Graf von Zimmermann, 1790.


Granted to:  General Christian Emanuele von Zimmermann.

By: Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria, Vicar of the Holy Roman Empire.

On: 1790 at Munich, Bavaria.

With Remainder to: to his legitimate and natural descendants of both sexes.

List of Title holders: 

1. General Christian Emanuele von Zimmermann, 1st Graf, succeeded by his son.

2. General Graf Alexander von Zimmermann, (d. 1829)4th Comte de Chavagne in France, 2nd Graf, succeeded by his son.

3. General Graf Frederick von Zimmermann, (d. 1870)5th Comte de Chavagne in France, 3rd Graf, succeeded by his younger grand-nephew.

4. Marchese Nazzareno Charles Zimmermann Barbaro, Hereditary Marchese di San Giorgio, Patrizio Venetia, 4th Graf, succeeded by his son.

5. Marchese Charles Zimmermann Barbaro, later St George, (d. 1992), Marchese di San Giorgio, Patrizio Venetia, 5th Graf, succeeded by his son.

6. Marchese James St George, (1948-, Marchese di San Giorgio, Patrizio Venetia, 6th Graf.

Heir: Marchese Mark St George.

Heir GeneralMarchese Dominic St George.

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