin d’Ibelin, Lord of Korakou and Vitzada, +Limassol 1313, bur Nicosia; m.Marguerite de Giblet Isabelle d’Ibelin, +1315, bur Nicosia; 1303 Guy d’Ibelin (+1308) Philippe d’Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus, +1304/05; 1253 Simone von Mvmpelgard Balian d’Ibelin, titular Pr of Galilee and Bethlehem, +1315/6; 1292/4 Alice de Lusignan (+1324) Jacques d’Ibelin, living 1319 Baudoin d’Ibelin Guy d’Ibelin Hugues d’Ibelin Marguerite d’Ibelin Helvis d’Ibelin, married to Ramazan Bey, Emir of Ramadan.. Alice d’Ibelin, Lady of Coletta, +after 1324; m.before 1293 Gautier de Bessan (+1315) Eschiva d’Ibelin, Lady of Saint-Nicolas, +after 1324; 1m: ca 1290 Gautier de Dampierre-sur-Salon; 2m: before 1310 Hugues de Lusignan, Signore de Crusoche Marie d’Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia, +after 1324; 1290 Guy d’Ibelin, Conte of Jaffa Guy d’Ibelin, +after 1270; m. Maria of Armenia Thomas d’Ibelin, +after 1307; 1290 Zabel of Saravantikar, with issue. Leon d’Ibelin, *before 1306 Rita d’Ibelin, *before 1306 Isabelle d’Ibelin, +ca 1306; 1285 Hethum, Lord of Korikos (+after 1308) Balian d’Ibelin, +1284/98; m.Marguerite, dau.of Raymond Visconti Philippe d’Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Gille de Chappes Jean d’Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1318 Alice d’Ibelin, *before 1306 Hugues d’Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Alice, dau.of Jean Le Thor by Stephanie de Soissons Baudoin d’Ibelin Marie d’Ibelin, *1304/07, +after 1347; 1325 Baudoin de Bessan Marguerite d’Ibelin, +after 1342; 1320 Balian d’Ibelin Melisende d’Ibelin, +young Guy d’Ibelin, Marshal and Constable of Cyprus; m.Philippe, dau.of Aimery Berlais Baudoin d’Ibelin, Bailiff of Jerusalem, Constable of Cyprus, +after VIII.1286 Jean d’Ibelin, +murdered 1277 Aimery d’Ibelin Balian d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, *1240, +1302, bur Nicosia; m.Alice de Lampron Guy II d’Ibelin, *1286, +1308; m.Isabelle d’Ibelin Marie d’Ibelin, +after 1340; 1m: 22.11.1299 Rupen de Montfort, Lord of Toron and Sur (+1313); 2m: N du Plessis Isabelle d’Ibelin; m. Jean d’Ibelin Marguerite d’Ibelin, +ca 1320; 1311 Oshin of Korikos, Regent of Armenia (+1329) Philippe d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, *1253, +1318, bur Nicosia; 1m: ca 1280 Marie, dau.of Vahran of Hanousse by Marie d’Ibelin; 2m: ca 1295 Marie de Giblet (+1331); all kids by 2m. Jean d’Ibelin, *1302, +after 1317, bur Nicosia Guy d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, Burgher of Venice, +ca 1360; 1319 Marguerite d’Ibelin Jean d’Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +after 1367 Alice d’Ibelin, +after 1373; 1350 Jean de Lusignan, titular Pr of Antioch, Regent of Cyprus (+1375) Marguerite d’Ibelin Balian d’Ibelin, +ca 1349; 1323 Marguerite d’Ibelin Isabelle d’Ibelin, *1300, +after 1342; 1m: 1316 Inft Fernando of Majorca, Pr of Achaia (+1316); 2m: ca 1320 Hugues d’Ibelin, titular Ct of Jaffa Helvis d’Ibelin, *1307, +after 27.5.1347; m.1330 Duke Heinrich von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen (+1351) Isabelle d’Ibelin, cr Queen Consort of Cyprus 24.12.1267, *ca 1241, +Nicosia 2.6.1324, bur Franciscan Church, Nicosia; m.after 23.1.1255 Hugues III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (*1235 +1284). Alice d’Ibelin; m.1270/75 Eudes de Dampierre-sur-Salon Eschiva d’Ibelin, a nun Melisende d’Ibelin, married to Esref, Emir of Esref Marie d’Ibelin Isabelle d’Ibelin, a nun. Philippe d’Ibelin, Regent of Cyprus, +1227; 1m: Maria, dau.of Vahran of Korokos, Marshal of Armenia; 2m: 1207/10 Alix von Mompelgard (+after 1244) Jean d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa and Askalon, Lord of Rama, Bailiff of Jerusalem, +Nicosia 1266, bur there; 1237 Maria (*1220, +Lampron 1263, bur Sgebra) dau.of Constantine, Lord of Barba’ron by Alix of Lampron Jacques d’Ibelin, Lord of Jaffa, +1276; m.1255/60 Marie von Mompelgard Philippe d’Ibelin, +after 1263 Guy d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +1304; 1290 Marie d’Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia. Philippe d’Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1316 Hugues d’Ibelin, justiciarius of Sicily, living 1335 Hugues d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, +ca 1349; 1320 Isabelle d’Ibelin (+after 1342) Balian d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1352 Guy d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1363; m.NN Balian d’Ibelin; m.1352 Marguerite d’Ibelin Jean d’Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1375 Marie d’Ibelin; 1358 Reinier Le Petit, Ct of Jaffa. Balian d’Ibelin, *1302; 1m: ca 1322 Jeannette de Montfort (+ca 1325); 2m: 1325 Marguerite du Four Marie d’Ibelin, *1294, +before 30.6.1318, bur Santa Sophia, Nicosia; m.1307/10 Hugues IV de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (+10.10.1359). Jean d’Ibelin Hethum d’Ibelin Oshin d’Ibelin Marguerite d’Ibelin, Abbess in Nicosia, +after 1319 Isabelle d’Ibelin, +after 1298; 1270 Sempad of Saravantikar (+after 1298) Marie d’Ibelin, +after 1298; 1m: 1269/70 Vahran of Hanousse (+1270/71); 2m: Gregorios Tardif (+after 1298) Doleta d’lbelin, married Noble Chevalier Vassallo de Vassallo. Helvis d’Ibelin, +ca 1216; 1m: Renaud of Sidon; 2m: 1204 Guy de Montfort, Lord de la Ferte-Alais et de Castres-en-Albegeois (+31.1.1228), with issue. Philippe I de Montfort, (1202-1270)., Cr 1270 Lord of Tyre e Toron,  married (1) 1228 Princess Eleanore de Courtenay, married (2) 1240 to Princess Marie d’Antioch, with issue. (First Marriage) Philippe II de Montfort, (1225-1270)., Lord of Tyre e Toron., married 1230 to Jeanne de Levis-Mirepoix, with issue. Jeanne de Montfort, (d. 1300), married (1) 1268 to Guy, Comte de Forez, married (2) 1278 to Louis de Savoie, Barone de Vaud. Jean II de Montfort, (d. 1300), Conte di Squillace, Captain General of Calabria 1299., married (1) Isabella Maletta, married (2) Giovanna di Faranella, Signora di Genzano, married (3) Marguerite de Beaumont. Laure de Montfort, (d. 1300), married to Bernard VII, Comte de Comminges. Eleanore de Montfort, (d. 1338), Comtesse de Vendome, married 1295 to Jean V, Comte de Vendome. Simon de Montfort, (d. 1272), dunm. Jean de Montfort, (d. 1240), Comte de Squillace, Lord of Tyre e Toron, married 1268 to Princess Marguerite of Cyprus, dsp. (Second marriage) Philippa de Montfort, (d. 1275), married to Guillaume I d’Esneval, Barone d’Esneval. HenfroyI de Montfort, (d. 1283), married 1269 to Eschurg d’Ibelin, with issue. Johannin de Montfort. Philippe de Montfort. Guyotin de Monfort. Amauri de Montfort. Rupen de Montfort, (d. 1313), Lord titular of Toron, married 1299 to Marie d’Ibelin, with issue. Honfrey II de Monfort, (1305-1326), Lord titular of Toron, Lord of Beirut, Connetable of Cyprus, married N, with issue. Eschiva de Montfort, died 1333., married to Pierre I, King of Cyprus. Alix de Montfort, married to Sucauddin Orhan, Bey, Emir of Mentese. Jeanne de Montfort, married 1322 to Balian d’Ibelin. Alix de Montfort. Alix de Montfort. Helvis de Montfort. Perrenelle de Montfort, (d. 1238), Nun. Alice de Montfort, (d. 1259), Nun. Agnes de Montfort, (d. 1259), Nun. Guy II de Montfort, (d. 1254), Barone de Lombers. Marguerite, Lady of Ibelin, +after 1240; 1m: Hugues de Saint-Omer; 2m: before 1210 Gautier of Caesarea (+1229) a daughter, taken as a slave to Baghdad 1193. Ermengardis d’Ibelin, Lady of Tiberias, +1160/67 Stefanie d’Ibelin, +after 1167, married to Masud Temirek, Sultan of Rum Matilda de Bazoches, married to Ramain de Puy, from Le Puy-en-Velay, France, (1128), Lord of Oultrejourdain, with issue. Payen du Puy, (1148), Lord of Outrejourdain, married to Ermburghe de Villehardouin, with issue. Maurice du Puy, Lord of Outrejourdain, married to Eschiva de Ysis, with issue. Isabella du Puy, Lady of Outrejourdain, (1167), married to Philippe de Milly, Lord of Nablus. Marie du Puy, married to Jean de Farabel, (d. 1252), Seigneur du Puy, with issue. Guillaume de Farabel, Seigneur de Puy, married to Alix de Boutron, with issue. Rostain de Farabel, Seigneur de Puy. Guillaume de Farabel, (d. in Apulia). “Daughter” de Farabel. Thomas de Farabel. Guy de Farabel. Eschiva de Farabel, married to Mentese Bey, Emir of Mentese. Mathilde de Farabel. Anne de Farabel. Julienne du Puy, married to Gauthier Garnier, Signore di Caesaria. Leonora de Bazoches, married to Guglielmo Embriaco, Knight under the Count of Tripoli, Cr: Lord of Jebail, with issue. Ugo Embriaco, Lord of Jebail, (d.1135), married with issue. Guillaume II Embriaco, (d.1159) Lord of Jebail, married to Sanchia N, with issue. Hughes II Embriaco, (d.1179), Lord of Jebail, married with issue. Hughes III Embriaco, (d.1189), Lord of Jebail, married to Stephanie de Milly, with issue. Guy Embriaco, (d. 1238) Lord of Jebail, married 1204 to Princess Alix of Antioch, with issue. Henri Embriaco (d. 1271), Lord of Jebail, married to Isabella d’Ibelin, with issue. Balian Embriaco, (d. 1313). Guy II Embriaco, (d. 1282), Lord of Jebail, mrried to Marguerite Garnier di Sidon, with issue. Marie Embriaco, (1274-1331), married 1295 to Philippe d’Ibelin. Catherine Embriaco, married 1200 to Prince Jean of Antioch. Pierre Embriaco, (d. 1310)., Lord of Jebail, married (1) Douce de Gaurelee, married (2) to Agnese Embriaco. Sauve Embriaco. (illegitimate) “Daughter” Embriaco, married to Bertrand III Embriaco. (See Below). Jean Embriaco, (d. 1282), married 1277 to N Aleman, with issue. “Son” Embriaco “Son” Embriaco. Baudouin Embriaco, (d. 1282). Marie Embriaco, married to Balian II Garnier, Lord of Sidon. Raymond Embriaco, Chamberlain d’Antioche. Bertrand de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet, married to Barthelemy de Saint-Simeon., Lord of Sidon. Hughes Embriaco, (d.1210). Plaisance Embriaco, married 1198 to Prince Bohemond V of Antioch. Pavie Embriaco, married to Garnier Alaman. Raymond Embriaco (d. 1179), Lord of Biblio, Constable of Tripoli, married with issue. Guillaume Embriaco, Lord of Biblio, married to Eva N, with issue. Jean Embriaco, Lord of Biblio (d.1263), married (1) Femie of Caesarea, married (2) to Jeanne de Lanelee, with issue. (First Marriage) Isabella Embriaco, married to Guillaume Filangieri. (Second Marriage) Balian Embriaco. Jean Embriaco. Euphemie Embriaco, married to Guy de Soissons. Bertrand Embriaco, (d. 1217), married 1189 to Princess Doleta of Armenia, with issue. Hughes Embriaco, (d. 1264), Balli of Cyprus, married to Marie Porcelet, with issue. Bertrand II Embriaco, (d. 1258), married 1252 to Beatrix de Saint-Simone Soudin, with issue. Barthelemy Embriaco, (d. 1289), Lord of Biblio, married to Helvis de Scandelion, with issue. Bertrand III Embriaco, married to N. Embriaco (See Above), with issue. Doleta Embriaco, married to Bartolomeo d’Aragona, Barone di Militetto. Hughes Embriaco, married to Catherine de la Roche. Agnese Embriaco, married (1) Gauvin de la Roche, married (2) Pierre d’Ibelin Lord of Jebail. Guillaume Embriaco, (d. 1282). Lucie Embriaco, married 1268 to Jean of Boutron. Marguerite Embriaco, married to Baudouin d’Ibelin, Lord of Korakou. Guillaume Embriaco, married to Fadie de Hierges, with issue. Hughes de Giblet Embriaco (1220), Lord of Besmedin, married to Agnese de Ham, with issue. Raymond de Giblet (d. 1253), Lord of Besmedin, married (1) to Marguerite de Scandelion, married (2) Alix de Soudin, with issue. (First Marriage) Jean I de Giblet, Lord of Besmedin, married 1243 to Poitevine N, with issue. Plaisance de Giblet, Lady of Besmedin, married to Bertrand de Montolive. Eschiva de Giblet, married to Raimondo Visconti. Agnese de Giblet. (Second Marriage) Hughes de Giblet. Henri de Giblet, (d 1310), Lord of Besmedin, married to Marguerite de Morf, with issue. Jean III de Giblet, (d. 1315), Lord of Besmedin, married to Marguerite de Plessis, with issue. Marie de Giblet. Marie de Giblet. Bertrand de Giblet. Suzanne de Giblet. Marie de Giblet. Girard de Ham. Guillaume II de Giblet, Lord of Adelon, married to Anne de Montignac, with issue. Eudes de Giblet. Jean III de Giblet, Lord de Saint Foucy, married to Gillette d’Angiller, with issue. Guillaume III de Giblet, Lord of Saint Foucy, married 1318 to Marie de Verny, with issue. Jean V de Giblet, Lord of Saint Foucy, taken hostage to Genoa 1374. Alice de Giblet, married (1) 1347 to Anseau Bordin, married (2) to Philippe d’Ibelin. Eschiva de Giblet, married 1347 to Philippe d’Ibelin. Maria de Giblet. Eschiva de Gilbet, married to Simon Petit. Girard de Giblet. Stephanie de Giblet, married to Amaury le Bernier. Marie de Giblet, married to Amaury le Flamenc. Femie de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet. Adam de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet, married to Thierry de Terremonde. Agnes Embriaco, married to Gremont II, Lord of Bethsan.

1.4.2. Gervase de Bazoches, (executed 1106 Damascus)., Cr: Lord of Tiberias., married to Mahaut de Saint Omer, with issue. Agnese de Bazoches, married to Giullaume de Bures., (d. 1147), Cr: 1119 Lord of Tiberias.. woth issue. (First Marriage) Geoffrey de Bures. Raoul de Bures., Monk at Mt Sion. Simon de Bures, Monk at the Holy Sephulchre Jerusalem. Guillaume de Bures, Monk at Josephat Abbey.

1.4.3. Eleanore de Bazoches, married to Godefroi de Bures, (Killed 1119 in the Battle of Hauran Mar), with issue. Elinard de Bures (d. 1154), Cr: 1148 – Prince of Galilee, married to Ermengarde d’Ibelin, with issue. Eschiva de Bures, Princess of Galilee (r. 1159-87), married (1) 1159 to Gauthier de Fauquembergues, married (2) 1174 to Raimondo III, Count of Tripoli. Guillaume de Bures, (d. 1159), Prince of Galilee (r. 1154).

1.4.4. N. de Bazoches, married to Hughes de Fauquembergues from Therouanne, France, (killed in battle 1106). cr 1101 Lord of Tiberias and Prince of Galilee, with issue. Eschiva de Fauquembergues, Lady of Tiberias, married to Guillaume de Bures, Lord of Tiberias. Helvis de Fauquembergues, married NN, with issue. Agnese NN, married to Gauthier III Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut.