The Family of Agius,
Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.
Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
Giuseppe Agius sives Haius, married 1605 Attard to Nobile Gioannella Attardo, with issue.
1. Andrea Agius, married 1637 Attard to Gioannella Muscat, with issue.
1.1. Giuseppe Agius, married (1) 1700 Lija to Imperia Mifsud, married (2) 1706 Naxxar to Teodora Schembri, with issue.
1.1.1. (Second marriage) Orazio Agius, married 1733 Naxxar to Veneranda Frendo, with issue. Giuseppe Agius, married 1765 Naxxar to Rosa Magri, with issue. Orazio Agius, married 1792 Naxxar to Anna Xiberras, with issue. Paolo Agius, married 1818 Naxxar to Maria Debono, with issue. Anna Agius, married 1848 Naxxar to Giovanni de Pullicino, (eleve pa Maria Pullicino e Charles Hamilton), with issue. Paolo Pullicino, married 1870 Naxxar to Giovanna Buhagiar, with issue. Martha Pullicino, married 1906 Valletta to Eligio Ellul. Carmena Pullicino, married (1) to Charles Rogers, married (2) to George Kelly, with issue. (First marriage) Charles Rogers. Annie Rogers. (Second marriage) George Kelly. Edward Kelly. Aida Kelly. Joseph Kelly. Edith Kelly. Alice Kelly, married to N. Marshall. Elizabeth Pullicino, married to N. Abdilla, with issue. Carmelo Abdilla. Paul Abdilla. Maria Abdilla. Stella Abdilla. Giuseppa Pullicino, married to N. Muscat, dsp. Alfred Pullicino. Pauline Pullcino, dunm. Vittorio Pullicino, married 1883 Naxxar to Maria Mifsud. Giuseppe Pullicino, married 1884 Naxxar to Anna Sant. Caterina Attard, Mistress to Dr Gio Battista Attard JUD, (See on this page). Grazia Attard, dunm.l. (Alunna di George Stuart, 1825-1898, son of Hon Sir Patrick Stuart, Governor of Malta 1843-1847 ) Maria Carmela Fidele Fortunata de Attard, (1850 Naxxar -), married 1869 Bone, Algeria to Salvatore Longo of Sicily, with issue. Rosalie Longo, (1869-1914), married 1888 Bone, Algeria to Benjamin Constantin Rolland, with issue. Reine Louise Rolland, (1890-1891), d.inf. Henri Joseph Rolland, (1893-1896), d.inf. Rene Henri Rolland, (1896-1915). Yvonne Therese Rolland, (1898-), married 1921 Souk-Ahras, Tunisia to Jean Caputo. Josephine Reine Rolland, (1901-), married 1920 Bone, Algeria to Leonce Gustave Labrosse. Therese Longo, (1871-1938), married 1891 Bone, Algeria to Auguste Marius Bayard, with issue. Alphonsine Carmene Bayard, (1894-), married 1910 Bone, Algeria to Louis Francois Boulay. Joseph Paul Etienne Longo, (1873-1960). Marguerite Longo, (1876-1957). Carmele Longo, (1878-). Georges Longo, (1880-1955). Marius Longo, (1882-), d.inf. Jean Marius Longo, (1884-). Ferdinand Leon Longo, (1887-), married 1912 Bone, Algeria to Marie Louise Medy. Florine Longo, (1889-1913), married 1912 Bone, Algeria to Joachim Joseph Cesarano. Juliette Fortune Longo, (1895-1965).