The family of Biancardi,

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

Ricardo Biancardo of Vienna, married 1732 Valletta to Nobile Teresa de Roux, with issue.

1. Gio Carlo Biancardi, married 1770 Valletta to Maria Fanton, with issue.

1.1. Modesta Biancardi, married 1804 Valletta to Francesco Manara of Catania, Sicily, with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Carlo Manara, married (1) 1830 Valletta to Maria Borg, married (2) 1839 Valletta to Maria Buhagiar, with issue. (Second marriage) Paolo Manara, married 1866 Valletta to Carmela Xerri. Rosa Manara, married 1866 Valletta to Dr Zaccara Roncali JUD.

1.1.2. Teresa Manara, married 1835 Valletta to Gio Battista Sinerco.

1.2. Riccardo Biancardi, married 1808 Valletta to Michellina Grillo sives Ullo, with issue.

1.2.1. Giuditta Biancardi, married 1827 Valletta to Giovanni Arpa, with issue. Elvira Arpa, married 1867 Valletta to Riccardo Casolani.

1.3. Angelica Biancardi, married 1829 Valletta to Giuseppe Gauci.

1.4. Rosa Biancardi, married 1796 Valletta to Gio Batta Ricavi.

1.5. Vincenza Biancardi, married 1804 Valletta to Vincenzo di Stefano.

1.6. Francesco Biancardi, married 1812 Valletta to Francesca Pace (See below).

2. Giuseppe Biancardi, married 1753 Valletta to Anna Arpa, with issue.

2.1. Dr Vincenzo Biancardi JUD, married 1787 Valletta to Matilda Benet, with issue.

2.1.1. Giuseppe Biancardi, married 1823 Valletta to Giovanna Trapani., with issue. Carmelo Biancardi, married to Vittoria NN. Giorgio Biancardi, married to Vittoria NN., with issue. Concetta Biancardi, married to William Cumbo. (Resided in Cairo Egypt)., with issue. (7 children). Giuseppina Biancardi, married to William Biancardi. (First Cousins). Giovanna Biancardi, married to Annetto Biancardi. (First Cousins). Guglielmo Biancardi, married to Emilia Nuzzo, with issue. William Biancardi, married to Guseppina Biancardi. (First Cousins), with issue. Emilia Biancardi, died 1900 in Algiers. Giuseppina Biancardi, married to Carmelo Fenech, Legal Procurator. Annetto Biancardi, married to Giovanna Biancardi. (First Cousins), with issue.

2.1.2. Isidore Biancardi, married (1) to Antonia Micallef, married (2) to Prudenza Grima., with issue. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Biancardi, married to Teresa Spiteri. Carmela Biancardi, married 1843 to Paolo Mamo.

2.1.3. Margherita Biancardi, married 1813 Valletta to Emmanele Schembri.

2.1.4. Giuseppa Biancardi, married to Lorenzo Goeni.

2.2. Giuseppe Biancardi, married 1805 Valletta to Lorenza Coen-Tagliaferro, with issue.

3. Francesco Biancardi, married 1788 Valletta to Grazia Formosa, with issue.

3.1. Rosaria Biancardi, married (1) Aloiseo Chircop, married (2) Massimiliano di Rocco, married (3) 1805 Valletta to Maxilimo Tommaso de Lucca, married (4) 1821 Valletta to NN.

3.2. Caterina Biancardi, married 1808 Valletta to Aloiseo Laferla.

4. Rita Biancardi, married 1768 Valletta to Emmanuele Morello, Gran Visconte, [2], with issue.

4.1. Aloisea Morello, married (1) 1788 Valletta to Fedele Pace, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Aloiseo Bolion, with issue.

4.1.1. (First Marriage) Teodora Tecla Pace, married 1825 Valletta to Giuseppe Soler.

4.1.2. Salvatore Pace, married 1807 Valletta to Rosa Agius, with issue. Fedele Pace, married 1832 Valletta to Concetta Morello, with issue. Dr Tancredi Pace JUD (Notary Public), married 1868 to Elena Perini, with issue. Amelia Pace Perini, married 1899 Valletta to Francesco Sanfilippo, (s/o [3] Judge Giacomo Sanfilippo and Maddalena Crescimanno), with issue. Elvira Sanfilippo, (1900-1932), married to Tancredi Busuttil, with issue. Joseph Busuttil, (1924-), dunm. Miriam Busuttil, (1926-2016), married to Prof Joseph Colombo B.E&A. Dr Tancred Busuttil, MD, FRCOG, (1928-2018), married 1964 to Dr Jutta-Maria Zeidler MD, with issue. Tancred Busuttil, (1966-, married 2001 to Fiona Harris, with issue. George Busuttil, (2006-. Prof. Petra Erika Busuttil, D.Phil (Oxon), (1968-, married (1) 1991 to Michael Bianchi, married (2) 2012 to Dr Gordon Caruana Dingli, MD, FRCS. Godfrey Busuttil, (1930-, married 1958 Sliema to Rinalda Perotti, with issue. John Busuttil, married 1979 to Louisa Borg, with issue. Keith Busuttil, married 2007 to Nicola Pace, with issue. Faye Busuttil, (2011-. Edward Busuttil, (2013-. Lara Busuttil, (2019-. Krysta Busuttil, married 2007 to John Soler. Giuseppa Sanfilippo, married to Gaetano Sciortino. Maddalena Sanfilippo. Amabile Pace Perini, married 1903 Balzan to Contessa Olga Ciantar Preziosi.

4.1.3. Emmanuele Pace, married 1810 Valletta to Anna Bariglion, with issue. Salvatore Pace, married (1) 1852 Zabbar to Maria Concetta Gatt, married (2) 1856 Cospicua to Concepta Vella. Rita Pace, married 1832 Valletta to Smeraldo Attard. Maria Pace, married 1843 Valletta to Rocco Camilleri.

4.1.4. Carmelo Pace, married 1824 Valletta to Teresa Agius.

4.1.5. Francesca Pace, married 1812 Valletta to Francesco Biancardi, (See above).

4.2. Michele Morello, married 1795 Valletta to Benvenuta Flamingo.

4.3. Elena Morello, married 1792 Valletta to Giuseppe Dimech, with issue.

4.3.1. Grazia Dimech, married 1815 Valletta to Vincenzo Gristi, with issue. Giuseppe Gristi, married 1836 Valletta to Maria Concetta Spiteri.

4.3.2. Emmanuele Dimech, married 1816 Valletta to Gabriele Simiano.

4.3.3. Maria Dimech, married 1823 Valletta to Gaetano Tomani.

4.4. Maria Morello, married 1799 Valletta to Vincenzo Costa.

4.5. Barbara Morello, married 1821 Valletta to Vincenzo Micallef, dsp.

5. Constantino Biancardi, migrated to Lisbon, Portugal, married to Theresa Agueda de Jesus de Cruz, with issue.

5.1. Francisco Jose Biancardi, married 1800 Papa, Lisbon, Portugal to Maria do Carmo do Sao Boanaventura, with issue.

5.1.1. Carlota Maria do Sao Boanaventura Biancardi, married 1845 Sao Miguel, Lisbon, Portugal to Manuel Francisco Serra, with issue. Gertrudes Maria de Conceicao Serra, married to Antonio Pedro da Costa, with issue. Fernando Carlos da Costa, (1886 San Vicente de Fora, Lisbon, Portugal – 1968 Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Portugal), married 1922 Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Portugal to Sofia de Campos Henriques de Almeida dei Visconde e Conde de Pinhel, with issue. Maria Helena de Campos Henriques de Almeida e Costa, married to Joao Jose Vasques Cantos de Sousa Araujo, with issue. Maria do Carmo de Almeida Costa de Sousa Araujo, married to Pedro Martins, with issue. Duarte de Sousa Araujo Martins, married 7 Oct 2023 Lisbon, Portugal to HRH, Infanta Maria Francisca of Portugal, Duchess of Coimbra.[wiki].


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* Footnotes:

[1] : (Professed Knight of Saint Michael of the Wing and also a Knight of the of Royal House of Portugal under the jurisdiction of the Royal Honour Gaurd), cr 2017 – Noble of the Imperial House of Romanov and Knight of the Oder of Saint Stanislas (of the Imperial House of Romanov, 2018 – Knight of Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George), The Titles of Nobility and Knighthood were granted by H.I.H Maria Vladimirovna, the Grand Duchess of Russia on 17th August 2017. 26th March 2022 received the honours of Hereditary Vitez Rend, Knight of Grace, Julibee Cross of Merit from HIRH Joseph Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary, Captain General of The Order of Vitéz (Hungarian: Vitézi Rend).

[2]: The ‘Gran Visconte’ was the head of the police force under the Knights of St John in Malta, and in the early years of British rule until 1814.  References: Barone Vincenzo Azzopardi, Raccolta di varie cose antiche e modern utili ed interressanti (Malta: 1843), p. 24; Edward Attard, Il-Pulizija ta’ Malta 1814-1956 (Malta: 1994), pp. 5 & 15; Carmel Testa, The French in Malta 1798-1800 (Malta: 1997), pp. 570-71; 

[3] – : The Sicilian Judge Nicolò Crescimanno (1803-1885) was appointed Professor of International Law at the University of Malta, following the retirement of Ferdinand Caruana Dingli in 1869.  Professor Nicolò Crescimanno “studied law within the Faculty of Law at the University of Palermo. He was destined to reach the highest echelons of the Sicilian judicature, becoming judge in Palermo, Messina and Catania. He was appointed President of the Gran Corte Civile of Cosenza, President of the Gran Corte Criminale of Trapani, and Procuratore Regio (King’s Crown Advocate) to the Criminal and Civil Courts of Trapani. King Ferdinand himself described him as ‘a jewel’ among his Magistrates. He had one daughter, Maddalena, from his first marriage with Teresa Gennusa, and another eight children from his second wife Vincenza Girgenti.    Notwithstanding his distinguished career in his motherland, he was above all a patriot who fled from the political and religious turmoil that had raged the Italian peninsula for decades. As soon as the new government of King Vittorio Emmanuele came to power, Nicolò sought asylum in a favourite place of refuge – the British fortress-colony of Malta. When he was already in his 50s, he and his wife and their seven children trailed behind his first cousin, Judge Giacomo San Filippo who had married his daughter Maddalena, by boarding a ship ‘Elettrico’ en route to Malta.    After he set foot in Malta, King Vittorio Emmanuele’s Ministers invited him to return to Sicily and continue his work over there, but he refused. He was also asked to represent his compatriots in the new Italian Parliament, but he did not accept either. In 1862, he wrote to King Francesco asking him to be absolved of his loyalties as he was no longer able to perform the duties he had sworn to carry out. He received the reply which liberated him from his oath of allegiance in due course.” From: Raymond Mangion, ‘Professors who Taught International Law within the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta’, in Serving the Rule of International Law: Essays in Honour of Professor David Joseph Attard, ed. by Norman A. Martínez Gutiérrez, vol. 1 (Malta: Mare Nostrum, 2009), p. 38

Further references: Petra Bianchi, ‘Nicolò Crescimanno and Giacomo Sanfilippo: Sicilian Exiles in Malta’, in Sunday Times of Malta, 6 October 1996, pp. 44-45; Vincenzo Bonello, Bianca Fiorentini and Lorenzo Schiavone, Echi del Risorgimento a Malta (Malta: 1966)

[4]; Margherita Salvatori parents are Claudio Salvatori and Geronima, former wife of Girardo Boccher.