Signors di Nigret, 1372.

Granted to: Milite Bartolomeo Unginat.

By: Frederico III, King of Sicily and Malta

On: 1372 in Messina.

With Remainder to: His descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Milite Bartolomeo Unginat, 1st Signore, succeeded by eldest son.

2. Fra Enrico, 2nd Signore, (d. 1469),  succeeded by his illegitimate daughter by consent..

3. Maria de Unginat de Mangione, 3rd Signorina, succeeded by her son.

4. Milite Bartolomeo de Mangione, 4th Signore, (c. 1450), succeeded by his son.

5. Milite Michele de Mangione, 5th Signore, (c. 1486), transferred fief to his brother, while he settled in Sicily.

6. Milite Dioniso de Mangione, 6th Signore, succeeded by his son.

7. Milite Blasco de Mangione, 7th Signore, succeeded by his son.

8. Milite Michele de Mangione, 8th Signore, (c. 1520), succeeded by his son.

9. Milite Mariano de Mangione, 9th Signore, (c. 1569), succeeded by his son.

10. Dr Don Niccolo de Mangion JUD, 10th Signore, (d. 1656), succeeded by nephew.

11. Fra Giovanni Domenico de Mangion, 11th Signore, (. 1681), succeeded by his nephew.

12. Don Fra Francesco de Mangion, 12th Signore, (c. 1699), sold fief to the Knights of St John of Malta.  

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