dalle Carceri family

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1. Ravano dalle Carceri, a Noble from Verona, Northern Italy, (d. 1216), Triarch of Euboea 1205., married to Isabella N, with issue.

1.1. Berta dalle Carceri, married to Michele Morosini.

1.2. Fellisa dalle Carceri, Signorina de Carystos 1250 – 76, married to Othon de Cicon, Signore di de Carystos, with issue.

1.2.1. Sivino de Cicon, died 1262.

1.2.2. Guido de Cicon, Signore de Carystos 1284, with issue. Agnese de Cicon, Signorina de Carystos, married 1294 to Bonifacio da Verona.

2. Arrigo dalle Carceri, Bishop of Mantua.

3. Riondello dalle Carceri, Podesta at Verona 1210, married with issue.

3.1. Marino I dalle Carceri, (d. 1247), Triarch of Euboea, married to Margherita de Peccoraro, (d/o Peccoraro, Triarch of Euboea), with issue.

3.1.1. Narzotto delle Carceri, (d. 1264),  Triarch of Euboea, married to Felisa da Verona, with issue. Marino II delle Carceri, (d. 1278), Triarch of Euboea., married with issue. Grapozzo dalle Carceri, Triarch of Euboea., married to Beatrice da Verona, with issue. Pietro dalle Carceri, (d. 1340) Triarch of Euboea. married (1) N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married (2) to Balzana Gozzadini, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giovanni dalle Carceri, Triarch of Euboea. (d. 1358), married to Fiorenza Sanudo, Duchess of Naxos, with issue. Maria dalle Carceri, (d. 1323), Sovereign Marchesa di Bodonitsa, married (1) to Alberto Pallavicini, married (2) to Andrea Cornari. Alix delle Carceri, married to Giorgio I Ghisi, Lord of Tinos and Mykonos. “Daughter” delle Carceri, married to Galeran d’Ivry, Bailly of Morea.

3.2. Rizzardo dalle Carceri, (d. 1220), Triarch of Euboea, married with issue.

3.2.1. Carintana dalle Carceri, Triarch of Euboea, married 1246 to Guillaume de Villehardouin, Prince of Achaia.

3.3. Niccolo dalle Carceri, married to N, with issue.

3.3.1. Marino dalle Carceri.

    Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869..