Barony de Ortigos del Panades in the Kingdom of Aragon

Online: 05-08-2020.


Granted to:  Don Rodriguez Inigues de Biedma.

By: King Peter IV of Aragon.

On: 1378 at Zaragoza, Kingdom of Aragon.

With Remainder to: A fedual tenture to descendants of the 1st grantee body.

List of Titleholders:

1. Don Rodriguez Iniguez de Biedma, 1st Signore, (d. 1389)., succeeded by his son.

2. Don Angeraldo Iniguez (Desguanechs), 2nd Signore, (d. 1403), succeeded by his son.

3. Don Antonio Desguanechs, 3rd Signore, (d. 1457), succeeded by his eldest son.

4. Don Goffredo Desguanechs, 4th Signore/Barone, succeeded by his son.

5. Don Antonio Goffredo Inguanez, 5th Barone, (c. 1552), succeeded by his son.

6. Don Goffredo Vincenzo Inguanez, 6th Barone, (c. 1600), succeeded by his kinsman.

7. Don Mario Inguanez, Barone di Djar il-Bniet, 7th Barone, (d. 1611), succeeded by his brother. 8. Don Alessandro Inguanez, Barone di Djar il-Bniet, 8th Barone, (d. 1660), succeeded by his son.

9. Don Marco Antonio Inguanez, Barone di Djar il-Bniet, 9th Barone, (d. 1682), succeeded by his son.

10. Don Marco Antonio Inguanez, Barone di Djar il-Bniet, 10th Barone, (d. 1760), succeeded by his great grand nephew.

11. Conte Mario Inguanez, 11th Barone, (d. 1764), succeeded by his younger son.

12. Conte Matteo Inguanez, 12th Barone, (d. 1795), succeeded by his eldest daughter.

13. Contessa Maria Inguanez Dingli, De Jure 13th Baronessa, (d. 1816), succeeded by her grandson.

14. Conte Gio Maria Dingli, De Jure 14th Barone, (c. 1832), succeeded by his son.

15. Conte Gerolamo Dingli, De Jure 15th Barone, (c. 1872), succeeded by his son.

16. Conte Innocenzo Dingli, De Jure16th Barone, (c. 1909), succeeded by his son.

17. Conte Joseph Dingli Attard, De Jure17th Barone, (d. 1990), succeeded by his son.

18. Conte Dr Marcel Dingli Attard, 18th Barone, (d. 1998), succeeded by his eldest daughter.

19. Contessa Caroline Dingli Attard Brown, 19th Baroness, (1982-.

Heir: Contessa Genevieve Imperia Dingli Attard Inguanez Brown, (2015-, Baronesscina di Ortigos

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