The Family of Carbott sives Carabott.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
1. Melchiorre Carbott, married with issue.
1.1. Gio Maria Carbott, married 1622 Zurrieq to Valenza Saliba, with issue.
1.1.1. Gio Paolo Carbott, married 1647 Zejtun to Geronima Saliba, with issue. Alessandro Carbott, married 1674 Zejtun to Maria Ciantar, with issue. Maria Carbott, married 1720 Zejtun to Giuseppe Caruana. Giovanni Carbott, married 1710 Zejtun to Rosa Tonna, with issue. Alessandro Carbott sives Carabott, married 1748 Zejtun to Teresa Vella, with issue. Pietro Carabott, married (1) 1785 Valletta to Gaetana Pace, married (2) 1820 Valletta to Carmela Grimaldi, with issue. (First marriage) Teresa Carabott, married 1800 Birkirkara to Michele Debono. Giovanna Carabott, married 1809 Senglea to Enrico Scicluna. Pietro Paolo Rosario Carabott, married 1773 Senglea to Costanza Vidal. Francesco Carabott, married 1775 Zejtun to Elizabetta Borg, with issue. Maria Carabott, married (1) 1794 Zejtun to Giuseppe Gatt, married (2) 1800 Zejtun to Giuseppe Zammit. Alessandro Carabott, married 1808 Zejtun to Anna Xuereb, with issue. Francesco Carabott, married 1834 Zejtun to Concetta Bonnici. Elizabetta Carabott, married 1835 Zejtun to Giuseppe Camilleri. Maria Carabott, married 1767 Zejtun to Tomaso Camilleri. Antonia Carabott, married 1773 Zejtun to Michele Bonnici. Giacomo Carbott, married 1741 Zejtun to Maria Grech, with issue. Giovanni Carabott, married (1) 1770 to Margherita Tabone, married (2) 1773 Zejtun to Giuseppa Muscat, with issue. (Second marriage) Rosa Carabott, married 1815 Valletta to Felice Bonelli sives Bonello. Francesco Carbott, married 1745 Valletta to Francesca Abejer. Gabriele Carbott, married (1) 1755 Valletta to Teresa Pitois, married (2) 1772 Valletta to Maria Caruana. Maria Carbott, married 1739 Zejtun to Michele Angelo Dalli. Graziulla Carbott, married 1735 Zejtun to Salvatore Caruana. Giuseppe Carbott, married 1721 Zejtun to Caterina Grech, with issue. Pietro Carbott, married (1) 1756 Zejtun to Anna Chetcuti, married (2) 1758 Ghaxaq to Grazia Baldacchino, with issue. (First marriage) Aloisio Carbott, married (1) 1803 Zejtun to Caterina Cachia, married (2) 1812 Zejtun to Maria Abela, with issue. (First marriage) Paolo Carbott, married 1829 Zejtun to Clementine Mannicaro. Vincenzo Carbott, married (1) 1830 Zejtun to Caterina Abela, married (2) 1833 Zejtun to Rosa Bonnici. Paolo Carbott, married 1845 Zejtun to Caterina de Gabriele. Antonio Carbott, married 1845 Zejtun to Gaetana Cassar. (Second marriage) Bartolomeo Carbott, migrated to Spain, married 1777 to Rita Josefa Monfort Bayarri, with issue. Raymundo Josef Carbot Monfort, (1778 Xativa, Spain -).. Ramona Carbott Monfort, (1782-1783), d.inf. Vicente Carbot Monfort, (1780-1782), d.inf. Josefa Maria Victoriana Carbott Monfort, (1784-). Rosa Antonia Angela Carbott Monfort, (1786-1787), d.inf. Angela Geronima Carbot Monfort, (1787-1854), married 1820 to Pascual Tomas Ortoneda Ferrer, with issue. Rita Ortoneda Carbott, (1824-1857), married to Vicente Ferrer Sanchis, with issue. Maria Josefa Ferrer Ortoneda, (1845-). Vicente Ferrer Ortoneda, (1848-). Mercedes Ferrer Ortoneda, (1852-). Jose Maria Ferrer Ortoneda, (1856-). Vicente Valentin Ferrer Ortoneda, (1866-). Bernarda Ortoneda Carbott, (1829-), married 1847 to Joaquin Martinez Ilorra, with issue. Teresa Martinez Ortoneda, (1852-). Trinidad Martinez Ortoneda, (1855-). Maria Manuela Martinez Ortoneda, (1858-). Maxima Brigida Carbott Monfort, (1789-1805), dunm. Maria Teresa Carbott Monfort, (1795-1803), dunm. Angel Carbott Monfort, (1790-). Rita Vicenta Carbot Monfort, (1791-1816), married to Alexandro Zamit. Rosa Antonia Carbot Monfort, (1793-1846). Isabel Carbot Monfort, (1794-). Antonia Carbot Monfort, (1797-1848). Jose Antonio Carbott Monfort, (1798-1801), d.inf. Michele Carbott, married 1761 Zejtun to Grazia Caruana. Francesco Carbott, married 1766 Valletta to Modesta Chircop. Andrea Carbott, married 1709 Zejtun to Evangelista Caruana. Michele Carbott, married (1) 1709 Zejtun to Rosa Lia, married (2) 1714 Cospicua to Teresa Cauchi. Teresa Carbott, married 1699 Zejtun to Gio Domenico Fenech. Vittoria Carbott, married 1702 Zejtun to Alessandro Galea. Evangelista Carbott, married 1710 Zejtun to Mario Agius.
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