Feudal Lords (Signores) of Maralfi.

Online: 23-11-2023.

Granted to:  Luigi Ianvilla.

By: Charles III, King of Naples.

On: 1384 at Naples or Durazzo.

With Remainder to: for his male and female heirs by feudal tribute or to those within in family by nomination.

List of Title holders: 

1. Luigi Ianvilla, 1st Signore di Maralfi, 1384, nominated his niece to succeed, dying the same year.

2. Luigia Ianvilla, 2nd Signorina di Maralfi, succeeded by her son.

3. Niccolo la Malina, exiled to Malta, 3rd Signore di Maralfi, succeeded by youngest daughter.

4. Francesca la Malina, de jure 4th Signorina di Maralfi, c. 1475, succeeded by her only child.

5. Bartolomea Bava, dejure 5th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1510, succeeded by her daughter.

6. Angela Randon, dejure 6th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1546, succeeded by her son.

7. Gio Paolo Carceppo, dejure 7th Signore di Maralfi, c.1579, succeeded by his son.

8. Ambrosio Carceppo, dejure 8th Signore di Maralfi, c.1613, succeeded by his daughter.

9. Grazia Carceppodejure 9th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1632, succeeded by her daughter.

10. Elena Vassallo, dejure 10th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1664, succeeded by her daughter.

11. Ubaldesca Diana Parnis, dejure 11th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1688, succeeded by her son.

12. Clemenzio Zerafa, dejure 12th Signore di Maralfi, c. 1714, succeeded by his daughter.

13. Anna Zerafa, dejure 13th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1746, succeeded by her.son.

14. Giuseppe Borgdejure 14th Signore di Maralfi, c.1770, succeeded by his son.

15. Salvatore Borgdejure 15th Signore di Maralfi, c.1819, succeeded by his daughter.

16. Anna Borgdejure 16th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1847, succeeded by her daughter.

17. Maria Fenechdejure 17th Signorina di Maralfi, c.1870, succeeded by her son.

18. Giuseppe Abeladejure 18th Signore di Maralfi, c.1897, succeeded by his daughter.

19. Giovanna Abeladejure 19th Signorina di Maralfi, c. 1925, succeeded by son.

20. Giuseppe Cini, dejure 20th Signore di Maralfi, dying 1999, succeeded by his daughter.

21. Sharon Joy Cini, dejure 21st Signorina di Maralfi, c.1992.

Heir: Jay Geoffrey de Graaf, styled as Signorino di Maralfi.

2. Joseph Geoffrey de Graaf, (2022-.


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