Turkish Sultanates and Emirates

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* Emirates of Danismend and later Karasi.

Tailu Danismend, (d. 1084), Malik (King) of Sebastia, married to Princess N. Dokeranos, with issue.
1. Prince Gumustekin of Sebastia, (d. 1104), Malik of Sebastia, (r. 1084-1104), married to Princess N. Komnenos.
2. Prince Melik Gazi of Danismend, (d. 1134), Malik of Danishmend, (r. 1104-1134), married to Princess N. Komnenos, with issue.
2.1. Mohammed, (d. 1143), Malik of Danismend, (r. 1134-1143), married to Princess N. Komnenos, with issue.
2.1.1. Ibrahim ibn Mohammed, (d. 1165).
2.1.2. Dhu’l Nun, (d. 1174), Malik of Danismend, (r. 1143-1174), married 1164 to Princess of Al-Malik Saltuk of Rum, with issue. Princess N of Danismend, married to (cousin) Prince Nizameddin Suhrab Bey of Danismend, (see below). Princess N. of Danismend, married to Kilic Arslan III, Sultan of Rum.
2.1.3. Prince Yunis of Danismend, (d. 1144), Emir of Masara.
2.2. Princess N of Danismend, married to Masud I, Sultan of Rum.
2.3. Prince Yaghi Arslan of Danismend, (d. 1164), Governor of Sivas, married to Princess N. of Rum, with issue.
2.3.1. Prince Yaghi Siyan of Danismend, Governor of Sivas.
2.3.2. Prince Muzaffereddin Mahmud Bey of Danismend, married to Princess N. of Sogut, with issue. Prince Nizameddin Suhrab Bey of Danismend, married to (cousin), Princess N. of Danismend, (see above), with issue. Prince Yagdi Bey of Danismend, married to Princess N. Komnenos Doukas Angelina, with issue. Prince Kalem Bey of Danismend, 1st Emir of Karasi, (r 1297-1307), married to Guglielma Zaccaria, with issue. Karesi Bey, 2nd Emir of Karasi, (r. 1303-1328), married to Princess N. of Aydin, with issue. Acian Bey, 3rd Emir of Karasi, (r. 1328), married to Princess Gulcicek Hatun of Saruhan, (she later married Murad I, Sultan of Ottomans, with issue. Yahsi Bey, 4th Emir of Karasi(r. 1328-1345), married to Princess N. of Esref, with issue. Suleyman Bey, 5th Emir of Karasi, (r. 1351-1361), married to Princess N. of the Ottomans, with issue. Prince Mustafa Bey of Karasi, married with issue. Prince Kutlug Melik of Karasi. Prince Isa Bey of Karasi. Princess N. of Karasi, married to Saban Suli, Emir of Dulkadur. Princess N. of Karasi, married to Musa Bey, Emir of Karasi. Prince Demir Han Bey of Karasi., married with issue. Prince Cuce Han Bey of Karasi. Prince Dursun Bey of Karasi. Princess N. of Karasi, married to Prince Akbash of Sogut.
2.4. Prince Ayn al-Dawla of Danismend, (d. 1160), Governor of Melitene, married to Princess N. of Rum, with issue.
2.4.1. Prince Dhu’l Qarnayn of Danismend, (d. 1160), Govenor of Melitene.
2.5. Prince Ibrahim of Danismend, married with issue.
2.5.1. Prince Ismail of Danismend, Governor of Sivas.
3. Prince Ismail of Danismend.
4. Prince Ibrahim of Danismend.
5. Prince Yagisiyan of Danismend.