Conte’s di San Paolino d’Aquilejo, 1819.

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Note: Royal Decree by the King of Italy governing succession to Titles of Nobilityand Nobiliary ranks – Decree no 1489 of 16 August 1926.

Granted to: Dr Carlo Antonio Bonavita, JUD.

By: Ferdinand I, King of Two-Sicilies.

On: 1819 at Naples.

With Remainder to:  his descendants in order of primogeniture. By viture of the Italian royal decree of 1916, where the right of female succeession to all Italian titles was abolished and succession confined to agnatic descent.

List of Title holders: 

1.  Dr Carlo Antonio Bonavita, JUD, 1st Conte, succeeded by his son.

2. Nobile Saverio Bonavita Carbott Testaferrata, (d. 1849), 2nd Conte, succeeded by his brother.

3. Nobile Rev Giuseppe Bonavita Carbott Testaferrata, (d. 1871), 3rd Conte, succeeded by his brother.

4. Nobile Gioacchino Bonavita Carbott Testaferrata, (d. 1890), 4th Conte, succeeded by his son.

5. Nobile Giuseppe Bonavita Carbott Testaferrata, (d. 1906), 5th Conte, succeeded by his son.

6. Nobile Capt Giovanni Bonavita Carbott Testaferrata, (d. 1975), 6th Conte, succeeded by his grand-nephew.

7. Nobile Charles Vella Bonavita, (1945-, 7th Conte.

Heir: Nobile Dr Roger Vella Bonavita, Ph.D, (1940-.

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