Briffa family.
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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1. Giovanni Briffa, married 1576 to Imperia Schembri, with issue.
1.1. Bernardo Briffa, married 1604 at Zeitun to Geromina Baldacchino, with issue.
1.1.1. Chco Salvatore Briffa, married 1633 at Zeitun to Francesca Bizula d’Armenia, with issue. Andrea Briffa, married to Maria Cachia, with issue. Maria Briffa, married 1694 at Zeitun to Giacobo Castagna, with issue. Anne Castagna, married 1735 at Zeitun to Nobile Filippo dei Baroni Abela. Lorenza Castagna, married 1729 Zejtun to Tomaso Serracino. Paola Castagna, married 1740 Zejtun to Giuseppe Gatt. Filippo Briffa, married 1683 Zeitun to Leonora Camenzuli, with issue. Anna Briffa, married 1707 Zeitun to Domenico Caruana. Domenica Briffa, married 1705 Zeitun to Giovanni Casha. Bernardo Briffa, married 1699 Zeitun to Evangelista Gerada. Mro Matteo Briffa, married 1678 at Zeitun to Cleria Magro, with issue. Domenica Briffa, married 1710 Zeitun to Pietro Gatt. Grazia Briffa, married 1719 Zeitun to Carlo Cassar. Caterina Briffa, married 1654 Zeitun to Bartolomeo Buhagiar. Lorenza Briffa, married 1673 Zeitun to Domenico Caruana. Gioannello Briffa, married 1685 Zejtun to Teresa Xuereb, with issue. Antonio Briffa, married 1710 Cospicua to Domenica Desira, with issue. Salvatore Briffa, married (1) 1741 Cospicua to Maria Fleri sives Fleti, married (2) 1767 Cospicua to Maria Mallia, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo Antonio Briffa, (d. 1837), married 1773 Senglea to Modesta Attard, with issue. Marianna Briffa, married 1802 Senglea to Francesco Giuseppe Busuttil, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1837 Senglea to Maria Fenech, with issue. Maria Dolores Busuttil, (1853-1920 Senglea), married 1879 Senglea to Francesco Farrugia, with issue. Susanne Farrugia, d.inf. Carmelo Farrugia, (1881-1949 Tarxien), married to Caterina Diacono, with issue. Mary Farrugia, (1907-1979). Giuseppina Farrugia, (1909-1943). Genevieve Farrugia, (1910-1962). Salvino Farrugia, (1911-), married to Neva N. Inez Farrugia, (1912-). James Farrugia, (1922-), married to Doris Tanti. Giovanni Farrugia, (1883-1981 Hamrun), married to Maria Vittoria Degiovanni, with issue. Victoria Farrugia. Salvino Farrugia, (1911-2001), married to Salvina N. Dolly Farrugia, married to Joseph Pisani Ross. Josephine Farrugia, migrated to Australia in 1948, married to George H. Griffiths, with issue. Joanne Griffiths, married to John Rees of Wales, with issue. Damon Rees. James Rees. Ashley Rees. Justin Rees. Marie-Louise Griffiths, married to Ken Allan, with issue. Christine Allan. Gregory Allan. Jane Allan. Victoria Griffiths, married to Neale Goldsworthy, with issue. Sara Goldsworthy. Kate Goldsworthy. Laurence Farrugia, married to Lena Doublesin. Maude Farrugia, married to Frederick Bruno Olivier. Mary Farrugia, (died during WWII)dunm. Maria Concetta Farrugia, (1884-1925 Floriana), married to Salvatore Degiovanni, with issue. Thomas Degiovanni. Carmelo Degiovanni. Maria Degiovanni. Assuero Farrugia, (1886-1981), married to Maria Enrica Francica, with issue. Hettie Farrugia, married to Edward Micallef. Joseph Farrugia, married to Lynette Mifsud, with issue. John Farrugia. Celine Farrugia. Christopher Farrugia. Graziella Farrugia. Lawrence Farrugia, married to Mary Farrugia. Carmelo Farrugia, (1911-). Dolly Farrugia, (1912-), married to Carmelo Vella, dsp. Elizabeth Farrugia, (1914-), married to Emmanuele Naudi. Mary Louise Farrugia, (1922-), married to Bernard Heyman. Esther Farrugia, (1889-1975), married 1918 Senglea to Paolo Bartolo, with issue. Evelino Bartolo, (1919-), married to Mary Bonnici, with issue. Noel Bartolo. Kenneth Bartolo. Daniel Bartolo. Francis Bartolo, (1921-1923), d.inf. Joseph Bartolo, (1923-1992), married to Nelly Grasso, with issue. Paul Bartolo. Lea Bartolo. Mary Bartolo, (1927-), married 1947 Sliema to Herbert Mifsud. Doris Bartolo, (1930-), married to Effie Camilleri. Alfred Farrugia, (1893-1962), married 1921 to Ermelinda Cuschieri, with issue. Joseph Farrugia, (1921-), married 1956 to Imelda Attard Galea, with issue. Mario Farrugia, (1958-, married 1987 to Natalie Schembri, with issue. Beatrice Farrugia, (1990-). Alfred Farrugia, (1960-), married 1995 to Joan Sammut, with issue. Vanessa Farrugia, (1996-). Nicolas Joseph Farrugia, (2000-). Natalie Farrugia, (1962-). Marco Farrugia, (1967-). Mary Dolores Farurgia, (1923-). Evelyn Farrugia, (1925-), married to Philip Izzo Clarke, with issue. Victoria Izzo Clarke, (1962-). Joseph Izzo Clarke, (1964-, married 1992 to Silvana Sammut, with issue. Gregory Izzo Clarke, (1994-). Andrew Izzo Clarke, (1996-). Sr Gemma Farrugia, (1929-). Antoinette Farrugia, (1933-), married 1959 Sliema to Clive Smith, with issue. Anne M. Smith, (1971 Workington, UK -), married 1984 Weybridge, Surry, UK (Div 1991) to David Patrick McCrossan. Stephanie Claire Smith, (1963 Workington, UK -), married 1986 Weybridge, UK to Stephen Martin Zinser, with issue. Emily Claire Zinser, (1988-). Jennifer Louise Zinser, (1991-). Katherine Elizabeth Zinser, (1993-). Philippa J. Smith, (1972 Chertsey, UK -), married 1997 Effingham, UK to Jonathan Slack, with issue. Alexandra Slack, (2000-). Marguerita Busuttil. Modesta Busuttil. Salvatore Busuttil. Carolina Busuttil, (1840-1933), married to Michele Cefai. Maddalena Briffa, married 1795 Senglea to Giuseppe Vella. Raffaele Briffa, married 1743 Valletta to Graziulla Psaila. Giuseppe Briffa, married 1706 Zejtun to Graziulla Mifsud, with issue. Francesco Briffa, married 1730 Valletta to Teodora Grech, with issue. Grazia Briffa, married 1753 Valletta to Gio Maria Fenech. Teresa Briffa, married 1723 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Cipriotto. Salvatore Briffa, married 1708 Valletta to Teresa Galea, with issue. Gregorio Briffa, married (1) 1740 Valletta to Anna Ciantar, married (2) 1742 Valletta to Maria Barbara, with issue. (Second marriage) Candeloro Briffa, married 1771 Valletta to Rosa Bugeja, with issue. Giuseppe Briffa, married 1794 Valletta to Maria Farrugia. Gaetano Briffa, married 1804 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Fedele, Neofitawith issue. Carmelo Briffa, married 1826 Valletta to Giuseppa Falzon. Rosalia Briffa, married 1801 Valletta to Vincenzo Portocarrero. Diana Briffa, married 1776 Valletta to Giuseppe Schembri. Caterina Briffa, married 1779 Valletta to Michele Angelo Azzopardi. Francesco Briffa, married 1745 Valletta to Elizabetta Cachia, with issue. Margarita Briffa, married 1746 Valletta to Benigno Grech. Angela Briffa, married 1752 Valletta to Giuseppe Azzopardi.
1.1.2. Marietta Briffa, married 1642 Zeitun to Blascio Mallia.
1.1.3. Maria Briffa, married 1649 Zeitun to Bartolomeo Caruana.
1.1.4. Chco. Salvatore Briffa, married 1649 Senglea to Francesca Gambigallo, with issue. Gerolama Briffa, married 1675 Zejtun to Maurizzo Xuereb, with issue. Angelo Xuereb, married 1707 Ghaxaq to Maria Bonavia, with issue. Giovanni Xuereb, married 1728 Zejtun to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Xuereb, married 1770 Zejtun to Grazia Bonnici, with issue. Anna Xuereb, married 1802 Zejtun to Vincenzo Despott. Filippo Briffa, married 1679 Zejtun to Maria Caruana, with issue. Antonio Briffa, married 1709 Cospicua to Maria Mercieca, with issue. Francesco Briffa, married 1747 Cospicua to Francesca Pajas, with issue. Natale Briffa, married 1785 Cospicua to Maria Farrugia Pasterfido, with issue. Maria Concetta Briffa, married 1832 Cospicua to Salvatore Vella. Caterina Briffa, married 1685 Zejtun to Gio Maria de Gabriele, (See on this page). Bernardo sives Leonardo Briffa, married 1687 Valletta to Generosa Borg, with issue. Gabriele Briffa, married 1713 Birkirkara to Veneranda Calleja, with issue. Giovanni Briffa, married 1769 Birkirkara to Nobile Angela VassalloHereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Briffa Vassallo, married (1) 1806 Birkirkara to Giovanna Vincenza Borg, married (2) 1811 Birkirkara to Antonia Borg, with issue. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Briffa Vassallo, married 1839 Valletta to Nobile Maria Cuschieri, with issue. Francesco Briffa Vassallo, married (1) 1868 Cospicua to Felicita Zahra, married (2) 1870 Cospicua to Angiolina Tabone, married 1876 Floriana to Antonia Perez, with issue. (First marriage) Rosa Briffa, dunm.l. (illegitimate issue from Albert Victor Arthur Wellesley, (1865-1883) ((s/o Very Rev Hon Gerald, Dean of Windsor and Hon Magdalen Robinson))) Elisa de Briffa, married 1898 Birkirkara to Edoardo Cesareo. (Third marriage illegitimate and late legitimatized, Adopted and educated) Giuseppe Briffa, married 1896 Hamrun to Concetta Caruana, with issue. Edoardo Briffa, married 1930 Marsa to Maria Carmela Schembri, with issue. Francesco Briffa, married to Gemma Mifsud, with issue. (Third marriage illegitimate and late legitimatized, Adopted and educated) Vincenzo Briffa, married 1934 Nadur Gozo to Maria Azzopardi. Paolo Briffa, married 1876 Birkirkara to Maddalena Bonello, with issue. Maria Briffa, married 1896 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Agius. (Second Marriage) Grazia Briffa Vassallo, married 1841 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Mamo. Angela Briffa Vassallo, married 1848 Birkirkara to Antonio Micallef, with issue. Giuseppa Micallef, married 1870 Birkirkara to Giovanni Sammut. Caterina Micallef, married 1873 Birkirkara to Giorgio Grech. Paola Micallef, married 1873 Birkirkara to Orazio Cutajar. Francesco Briffa Vassallo, married 1863 Birkirkara to Carmela Borg, with issue. Emmanuele Briffa, (1875 Birkirkara – 1955 Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Theatre Decorator in North America. Vincenza Briffa, married 1856 Birkirkara to Gregorio Corta. Elena Briffa, married 1857 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Debono, with issue. Giovanni Debono, married 1889 Birkirkara to Francesca Fenech, with issue. Francesco Debono, married 1917 Birkirkara to Emmanuela Sammut. Giuseppe Debono, married (1) 1917 Birkirkara to Emmanuela Borg, married (2) 1920 Birkirkara to Maddalena Borg. Luigi Debono, married 1924 Birkirkara to Maria Bezzina. Geronimo Debono, married (1) 1890 Birkirkara to Caterina Fenech, married (2) 1901 Birkirkara to Grazia Vella. Elena Debono, married 1886 Birkirkara to Giovanni Pace. Francesca Debono, married 1905 Birkirkara to Antonio Borg. Gabriele Briffa Vassallo, married 1798 Birkirkara to Paola Borg, with issue. Maria Briffa Vassallo, married 1814 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Ciantar. Anna Briffa Vassallo, married 1818 Birkirkara to Angelo Giovannino Francesco Mallia, with issue. Paolo Mallia, married 1865 Birkirkara to Marianna Parnis, Hereditary Nobile of Hungarywith issue. Grazia Briffa Vassallo, married 1829 Birkirkara to Vincenzo Borg. Maria Briffa Vassallo, married (1) 1791 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Micallef, married (2) 1802 Birkirkara to Antonio Schembri. Rosa Briffa Vassallo, married 1796 Birkirkara to Giuseppe de Borg, Alunno de St John e and Count Axel von Fersen, 1755-1810, with issue. Giovanni von Fersen Borg, married 1823 Birkirkara to Giovanna Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, married 1842 Birkirkara to Maria Cuschieri, with issue. Giovanni Borg, married 1878 Birkirkara to Carmela Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, married (1) 1902 to Carmela Spiteri, married (2) 1903 Birkirkara to Angela Gauci. Antonio Borg, married 1877 Birkirkara to Carmela Bonnici. Carmelo Borg, married 1883 Birkirkara to Francesca Briffa, with issue. Pasquale Borg, married 1894 Birkirkara to Elena Dimicoli. Giuseppe Borg, married 1899 Birkirkara to Rosa Attard. Salvatore Borg, married 1886 Birkirkara to Giovanna Caruana, with issue. Antonio Borg, married 1915 Birkirkara to Aloisia Muscat. Giuseppe Borg, married 1919 Birkirkara to Antonia Borg. Vincenzo Borg, married 1898 Birkirkara to Carmela Bonnici. Maria Giuseppa Borg, married 1876 Birkirkara to Gregorio Pisano. Filomena Borg, married 1908 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Sultana. Antonio Borg, married 1853 Birkirkara to Maria Anna Fenech, with issue. Carmelo Borg, married 1906 Birkirkara to Anna Mifsud. Caterina Borg, married 1873 Birkirkara to Carmelo Mallia. Giuseppa Borg, married 1879 Birkirkara to Rosario Sammut. Francesco von Fersen Borg, married 1825 Birkirkara to Vincenza Borg. Caterina von Fersen Borg, married 1822 Birkirkara to Giorgio Portelli. Angelo Briffa Vassallo, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1806 Birkirkara to Grazia Borg, with issue. Caterina Briffa, married 1853 Birkirkara to Michele Borg. Angela Briffa, married 1856 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Borg. Giovanni Briffa, married 1831 Birkirkara to Margarita Debono, with issue. Francesco Briffa, married (1) to Gaetana Griscti, married (2) 1907 Birkirkara to Margarita Galea, with issue. (First marriage) Ignazio Briffa, married (1) 1887 Birkirkara to Alfonsa Micallef, married (2) 1902 Birkirkara to Giorgia Bezzina. Giuseppe Briffa, married 1896 Birkirkara to Carmela Sammut, with issue. Francescesco Briffa, married 1920 Vittoriosa to Maria Tanti. Emmanuele Briffa, married 1902 Floriana to Maria Carmela Mifsud. Giovanna Briffa, married 1893 Birkirkara to Bartolomeo Galea. Margherita Briffa, married 1895 Birkirkara to Giovanni Borg. Elena Briffa, married 1897 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Xiberras. Maria Concetta Briffa, married 1905 Birkirkara to Emmanuele Micallef. Maria Carmela Briffa, married 1905 Birkirkara to Michele Bugeja.

1.1.5. Vincenza Briffa, married to Don Vincenzo dei Baroni Lo Jacomo of Ragusa, Sicily, Arbitante of Casa. Luca.