Other 19th Century Nobiliary Bodies in Malta.


ASSEMBLEA DEI NOBILI” (1876)                       Statute dated 22 April 1876 (No definition of membership but criteria for selection of members of 

                                                                Committee of Assembly include being a representative of a titled house and holding a 



Stated purpose:- “Per tutelare gl’interessi del Corpo e del Paese".


Location of Assemblea:       unknown


President: Barone Sceberras D’Amico 

Secretary: Marchese Cassar Desain 





CASINO DEI NOBILI” (1885)                     Statute dated 27 November 1885 (Membership is divided into founding shareholders, non-

                                                                shareholders, honorary members, foreign titles and distinguished personalities)


                                                                Stated purpose:- “non avra’ altro oggetto che la ricreazione……Il Casino sara’ estraneo 

                                                                             all’Assemblea della Nobilta’ ed al Comitato di Privilegi; entrambi pero’ vi terrano in privato la 

                                                                             segreteria e le sedute, per le quali ultime occorrera’ ciascuna volta il permesso del Comitato 

                                                                             (del Casino)” 


Location of Casino:     Valletta


President: (Barone) Azopardi 

Secretary: (Marchese) Cassar Desain 





UNIONE DELLE NOBILI MALTESI” (1889)   Statute dated 1889 (Membership is for Ladies, divided into those “By right” and those “By honour”. 

                                                                “By right” meaning lady title holders, wives of title holders, widows, daughters and spinsters of title 

                                                                holders recognized by the Government, “By honour” meaning ladies who are noble by birth). 


Any member may be expelled for contracting an indecorous marriage or behaving indecorously.


                                                                Stated Purpose:- “Per cooperare al bene della patria e per sostenere i loro diritti e privilegi. 


Location of Unione:    unknown


President: (unknown)

Secretary: (unknown)


CASINO NOTABILE”                                 According to historians, Casino Notabile was built by the nobles residing in Mdina as a place for their social gatherings. They had commissioned an English civil engineer, Paulson Webster, who had constructed the Royal Opera House in Valletta, to build a suitable edifice. It was completed in 1887.


Statute (unknown)


                                                                Stated purpose:- (unknown)


Location of Casino:     Rabat, Malta


President: (unknown)

Secretary: (unknown)


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