Villehardouin family
Last update: 15-04-2023.
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Guillaume de Villehardouin, Marshall of Champagne 1143 – 88, married (1) to Yvette de Rethal-Vitry, married (2) to Dameron N, with issue.
1. (First marriage) Adeline de Villehardouin, married (1) to Gauthier de Nully, Seigneir de Nully, married (2) to Erard d’Aulnay l’Aitre, Seigneur d’Aulnay.
2.  (Second marriage) Jean de Villehardouin, Seigneur de Brandonvillars, (d. 1216), married to Celine de Briel, with issue.
2.1. Geoffroy I de Villehardouin, (d. 1218), Cr: 1209  Prince of Achaia., married to Elisabeth de Chappes de Troyes, with issue.
2.1.1. Geoffrey II de Villehardouin, (d. 1246), Prince of Achaia., married 1217 to Princess Agnese de Courtenay, dsp.
2.1.2. Alix de Villehardouin,  married 1222 to Hughes de Bruyeres, Lord of Karytaina, Baron of Skorta.
2.1.3. Guillaume  II de Villehardouin, (d. 1278), Prince of Achaia, married (1) 1239 to Agnese de Toucy of Bazarne, married (2) 1246 to Carintana delle Carceri of Eubea, married (3) 1259 to Princess Anna Angela Komnena, with issue. (Second Marriage) Isabella de Villehardouin, (d.1312),  Princess of Achaia 1289., married (1) 1267 to Prince Philip of Sicily, King of Thessalonika., married (2) 1289 to Florence de Hainaut, Stadholder of Zeeland,  Prince of Achaia., married (3) to Philippo de Savoie, Comte de Piemont, with issue. (Second Marriage) Mathilde de Hainaut, (1239-1331), Princess of Achaia., married (1) 1304 to Guy II, Dukes of Athens, married (2) 1313 to Louis de Burgundy, married (3) 1316 to Philip of Savoy, Lord of Piedmont. married (4) to Hugo de la Palice. Marie de Savoie, (1301-08), d.inf. Marguerite de Savoie, (1303-71), married 1324 to Renaud de Forez, Seigneur de Malleval. Alice de Savoie, (d. 1368), married (1) 1325 to Manfredo del Carretto, Marchese di Savona., married (2) 1354 to Antelme d’Urtieres, Seigneur de Saint-Helene du Lac. Marquerite de Villehardouin, (1266-1315), Baroness di Akova., married (1) 1294 to Isnard de Sabran, Conte di Ariano., married (2) 1299 to Riccardo Orsini, Count of Kefalonia. (First Marriage). Isabelle de Sabran, (1297-1315), married 1314 Messina to Prince Fernardindo of Mallorca, with issue. King James of Majorica, r. 1324-1334, (d. 1349). (Second Marriage) “Daughter” Orsini.
2.1.4. N. de Villehardouin, married with issue. Marguerite de Villehardouin, d.1242, married to Thomas II Stromoncourt, (d. 1276), Lord of Salona, with issue. Guillaume de Stromoncourt, Lord of Salona, married to N, with issue. Agnese de Stromoncourt, married 1275 to Dreux de Beaumont, Marshall of Sicily. Thomas III de Stromoncourt, ( killed in battle 1311), Lord of Salona, married to Alice de la Roche of Athens. Maria de Stromoncourt, married to Orlando d’Aragona, Barone di Avola. N. de Villehardouin, married to Vilain I d’Aulnay, (d. 1261) Marshall of Romania, Baron of Arcadia, with issue. Geoffroy d’Aulnay, Baron of Arcadia. Vilain II d’Aulnay, Baron of Arcadia, married to Helene de Bruyeres, with issue. Erard d’Aulnay. Agnese d’Aulnay, married to Etienne le Maure. Asania d’Aulnay, married to Centurione Zaccaria, Signore di Damala. Catherine Simona de Villehardouin, married (1) to 1255 to Guglielmo da Verona, Lord of Eubea., married (2) to Jean de Saint-Omer.
2.2. Gautier de Villehardouin.
2.3. Eremburge de Villehardouin, (d. 1213), married to Bernard III de Montbard, Seigneur d’Epoisses.
3. Geoffrey de VillehardouinMarshall of Champagne 1188 -1208, Marshall of the Romania 1204 13, died 1216, married 1201 to Jeanne de Villemaur, married (2) 1189 to Chana de Lezinnes,  with issue.
3.1. Marie de Villehardouin, married to Ascelin de Merry-les-Sacy, Seigneur de Bessy.
3.2. Erard I de Villehardouin, (1175-1224), Marshall of Champagne, married 1202 to Mabile de Chappes, married (2) 1222 to Marguerite d’Ancy-le-Franc, with issue.
3.2.1. (First marriage) Guillaume I de Villehardouin, Seigneir de LezinnesMarshall of Champagne, married to Marguerite de Mello, with issue. Erard de Villehardouin, (d. 1279), Seigneur de Lezinnes, Archbishop fo Auxerre, Cardinal Bishop of Palestrinadunm. Guillaume de Villehardouin, Seigneir de Lezinnes, (d. 1264), married to Mathilde de Sexfontaines, with issue. Erard de Villehardouin, Seigneur de Coolus, (d. 1329), married 1290 to Marie d’Arzilleres, with issue. Mabile de Villehardouin, (1245-1307), married (1) 1257 to Erard I de Nanteuil, Seigneur de Nanteuil-la-Fosse, married (2) 1270 to Geoffrey de Joinville, Seigneur de Briquenay. Marguerite de Villehardouin, dunm. Isabeau de Villehardouin, (d. 1269), married to Gauchier IV de Chatillon Sant Pol.
3.3. Alix de Villehardouin, (d. 1249), Nun.
3.4. Geoffrey de Villehardouin, (d. 1219), dunm.
3.5. Dameron de Villehardouin, (d. 1220), Monk.
4.  Roscelin de Villehardouin, (d. 1185), Canon de Troyes, dunm.
5. Vilain de Villehardouin, (d. 1194), Sousa-Doyen de Saint-Etienne de Troyes.
6. Emmeline de Villehardouin, (d. 1232), Nun, dunm.
7. Haya de Villehardouin, (d. 1220), Nun, dunm.
8. Guy de Villehardouin, (d. 1223), Chevalier, Seigneur de Villevoque 1202, et d’Onjon 1217, married (1) to Hodierne de Conflans, married (2) to Vilaine de Brantigny, with issue.
8.1. (First marriage) Wibors de Villehardouin, (d. 1202).
9. Gauthier de Villehardouin, (d. 1191), Chevalier.
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