Baron Sanchetta (cr 1506).

Last update: 03-05-2020.

Granted to: Don Giovanni Antonio Sanchetta of Sicily.

By: Ferdinando II,  King of Sicily and Malta

On: 1506 in Palermo.

With Remainder to: His descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Don Giovanni Antonio Sanchetta, 1st Barone, (d. 1523), succeeded by his son.

2. Don Vincenzo Sanchetta, 2nd Barone, (d. 1587), succeeded by his eldest son.

3. Don Michele Sanchetta, 3rd Barone, (d. 1643), succeeded by his only child.

4. Donna Silvia Sanchetta Testaferrata, 3rd Barone, (d. 1687), 4th Baronessa, succeeded  by her eldest son.

5. Nobile Cesare Testaferrata de Sanchetta, 4th Barone, (d. 1691), 5th Barone, succeeded by his daughter.

6. Nobile Teresa Testaferrata de Sanchetta, 5th Baroness, (d. 1733), 6th and last Baronessa, sold fief to the Knights of St John 1701.

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