The Sapiano family.
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
1. Giovanni Sapiano, married 1597 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Gioannella Cachia, with issue.
1.1. Natale Sapiano, married 1628 Attard to Domenica Tanti, with issue.
1.1.1. Giovanni Sapiano, married 1675 Siggiewi to Elena Spiteri, with issue. Vincenzo Sapiano, married 1708 Mdina to Maria Antonia Agius, with issue. Felice Sapiano, married 1729 Mdina to Angelica Mifsud, with issue. Modesto Sapiano, married 1757 Mdina to Maria Mercieca, with issue. Antonia Sapiano, married 1779 Mdina to Paolo Micallef, with issue. Paolo Spiteri, married 1851 Birkirkara to Maria Xiberras. Caterina Spiteri, married 1851 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Borg. Agostina Spiteri, married 1854 Birkirkara to Nobile Ugolino dei Marchesi Bonici Mompalao. Gioacchino Micallef, married 1805 Birkirkara to Anna Fenech, with issue. Paolo Micallef, married 1847 Birkirkara to Angela Borg, with issue. Maria Grazia Micallef, married 1868 Birkirkara to Francesco Ciappara. Maria Giuseppa Micallef, married 1833 Birkirkara to Francesco Mamo. Annunziata Micallef, married 1836 Birkirkara to Giovanni Pisani Decano. Costanza Micallef, married 1812 Birkirkara to Francesco Borg. Mro Antonio Sapiano, married 1764 Mdina to Felicita Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Sapiano, married 1780 Mdina Rosa Borg, with issue. Lorenzo Sapiano, married 1814 Mdina to Laurica Bugeja, with issue. Aloisio Luigi Sapiano, married 1856 Mdina to Anna Falzon, with issue. Antoinetta Francoise Laure Anne Marie Sapiano, (1857-1891), married 1875 Le Khroub, Algeria to Paulin Pierre Vaissiere, with issue. Louis Paulin Vaissiere, (1875-, married 1900 Collo, Algeria to Marie Elisabeth Offredi, with issue. Marie Louise Vaissiere, (1899-, married 1919 Constantine, Algeria to Gustave Carreda. Laurence Pauline Vaissiere, (1901-. Emile Joseph Vaissiere, (1881-. Antoinette Francoise Josephine Sapiano, (1859-), married (1) 1875 Le Khroub, Algeria to Jean Augustin Roch Artz, married (2) 1905 Le Khroub, Algeria to Pierre Fayaud, with issue. (First marriage) Edmond Felic Artz, (1877-, married 1903 Mila, Algeria to Marie Rosalie Duperon. Eleanore Angele Artz, (1879-, married 1903 Mila, Algeria to Emile Boyer. Angelo Auguste Artz, (1882-. Lucie Antoinette Artz, (1885-, married 1905 Le Khroub, Algeria to Henri Arthur Trffault. Joseph Sapiano, (1861-1883). Vicenta Sapiano, (1862-1890), married 1881 Le Khroub, Algeria to Jean Agius. Francois Sapiano, (1862-1892). Rose Sapiano, (1866-1868). Paul Sapiano, (1868-). Laurence Sapiano, (1870-)., married 1896 Le Khroub, Algeria to Matia Theresa Moll, with issue. Anne Marie Sapiano, (1897-), married 1931 Algeria to Pierre Beyer. Rosa Sapiano, married 1840 Mdina to Michele Farrugia. Giovanna Sapiano, married 1854 Mdina to Lorenzo Sapiano, (distant relative), married (2) 1861 Mdina to Gaetano Zarb. Maria Sapiano, married 1755 Mdina to Giovanni Casha. Grazia Sapiano, married 1758 Mdina to Paolo Vella. Teresa Sapiano, married 1761 Mdina to Giacomo Agius. Elena Sapiano, married 1766 Mdina to Giovanni Bugeja. Didacio Sapiano, married 1712 Mdina to Imperia Portelli, with issue. Didaca Sapiano, married 1735 Mdina to Giuseppe Zerafa. Maria Paola Sapiano, married 1709 Mdina to Alessandro Tonna. Giuseppe Sapiano, married 1701 (Notary Giuseppe Grech) to Anna Vassallo, with issue. Matteo Sapiano, married (1) 1736 (Notary Ignazio Debono) to Clara Camenzuli, married (2) 1730 Mdina to Anna Cortis, with issue. (First marriage) Rosa Sapiano, married 1767 Mdina to Francesco Buhagiar. (Second marriage) Angelo Sapiano, married 1752 Mdina to Maria Mifsud., Andrea Sapiano, married 1731 Tarxiem to Maria Sayd, with issue. Paolica Sapiano, married 1757 Senglea to Giovanni Mifsud. Giovanni Sapiano, married 1737 Mdina tp Natala Zerafa, with issue. Anna Sapiano, married 1771 Mdina to Andrea Dimech. Caterina Sapiano, married 1778 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Buttigieg. Grazia Sapiano, married 1653 Mdina to Chco Publio Zghendo. Margherita Sapiano, married 1660 Mdina to Domenico Bonnici. Rosolea Sapiano, married (1) 1666 Mdina to Salvatore Debono, married 1675 Mdina to Stefano Fenech. Margherita Sapiano, married 1685 Siggiewi to Gio Maria Pace.
1.1.2. Domenica Sapiano, married 1628 Mdina to Biagio Galea.
1.1.3. Matteo Sapiano, married 1625 Zurrieq to Speranza Zammit, with issue. Bartolomeo Sapiano, married 1663 Zurrieq to Vincenza Zammit, with issue. Pietro Sapiano, married 1696 Mqabba to Maria Schembri, with issue. Veneranda Sapiano, married 1722 Qormi to Domenico de Saliba, enfant illegitimate di Louis Basile de Bethune, Knight of Malta 1674-1742, with issue. Mario de Saliba, married 1762 Birkirkara to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Saliba, married 1812 Ghaxaq to Saveria Pirotta, with issue. Salvatore Saliba, married 1838 Valletta to Caterina Felici. Giuseppe de Saliba, married 1773 Vittoriosa to Maria de Delicata.