* Sultans of Aleppo, Damascus, Hamad, Homs, Khelat (Ayyubids).

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Shadi bin Marwan, Commander of Tikrit Castle, married with issue.
1. Nejm ed-Din Ayub, (d. 1173), Emir of Damascus, married to N (sister of Shebab ed-Din Mahmud), with issue.
1.1. Nur ed-Daula Shahanshah, (killed in battle 1148), married with issue.
1.1.1. Eizz ed-Din Feruk Shah, Emir of Damascus, (r. 1173-1182), married with issue. Behram Shah, Emir of Damascus, (r. 1182).
1.1.2. Taki ed-Din Omar, (d. 1191), Emir of Damascus, (r. 1182-1191), married with issue. El-Malik el-Mansur Mohammed, Emir of Damascus, (r. 1191-1222), married to Princess Maleka Khatun, with issue. El-Malek el-Modaffer Taki ed-Din Mahmud, (1201-1244), Emir of Damascus, (r. 1222-1244), married 1229 to Princess Ghazia Khatun of Egypt (d.o El-Malek El-Kamel), with issue. Prince El-Malec el-Mansur Mohammed of Damascus, (d. 1233), dunm. Prince Ali of Damascus, married to Princess N. of Egypt, (see below), with issue. Prince Ismail of Damascus, (d. 1273), fled to North Africa, married to Princess N bin Cantore Zirid, with issue. Nobile N. bin Ayyubid, married to Prince Saelebba bin Saaleba II Zird. Nobile N. bin Ayyubid, married to Prince Camilleer bin Omar Zirid. Nobile N. bin Ayyubid, married to Nobile Federicco bin Zayro. Princess N of Damacus, fled to North Africa, married to Commander Nobile Mohammad bin Mohammad Kalbi V. Princess N. of Damscus, fled to North Africa, married to Nobile Abdullah bin Mohammad Kalbi. El-Malek en-Naser Salah ed-Din Kilij Arslan, Emir of Damascus, (r.1222-). Princess N of Damascus, married (1) to Seif ed-Din Toghril, married (2) to Suleiman, Emir of Damascus (see below).
1.2. Prince N of Damascus, married with issue.
1.2.1. Prince El-Malek el-Modaffer Takr ed-Din Omar of Damascus, married with issue. Prince Said ed-Din Shahanshah of Damascus, married with issue. Suleiman, (killed in battle in Egypt 1250), Emir of Damascus, (r 1222-1250), married to Princess N of Damascus, (see above), with issue.
1.3. Prince Yusuf ibn Ayub Salah ed-Din (Saladin) of Damascus, (1137-1193), Governor of Geza, Alexandria 1163, Sultan of Egypt (r. 1174-1193), married with issue.
1.3.1. Ali El-Malek el-Afdal Nur, (1169-1225), Sultan of Egypt, (r. 1193-1225), married with issue. El-Malek es-Saleh, (killed in battle 1240), Sultan of Egypt, (r. 1225-1240).
1.3.2. Prince El-Malek el-Aziz Othman of Egypt, (1171-1198), married with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Mansur Mohammed of Egypt, (1188-).
1.3.3. Prince El-Malek ed-Daher Ghazi of Egypt, (1171-1216), Governor of Aleppo 1183, married with issue. Prince El-Malek es-Saleh Salah ed-Din Ahmed ibn Ghazi, (1203-), dunm. Prince El-Malek el-Aziz Mohammed of Egypt, (1213-1236), Sultan of Aleppo, married (1) to Princess Daifa Khatun (d/o Sultan Abu Bekr), with issue. El-Malek en-Naser Salah ed-Din Yusaf, (1228-), Sultan of Damascus, (r. 1236-), married 1254 to Princess Maleka Khatun of Rum, with issue. Prince El-Aziz of Damascus, (1258-). Princess N. of Egypt and Aleppo, married to El-Malek el-Ashref Modaffer ed-Din-Musa, Emir of Aleppo, (see below).
1.3.4. Prince El-Malek ed-Dafer Khider of Egypt, married to Princess Daifa Khatun, with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Aziz Ghiath ed-Din Mohammed of Egypt, (1213-).
1.3.5. Prince El-Malek es-Zahir Daud of Egypt, (d. 1234).
1.3.6. Prince El-Moaddem Turan Shah of Egypt, (d. 1250).
1.3.7. Prince Nosrat ed-Din of Egypt, (d. 1250).
1.3.8. Princess N of Egypt, married to Prince El-Malek el-Kamel, (see below).
1.4. Prince Shems ed-Daula Turan Shah, (d. 1180).
1.5. Prince El-Malek el-Modafer Omar.
1.6. Prince Ferukshah, married with issue.
1.6.1. Prince El-Amdjed Bahram Shah, (murdered 1229).
1.7. Prince Abu Bekr el-Malek el-Adel, (1142-1218), married with issue.
1.7.1. Prince El-Malek el-Ashref Modaffer ed-Din Musa, (1176-1237), married with issue. Princess N, married to El-Malek el-Jaud Yunus.
1.7.2. Prince El-Malek el-Kamel Mohammed, (1177-1238), Sultan of Egypt, married (1) to Princess N of Egypt, (d/o Sultan Yusuf ubn Ayub Salah), married (2) to Werd el-Muna, with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Mesoud Yusuf, (d. 1229), married with issue. Prince Yusuf of Egypt, married with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Ashrad Musa of Egypt, Sultan of Egypt, (r 1248-1254). Princess N of Egypt. Prince El-Malek el-Adel Abu Bakr of Egypt, (1216-1248), Sultan of Egypt, (r. 1238 -48), married to Princess N. of Meafarekin, with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Moghith Feth ed-Din Omar of Egypt. Princess N. of Egypt, married to Prince Ali of Damascus, (see above). (illegitimate) Prince El-Malek es-Saleh Nejm ed-Din Ayub of Egypt, (1206-1249), Sultan of Egypt, (r. 1240-1249), married to Princess Sheje ed-Dorr of Rum, with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Moghith Feth ed-Din Omar of Egypt, (d. 1244). (illegitimate) Khalil, (d. 1249). (illegitimate) Prince El-Malek el-Moaddem Turan-Shah of Egypt, (d. 1250), Sultan of Egypt, (r. 1249-1250). Princess Fatima Khatun of Egypt, married 1231 to Prince El-Malik el-Aziz, Sultan of Aleppo. Princess Ghazia Khatun of Egypt, married 1229 to Prince El-Malik El-Modaffer Mahmud, Prince of Hamah. Princess Ashwara of Egypt.
1.7.3. Prince El-Malek el-Moaddem Isa, (1175-1227), married with issue. Prince El-Malek en-Naser Salah ed-Din Daud, (1204-1258), married with issue. Prince El-Amjed Hasan, (c. 1250). Prince Ed-Daher Shadi, (c. 1250). Prince El-Malek el-Moaddem Isa, (c. 1250).
1.7.4. Prince El-Malek el-Hafed nur ed-Dul Arsland Shah, (d. 1241).
1.7.5. Prince El-Malek el-Aziz Eimad ed-Din Othman, married with issue. Prince El-Malek es-Said, (c. 1260).
1.7.6. Prince El-Malek es-Saleh Eimad ed-Din Ismail, (1200-1251).
1.7.7. Prince El-Malek el-Wahad Ayub, (d. 1210), married to Princess Rusudan of Georgia.
1.7.8. Prince El-Malek el-Ashref Musa, King of the Armenians 1207.
1.7.9. Prince El-Malek el-Modaffer Shehab ed-Din-Ghazi, married with issue. Prince El-Malek el-Kamel Naser ed-Din Mohammed, (killed in battle 1259), married with issue.
1.7.10. Prince Maudoud, married with issue. Prince El-Malek Jaud Yunis, (d. 1240), married to Princess N (d/o El-Malek El-Ashref Modaffer ed-Din Musa).
1.7.11. Prince Taki ed-Din Abbas, 9d. 1250).
1.7.12. Princess N, married 1192 to Prince Mu’iss ai-Din Qaysar-Shah of Rum.
1.7.13. Princess Daifa Khatun, (1185-1242), married (1) 1212 to El-Malek ed-Dafer Khider of Egypt, (See above), married (2) to El-Malik el-Aziz, Sultan of Aleppo, (see above).
1.7.14. Princess Maleka Khatun, (d. 1220), married to El-Malek el-Mansur Mohammed, (iSee above)
1.8. Prince Taj el-Mouc Bouri, (d. 1183).
1.9. Prince Seif el-Ishim Toghtibin, married with issue.
1.9.1. Prince El-Malek el-Moezz Ismail, (killed 1202), Caliph of Yemen 1202.
1.9.2. Prince En-Naser, (d. 1202).
1.10. Princess Rebia Khatun Sitt es-Shah, (d. 1245), married to Modaffer ed-Din Kukburi, Sultan of Arbelles, with issue.
1.10.1. Princess N of Arbelles, married to Eimad ed-Din Zenghi, Prince of Mosul, with issue. Princess N of Mosul, married to El-Malik el-Mojahed Shirkuh, (d. 1239), Emir of Aleppo, (see below).
2. Ased ed-Din Shirkuh, (d. 1169), Vizir in Damascus, married with issue.
2.1. Naser ed-Din Mohammed, (d. 1186), married with issue.
2.1.1. El-Malik el-Mojahed Shirkuh, (d. 1239), Emir of Aleppo, (r 1193-1239), married to Princess N of Mosul, (see above),  with issue. El-Malik el-Mansur Ibrahim, (d. 1246), Emir of Aleppo, (r 1239-1246), married to Princess N. of Egypt and Aleppo, (see above), with issue. El-Malek el-Ashref Modaffer ed-Din Musa, (d. 1262), Emir of Aleppo, (1246-1262), married to Princess Maria Komene Batatzes, with issue. Prince El-Malek ed-Daher, (beheaded in 1260). Prince El-Malek es-Saleh, (beheaded in 1260). Princess N. of Aleppo, married to Prince Faramarz of Rum. Princess Ismat al-Dunya Wa’l-din of Aleppo, married to Kay Khusraw II, Sultan of Rum.