Maltese Saints, Beatified, Bishops and Archbishops, Bishop Administrators, Coadjutors and Auxiliaries of Malta. Bishops of Gozo, Inquisitors and Apostolic delegates to Malta, Apostolic Nuncios to Malta, and Other Bishoprics and Notable Offices abroad with a Maltese connection (1802 onwards) including Cardinals.

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This page has changed to give an overview of Maltese Saints canonized or pending canonization, the Bishops of Malta, Inquisitors and Apostolic Delegates, and other Bishoprics and Notable Offices abroad with a Maltese connection.

There is very little record of the early period of Maltese church history. Tradition holds that Christianity was introduced to Malta by St. Paul during his stay after the shipwreck, c. November A.D. 60, as related in the ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, chs. XXVII-XXVIII.

Scanty archaeological remains prove that Christianity was already established in A.D. 600.

In later years, Malta was considered a suffragan diocese of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Palermo, Sicily, by a Bull of Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspeare) dated 10 July 1156, and confirmed by Alexander III, 26 April 1160. There are many gaps in the period until the year 1432. By a Papal brief dated 3 March 1797, Bishop VincenzoLabini and all his successors in the diocese of Malta, were given the title of Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes. This privilege was later suppressed, and the title was changed to “Archbishop, Bishop of Malta. The Diocese of Malta was elevated to an Archdiocese on 1 January 1944.

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Mdina is the Cathedral of Malta. Its date of origin is unknown. It is dedicated to the Conversion of St. Paul and was consecrated 8 October 1702 by Bishop Davide Cocco Palmieri.

The island of Gozo, including Comino, was erected into a separate and independent diocese in 1864, enjoying all the relative privileges and immunities.

The suffragan diocese of Gozo has its own Cathedral which is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin (15 August). It was consecrated by Bishop Giacomo Cannaves, 11 October 1716 and elevated as a Cathedral at the appointment of a Bishop for the Diocese of Gozo, 22 September 1864.

Maltese Saints

Year of ElevationName (hyperlink to genealogy)    
Beatified, 9 May 2001; Canonized 3 June 2007Preca, George.

Pending (Official) Causes for Canonization

TitleYear of ElevationName (hyperlink to genealogy)
BlessedBeatified, 9 May 2001PISANI, Maria Adeodata (born Maria Teresa).
BlessedBeatified, 9 May 2001FALZON, Ignazio.
BlessedBeatified, 8 Dec 2018Littlejohn, Jeanne.

Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.

TitleYear of ElevationName
Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church1818Fabrizio Sceberras Testaferrata.
Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church2012Prospero Stanley Grech.
Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church2020Mario Grech.


TitleYear of ElevationName
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1780-1807LABINI, Vincenzo
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1807-1829Mattei, Ferdinando.
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1831-1847CARUANA, Francesco Saverio.
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1847-1857Sant, Publio Maria.
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1857-1874Pace Forno, Gaetano.
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1874-1888Scicluna, Carmelo.
Bishop of Malta/Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes1888-1914Pace, Pietro.
Bishop of Malta and Archbishop of Rhodes/Archbishop, Bishop of Malta1914-1943Caruana, Maurus.
Archbishop, Bishop of Malta1943-1976Gonzi, Michael.
Archbishop, Bishop of Malta1976-2007Mercieca, Joseph.
Archbishop, Bishop of Malta2007-2015Cremona, Paul.
Archbishop, Bishop of Malta2015-Scicluna, Charles.


TitleYear of ElevationName
Administrator1885BUHADGIAR, Spiridion-Salvatore-Costantino Antonio Maria.
Auxiliary1898Gaffiero, Salvatore.
Auxiliary1907Farrugia, Paolo Rosario.
Auxiliary1911Portelli, Angelo.
Administrator1914Buhagiar, Antonio Maria.
Auxiliary1942Galea, Emanuele.
Coadjutor1943Gonzi, Michael.
Auxiliary1967Gerada, Emmanuele.
Coadjutor1968Gerada, Emmanuele.
Auxiliary1974Mercieca, Joseph.
Auxiliary1998Despasquale, Annetto.
Auxiliary2012Scicluna, Charles.
Auxiliary2018Galea Curmi, Joseph.


TitleYear of ElevationName
Bishop of Gozo1864-1866Buttigieg, Michele Francesco.
Bishop of Gozo1868-1876Grech Delicata Testaferrata, Antonio.
Bishop of Gozo1877-1889Pace, Pietro.
Bishop of Gozo1889-1925Camilleri, Giovanni Maria.
Bishop of Gozo1925-1943Gonzi, Michael.
Bishop of Gozo1945-1972Pace, Giuseppe.
Bishop of Gozo1972-2005Cauchi, Nikol Joseph.
Bishop of Gozo2005-2020Grech, Mario.
Bishop of Gozo2020-Teuma, Anton.


TitleYear of ElevationName
Coadjutor1863Buttigieg, Michele Francesco.
Auxiliary1967Cauchi, Nikol Joseph.

Other Bishoprics and Notable Offices abroad with a Maltese connection (1802- 2020)

TitleYear of Elevation.Name.
Titular Archbishop of Palmyra1904Agius, Ambrose.
Apostolic Delegate to Philippines1904Agius, Ambrose.
Co-adjudicating Bishop at Garissa in Kenya2012Alessandro, Joe.
Bishop of Malindi, Kenya2000Baldacchino, Francis.
Auxilary Bishop of Miami2014Baldacchino, Peter.
Bishop of Las Cruces2019Baldacchino, Peter.
Auxiliary Bishop of la Serena, in Chile2024Mgr Henry Joseph Balzan. [Times of Malta]
 Bishop of Malindi Diocese in Kenya2011Barbara, Emmanuele.
Bishop of Juticlpa in Honduras2010Bonello, Joseph.
Co-adjutor Bishop of Tripoli2015Bugeja, George.
Vicar Apostolic of Tunis, Tunisia1884BUHADGIAR, Spiridion-Salvatore-Costantino Antonio Maria.
Titular Bishop of Ruspae1884BUHADGIAR, Spiridion-Salvatore-Costantino Antonio Maria.
Apostolic Delegate to Haiti1890BUHADGIAR, Spiridion-Salvatore-Costantino Antonio Maria.
Apostolic Delegate to Venezuela1890BUHADGIAR, Spiridion-Salvatore-Costantino Antonio Maria.
Co-adjutor Bishop of Tripoli1863Buttigieg, Michele Francesco.
Titular Bishop of Methone1924Camilleri, Giovanni Maria.
Titular Bishop of Vagada2001Camilleri Azzopardi, Robert.
Bishop of Comayagua, Honduras2004Camilleri Azzopardi, Robert.
Bishop of Gibraltar1998CARUANA, Charles.
Bishop of Puerto Rico (Porto Rico)1921CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Bishop of San Juan de Puerto Rico1924CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Apostolic Delegate to México1925CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Titular Archbishop of Sebastea1925CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Apostolic Internuncio to Haiti1935CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba1935CARUANA, George Joseph (Jorge José).
Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa {Africa Centrale}, Sudan1846Casolani, Annetto.
Titular Bishop of Mauricastro1846Casolani, Annetto.
Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa {Africa Centrale}, Sudan1847Casolani, Annetto.
Titular Bishop of Vicus Augusti1967Cauchi, Nikol Joseph.
Bishop of Santiago Apostol de Huancane2019Cefai, Giovanni.
Auxiliary Bishop of Londrina, Parana, Brazil1998Costa, Vincent.
Titular Bishop of Aquae Flaviae1998Costa, Vincent.
Bishop of Umuarama, Parana, Brazil2002Costa, Vincent.
Bishop of Jundiaí, Sao Paulo, Brazil2009Costa, Vincent.
Bishop of Garissa, Kenya1984Darmanin, Paolo.
Titular Bishop of Aradi1998Despasquale, Annetto.
Bishop of União daVitória, Parana, Brazil1976Ebejer, Walter M.
Titular Bishop of Hamatha1907Farrugia, Paolo Rosario.
Prefect of Jhansi, India1946Fenech, Francis X.
Bishop of Jhansi, India1954Fenech, Francis X.
Titular Bishop of Muzuca in Byzacena1967Fenech, Francis X.
Auxiliary Bishop of Tiranë-Durrës, Albania2006Frendo, George Anthony.
Titular Bishop of Buthrotum2006Frendo, George Anthony.
Titular Bishop of Selymbria1898Gaffiero, Salvatore.
Titular Bishop of Tralles in Asia1942Galea, Emmanuele.
Bishop of Darwin, NT, Australia.2018Gauci, Charles.
Prelate of Chuquibamba, Peru1962Gauci, Redento Maria.
Titular Bishop of Ida in Mauretania1967Gauci, Redento Maria.
Titular Bishop of Nomentum1967Gerada, Emmanuele.
Apostolic Nuncio to El Salvador1973Gerada, Emmanuele.
Apostolic Nuncio to Guatemala1973Gerada, Emmanuele.
Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Pakistan1988Gerada, Emmanuele.
Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland1989Gerada, Emmanuele.
Titular Archbishop of Tyndaris1986Giglio, Paul.
Apostolic Nuncio to Nicaragua1986Giglio, Paul.
Apostolic Nuncio to Egypt, Arab Republic of1995Giglio, Paul.
Titular Bishop of Lyrbe1943Gonzi, Michael.
Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, Australia1998Grech, Joseph Angelo.
Titular Bishop of Belesasa1998Grech, Joseph Angelo.
Bishop of Sandhurst, Australia2001Grech, Joseph Angelo.
Titular Bishop of Calydon1867Grech Delicata Testaferrata, Antonio.
Vicar Apostolic of Benghazi, Libya1997Magro, Sylvester Carmel.
Titular Bishop of Saldae1997Magro, Sylvester Carmel.
Titular Bishop of Paphus1805Mattei, Ferdinando.
Titular Bishop of Gemellae in Numidia1974Mercieca, Joseph.
Vicar Apostolic of Kuwait1981Micallef, Francis George Adeodatus.
Titular Bishop of Tinis in Proconsulari1981Micallef, Francis George Adeodatus.
Vicar Apostolic of Kuwait1982Micallef, Francis George Adeodatus.
Bishop of Città di Castello, Italy1863Micallef, Paolo.
Titular Bishop of Hebron1857Pace Forno, Gaetano.
Titular Bishop of Selinus1911Portelli, Angelo.
Titular Archbishop of Berytus1802Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland1803Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars1815Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Cardinal In Pectore1816Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Bishop of Senigallia, Italy1818Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana1818Sceberras Testaferrata, Fabrizio.
Titular Archbishop of Serta2009Spiteri, Joseph.
Apostolic Nuncio to Sri Lanka2009Spiteri, Joseph.
Bishop of Izmir, Turkey, Titular Archbishop of Garella, 1937, Miletus, 1939.1929Tonna, Edoardo.
Titular Archbishop of Amantia, Apostolic Nuncio to South Korea and Mongolia2018Xuereb, Mgr Alfred.
Bishop of Gibraltar2016Zammit, Carmelo.

Other Bishoprics and Notable Offices abroad with a Maltese connection (2020 -)

Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, Canada [Link 1]

Titular Bishop of Teglata in Numidia



Ivan Camilleri.

Ivan Camilleri.