Prince’s of Salerno.

Last update: 01-06-2022.

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1. Boniface I, Marquis of Tuscany, died 823, with issue.

1.1. Boniface II, Marquis of Tuscany, Governor of Corsica, died 846, with issue.

1.1.1. Adalberto I, Count of Lucca, Marquis of Tuscany, died 884, married to Rotilda of Spoleto, with issue, Boniface III, Marquis of Tuscany, died 894, with issue. Adalberto II, Marquis of Tuscany, married to Duchess Bertha of Lorraine., with issue. Lamberto of Spoleto, Marquis of Tuscany., died 932. with issue. Ioannes of Spoleto, Count of Laurino in Salerno, married to Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno, with issue.  Ioannes II of Laurino, Created Prince of Salerno, died 999, married to Princess Sikelgaita of Capua., with issue.  Guaimar III, Prince of Salerno 999-1027, died 1031, married to Princess Gatelgrima of Capua, with issue.  Guaimar IV, Prince of Capua, Salerno , Calabria, and Apulia 1017-1052, died 1052, married (1) to Porpa di Tabellaria, married (2) to Princess Purpa of N, married (3) to Princess Gemma of Capua, with issue.  (First Marriage). Ioannes III, Prince of Salerno 1025-1040. (Second Marriage) Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno, (1032-1087), married (1) to Drogo de Hauteville, Conte de Aquila., married (2) to Roberto di Lucera, Conte di Gargano. (Third Marriage) Gisulf II, Prince of Salerno 1042-1091. Prince Landolf of Salerno, (1040-92), married to Princess Emilia di Gaeta, with issue. Princess Mabilia of Salerno, (d. 1126), married to Bobone II de’Boboni. Princess Sica of Salerno, (d. 1121), married to Roger di San Severino. Princess Sichelgarda of Salerno, (d. 1116), married to Geoffrey de Meuanna. Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 1075). Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1100), married with issue. Prince Gisulf of Salerno, (d. 1094). Prince Guaimar of Salerno, (d. 1076). Princess Sichelgaita of Salerno, (1040-1090), married to Robert “Guisard” de Hauteville, Duca di Apulia. Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno, (d. 1108), married (1) 1077 to Jordan, Prince of Capua, married (2) 1093 to Ugo di Faida. Prince Guido of Salerno, (1012-77), Duke of Sorrento, married to Princess Raingarda of Caiazzo, with issue. Princess Guida of Salerno Sorrento, (d. 1030), married to Guillaume de Hauteville. Prince Gaumer of Salerno Sorrento, (d. 1092), Hereditary Duke heir of Sorrento, married (1) to Princess Zoya Kalbid of Sicily, married (2) to Nobile Sichelgarda Conti, with issue. (First Marriage) Prince Ioannes of Salerno Sorrento, (d. 1091). Prince Gauimar of Salerno Sorrento, (d. 1114), married 1088 to Gatelgrima di Atrano, with issue. Princess Sichelgarda of Salerno Sorrento, married to Milite Giacomo Teodoro, with issue. Milite e Nobile Riccardo Teodoro, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino 1172, married with issue. Nobile Giacomo Teodoro, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino 1197, married with issue. Nobile Angelo Teodoro, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino 1236, married with issue. Nobile Dognadeo Teodoro, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino 1224, married with issue. Nobile Alberto Teodoro, created Patrican of Sorrento, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino, married to Nobile Costanza d’Evoli, with issue. Nobile Dognadeo Teodoro, Signore di Cassano, Fontanarosa, Pontelandolfo e San Martino, married to Nobile Sarra Brancaccio, with issue. Nobile Mario Antonio Teodoro, Barone di Ararico, Campomarino, Cannella, Casalportina, married to Caterina Crispano, with issue. Nobile Nicolo Teodoro, Barone di Ararico, Campomarino, Cannella, Casalportina, married to Nobile Lavina della Tolfa, with issue. Nobile Paolo Teodoro, Bishop of Amalfi 1232. Nobile Scipione Teodoro, married to Nobile Zenoble Sersale, with issue. Nobile Cesare Teodoro, married to Nobile Lisetta Mormile, with issue. Nobile Alberico Teodoro. Nobile Napoleone Teodoro. Princess N of Salerno Sorrento, married to N di Baragiano. (Second Marriage) Princess Mabile of Salerno Sorrento, (d. 1143), married (1) to Roberto di Eboli, married (2) to SImone di Tovilla. Princess N of Salerno Sorrento, married to Alfano N. Prince Pandolf of Salerno Sorrento, married with issue. Prince Landolf of Salerno, (d. 1124). Prince N of Salerno, married to Ioannes Conti. Princess Maria of Salerno, married to Guillaume de Hauteville. Prince Paldolf of Salerno, (1014-1052), Signore di Capazio, married to Theodora Conti di Tuscolo, with issue. Prince Gauimer of Salerno, Signore di Capezio, (d. 1103), married to Princess Sichelgaita of Capua, with issue. Prince Pandolf of Salerno, Signore di Capezio, (d. 1119), married with issue. Prince Guglielmo of Salerno, Signore di Capezio, (d. 1134), married with issue. Prince Gisulf of Salerno, Signore di Capezio, (d. 1167), married with issue. Prince Guglielmo of Salerno, Signore di Capezio, (d. 1187), created Signore di Novi. Prince Gisulf of Salerno, (d. 1137). Princess Emma of Salerno, (d. 1167), married to Conte Landone IV d’Aquino. Prince Gregorio of Salerno, (d. 1130), married with issue. Prince Ermano of Salerno. Prince Randolf of Salerno, (d. 1154). Prince Abefarch of Salerno, (d. 1154). Princess Gemma of Salerno, (d. 1148). Prince Guaimer of Salerno, (d. 1137), married with issue. Prince Guaimer of Salerno, (d. 1137). Prince Gisulf of Salerno, (d. 1119), married to Marotta di Factoerosa, with issue. Prince Matteo of Salerno. Prince Tudinus of Salerno, (d. 1130). Prince Gregorio of Salerno, (d. 1119), married (1) to Maria N, married (2) to Princess Sichelgaita of Capua Teano, with issue. (First Marriage) Prince Erberto of Salerno, (d. 1096). Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1132). (Second Marriage) Prince Gugielmo of Salerno, (d. 1134), married with issue. Prince Roberto of Salerno, (d. 1156), created Signore di Trentinaria, married to Princess Lolegrima of N, with issue. Prince Guido of Salerno, Signore di Trentinaria. Prince Roberto of Salerno, Alias Roberto di Capua, married with issue. Nobile Andrea di Capua, married to Nobile Giovanna N, with issue. Nobile Anselmo di Capua, (d. 1268), dunm. Nobile Ademara di Capua, d.inf. Nobile Jacopo di Capua. Nobile Riccardo di Capua. Nobile Benventua di Capua, married to Guglielmo di Gravina. Nobile Bartolomeo di Capua, (1248-1328), Signore di Caprio, married (1) to Nobile Mattea di Franco, married (2) 1320 to Margherita di Laura, Signorina di Gerbie, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Andrea di Capua, (d. 1320), married to Nobile Bianca N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni di Capua, (d. 1323), Chamberlain to the King of Naples, married to Nobile Giovanna Stendardo dei Signora di Arienco, with issue. Nobile Ludovico di Capua, (1311-1380), Cardinal of the Church. Nobile Gugielmo di Capua, Chamberlain to the King of Naples, married 1336 to Nobile Clara di Brissone dei Conti di Satriano, with issue. Nobile Angela di Capua, Contessa di Satriano, married to Niccolo di Giulio. Nobile Bianca di Capua, married 1334 to Nobile Niccolo di Evoli, 1st Conte di Trivento. Nobile Bartolomeo di Capua, (killed in Battle 1325). Nobile Giacomo di Capua, Grand Protonotaro 1309, married 1295 to Nobile Roberta Gesualdo, 6th Signorina di Gesualdo, with issue. Nobile Martuccia di Capua, married (1) to Pietro di Sus, Signore di Ottaiano, married 1326 to Filippo Stenardo, Signore di Tramonti. Nobile Maria di Capua, (d. 1345), Baroness di Gesualdo, married 1325 to Enrico di Capresio, Signore di Rappolo, married (2) 1331 to Filippo Filangieri, 3rd Signore di Candida. Nobile Taddeo di Capua, married with issue. Nobile Giovanni di Capua. Nobile Giovanni di Capua, (d. 1331), Signore di Altavilla, married to Jacopa di Gajano, with issue. Nobile Roberto di Capua, (1300-1349), created Conte di Altavilla 1335, married to Contessa Bartolomea Gaetani, with issue. Nobile Bartolomeo II di Capua, (1325-1394), 2nd Conte di Altaville, married (1) to Nobile Chiara di San Severino, married (2) to Andreanna Acciaioli., with issue. (House of Capua). Nobile Gugielmo di Capua, Archbishop of Salerno 1378. Nobile Tommaso di Capua, Signore di Molnara 1339, married with issue. Nobile Antonio di Capua, Signore di Molnara, married to Mariella de Riso, with issue. Nobile Scipione di Capua, Signore di Molnara, married with issue. Nobile Loegrima di Capua, married to Alberius Catalanu, Procurator of the Curier in Naples , Signore di Nuchifora near Vizzini, 1335. Nobile Giovanna di Capua, married 1295 to Tommaso Marzano, 1st Conte di Squillace. Logrima di Capua, married to Nobile Giovanni Capocci, Podesta di Perugia. Griferia di Capua, married to Gregorio Capece, (Cousin) see below.. Princess Sophia of Salerno, married to Roberto N. Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1116), married (1) to Princess Ageltruda di Suessa, married (2) to Princess Acolona of N, with issue. (First Marriage) Prince Giordano of Salerno, (d. 1137). Princess Emma of Salerno, (d. 1134), married to Lampus, Conte di Fasanella. Princess Theodora of Salerno, married to Geoffrey de Hauteville, Conte di Loreta. Princess Sichelgaita of Salerno, (d 1086), married to Milite Marino Cacapice, with issue. Nobile Enrico Cacapice, (d. 1136), Constable of Naples, married with issue. Nobile Sergio Cacapice, (d. 1180), married to Agnese N, with issue. Nobile Landolfo Capece, (d. 1203), married with issue. Nobile Cesario Capece, (d. 1225), Signore di Arcora, married with issue. Nobile Gregorio (Ligorio) Capece, (d. 1238), Signore di Arcora, married to Griferla di Capece (Cousin – see above), with issue. Nobile Bartolomeo Capece, (d. 1275), Signore di Arcora. Nobile Giovanni Capece, (d. 1282), Signore di Arcora, married (1) to Nobile Elizabetta Maramaldo, married (2) to Nobile Filippa Pignatelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Anario Capece, (d. 1318), maried to Nobile Flora de Madio (Maio), with issue. Nobile Nicola Capece, (d. 1355), married (1) to Nobile Letizia Tomacelli, married (2) to Maria Crispano, with issue. Nobile Milite Nicola Capece. Nobile Milite Giacomo Capece. Nobile Margherita Capece,. married to Milite Federico d’Azzia. Nobile Maria Capece, married to Filippo d’Aquino. Nobile Flora Capece, married to Nobile Oddo di Castelli. Nobile Palamede Capece, (d. 1251), married with issue. Nobile Pietro Capece, married to Nobile Berita Boccapianolo, with issue. Nobile Gaita Capece, married to Milite Rinaldo Bulcano. Nobile Nicolo Capece, (d. 1355), married to Lisola Guindazzo, with issue. Nobile Margherita Capece, married to Marino d’Aquino. Nobile Filippa Capece, married to Vassallo di Gravina. Nobile Agnese Capece, married to Nobile Giacomo Capocci, Podesta di Perugia. Nobile Pietro Capece, (d. 1250), married to Sininsora N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Capece, (d. 1250). Nobile Gaita Capece, married to Nobile Giovanni Caracciolo. Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 1088). Princess Mafalda of Salerno, married to Prince al-Maklati Kalbid, Hakim of Catania, Emir of Catania. Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1031), married with issue. Prince Ioannes of Salerno, married with issue. Prince Ionnes of Salerno, (d. 1110), married with issue. Prince Pandolf of Salerno, (d. 1110). Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1110). Prince Bartolomeo of Salerno. Prince Pandolf of Salerno, (d. 1110), married to Gaitelegrima of Abelardo, with issue. Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1117). Prince Roberto of Salerno, (d. 1117). Prince Bartolomeo of Salerno, married with issue. Prince Pandolf of Salerno, (d. 1175). Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno. Princess Truda of Salerno. Princess Sichelgaita of Salerno. Prince Romolad of Salerno. Prince Lambert of Salerno, (d. 995), married with issue. Prince Landiardioro of Salerno, married to Princess Alora of N., with issue. Prince Gauifer of Salerno, (d. 1000). Prince Adalberto of Salerno, (d. 1012), married with issue. Prince Lambert of Salerno, (d. 1043), married to Princess Uraina of N, with issue. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 1058). Prince Ebelus of Salerno, (d. 1047). Prince Adaleberto of Salerno, (d. 1058). Prince Landoario of Salerno, (d. 1050). Princess Miranda of Salerno, (d. 1064)., married to Prince Petrus of Salerno. Prince Lanoardio of Salerno, (d. 1016), married to Princess Rotelgrima of Salerno, with issue. Prince Adelaberto of Salerno, (d. 1043), married to Princess Gaitelgrima of N, with issue. Prince Landoario of Salerno, (d. 1073). Prince Petrus of Salerno, married with issue. Prince Adalberto of Salerno, (d. 1058). Princess Rodegrima of Salerno, (d. 1008), married to Conte Adenolfo III d’Aquino. Princess Gaita of Salerno, married to Adelberto di Castelli. Princess Isolda of Salerno, married to Abu l’Futuh Yusaf, Emir of Sicily.