“Ipotesi sull’origine ei filii Manfredingi”

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1. Hunno Velpio, King of the Alamanni, (c.385), with issue.

1.1. Adalger I, Crowned King of the Bavarians (c.415-508), with issue.

1.1.1. Teodo I, Duke of the Bavarians, (r.508-12), married to Reginpirga.., with issue. Teodo II, Duke of Lower Bavaria., (r.512-37), married Lucile of Alsace., with issue. Teodo III, Duke of Lower Bavaria, (r. 537-65), married with issue. Teodobert I, Duke of Lower Bavaria, (r.565-84), married with issue. Garibald I., Duke of Lower Bavaria., (584-92)., married to Princess Waldrade of Lombardy., with issue. Gundwald I, Duke of Lower Bavaria., (592-), deposed by the Duke of Upper Bavaria and fled to Lombardy , Became Duca di Asti, married to Princess Gundeperg of Lombardy , with issue. HH, Hereditary Duke Aripert of Lower Bavaria, elected 9th King of the Lombards (r.653-61), married to Princess N of Wessex, with issue. HH, Princess NN of Lombardy, married Grimald, Duke of Benevento., King of Lombardy , (r.662-73). Perctarit, Joint 10th and 13th King of Lombardy, (r. 661-62, 673-89)., married to Princess Rolinda of Wessex .., with issue. Cunnincert I, 14th King of Lombardy, (r. 689-700)., married HH, Princess Hermelinde of Wessex, with issue. Liutperto, 15th King of Lombardy, (r.700). Princess Gumperga of Lombards, married to Romoald II, Duke of Benevento. Princess N of Lombards, married to Ingild, King of Wessex. Princess Wiglinda of Lombard, married to Grimoald II, Duke of Benevento. Princess Winiperga of Lombard, married to Gisulf I, Duke of Benevento. Princess Romilda of Lombard, married to Prince Romoald of Benevento. Godebert, Joint 10th King of Lombardy, (r. 661-62), Assassinated by his brother in-Law., married HH, Princess Ragnatrade of East Anglia, with issue. Reginbert I,  Duca di Turin, 16th King of the Lombards , (r. 700), married to Princess Gisa of Benevento, with issue. Aripert II, 17th King of Lombardy . (r.700-712)., married to Princess Theuderada of Benevento, with issue. HH, Prince Gumbert of Lombardy, Hereditary Prince of Lombardy,  (665-700 in France )., married to Princess Itta of Benevento, with issue. HH, Prince Reginbert of Lombardy, Cr: Comte de Orleans., his line become extinct c. 800. HH, Prince Manfred I of Lombardy, (690-756) Cr: Conte de Toul., married 713 to the daughter of Pepin II, Duke of the Franks, with issue. HH, Prince Manfred II of Lombardy, (715-), Comte de Verdum, married to Princess N of Bernicia, with issue. HH, Prince Guagenfred I of Lombardy, (740-95), Comte de Verdum, married 765 to HH, Princess Theudelinda of Kent, daughter of King Ethelbert II., with issue. HH, Prince Manfred III of Lombardy, Comte de Orleans, Resigned Orleans and Become Duca di Neustria d’Italia, Duca di Tuscia, etc. (770-836), married 815 to HIH, Princess Theodrada of the Franks, daughter of Emperor Charlemagne., with issue. Alberico I di Lombardy, Conte di Milan e Seprio, (845-96), married to Princess N of Essex, with issue. Manfredo IV di Lombardy, Conte di Lodo, (879-96)., Marquis di Lombardy, etc. married to Princess N of Mercia, with issue. Alberto Azzo di Lombardy, Conte di Milan, married to Princess of Wessex, with issue. Manfredo V di Lombardy, Conte di Lodi., (d. 975)., married with issue. Aimone I di Lodi, Conte di Vercelli, (950-76)., with issue. Uberto I di Lodi, Conte di Vercelli., with issue. Obizzo I, di Lodi, Comte di Vercelli, (955-)., with issue. Uberto di Vercelli, Conte di Vercelli, with issue. Umberto III, Conte di Vercelli, dunm. Adalberto I, Conte di Vercelli., dunm. Guala I, Conte di Vercelli, (990-1060), with issue. Bongiovanni I, Conte di Vercelli, (1025-95), with issue. Guala di Vercelli, (d. 1090), with issue. Bongiovanni II, Conte di Vercelli., (1127)., with issue. (Took the surname of Avogadro) Auberto I di Vercelli (Sives Vassallo), 1st Signore di Lavino, Risera, e Cassina della Valo, with issue. Vassallo de Vassallo, 2nd Signore di Lavino, Risera, e Cassina della Valo., with issue. Auberto II de Vassallo, 3rd Signore di Lavino, Risera, e Cassina della Valo, married (c. 1145), with issue. Vassallo de Vassallo, 4th Signore di Lavino, Risera, e Cassina della Valo. (c.1175), married to Sofie ( Agnes) di Savoie, illegitimate daughter of Humberto III, Conte di Savioe (d.1189) with issue. Antonio de Vassallo., descendants continued in Milan, Italy. Filippo de Vassallo., Descendants continued in Milan, Italy. Rejnerius de Vassallo, with issue. Vassallo da Lumello, (c. 1177, 1197, 1198), Consul of Genoa, with issue. (House of Lomellini). Ariberto di Lodi, (905-76), Ancestor to the families Guasco, Radicata and others. Oberto I di Lombardy, (d. 975), Duca di Toscana, Conte del Sacro Palazzo., with issue. Adalberto I (d. 1002), Duca di Toscana, Conte del Sacro Palazzo., with issue. Gisela di Toscana, married Anselmo NN. Berta di Toscana, married Lanfranco I, Conte di Piacenza e Aucia. Oberto di Toscana.(d. 996), with issue. Berta di Toscana, married Olderico Manfredi, Marchese di Torino. Adalberto I, Marchese di Toscana, (d. 1034), with issue. Guido, Marchese di Toscana, (d. 1074), married to Matilda NN. Adalberto III, (d. 1034), Marchese di Toscana, married with issue. Alberto IV, (d. 1094), Marchese di Toscana, married with issue. Guglielmo Francesco, (d. 1174), Marchese di Toscana, married with issue. Ancestor to the Parodi, Massa families. Guido (d.1116), Marchese di Gavi, married with issue. Oberto, Marchese di Massa, married with issue. Ugo, Marchese di Corsica, (d.1124). Gisulfa di Toscana, married to Prince Ermenrich of Benevento. Theodorada di Toscana, married to Sico I, Duke of Benevento. Egelrico di Lombardy, Conte di Lomello, (c. 962), his descendants were Counts of San Bonifacio. Milone di Lombardy, Bishop di Verona. Milone, Conte di Verona, Marchese di Verona, (d. 959). HH, Princess Ratberg of Lombardy, married Pemmo, a Lombardian Duke., with issue. Astolfo I, 22nd King of Lombardy, (r.749-56), 1st King of Italy, (r.752-56), married Giseltrude of Ravenna, with issue. (5 daughters became Nuns). Ratchis, 21st and 23rd King of Lombardy, (r. 744-49, 756), married HH, Princess Tasia of Lombards, with issue. HH, Princess Uastrada of Lombardy, married Emperor Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire. Princess Scauniperga of Lombards, married Gisulf II, Duke of Benevento. HH, Princess Regintrude of Lombardy, married Theodo II, King of Bavaria., with issue. Thedebert, King of Bavaria., married with issue. HH, Princess Swanhilde of Bavaria, married Charles Martel, King of France. HH, Princess Guntrude of Bavaria, married Liutprand, King of Lombardy (see below) HH, Princess Theodorata of Bavaria, married Ansprand, 18th King of Lombardy, (r.712), with issue. Liutprand, 19th King of Lombardy, (712-44), married HH, Princess Guntrude of Bavaria, (see above)., with issue. Hiltiprand, 20th King of Lombardy, (r.744), dunm. HH, Princess Tasia of Lombardy, married Ratchis, King of Lombardy. (See Above). HH, Princess Ansia of Lombardy, married Desiderio, 24th and last King of Lombardy, (r.756-74), died 775, with issue. Adelchis, Co-King of Lombardy, (759-74), left issue. HH, Princess Adalperga of Lombardy , married Arechis II, Duca di Benevento. HH, Princess Liutperg of Lombardy, married Tassilo IV, Duke of Bavaria. HH, Princess Gerberga of Lombardy, married Caroloman, co-King of France. HH, Princess Desidere of Lombardy, married Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor. HH, Princess Teudelinda of Lower Bavaria,  married (1) to  King Aripert I of Lombardy, married (2) King Agilulf of Lombardy. HH, Princess NN of Lower Bavaria., married Euin, Duke of Trient. Ottone, Duke of Upper Bavaria. Prince Otto of Bavaria, Duke of Upper Bavaria. Prince Teodovald of Bavaria, Duke of Upper Bavaria.

1.1.2. Prince Uto of Bavaria, ‘The Warrior”.