Emirates of Sicily and Malta,

House of Kalbi, 947-1240.

Emirs and their children.

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List of Emirs of Sicily and Malta;

The Complete genealogy (in detail);

List of Capitano della Verga of Malta and Governors of Gozo;

List of Jurats of Malta.

* List of Jurats of Gozo.

The List: The Emirs of Sicily and Malta (947-1053);

1. Al-Hasan al Kalbi, (r 947-954).

2. Abu l-Husayn, (r. 954-969).

3. Ya’ish, Former slave, (r. 969).

4. Abu l-Qasim, (r. 969-982).

5. Jabir, (r. 982-983).

6. Jafar bin Muhammad, (r. 983-985).

7. Abd’Allah bin Muhammad, (r. 985-986).

8. Abu l’Futuh Yusaf, (r. 990-998).

9. Jafar II, (r. 998-1015, 1015-1018).

10. Ali, (r. 1015-). 

11. Ahmad al-Akhal, (r. 1018-1036).

12 .Jafar III, (r. 1035-).

13. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla, (r. 1035-1053), Last Emir of the whole of Sicily.

List of Emirs of Malta, (r. 1053-1240);

14. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla, former Emir of Sicily since 1035, (1053-1060).

15. Jafar IV, (r. 1060-1070).

16. Jafar V, (r 1070-1088).

17. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, (r. 1088- 1115).

18. Jafar VI, (r. 1115-1132).

19. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, (r. 1132-1188).

20. Jafar VII, (r. 1188-1195).

21. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla IV, (r. 1195- 1233).

22. Jafar VIII, (r. 1233-1240), Last Emir of Malta.


Al-Hassan al Kalbi, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 947-954), married to Princess N of Byzantine, with issue

1. Abu-l-Husayn, later Emir see No 2:

2. Abu l-Qasim, later Emir see no 4;.

3. Princess N Kalbid, married to Commander Muhammad bin al-Hasan Kalbi, with issue.

3.1. Jafar bin Muhammad, later Emir, see no 5.

3.2. Abd’Allah bin Muhammad, later Emir, see no 7.

3.3. Prince Muhammad Kalbid, (d. 990), later Hakim of Syracusa, with issue.

4. Princess N. Kalbi, married to Prince Ya’ish bin Zirid of the Tunisian Royal family, later Emir, see no 3.

Succeeded by his son;


Abu l-Husayn, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 954-969), married to Princess Fatima bin Buluggin Zirid of Tunisa, with issue.

1. Prince Al-Hasan Kalbid, (d. 968), Herditary Emir, dunm.

2. Princess Chiusa bin Abu’Husayn, married to Al-Massur bin Buluggin, Emir of Tunis.

Taken over by his brother in-law;


Ya’ish, Former slave,  also Prince of Tunis, Emir of Sicily and Malta, (r. 969), married to Princess N. Kalbi, daughter of Al-Hassan al Kalbi, with issue.

1. Princess N. bin Ya’ish Zirid, married to Abu l’Qasim, Emir of Sicily and Malta.

2. Princess N. bin Ya’ish Zirid, married to Hasan bin Kalbi.

3. Prince Muhammad bin Ya’ish Zirid, (950-1020), Hereditary Emir of Sicily and Malta 969-, married to Princess Astrix bin Zami Zirid of Granada, with issue .

Murdered and reclaim by rightful heir;


Abu l-Qasim, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 969-982), married to Princess N. bin Ya’ish Zirid (see No 3), with issue.

1. Jabir, later Emir, see no 5.

Succeeded by his son;


Jabir, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 982-983), married to N. bin Muhammad, with issue.

1. Princess N. Kalbid, married to Abd’Allah, Emir of Sicily and Malta.

2. Princess N. Kalbid, married to Abdal Azzi, King of Saltes and Huelves.

Succeeded by first cousin;


Jafar bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 983-985), never married and without issue.

Succeeded by his brother;


Abd’Allah bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 985-986), married to Princess N. Kalbid, with issue.

1. Abu l’Futuh Yusaf, later Emir, see No 8.

2. Prince Ali Kalbid, (d. 1053), Hakim of Malta, married with issue. [This line is where Xiriha descends from].

Succeeded by his son;


Abu l’Futuh Yusaf, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 990-998), married to Princess Isolda of Salerno, with issue.

1. Jafar II, later Emir, see No 9.

2. Ahmad al-Akhal, later Emir, see No 11.

3. Ali, later Emir, see No 10.

4. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla I, see No 13.

5. Prince al-Maklati Kalbi, Hakim of Catania, later Emir of Catania, married to Princess Mafalda of Salerno, with issue.

6. Princess Sisa Kalbid, married to Turigisio, Norman Knight.

Succeeded by his son;


Jafar II, (r. 998-1015, 1015-1018), married to Elena d’Altavilla di Apulia, with issue.

1. Princess Isolda bin Jafar, married to Badis bin al-Mausuer, Emir of Tunis.

2. Princess Xarina bin Jafar, married to General Mohammad bin Hasan Kalbi.

3. Princess N. bin Jafar, married to Ismail, King of Seville.

4. Princess N. bin Jafar, married to Abu Mohammad, King of Badajoz.

Overthrown by Brother;


Ali, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 1015-). 

Succeeded after defeat by Jafar II then by his younger brother;


Ahmad al-Akhal, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 1018-1036), married to his sister-in-law, Elena d’Altavilla di Apulia, with issue.

1. Jafar III, later Emir see No 12.

2. Princess N. Kalbid, married to (Uncle), Hasan Samsam al-Dawla, Emir of Sicily and Malta.

3. Princess N. Kalbid, married to Goffredo d’Altavilla, Conte di Conversano.

Succeeded briefly by his son;


.Jafar III, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 1035-).

Succeeded by his uncle;

13 + 14.

Hasan Samsam al-Dawla, Emir of Sicily and Malta (r. 1035-1053), Last Emir of the whole of Sicily, Emir of Malta (r. 1053-1060), married to (Neice) Princess N. of Kalbid, with issue.

1. Jafar IV, later Emir of Malta, see No 15.

2. Prince Nima Kalbid, Hakim of Agrigento and Castrogiovanni, later Emir of these areas.

3. Prince Abdallah Kalbid, Hakim of Trapani and Mazara, later Emir of these areas.

4. Princess Muna Kalbid, married to Syvestre d’Altavilla, Conte di Marsico.

Succeeded by his son;


Jafar IV, Emir of Malta (r. 1060-1070), married to Princess Joanna Kalbid, with issue.

1. Jafar V, later Emir, see no 16.

2. Prince Tabuni Kalbid, Hakim of Malta, married to Mabilla Caputasini, with issue.

3. Princess Xuna Kalbid, married to Milite Riccardo Palizzi.

Succeeded by his son.


Jafar V, Emir of Malta (r 1070-1088), married to Cassandra d’Altavilla, with issue.

1. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, later Emir, see no 17.

2. Princess Ocavia Kalbid, married to Turgisio, Signore di Montemiletto.

3. Princess Tunisa Kalbid, married to Silvano, Signore di San Giorgio.

4. Princess N. Kalbid, married to Prince al-Hawas Kalbid.

Succeeded by his son.


Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, Emir of Malta (r. 1088- 1115)., married (1) to Princess Richilde Kalbid, married (2) to Princess Aisha bin Ali of Tunis, with issue.

1. (First marriage) Jafar VI, later Emir, see No 18..

2. Prince Ali bin Hasan Samsam, (1105-), Hakim of Malta, married to Maria Ruggerio, with issue. [House of Caxar]

Succeeded by son;


Jafar VI, Emir of Malta (r. 1115-1132), married to Lucia Ruggero, with issue.

1. Prince Jafar Kalbid, (1120-1230), Hereditary Emir, dunm.

2. Prince Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, later Emir, see No 19.

3. Prince al-Dawla bin Jafar, Hakim of Malta, married to Mabile di Angerio di Corteimpiara, with issue. [House of Hili].

4. Princess Dudla bin Jafar, married to Giordano di Angerio, Signore di Corteinpiano.

5. Princess Waajidah bin Jafar, married to Prince Aaf bin Jafar.

6. Princess Basim bin Jafar, married to Prince Timnah VI Kalbid.

Succeeded by his eldest surviving son;


Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, Emir of Malta (r. 1132-1188), married to Richilde di San Severino, with issue.

1. Jafar VII, later Emir, see No 20.

2. Prince Muhammad bin Hasan Samsam, (1155-), Hakim of Malta, married to Ella di Castelvetere, with issue. [House of Cagege].

3. Princess N. bin Hasan Samsam, married to Prince al-Hawas bin Habdille Kalbid.

4. Princess Fatimina bin Hasan Samsam, married to Prince Jafar bin al-Dawla.

Succeeeded by his son;


Jafar VII, Emir of Malta (r. 1188-1195)., married to Zuna di Angerio di Corteimpiano, with issue.

1. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla IV, later Emir, see No 21.

2. Prince Habeir bin Jafar, (1175-), Hakim of Malta, married with issue. [House of Chilia].

3. Prince Mule bin Jafar, (1178-), Hakim of Gozo, married to Princess Flucku bin Hawas Kalbid, with issue. [House of Deyf, Xerri and Frendo and Busuttil].

Succeeded by his son;


Hasan Samsam al-Dawla IV, Emir of Malta (r. 1195- 1233), married to Viva di Castelvetere, with issue.

1. Jafar VIII, later Emir, see No 22.

2. Prince Calafat bin Hasan Samsam Kabid, (1198-), Hakim of Malta, married with issue. [House of Calafato and Xara].

3. Prince Seykil bin Hasan Samsam, (1200-), Hakim of Malta, married to Princess N. bin Habeir bin Jafar, with issue. [House of Seichel, Hellul, Fenech, Bartolo]

4. Prince Zirenzu bin Hasan Samsam, (1205-), Hakim of Malta, married to Princess N. bin Tabuni, with issue. [House of Axac, Buhagiar, Bezzina, Zirenzo].

Succeeded by his son; 


Jafar VIII, Emir of Malta (r. 1233-1240), Last Emir of Malta, (died 1248), married to Princess Euphrosyne Angelos, with issue.

1. Princess N. Kalbid, (1215-), married to Prince Sa’id Kalbid.

2. Prince Sa’id Kalbid, (1215-1239), Hakim of Malta 1233, married to Yolanda de Lorenzo, with issue. [House of Hachem, Sammut, Said, Chiumi, Zerafa, Zammit, Cutajar, Xicluna, Xuereb, Micallef and Xiberras].

3. Prince Zarbu bin Jafar Kalbid, (1220-), married with issue. [House of Zarb].

4. Prince Lammannu bin Jafar Kalbid, married with issue [House of Sant, Lamanna].

5. Princess Tala bin Jafar Kalbid, married to Prince Zaheer bin Aaf.

The Kings of Sicily took over government in Malta by direct rule with a Capitano della Verga.