“Portainer family”
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
Giuseppe Portainier of France, married 1662 Valletta to Anna Maria Camarello, with issue.
1. Domenico Portainer, married 1708 Valletta to Rosa Bonnici, with issue.
1.1. Alessandro Portanier, married 1741 Cospicua to Maddalena Schembri, with issue.
1.1.1. Giuseppe Portanier, married 1771 Cospicua to Liberta Ciantar, with issue. Carlo Portanier, married 1813 Valletta to Innocenza Camilleri, with issue. Emanuele Portanier, married 1852 Senglea to Calcedonia Caruana. Paolo Portanier, married 1808 Valletta to Antonia Giammalva, with issue; [1]. Emmanuele Portanier, married 1861 Valletta to Adelaide Portelli, with issue. Marianna Portanier, married 1896 Hamrun to Alfred Camilleri, with issue. Tessie Teresa Camilleri, B.Litt, (1901-1930), married 1923 St Julians to Edgar Staines OBE. Anthony Camilleri, OBE, Comptroller of Customs of Malta. Eduardo Portanier. Filippa Portanier, married 1840 Valletta to Stefano Eynaud. Giuseppe Portanier, (1828-1879), married 1853 Valletta to Rita Ullo, with issue. Giuseppe Portanier, (1854-), married 1879 Valletta to Rosaria Souchet, with issue. Teresa Portanier Souchet, (1880-1962), married 1905 Sliema to Calcidonio Cini. Attilio Portanier Souchet, married to Ersilia Ellul Mercer. Robert Portanier Souchet, married to Nina Piccino. Lilian Portanier Souchet, married to Francisco Abela. Censina Portanier. Alessandro Portanier, married 1867 Senglea to Fortunata Serra, with issue. Francesco Saverio Portanier, (d. 1945), married (1) 1898 Hamrun to Anna Falzon, married (2) 1941 to N, with issue. (First marriage) Carmela Portanier, (d. 1977), married to Joseph Vassallo, with issue. Dr Anthony Twanny Vassallo LLD, married 1966 to Louise Schembri Barbaro dei Marchesi di San Giorgio, with issue. Henrietta Vassallo, married to John Busuttil, with issue. Albina Busuttil. Karina Busuttil. Paula Vassallo. Mary Vassallo. Doris Vassallo. Alfred Vassallo, (d. 2001), married to Carmelina Cassar, with issue. Rita Vassallo, married to Raymond Attard. Frida Vassallo. Joe Vassallo, married to Cynthia Calleja, with issue. James Vassallo. John Vassallo, married to Lucia Ferrando. Carmen Vassallo, married to Victor West, with issue. Andrew West. Philip West. David West. Denise West. Lawrence Vassallo, (d. 1993). George Portanier, married to Nobile Mary Grungo Chapelle, with issue. Dr Francis Portanier LLD, (1928-2023), married to Nobile Lucy Schembri Barbaro, with issue. Marie Claire Portanier, married to John Stock, with issue. Jessica Stock. Emily Stock. George Portanier, married to N, with issue. Hannah Portanier. Edwina Portanier, married to Paul Brejza, with issue. Peter Brejza. Patrick Brejza. Louisette Portanier, married to John Deeley, with issue. Alex Deeley. Victor Portanier, (d. 2019), married to Carmen Ellul, with issue. Susan Portanier, (1962-2014), dunm. Ruth Portanier, married 1990 (Annulled) to Maurice Stallaert de Deckere, (d. 2023), with issue. Luke Stallaert Portanier. Doris Portanier, (d. 1997), married to Anthony Cini. Joseph Portanier, (d. 2021), married to Miranda Camilleri, with issue. Marie Therese Portanier, married to Ray Biagi Pace, with issue. Mark Edward Pace. Maria Pace. Mariella Pia Pace. Dorianne Portanier. Alexander Portanier, (d. 1980), married to Contessa Mary Preziosi, with issue. Joseph Portanier, (1936-2022). married 1958 to Helen Cassar, with issue. Tanya Portanier, married to Andrea Lattughi, with issue. Michela Lattughi. (issue with Darren Finlay) Sebastian Finlay. Valentina Lattughi, married 2018 to Albert Zerafa, with issue. Mia Zerafa, (2021-. Alex Portanier, married to Marina N, with issue. Max Portanier. Mark Portanier, Martin Portanier, married 2012 to Karen C. Maldonado. Godwin Portanier, married to Marianne Micallef. Doris Portanier, married 1953 Ste Vennera to Albert Galea. Iris Portanier, married to Norman Thirkettle, with issue. Caroline Thirkettle. Jacqueline Thirkettle. Michael Thirkettle. Stefan Thirkettle. Antoinette Portanier, married to George Borg, with issue. Christopher Borg, married to Joanna N, with issue. Emma Borg. Bettina Borg. George Borg. Glorianne Borg, married to Arnold Cini, with issue. Francesca Cini. Mattea Cini. Gianni Cini. Valentina Cini. Marisa Portanier, married to Arthur Cordina, with issue. Sandra Cordina. Olive Cordina. Neville Cordina. Gladys Portanier, married to Anthony Bonello, with issue. David Bonello. Diane Bonello. Rachel Bonello. Robert Bonello. Therese Portanier, (d. 2004). Josephine Portanier. Anthony Portanier, (1909-1997), married to Hilda Critien, with issue. Annie Portanier, married to Anthony Victor Wirth, with issue. Sandra Wirth. Lorraine Wirth, married to Bryan Flores. Francis Portanier, married to Pat Cunningham. May Marina Portanier, married to Eric Sykes. Lilian Portanier, (d. 2018 Scotland). Mary Portanier, (d. 1992), married to Matthew J. Sant, with issue. Anne Sant, married to Joseph Cachia Fearne, with issue. Joseph Cachia Fearne. John Cachia Fearne, married to Rebecca dei Conti Stagno Navarra dei Conti di Bahria e Casandola, with issue. Matthew Cachia Fearne. Godfrey Sant, married to Claudia Griscti Soler, with issue. Paul Sant. Mark Sant. Peter Sant. Edward Sant, married 1971 to Margaret Peggholloway, with issue. Charles Sant, married to Julia N, with issue. Alexander Sant. Emma Sant, maried to Kate N. Tony Sant, married to Helen N, with issue. Charlotte Sant, married to Robert Mizzi. Stefan Sant. Fabienne Sant. Rose Sant, married to Dr Eddie Rapa, with issue. Lorraine Rapa, married to Dr Mario Vella. Joan Sant, married to Dr Albert Wismayer, with issue. Sarah Wismayer. Marie Sant, married to L. Bellizzi, with issue. Philippa Bellizzi, married to N. Gingel Littlejohn, with issue. Charles Gingel Littlejohn. Michael Gingel Littlejohn Dr John Portanier, (d. 1979), married to Nobile Elena Grungo Chapelle, with issue. John Portanier, (d. 2008), married to Rose Cassar, with issue. Jean Carl Portanier, (1985-2019), dunm. Madeleine Portanier, married (1) to Joe Borg, married (2) to John Garth Sanford, married (3) to Charles Arthur Cowlrick, with issue. (First marriage) Chris Borg, married to Clara Weissbein, with issue. Emily Borg. Sacha Borg. (Second marriage) Eleana Marjorie Sanford. (issue from Samuel Almazor Puertolas) Melita Magdalena Almazor Sanford. Edgar Portanier, (d. 1980), married to Evelyn Farrugia, with issue. Anne Portainer, married 1960 to Francis Chapelle, 7th Baron of San Giovanni. Francis Portanier, (1940-2004), married to Maureen N, with issue. Kevin Portanier, married 2013 to Jacqueline Watts. Deidre Portanier, married to Richard Mead, with issue. Andrew Mead. Simon Mead. Marlene Portanier, married to Boris Lloyd, with issue. Mark Lloyd, married to Isabelle Boldan. Erika Lloyd, married to Simon Gilford. Vanessa Lloyd, (1966-2005), married to Nigel Pritchard, with issue. Darcy Pritchard. Ellie Pritchard. Isabelle Portanier, married to Brian Gauci, with issue. Beverley Gauci, married (1) to Rupert Farley, married (2) to Luke N, married (3) to Martin N, with issue. (First marriage) Isabel Farley. Jacob Farley. Magdalene Farley. Charlie Farley. (Second marriage) Korbin N. Marley N. Samantha Gauci, married to Ian N, with issue. Jack N. Tom N. Dr Arthur Portanier, (1917-1998), married 1944 to Maria Bartoli, with issue. Rupert Portanier, (d. 2002), married to Johanna Dacoutros, with issue. Michael Portanier, married to Elaine Ancilleri, with issue. Benjamin Portanier. Elisabeth Portanier. Rachel Portanier, married to Karl Falzon, with issue. Francesca Portanier. Bettina Portanier. Kenneth George Portanier, married 1972 St Julians to Teresa Cutajar, with issue. Conrad Portanier, married 2003 to Marie Clare Pisani, with issue. Faye Portanier. Timothy Portanier. Helga Portanier, married to Alex Vella Gera. Marika Portanier, married 1974 to Oliver Titley, with issue. Mark Titley, married to Vanessa Mifsud, with issue. Chloe Titley. Jamie Titley. Simon Titley, married to Noelene Montebello. Andrew Titley, married 2014 to Stephanie Cassar, with issue. Thea Titley, (2014-. Herbert Portanier, married 1974 to Eleanora Vella, with issue. Sarah Portanier, married to Brendon Donovan, with issue. Romily Donovan. Clover Donovan. James Portanier, married to Narelle Sheean, with issue. Avery Portanier. Ezra Portanier. Silvana Portanier, married to Ray Griscti, with issue. Caroline Griscti, married to Simon Gouder, with issue. Martina Gouder. Chiara Gouder. Erike Griscti, married to Jonathan Taylor East, with issue. Julian Taylor East. Matthew Taylor East. Luke Taylor East. Elsie Portanier, married to Gerald Caruana Demajo. Rose Portanier, (d. 2004), married to John Baldacchino, with issue. Carmen Baldacchino, married to Victor Agius, with issue. Louis Agius. Anne Baldacchino, married to Remigio Bartolo, with issue. Stefan Bartolo. Karl Bartolo. Tonio Baldacchino, married to Josephine Chetcuti, with issue. Noel Baldacchino. Maria Baldacchino, married to Ian Caruana, with issue. Michela Caruana. Elisa Caruana. Nigel Baldacchino. Saviour Baldacchino, married to Charlene Brincat, with issue. Giulia Baldacchino. Joanna Baldacchino, married to Edwin Petroni, with issue. Elaine Petroni, married 2014 to John Micallef. Vanessa Petroni, married 2017 to Kurt Magri. Joseph Baldacchino, married (1) to Miriam Calleja, married (2) to N., with issue. (First marriage) Jean Baldacchino. Paul Baldacchino. (Second marriage) Issack Baldacchino. Pauline Baldacchino, married to Raymond N. Marthese Baldacchino, married to John Calleja, with issue. Marie Claire Calleja. Mary Ann Calleja. (Second marriage) Vonnie Portanier, married with issue. Mike N. Stephen N. Janet N. Francesco Portanier, married with issue. Monica Portanier. Victoria Portanier. Vincent Portanier. Heather Portanier. Aloisio Portanier, married 1837 Birkirkara to Maria Fiteni. Maddalena Portanier, married 1805 Valletta to Mro Aloiseo Nani.
1.1.2. Maria Portainier, married 1774 Vittoriosa to Sancto Cascun. 
1.2. Modesta Portainier, married (1)1734 Senglea to Pietro Giacobo Mirabella, married (2) 1746 Senglea to Carolo Calafato.
1.3. Paola Portainer, married (1) 1754 Senglea to Lorenzo Viola, married (2) 1768 Vittoriosa to Gioacchino Balzan.
[1]: – Information provided by Mario Francis Cini, dated 23-09-2023.