Counts di Beberrua (cr: 1783).
Last update: 28-08-2022.

Granted to: Dr Luigi Maria Gatto JUD.
By: Emanuel de Rohan Polduc, Grand Master of Malta.
On: 1783 at Valletta.
British Crown recognition: 1883.
With Remainder to: "Tibi tantum, concedimus, et fidelitate nostra donamus, ac te Comitis hujusmodi tituolo decoramus et insignimus nec non ita nominari posse et debere". The title of Conte di Beberrua was granted on the 23rd October 1783 by Grand Master Rohan to Luigi (Ludovico) Gatt, in the following terms: - Tibi tribuimus, concedimus, et fidelitate nostra donamus, ac te Comitis hujusmodi titulo decoramus et insignimus nec non ita nominari posse et debere. The terms of the grant are similar to those of the patents of the Barone diBuleben and the Marchese di San Giorgio in the sense that none of these original grants contain any provision for succession after the grantee. Such grants were by the Grand Master himself taken to be personal, and as such, they could only be extended on an application of the grantees themselves. According the 1878 Commissioner.
Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (
Nicolo was born much later after the 1783 grant. In fact, Nicola was born of the grantee's second marriage, the grantee having remarried in 1795. Apart from the reasons explained in the Commissioner’s report , it is therefore unlikely that in 1783 the Grand Master ever contemplated the possibility that Ludovico was going to have any issue at all. 
The claimant Dr. Nicolo Gatt pursued his claim to the title which was granted to his father, and in 1883, a Committee of five Titolati (namely Ciantar, Apap Bologna, De Piro, Manduca and Delicata) recommended to the British Secretary of State for the Colonies that Our opinion is that the title at the death of the grantee vested in Conte Nicolo Gatt LL.D., the only surviving son of the person first ennobled, and that it should continue to descend, de primogenito in primogenitum in infinitum, to the male descendants of the grantee. Under these circumstances we consider this title fully deserving the grace and favour of recognition from the Crown, that the bearer may have his name duly entered in the official list of Titolati. This recommendation was accepted by the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
Thus the adjusted succession as per the 1883 decision of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, allows Nicolo (or Nicola) Gatt to succeed Ludovico Gatt as the 2nd Count of Beberrua.
List of Title holders: 
1. Dr Luigi Maria Gatto JUD, (d. 1825), 1st Conte, succeeded by his son.
2. Dr Nicola Gatto JUD, (d. 1891), 2nd Conte, succeeded by his nephew.
3. Dr Antonio Caruana Gatto MD, (d. 1919), 3rd Conte, succeeded by his son.
4. Dr Alfredo Caruana Gatto LLD, (d. 1926), 4th Conte, succeeded by his brother.
5. Dr Federico Caruana Gatto LLD, (d. 1934), 5th Conte, succeeded by his brother.
6. Rev Mgr Roberto Caruana Gatto, (d. 1941), 6th Conte, dormant.
Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility ruling.
7. Nobile Maria Caruana Gatto Gandolfo, succeeded in 1945, (d. 1952), 7th Contessa, succeeded by her niece.
8. Marchesa Maria Teresa Apap Bologna Caruana Gatto Deguara, (d. 2014), 8th Contessa, succeeded by her son.
9. Nobile Paul Deguara Caruana Gatto, (1959-, 9th Conte.
Claimant:(Senior male to male line).
7. Nobile Godfrey Caruana, (d. 1965), 7th de Jure Conte, succeeded by his son.
8. Nobile Thomas Caruana Gatto, (d. 2016), 8th de Jure Conte, succeeded by his son.
9. Nobile Godfrey Caruana Gatto, (1955 -, 9th de Jure Conte.
Heir: Nobile Jack Caruana Petit, (1998 -, de Jure Contino di Beberrua (Grandson) - has two sons born out of marriage, Xan Tomas, 2016 and David 2017.
Heir GeneralNobile Nathan Caruana Petit, (2004 -., (brother of the Contino)
Line of Succession: (legitimate male to male succession): (as per date: 24-05-2020).
3. Nobile Dean Caruana Gatto, (2008 -,  (brother of the Contino).
4. Nobile George Caruana  Gatto, (1979 -, (son of the De Jure 9th Conte di Beberrua).
5. Nobile Godfrey III Caruana Gatt, (2019-, (son of Nobile George Gatto).
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