The family of Adamo. 

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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1.Giovanni de Galiaro, married 1624 Vittoriosa to Angelina, former wife of Costantini Zilivo,with issue.

1.1. Emmanuele de Adamo, married 1649 Valletta to Mariana Gambarino, with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Battista di Adamo, married 1682 Senglea to Anna de Candia, with issue. Saverio Adamo, married (1) 1720 Valletta to Caterina Fleri, married (2) 1729 Senglea to Teresa Grech, with issue. (First marriage) Elizabetta Adamo, married 1741 Senglea to Valerio Desira.  (Second Marriage) Giovanni Adamo, married 1776 at Senglea to Maria Vella, with issue.  Dr Francesco Saverio Adami MD., at 3 o’clock p.m. at his residence at No. 222, Strada Victoria, Senglea, after a long illness which had obliged him to give up the exercise of his profession. Was greatly esteemed not only by the Faculty of which he was a most distinguished ornament, but by all classes of thee population that revered in him not only a most able and most skilful physician but also a noble-hearted and disinterested patriot who was always   found in the fore in any movement initiated for the improvement of the government of these Islands.    His remains were conveyed to their last resting place at the parish church of Casal Zebbug ‘(Public Opinion) – His role as a patriot was outstanding and he is mentioned in Bianca Fiorentini’s ‘Malta Refugio di esuli e focolare ardente di conspirazione durante il Risorgimento italiano.’as a member of l’Associazione Patriotica. In ‘Echi del Risorgimento a Malta’ ,he contributed to ‘Il Monitore Maltese’(August1859) and was one of the signatories, together with Baron Azopardi, Marchese Scicluna, Salvatore Cachia Zammit, Agostino Naudi, Goffredo dei Baroni Sciberras, Barone Testaferrata Abela, G.Testaferrata Viani, Marchesi De Piro and Cassar Desain in the appeal-letter to the Duke of Newcastle (1878) married 1812 at Senglea to Nobile Maria Scicluna., with issue. Dr Goffredo Adami LLD – representative of the Graduates of the University in the Counsel of Government; very active in politics (Laferla: British Malta) In November 1892, Dr.Goffredo Adami obtained permission to introduce an Ordinance. In 1893, Dr Adami proposed  a  bill whereby the administration of property belonging to marriage legacies unless confirmed by the Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction and until the administrator had bound himself, under the hypothecation of his own property, faithfully to fulfill the will of the   founder and    to render to the same court an annual account of his administration.   This brought a reaction. Bishop Petro Pace was against intervention in ecclesiastical (??) maters; even threatened Adami though his secretary with interdict (Frendo) This was considered an interference with the liberty of the Members of the Council, On 2nd August, Dr. Carbone, the Crown Advocate explained that ‘This act of the Bishop would have been a criminal act, these   letters been addressed to the members of Executive Council (Debates XVI 1887-90); Lord Ripon, Secretary of State added that His  Majesty’s Government will support the Government and Legislature of Malta in rejecting any attempt by the Bishop to   interfere with the free action of the Legislature’  On the 31st October the Archbishop wrote to the Secretary about the matter assuring him that his communication of the 7th July was not in any way as menacing with spiritual penalties. This assurance eased the situation and Lord Rippon was confident that the Archbishop wished that any abuses be removed – (K. Galea- It-trejdjunionismu f’ Malta) F’1894 il-paga tar’writers’ kienet zewg xelini u sitt soldi kulljum.   Kien Dr Adami li ressaq resolutioni ghal xi zidiet .  He was president of La Valletta Band Club. The Adami Collection. (in Public Library) is his bequest., married 1884 at Zeitun to Georgina Dudley Ward with issue. Dr Giovanni Adami LLD, MP. Minister in both the Unione Party and the combined Nationalist Party (1886-1935)., was born in Valletta son of Goffredo LL.D and Georgina Ward was educated at the Gozo Seminary and at the UM where he graduated LL.D.   Adami entered politics in 1921, joining the UPM under the leadership of    Mgr. Pannzavecchia and was elected for the Valletta district.  He was re-elected in 1924.  In ‘27 and ’32 he was elected in the interests of the PN.  In the ministerial reshuffle of ’23 Adami succeeded Antonio Dalli as minister of public works  (’23-‘27). He was also minister of public works from’32   to ‘33.  During his term of office important works   were carried out and vast changes affected.  The Harper Area, Workmen’s Dwelling together with the Sliema promenade is but a few works initiated during his tenure of office.    He was married to Mary Ullo daughter of Richard, former Cashier Anglo-Maltese Bank.    Died aged 48 at Blue Sisters Hospital on Friday 24.5.1935. married Mary Ullo, dsp. Carmelo Adami., dunm. Fiorenza Adami., married Dr Ruggerio Said MD Teresa Adami, dunm. Dr Giuseppe Adami Ph.D., (1868-1930), “Priest”, Born in Senglia, he was ordained priest in ‘94. That same year he obtained a doctorate in sacred theology.  A spiritual director of nuns and in public schools, he was a very well known preacher.  Though his initiative, the Franciscian Sisters began to run the Ospizio Sant Anna for the elderly people. And its chapel he started the Instute of Catholic Education for girls.   In ’05 he was appointed parish priest of Ghaxaq and three years after archpriest of Senglea.  His activities endowed the church with many artistic works.   His time was the best period of St Joseph Workers Society. He helped also in promoting the Society of St Vincent de Paule for needy persons.  During the hardships of World War I his parishioners constantly sought his help.  He is best known for two events that happened in ’21.     On 3 January, Benedict XV issues   ‘Ad perennandam memoriam’ by which he raised Senglea to the dignity of a minor basilica with the right of precedence over other collegiate churches and the crowning of the Bambina by Archbishop Mauro Caruana as Apostolic Delegate on 4 September.    He terminated his term on 16 January ‘27 and nominated canon of the Cathedral passing   his last years at Mdina., dunm Salvina Adami., married 1885 at Senglea to Vincenzo Zammit., with issue. Giuseppina Zammit Adami. Teresa Zammit Adami. Dr Salvatore Zammit Adami MD Francesco Zammit Adami. Maggie Zammit Adami., married George Degiorgio. Mary Zammit Adami. Giorgina married 1904 at Senglea to Giovanni Andrea Sapiano., with issue. Maria Sapiano. Mons. Professor Giuseppe Sapiano., dunm. Clorinda Adami., married 1887 at Senglea to Francesco Xaverio Tabone., with issue. Speranza Tabone., married Pietro Zahra., dsp. Dr Francesco Tabone LLD., married 1915 at Mosta to Teresa Borg., with issue. Jessie Tabone., married Lorenzo Pace dei Marchesi Bonici Mompalao Teresa Tabone., married Giuseppe Pantalesesco. Dr John Tabone LLD. (1920-. Married Mary Abela. Lucia Tabone., married 1921 Mosta to Giuseppe Schembri MRSS., with issue. Carmelo Tabone., (1900-71)., married 1936 at Humrun to Rosaria Brimmer., with issue. Rev. Francis Tabone Adami, (1939-2022 Cambira, Parana, Brazil), dunm. Clorinda Tabone Adami. Giuseppe Tabone Adami., married Mariam Said-Pullicino., with issue. Jean Pierre Tabone Adami., married Josanne N, with issue. Nicky Tabone Adami. Benjamin Tabone Adami. Elaine Tabone Adami married to Dunstan Sciberras, with issue. Seab Sciberras. Giorgiana Tabone Adami., married 1971 to Anthony Schembri Adami., with issue Pauline Tabone Adami., married Henry Alamago., with issue. Jo-Anne Alamago. Andrew Alamago. Kevin Alamago. David Alamago. Stephen Alamago. Maria Adami., married 1891 at Senglea to Giuseppe Zarb., with issue. Teresa Zarb., married Giovanni Sapiano MRSJ., with issue. Carmen Sapiano, dunm. Maria Rosa Zarb., dunm. Francesco Zarb Adami., dunm. Salvatore Zarb Adami., married Rosa Stepton, with issue. Maria Zarb Adami. Doris Zarb Adami. Michael Zarb Adami. Goffredo Zarb Adami M.R.S.J.I.P.S, married Lina Lanzon., with issue. Dr Geoffrey Zarb Adami MD, (1940-2020), married to Tanya Bonello, with issue. Mireille Zarb Adami, married to Simon Vincenti. Brian Zarb Adami, married to Roberta Valenzia dei Baroni di Grua. Christina Zarb Adami, married to Simon Fiorini Lowell. Dr Mercedes Zarb Adami MD, married to Roy Schembri Wismayer, with issue. Maurice Zarb Adami, married to Marie Therese Tua, with issue. Noel Zarb Adami, (1947 – 2013), married to Adriana Tufigno, with issue. Kristian Zarb Adami. Raina Zarb Adami. Joseph Zarb Adami, married to Joan Millar, with issue. Clare Zarb Adami, married to David Borg, with issue. Emilia Borg Zarb Adami. Geoffrey Zarb Adami, married to Stephanie Saliba, with issue. Jack Zarb Adami. Irene Zarb Adami. Magdallena Adami., married 1891 at Senglea to Notary Francesco Schembri, with issue. Dr Carmelo Schembri Adami LL.D. died of the Spanish Flu in 1917. Teresa Schembri Adami., dunm. Giovanni Schembri Adami. Francis Schembri Adami., married Viola… Olga Schembri Adami., married Renaldo d’Alessandro., with issue. May d’Alessandro, (1921-2005), married Henry Cole, with issue. Kenneth Cole. Kenward Cole. Keith Cole. Kathleen Cole. Lina d’Alessandro., married Louis Portelli., with issue. Theresa Portelli. Margaret Portelli. Anthony Portelli. Alfred Portelli. Girard Portelli. Josie d’Alessandro., married Lina Abela, with issue Amedeo d’Alessandro. Romina d’Alessandro. Rosa d’Alessandro., married to Dr Anthony Rutter-Giappone LLD Maurice d’Alessandro., married Monica Doublet, with issue. Stephen d’Alessandro, married to Rachele Leone Ganado, with issue. Nicholas d’Alessandro. Jonathan d’Alessandro. Edward d’Alessandro. Robert d’Alessandro. Denise d’Alessandro. Giuseppe Schembri Adami., married Beatrice Mercieca., with issue. Franz Schembri Adami., married Yvonne Brincat. Stella Schembri Adami., married Michael Sacco. Ermina Schembri Adami., married Angelo Cachia. Evelyn Schembri Adami., married Victor Falzon Sant Manduca., dsp. Mary Schembri Adami. Goffredo Schembri Adami (1910-63)., married 1938 to Jennie Reynaud., with issue.  Anna Schembri Adami., married Henry Zammit. Anthony Schembri Adami., married 1971 to Giorgina Tabone Adami, (see on this page)., with issue. Marika Schembri Adami., (1973-, married 2008 to John Huber, with issue. Aidan Hiber, (2008-.. 

1.1.. Geoffrey Schembri Adami., (1978-. Magda Schembri. Tonio Schembri Adami., (1913-93). Born in Valletta, he studied at   the um but graduated in medicine at the University of Rome.  He joined the Labour Party and was elected to the National Executive in ’45 when successfully contested the election to the Legislative Assembly.  Following the election of   ’47,he was given the portfolio of minister of health and social services.  In  ‘48 he introduced ‘Old Age Pensions Act’   in  ‘50 and ’51 he successfully contested the elections with the MWP, which he had joined after the Lab our Party split.  In ’50 he held the ministry off works and reconstruction.    During his political career especially in ’49 he worked hard in an attempt to introduce the National Health Scheme in Malta. Om2 January he resigned and left for UK.  SA was very much respected by the people of Mosta and Naxxar, as he was very tolerant with those who disagreed with his views.  He was praised as an excellent orator., married Doris Pace Asciak. Maria Concetta Schembri Adami, married to Joseph Carmel Richard Agius, with issue. Dr Mark Christopher Agius MD, (1952 -), Visiting Research Associate Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge, Clare Research Associate Clare College Cambridge, Adjunct Professor Department of Psychiatry Charles University Prague. Salvatore Adami, (d. 1946), “Canon”, dunm. Dr Giovanni Adami MD., married 1917 at Senglea to Mary Brown., with issue. Melita Adami., married 1952 at Yorkshire to Peter Sephton with issue. Mary Septon. John Septon. Anthony Septon. Rev Giorgio Adami., dunm. Madelena Adami., dunm. Giovanni Adami., dunm. Teresa Adami., married 1854 at Senglea to Francesco Fenech., with issue. Carmela Adami, married to Fortunato Mizzi. Vincenzo Adami, married 1818 Valletta to Angela Xuereb. Maria Maddalena Adamo, married 1753 Senglea to Salvatore Valente, with issue. Francesco Valente, married 1790 Cospicua to Maria Angela Zorba. Francesco Adami, married 1752 Senglea to Teresa Seychel., with issue. Giuseppe Adamo, married 1779 Cospicua to Vincenza Fiteni, with issue. Antonio Adamo, married 1809 Cospicua to Clemenza Cassar, with issue. Pietro Adamo, married (1) 1836 Cospicua to Maria Formosa, married (2) 1838 Cospicua to Felicita Marmara, with issue. Antonio Adamo, married 1875 Cospicua to Maria Grazia Mizzi. Aloisio Adamo, married 1900 Cospicua to Clemenza Cuschieri. Francesco Adamo, married 1857 Cospicua to Vincenzo Baldacchino. Clemenza Adamo, married 1867 Cospicua to Giuseppe Bugeja. Maria Carmela Adamo, married 1868 Cospicua to Antonio Michelin. Filomena Adamo, married 1879 Cospicua to Paolo Falzon. Francesco Adamo, married 1851 Cospicua to Teresa Mifsud, with issue. Giuseppe Adamo, married 1882 Cospicua to Teresa Cachia. Orsola Adamo, married 1844 Cospicua to Carmelo Mangano. Maria Concetta Adamo, married 1849 Cospicua to Federico de Cuschieri. Gio Maria Adamo, married 1802 Senglea to Elizabetta Camilleri, with issue. Paolo Adamo, married 1835 Senglea to Maria Carmela Cassar. Teresa Adamo, married 1837 Senglea to Aloisio Caruana. Maria Flora Adamo, married 1853 Senglea to Vincenzo Ellul. Saverio Adamo, married (1) 1800 Zejtun to Elena Aurelia Cauchi, married (2) 1827 Senglea to Saveria Camilleri, with issue. (First marriage) Andrea Adamo, married 1828 Cospicua to Gisueppa Cipriot. Antonia Adamo, married 1830 Senglea to Antonio Naudi. Anna Maria Adamo, married 1831 Senglea to Agostino Rizzo. Maria Concetta Adamo, married 1832 Senglea to Pietro Baldacchino. Gio Battista Adamo, married 1815 Zejtun to Marianna Borg. Maria Teresa Adamo, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Russo. Maria Anna Adamo, married 1815 Vittoriosa to Antonio Grima. Maria Concetta Adamo, married 1818 Vittoriosa to Michele Xerri. Barbara Adamo, married 1777 Senglea to Aloisio Rizzo.