Dudley Bard, (1666-1686) Family
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989
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Frederick V, Elector Palatine, r.1610-1623, King of Bohemia, r.1619-1620, married 1613 to Princess Elizabeth Stuart of England and Scotland, with issue.
1. Prince Frederick Henry of the Rhine, (1614-1629).
2. Prince Charles Louis of the Rhine, (1617-1680), Elector Palatine, r.1648-.
3. Princess Elisabeth of the Rhine, (1618-1680).
4. Prince Rupert of the Rhine, (1619-1682), dunm.l.
4.1. (illegitimate with Hon Frances Bard) Dudley Bard, (1666-1686), dunm.l.
4.1.1. (illegitimate with N. de Cali) Guglielmo de Calo, Enfant de l’Hospital dei Alunno di Dudley Bard, 1666-1686, married 1723 Qormi to Geronima Galea, with issue. Gio Maria Michele Cali, married 1747 Qormi to Anna Maria Schembri, with issue. (First marriage) Paolo Cali (Migrated to Naples), married 1762 Valletta to Rosa Failla (former wife of Lorenzo Azzopardi), with issue. Andrea Cali` (1769-1866), of Naples, married Rachele Francese, with issue. Raffaele Cali, (1798 Naples -1874 Malta), ” In the service of the Bourbon Kings of Two Sicilies, “Arrived in Malta 1840 from Naples“., married Giovanna Padiglione (Soprano), an Opera Singer, with issue. Giuseppe Cali`, (1846 Valletta -1930) “Famous Artist”, married 1871 Msida to Perennia Pace (1854-1923) (d/o Emmanuele and Giovanna Azzopardi), with issue. Ermina Cali`, married Sir. Luigi Camilleri, Chief Justice of Malta. Magdalena Cali, married Anthony Cassar Torreggiani Ettore Cali (1881 – 1931), married 1915 Floriana to Emily Warrington, with issue. Maurice Dominic Cali, (1923 – 1977), married 1946 St Venera, Malta to Rita Carmela Formosa, with issue. Amalia Josephine Cali, married to David Drury, with issue. Brian David Drury, married to Sophia Beig, with issue. Yasmin Drury. Lana Nicola Drury. Joseph Cali Warrington. Hilary Cali, married to Florence Jackson, with issue. Anita Cali. Gina Cali. Christina Cali. Ramiro Cali, Artist, (1881 Sliema -1945), married to Maria Corleo (d/o Professor Gaetano Corleo)., with issue. Guido Cali, Artist, (1914 -75), married Giuseppina Refalo, with issue. Marco Cali., (1945-, married to Eva Fanciulli, with issue. Fabrizio Cali, (1978-. Donatella Cali, (1982-. Simone Cali., (1946-., married to Peter Calamatta, with issue. Daniela Calamatta, married to Jean Galea-Souchet, with issue. Jacque Galea-Souchet. Benjamin Galea-Souchet. Carlo Alberto Calamatta. Jean Cali., (1952-, married to Dawn Duckworth, with issue. Jean-Mark Cali`, (1985-. Jacque Cali`, (1988-. Susanna Cali`, (1992-. Vanna Cali., (1952-, married to Roland Rougier, with issue. Francois Rougier, (1977-. Karine Rougier, (1982-. Artist (MA – Fine Arts in France). Jean-Luc Rougier., (1983-. Mario Cali., d.inf. Aldo Cali., (1913-67), married to Yvonne Scerri, with issue. Gloria Cali, (1944-. Lilianna Cali, (1946-, married to Robert Cadoo, with issue. Chantel Cadoo. Marcel Cali, married to Anna Pace, with issue. Miguel Cali. Stephen Cali. Gino Cali., married to Mary Scerri, with issue. Myriam Cali, (1945-2004), married to Robert Kelly, with issue. Clyde Kelly. Allison Kelly. Tanya Cali, (1946-., married to John Cordina, with issue. Jaier Cordina. Karim Cordina. Christine Cali, married to Thierry NN., with issue. Herman Cali, (1950 -2012), with issue. Maxine Cali. Rafael Cali. Elena Cali. Alexander Cali, (d. 2020), with issue. Joshua Cali. Shane Cali. Mischa Cali. Michael Cali. Carlo Cali., married to Yvette Serge, (d. 2015), with issue. Yves Cali, married 1973 to Jean Thompson, (d. 2018), with issue. Mark Cali, married to K. Zorinaier. Nicola Cali, married to Jean Farrugia. Martin Cali, married 1971 (Sep) to Anna Padovani, with issue. Andre Cali, married to L. Rawamante. Anna Cali, d.inf. Bianca Cali, (1921-2011)., married to John Cheesewright, with issue. Caroline Cheesewright, married to Richard Young, with issue. Jonathan Young. Lea Cali., married to David Wells, with issue. Miranda Wells. Lawrence Wells. Noellene Wells. Giuseppe (Nello) Cali, (1926 -2012), married to Lina NN.., with issue. Iro Cali. Sergio Cali. Capt. Attilio Cali, RMA., (1872 Msida – 1947), married to Nellie Collins, with issue. Maria Cali,  married 1920 Floriana to George Borg Hampton, (previously married 1919 to Rosa Scofinich). Ugo Cali., married to G. Grech-Cumbo. Roger Cali., married to Melita Camilleri. Giulia Cali., married to J. Gregory. Beatrice Cali., married to J.Micola. Stella Cali., dunm. Maria Cali. Ermina Cali, married Pietro Paolo Pellegrini-Petit., with issue. Adelina Pellegrini Petit, married 1902 to Magt. Dr Michel’Angelo Scerri Marietta Pellegrini-Petit, married to Guglielmo Caruana. Elena Pellegrini-Petit, married to Carlo Grech. Benedetta Pellegrini-Petit, married to Gius Laferla, dsp. Edoardo Pellegrini-Petit, married to Alda Attard. Antonietta Cali. ‘Opera Singer‘., married 1872 to Gaetano Izzo, with issue. John Izzo. Mary Izzo, married to Joseph Said. Clotilde Izzo. Joseph Izzo, married to Emma Ghio. Paolino Izzo. Beatrice Izzo. Carmelo Izzo. Emmanuele Izzo. Federico Cali. Carolina Cali., married 1863 Valletta to Vincenzo Engerer. Maruccia Cali, married Conte Ferdinando dei Conti Teuma Castelletti, with issue. Lorenzo Cali (1843-1907 Tarxien), Decorator., married (1) to Ersila dei Conti Preziosi, married (2) 1871 Vittoriosa to Esther Micallef, married (3) 1886 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Micallef, with issue. Ersilia Cali. Maria Carmela Cali, married NN. Bonnici, with issue. Chev Rafel Bonnici Cali, SMOM., Artist, (1907 Tarxien- 2002). Giovanni Cali, with issue. Salvatore Cali, married Inez NN, with issue. Marie Cali, married Anthony Cachia Castelletti., with issue. Rev Raffaele Cali. Alfredo Cali. Gennaro Cali., (1799 -1877 Naples). Cav Antonio Cali., (1788-1866 Naples), (Sculptor)., with issue. Beniamino Cali, (1831 Naples), (Sculptor). Salvatore Cali., married with issue. Ernesto Cali, (1821 Naples -). Anna Cali, married 1762 Valletta to Gio Battista Bondi, with issue. Pietro Bondi, married 1794 Valletta to Maria Anna Cutajar. Saverio Bondi, married 1806 Valletta to Teresa Bugeja, with issue. Teresa Bondi, married 1790 Valletta to Carlo Filippo Leotardi. Angela Bondi, married 1795 Valletta to Santo Grech. Giuseppe Cali, married 1771 Valletta to Pasqua Gatt, with issue. Fortunata Cali, married 1793 Valletta to Jacques Re of France. Rosaria Cali, married 1775 Valletta to Giuseppe Pace, with issue. Valeriano Pace, married 1811 Valletta to Giuseppa Bonanno, with issue. Emmanuela Pace, married 1839 Valletta to Gio Batta Storace. Caterina Calo, married 1748 Valletta to Giovanni Muscat. Veneranda Calo, married 1759 Qormi to Salvatore Bugeja. Vincenza Calo, married 1769 Qormi to Francesco Bonnici. Paolica Calo, married 1774 Valletta to Giacomo Bugeja.
1.1.2. (illegitimate with N. Mifsud) Francesco de Mifsud, married 1725 Birkirkara to Maria Calleja.
4.1.3. (illegitimate with Caterina Muscat)  Maria de Muscat, married 1725 Qormi to Baldassare Bonnici.
4.1.4. (illegitimate with Rosa Torrensi) Gioacchino de Torrensi, married 1710 Vittoriosa to Teresa Guiccardi, with issue.
4.2. (illegitimate) Rupert Hughes, married 1695 to Lt-Gen Emanuele Scrope Howe.
5. Prince Maurice of the Rhine, (1620-1652), dunm.
6. Princess Louise Holandine of the Rhine, (1622-1709), dunm.
7. Prince Louis of the Rhine, (1623-1624), d.inf.
8. Prince Edward of the Rhine, (1625-1663), married 1645 to Princess Anna Gonzaga of Mantua, with issue.
8.1. Princess Luise Marie of the Rhine, (1647-1679), married to Charles Theodore, Prince of Salt.
8.2. Princess Anne Henrietta of the Rhine, (1648-1723), married to Henry Jules de Bourbon, Prince de Conde.
8.3. Princess Benedicta Henrietta of the Rhine, (1652-1730), married to John frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.
9. Princess Henrietta Marie of the Rhine, (1626-1651), married 1651 to Prince Sigismund Rakoczi of Transylvania, dsp.
10. Prince Philip Frederick of the Rhine, (1627-1650), dunm.
11. Princess Charlotte of the Rhine, (1628-1631), d.inf.
12. Princess Sophia of the Rhine, (1630-1714), Heiress Presumptive of the Throne of England, Ireland and Scotland, 1701., married 1658 to Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover.
13. Prince Gustavus of the Rhine, (1632-1641), d.inf.