Dukes of Pendia, 1392.

Granted to:  Milite Giacomo de Nava (di Malta).

By: James I, King of Cyprus.

On: 1392 at Nicosia, Cyprus.

With Remainder to: for his male heirs

List of Title holders: 

1. Milite Giacomo de Nava (di Malta), 1st Duca, succeeded by his son.

2. Milite Gutierre de NavaCastellano di Malta 1430, 2nd Duca, succeeded by his younger son.

3. Milite Pietro de NavaGovernor of Paphos, 3rd Duca, succeeded  by his younger brother.

4. Milite Sorello de Nava (Nave), Governor of Kerynia, 4th Duca, succeeded by his son.

5. Milite Giacomo de Nave, 5th Duca, (c. 1500), extinct.

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