The Family of Tramblett.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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1. Andrea Tramblett of France, married 1661 Valletta to Elena Zarb, with issue.
1.1. (First Marriage) Marcello Tramblett, married (1) 1687 Valletta to Caterina Muscat, married (2) 1688 Valletta to Teresa Carbone, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Modesta Tramblett, married 1715 to Antonio Balbi.
1.1.2. Falava Tramblett.
1.1.3. Elena Tramblett, married 1717 Valletta to Aloiseo Maria Chiosa.
1.1.4. Ercole Tramblett.
1.1.5. Aloiseo Gio Battista Tramblett, married 1718 to Anna Maria du Dole (Mamumesso), with issue. Pardon Tramblett, married Michela .., with issue. Paolo Tramblett. Maria Tramblett, married 1750 Valletta to Antonio Zaccaria Biglion (Billionof Senlis, Champagne, France., with issue. Aloisea Biglion., married 1779 Valletta to Teodoro Attard Gaspare Biglion, married (1) 1784 Valletta to Marie Maddalena, former wife of Roderico Naudi, married (2) 1800 Valletta to Maria Teresa Felice, with issue. Vincenzo Biglion, married 1828 Valletta to Irene Caruana.
1.1.6. Maria Tramblett, married Giuseppe Man.
1.2. Sebastiano Antonio Tramblett, married 1699 Valletta to Generosa Camilleri, with issue.
1.2.1. Aloiseo Tramblett, married 1719 Valletta to Serafina Cutajar.
1.2.2. Giuseppe Tramblett, married 1766 Valletta to Anna Maria Grech.
1.2.3. Notary Fortunato Tramblett, married 1753 Valletta to Maria Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Tramblett, married 1786 Valletta to Rosalia Grech, with issue. Fortunato Tramblett, married 1816 Valletta to Vincenza Pajas. Vincenza Tramblett, married 1785 Valletta to Giovanni Caruana.
1.3. Giovanna Tramblett, married (1) 1682 Valletta to Aloiseo Desie, married (2) 1697 Valletta to Francesco Zomabart.
1.4. Anna Maria Cristina Tramblett, married 1690 Valletta to Claudio Desprez.