The Noble Family of Caruana -F
This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647). 
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Note: Not all descendants are listed. 

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Vittorio Caruana, married 1644 Siggiewi to Maria Buttigieg, with issue.

1. Angelo Caruana, married 1671 to Caterina Inguanez, with issue. 

1.1. Giuseppe Caruana, married to Evangelista Zarb, with issue. 

1.1.1. Teodore Caruana, married 1741 to Maria Grech, with issue. Anna Caruana, married 1767 to Arcangelo Inguanez Guiseppe Caruana, married 1782 to Serafina Cassar, with issue. Giorgio Caruana, married 1808 to Orazia Mamo, with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1845 to Elena Chircop, with issue. Giorgio Caruana, married 1873 to Consolota Falzon, with issue. Guiseppina Caruana, married 1889 Curmi to Gio Maria Saliba

1.1.2. Michele Angelo Caruana., married 1740 to Generosa Sacchetti., with issue. Maria Caruana., married 1758 to Giovanni Negri.

1.1.3. Niccolo Caruana, married 1727 to Grazia Vella.

1.1.4. Marta Caruana, married 1704 to Luca Pace, maried (2) 1751 Siggiewi to to Giovanni Grech.

1.1.5. Paolo Caruana, married 1727 Siggiewi to Maria Bonanno, with issue. Barbara Caruana, married 1759 Siggiewi to Francesco Vella. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1753 Zurrico to Maria Vella.

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