The family of Massa,
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
Last update: 06-01-2024.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.


Sebastiano Massa, married 1803 Valletta to Antonia Attard, with issue.
1. Ignazio Massa, married 1821 Valletta to Concetta Giaccari of Palermo, with issue.
1.1. Antonia Massa, married 1853 Valletta to Charles Gingell of England, with issue.
1.1.1. Charles Gingell, married 1876 to Elizabetta Doublet, with issue. Giorgiana Gingell, (1881-). Aloysia Gingell, married 1879 to Vincent Falzon, with issue. Charlotte Falzon, (1880-, married 1900 Valletta to Edward Caruana Dingli. George Falzon. George Gingell, (1850-). Emilia Gingell, (1851-). Helena Gingell, (1853-), married 1875 Floriana to Roberto Sillato, with issue. Elizabetta Gingell, (1855-). John Gingell, (1857-)., married 1879 Valletta to Anne Littlejohn, with issue. William Gingell Littlejohn, (1880, married 1904 Valletta to Maria Camenzuli, with issue. Joseph Gingell Littlejohn, (1905-, married 1936 to Violet Vassallo, with issue. Eileen Gingell Littlejohn, (1938-, married to Christopher Mayl, with issue. Roderick Mayl. John Mayl. Mabel Gingell Littlejohn, (1940-, married to Paul Cefai. Elizabeth Gingell Littlejohn, (1941-, married to Victor Rizzo. Mary Gingell Littlejohn, (1941-. Mary Gingell Littlejohn, (1907-. John Gingell Littlejohn, (1911-, married 1940 to Antonia Ellul, with issue. Marlene Gingell Littlejohn, (1941-, married to Joseph Spiteri, with issue. Stephen Spiteri Gingell, (1963-. David Spiteri Gingell, (1965-, married 2006 to Nataliya Voronina. John Spiteri Gingell, (1971-, married (1) 1998 St Julians (Div) to Caroline Debattista, married (2) to Nadine Galea, with issue. (Second marriage) Nina Spiteri Gingell. Maria Gingell Littlejohn, (1943-. Yvonne Gingell Littlejohn, (1943-. Mariaodette Gingell Littlejohn, (1944-, married to Edgar Galea, with issue. Joseph Galea Gingell, married 2000 Attard to Pauline Cordina, with issue. Janice Galea Gingell, (2001-. Adrian Galea, (1970-, married 2004 Sussex, England to Marianne Lennox. Josephine Gingell Littlejohn, (1948-, married 1971 Hamrun to Anthony Spiteri, with issue. Mariosa Spiteri, (1973-, married 1999 Gwardamangia to Michael Camilleri, with issue. Amy Camilleri, (2005-. Alexander Spiteri Gingell, (1976-. Mary Rose Gingell Littlejohn, (1950-. Norbert Gingell Littlejohn, (1955-, married to Pauline German, with issue. Edward Gingell Littlejohn, (1988-. Analise Gingell Littlejohn, (1990-. Emily Gingell Littlejohn, (1913-, married 1937 to Lorenzo dei Marchesi Drago. Emmanuele Gingell Littlejohn, (1917-, married 1944 Hamrun to Rosa Doublesin, with issue. Alexander Gingell Littlejohn, (1944-, married 1968 Valletta to Joan Brincat, with issue. Bertha Gingell Littlejohn, (1969-, married 1992 Gharghur to Paul Galea, with issue. Amy Galea, (1993-. Michael Galea, (1992-. Paul Galea. Theresa Gingell Littlejohn, (1970-, married 1994 Paola to Ivan Cassar, with issue. Benjamin Cassar, (1995-. Sarah Marie Cassar, (1997-. Maria Gingell Littlejohn, (1976-. Frederick Gingell Littlejohn, (1946-, married 1970 Sliema to Victoria Demarco, with issue. Nicholas Gingell Littlejohn, (1971-. Kristine Gingell Littlejohn, (1972-, married 2004 Balzan to Javier Perell. Peter Gingell Littlejohn, (1974-. Malcolm Gingell Littlejohn, (1976-. Stephen Gingell Littlejohn, (1980-. Maria Gingell, Littlejohn (1955-, married 1977 Ta’Xbiex to Elio Pisano, with issue. Patrizia Pisano, (1977-. Francesca Pisano, (1981-. Louise Gingell Littlejohn, (1958-, married 1981 San Pawl tat-Targa to Christopher Degiorgio, with issue. Carl Degiorgio. Jan Degiorgio. Beppe Degiorgio. Elizabeth Gingell Littlejohn, (1959-, married 1984 Burmarrad to Lawrence Fenech, with issue. Christian Fenech. Rebecca Fenech., Joseph Gingell Littlejohn, (1960-, married 1986 Ta’l-Lbrag to Angela Torpiano, with issue. Jeremy Gingell Littlejohn, (1988-. Timothy Gingell Littlejohn, (1990-. Gabriel Gingell Littlejohn, (1995-. Lilia Gingell Littlejohn, (1996-. Vincenza Gingell Littlejohn, (1923-, married 1944 to Alfred Rizzo, with issue. James Rizzo, (1946-. Albert Rizzo, (1947-), d.inf. Winston Rizzo, (1949-. Alfred Rizzo, (1953-. William Rizzo, (1959-. Maria Gingell Littlejohn, (1881-, married to Vincenzo Briffa Brincati, with issue. Giovanni Briffa Brincati, (1905-. Theresa Briffa Brincati, (1907-. Paulina Briffa Brincati, (1909-. Adelina Briffa Brincati, (1915-. Briffa Brincat, (1917-, married to Louis Sammut. Victor Briffa Brincati, (1922-. Edward Gingell Littlejohn, (1883-, marreid 1905 St Julians to Violet Bonello, with issue. Winifred Gingell Littlejohn, (1908-. Edward Gingell Littlejohn, (1919-, married 1943 to Aida Anastasi, with issue. Charles Gingell Littlejohn, (1885-. George Gingell Littlejohn, (1887-, married 1911 to Praessede Spiteri, with issue. Joseph Gingell Littlejohn, (1913-. Mary Gingell Littlejohn, (1915-. Anthony Gingell Littlejohn, (1917-. Margaret Gingell Littlejohn, (1921-. John Gingell Littlejohn, (1889-. Joseph Gingell Littlejohn, (1892-, married to Marie N, with issue. Dorothy Gingell Littlejohn, married to N. Spicer, with issue. Judith Spicer. Elizabeth Gingell Littlejohn, (1894-, married 1920 to Arthur Attard Montalto (see on this page). Alfred Gingell Littlejohn, (1900-, married 1930 Brooklyn, NY, USA to Cecilia Knee, with issue. Emilia Gingell Littlejohn, (1931-, married 1954 Brooklyn, NY, USA to Robert Nulty, with issue. John Nulty, (1956-, married to Carol N, with issue. Jenna Nulty. Barbara Nulty. Thomas Nulty. Gloria Gingell Littlejohn, (1932-, married 1953 Brooklyn, NYC, USA to Frank Pepenella, with issue. Stephen Pepenella, (1955-. Gerard Pepenella, (1958-, married to Mary Ann Knowlan, with issue. Kelly Pepenella, (1984-. Sharon Pepenella, (1985-. Rachel Pepenella, (1987-. Robert Gingell Littlejohn, (1934-, married 1954 Brooklyn, NYC, USA to Gloria Nicolelli, with issue. Robert Gingell Littlejohn, (1960-, married to Barbara Rowe, with issue. Andrija Gingell Littlejohn, (1989-. Amber Gingell Littlejohn, (1993-. Diane Gingell Littlejohn, (1963-, married 1998 Laguna Hills, California, USA to Tim Cox, with issue. Andrew Cox, (2002-. Carole Gingell Littlejohn, (1965-, married (1) 1986 San Juan Capistrano, California, USA to Russell Haneline, married (2) 2003 Julian, California, USA to David Butler, with issue. Joseph Gingell Littlejohn, (1936-, married 1963 Lompoc, California, USA to Nancy Hixson, with issue. Gregory Gingell Littlejohn, (1965-, married 1996 Mesa, Arizona, USA to Amy Brown, with issue. Nathan Gingell Littlejohn, (2002-. Jordan Gingell Littlejohn, (2005-. Dorothy Gingell Littlejohn, (1938-. (First marriage) Christopher Haneline, (1989-. Peter Gingell, (1859-), married 1882 to Rachela Schembri, with issue. Charles Gingell, (1883-, married 1913 Port Said, Egypt to Clotilde Bartolo, with issue. Peter Gingell, (1914-, married to Penelope Volikas. Frances Gingell, (1915-, married to Margaret Reina, with issue. Maxine Gingell, (1957-. Paul Gingell, (1960-. Rachela Gingell, (1918-, married to Renato Zammit. Mary Gingell, (1920-, married 1961 Sydney, NSW, Australia to Robert Lettich. Concetta Gingell, (1923-, married to George Taylor, with issue. Angela Taylor. Clotilde Taylor. Antoinette Taylor. Nicoletta Taylor. George Taylor. William Gingell, (1926-, married 1947 Port Said, Egypt to Patricia Bryce, with issue. Kathleen Gingell, (1948-. (unknown) Timothy Gingell, (1971-, marreid to Christine Nicole N, with issue. Daniel Gingell, (1995-. (unknown) Lucy Gingell Clarkin, (1988-. Leonard Gingell, (1953-, married to Mary Brunton, with issue. Leonard Gingell, (1980-. (unknown) Sarah Gingell, (1988-. Frances Gingell, (1885-. Robert Gingell, (1886-. Richard Gingell, (1887-, married 1917 Sliema to Marianna Cassar. Edward Gingell, (1889-, married 1908 St Julians to Giovanna Stivala. Carmela Gingell, (1891-. George Gingell, (1892-, marreid to Giusa Attard, with issue. Carmel Gingell, (1927-. Peter Gingell, (1928-, married 1960 to Mary Ellul, with issue. Lorna Gingell, (1961-, married to Nicholas Findlay. Priscilla Gingell, (1965-, married 1989 to Joseph Micallef. Mary Gingell, 91894-, married 1926 to Salvatore Pace. Aida Gingell, (1896-. Stella Gingell, (1898-, married 1934 to Paolo Carabez. Enrico Gingell, (1861-), married 1888 to Maria Zarb, with issue. John Gingell, (1890-, amrried 1913 Valletta to Grazia Fsadni, with issue. Marjorie Gingell, (1918-. Dorothy Gingell, (1922-. Blanche Gingell, (1924-, married to N. Simonds, with issue. Michael Simonds. Denise Simonds, married to Steven Dean, with issue. Matthew Dean. Walter Gingell, (1926-, married 1952 Detroit, Michigan, USA to Barbara Roehl, with issue. Deborah Gingell, (1953-, married 1990 Michigan, USA to David Knight. Gregory Gingell, (1954-, married (1) (Div) to Mary Healy, married (2) to Ruth Slatin, with issue. (First marriage) Jason Gingell, (1985-. Casey Gingell, (1988-. (Second marriage) Nicholas Gingell, (1995-. Cole Gingell, (1998-. Barbara Gingell, (1957-, married 1986 to Steven Groh, with issue. Christine Groh, (1987-. Elizabeth Groh, (1987-. Alexandrea Groh, (1987-. Melanie Gingell, (1993-. Monica Gingell, (1993-. Mary Gingell, (1961-, married to Donald Guibord, with issue. Genna Guibord, (1991-. Gabrielle Guibord, (1995-. Grace Guibord, (1997-. Elizabeth Gingell, (1964-, married 1995 to Joseph Ewald, with issue. Josephine Ewald, (1997-. Preston Ewald, (1997-. John Gingell, (1968-, married 1996 to Jennifer Philport, with issue. Jacob Gingell, (1997-. Christopher Gingell, (2002-. Beatrice Gingell, (1930-, married to Ronald Macey, with issue. David Macey. Daniel Macey. Kathy Macey. Diane Macey. Joseph Gingell, (1892-. Helen Gingell, (1896-. Emily Gingell, (1899-. Giorgina Gingell, (1905-. Albert Gingell, (1906-. (illegitimate) Concetta de Massa, married 1875 Floriana to Roberto Sillato.