Barone Navarra, 1413.

Last Update: 31-08-2020.

Granted to: Don Giovanni Navarra, son of the Comte de Beaumont le Roger.

By: Ferdinando I,  King of Sicily and Malta.

On: 1409 in Catania.

With Remainder to: His male descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1.  Don Giovanni Navarra, 1st Barone, (d. 1433), succeeded by his son.

2. Don Andrea Navarra, 2nd Barone, (d. 1453), succeeded by his son.

3. Don Federico Navarra, 3rd Barone, (d. 1460), succeeded by his nephew.

4. Don Paolo Navarra, 4th Barone, succeeded by his son.

5. Don Ugolino Navarra, 5th Barone, succeeded by his brother.

6. Don Lorenzo Navarra, 6th Barone, succeeded by his son.

7. Don Giorgio Navarra, 7th Barone, extinct 1700.

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