Conte’s di San Giovanni Laterano (cr: 1711).

Last Update: 03-12-2023.

Published sources show this title of Conte enjoyed by the family Wzzini Paleologo as having been granted by Pope Clement XI on the 8 November 1711 and enjoying precedence in Malta with effect from 1722. This is not the case and does no justice to the conjectural exercise carried out by the 1878 Commissioners who in upholding this title, could not point out how, when and in whose favour it originated and, moreover, they stated that thee was no proof that this family was in possession of the title of Conte prior to the year 1722!.  In this case, no grant relative to the title in question appears to have been registered in the Cancelleria of the Order. This title was examined as one of many other titles described in the Section of the report headed  Titles granted by foreign sovereigns during the Government of the Order of the Knights of Malta (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 192-198). Moreover, the Commissioners arriving at their decision allowing this claim, attested that there was no proof of the title existing at any time before 1722.  In view of the fact that the earliest reference of this title is found in a letter dated 1722 of Grand Master Zondadari to Ignazio Wzzini, it follows that this title is for all intents considered as one that originated in Malta, even though it was considered by the Commissioners under the section dedicated to foreign titles.

Note: Royal Decree by the King of Italy governing succession to Titles of Nobilityand Nobiliary ranks – Decree no 1489 of 16 August 1926.

Granted to: Nobile Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo, Patrizio Roma.

By: Pope Clement XI

On: 1711 at Rome.

With Remainder to: his descendants, both male and female in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Nobile Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, (d. 1744), 1st Conte, succeeded by his daughter.

2. Nobile Maria Teodora Wizzini PaleologoContessa Ciantar, (d. 1778), 2nd Contessa, succeeded by her son.

3. Conte Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, (d. 1798), 1st Barone di San Giovanni, 2nd Conte Ciantar, 3rd Conte, succeeded by his son.

4. Conte Giovanni Battista Ciantar Paleologo, (d. 1856), 2nd Barone di San Giovanni, 3rd Conte Ciantar, 4th Conte, succeeded by his son.

5. Conte Sir Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, KCMG, (d. 1887), 3rd Barone di San Giovanni, 4th Conte Ciantar, titular 19th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, 5th Conte, succeeded by his brother.

6. Conte Giuseppe Ciantar Paleologo, 5th Conte Ciantar, titular 20th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, 6th Conte, succeeded by his nephew.

7. Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo LLD, (d. 1937), titular 21st Despot of Mystra, 7th Conte, succeeded by his son.

8. Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo LLD, (d. 1981), titular 22nd Despot of Mystra, 8th Conte, succeeded by his son.

9. Conte John Constantine Chapelle Paleologo, (d. 2016), titular 23rd Despot of Mystra, 9th Conte, succeeded by his son.

10. Conte Jean Pierre Chapelle Paleologo, (1975-, titular 24th Despot of Mystra, 10th Conte.

HeirNobile Annah Chapelle PaleologoContinessa Ciantar Paleologo,(2002-.

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