Barone Lemnos, 1416.

Granted to: Fra Agostino Lemnos, Bishop in Sicily.

By: Ferdinando I, King of Sicily and Malta

On: 1416 in Messina.

With Remainder to: His brother’s descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Fra Agostino Lemnos, (d. 1440), 1st Barone, succeeded by his nephew.

2. Fra Agostino Lemnos, (d. 1452), 2nd Barone, succeeded by his sister.

3.  Nobile Pina Lemnos Burlo, 3rd Baronessa, succeeded by her daughter.

4. Nobile Giovanna Burlo Busuttil, 4th Baronessa, succeeded by her son.

5. Notary Pietro Busuttil, 5th Barone, (c. 1540), 5th Barone, succeededed by his son.

6. Nobile Giulio Busuttil, 6th Barone,  succeeded by his son.

7. Nobile Mario Busuttil, 7th Barone,  succeeded by his son.

8. Nobile Antonio Busuttil, 8th Barone, (c. 1640), succeeded by his son.

9. Nobile Giulio Busuttil, 9th Barone, (c. 1669), succeeded by his son.

10. Nobile Teodosio Busuttil, 10th Barone, (c. 1721), succeeded by his daughter.

11. Nobile Maddalena Busuttil, 11th Baroness, (c. 1743), succeeded by his daughter.

12. Nobile Generosa Ducoss, 12th Baroness, (c. 1775), merged into the San Marciano fief grant..

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