Signore’s di Santa Maria Magdalena 1439.

Granted to: Milite Christopher Spetere.

By: Alfonso I, King of Sicily and Malta

On: 1439 in Messina.

With Remainder to: His descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Milite Christopher Spetere, 1st Barone, succeeded by his son.

2. Milite Carlo Spetere, 2nd Barone, (c. 1440), succeeded by his son.

3. Milite Christos Spetere, 3rd Barone, (c. 1443), succeeded by his son.

4. Milite Carlo Spetere, 4th Barone, (d. 1536), sold fief to the Knights of St John of Malta 1535.

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