The Noble Family of Storiale.

Last Update: 03-03-2024.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Antonio Storiale of Sicily, married 1489 to Donna Clara Gatto Inguanez, with issue. 

1.1. Imperia Storiale , married 1513 to Nobile Niccolo dello Re, with issue. 

1.1.1. Alfio dello Re, married to Donna Imperia , with issue. Notary Luca dello Re, married to Margherita Castigliano, with issue. Aloiseo dello Re, married to Ortensia Calleja, with issue. Ferdinando dello Re, married to Caterina Zarb, with issue. Matteo dello Re. Notary Luigi dello Re., married 1664 to Paolica Buttigieg, with issue. Francesca dello Re, married 1684 to Nobile Pompeo del Fiore. Antonia dello Re, married to Nobile Dr Remigny del Fiore JUD Elena dello Re, married 1634 Valletta to Don Alessandro Gioeni dei Baroni di Castiglione, with issue. Antonia Gioirni, married 1654 Rabat Gozo to Mro Carlo Genuis, with issue. Giovanni ‘sives Giannuzzo‘ Genuis, married 1674 Rabat Gozo to Speranza della Episcopo, with issue. Gio Domenico Genuis, married 1691 Zebbug to Maruzza Muscat, with issue. Costanzo Genuis, married 1721 Zebbug to Scolastica Casha, with issue. Giuseppe Genuis, married 1748 Siggiewi to Rosa Mallia, with issue. Costanzo Genuis, married 1775 Lia to Grazia Magro, with issue. Salvatore Genuis, married 1802 Valletta to Ursola Zarb, with issue. Calcedonio Genuis sives Genovese, married 1848 Valletta to Antonia Mercieca, with issue. Luigi Genovese, married 1885 Valletta to Lucarda Cauchi, with issue. Rita Genovese, married 1944 Floriana to Saviour Aquilina, with issue. Louis Aquilina Genovese. Fr Giovanni Genovese, Provincial of the Augustinian Order in Malta. Nicola Genuis, married 1780 Lija to Angelica Micallef. Francesco Genuis, married (1) 1721 Cospicua to Rosa Agius., married (2) 1782 Qormi to Maria Mamo, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Genuis, married 1777 Attard to Carlo Sayd. Costanza Genuis, married 1781 Attard to Giovanni Sant. Speranza Genuis, married 1709 Zebbug to Gio Battista Bajada. Margherita Genuis, married 1750 Birkirkara to Domenico Dingli. Carlo Genuis, married 1721 Cospicua to Anna Maria Attard. Antonia Genuis, married 1700 Mdina to Eugenio Gatt. Petronilla dello Re, married 1598 to Gio Crisostimo Crispo.

1.1.2. Ventura dello Re, married (1) to Paolo Delia, married (2) 1546 to Paolo Vassallo. 

1.1.3. Clara dello Re, married 1544 to Antonio Inguanez, 5th Barone di Ghariexem

1.1.4. Maddalena dello Re, married to Giuseppe Tabone. 

1.1.5. Raimondo dello Re, married 1539 to Giovanna Mangion, with issue. Gio Matteo dello Re, married 1559 to Paola Bigeni, with issue. Mro Ferdinando dello Re, married (1) 1572 to Margherita Caruana, married (2) 1594 Birkirkara to Nobile Caterina Zarb, with issue. (First Marriage) Don Matteo dello Re, died 1647. Caterina dello Re, married 1603 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Salvatore Borg Veronica dello Re, married (1) to Giovanni Zahra, married (2) 1616 Cospicua to Sig Giovanni Lan of France, with issue. (Second marriage) Sig Geronima Lan, married 1632 Cospicua to Sig Girolamo di Pietro of Venice, with issue. Aloisia di Pietro, married 1653 Cospicua to Andre Pagies of France, with issue. Alessandro Pagies, married 1678 Cospicua to Antonia Azzopardi, with issue. Raimondo Pagies, married 1703 Zabbar to Maria Cassar, with issue. Antonia Pagies, married 1723 Zabbar to Filippo Lia. Clara dello Re, married to Mro Pietro Gambigallo, with issue. Lorenza Gambigallo, married 1622 Mdina to Erasmo Campo, with issue. Margherita Campo, married (1) 1652 to Nicola de Montengro, married (2) to Giovanni de Scopoli, with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria de Scopoli, married 1712 Qormi to Filippo Xicluna. Giovanni Cambigallo, married 1593 Mdina to Lazzarina Vella, with issue. Grazia Cambigallo, married 1629 Senglea to Vincenzo Tonna, with issue. Maria Tonna, married 1652 Senglea to Maruzzo de Giuliano, with issue. Paola de Giuliano, married 1692 Tarxiem to Giovanni Mifsud, with issue. Mario Mifsud, married 1723 Ghaxaq to Clara Baldacchino, with issue. Paolina Mifsud, married 1744 Tarxiem to Antonio Zammit, with issue. Anna Zammit, married 1785 Ghaxaq to Tommaso Sacco. Maria Zammit, married 1776 Zejtun to Tommaso Sacco.

1.1.6. Marietta dello Re, married 15.. to Giovanni Bringheli ‘Sives Beringhero’, with issue. Pietro Beringhero, married 1593 Matrice Gozo to N. Cremona, with issue. Laura Beringhero, married 1620 Zabbar Malta to Giuseppe Fiteni. Anton Beringhero, ‘Abbott’, dunm. Enrico Beringhero, ‘Priest’, dunm. Veronica Beringhero, Suor, dunm. Frederico Beringhero, Priest, dunm.

1.1.7. Laura dello Re, married 1557 Mdina to Notary Giacomo Antonio Baldacchino.

1.1.8. Dorotea della Re Storiale, married 1557 Mdina to Mro Dioniso Xerri.

1.2. Agnese Storiale, married to Luca de Lorenzo.

1.3. Aloisetta Storiale, married to Sebastiano Xerri.