1575 - List of Priests and their Parishes during the Visiation report by Mgr Dusina.


Priests in Malta

Don Giuseppe Inguanez, Parish Priest of Giorgenta;

Rev Antonio Vassallo, Cantore Assistere of the Cathedral of Mdina;

Rev Lucas Xara, Archdeacon of Cathedral of Mdina;

Rev Simon Bonnici;

Don Leo Pontremoli

Don Francesco Sillatus.

Cleric Matteo Cagege.

Cleric Alexander Manduca.

Don Julius Ferriol.

Rev Lucas Xara

Don Giovanni Xeberras

Don Petrus Cassia

Rev Matteo Burlo.

Don Dionisius Mangione.

Don Santorus de Nasis.

Don Leonardo Micallef de Acacijs.

Don Antonio Inguanez.

Rev Andrea Fava.

Cleric Julianus Gallus

Cleric Salvo Xerri.

Cleric Gaspar Cristi.

Cleric Lucas Xara

Cleric Giovanni Maria Xara

Cleric Petrus Caxar

Rev Petrus Cubelles Thesaurarius.

Don Leonardo Abela.

Cleric Petrus Bartolo.

Rev Don Ferdinandus de Guevara.

Cleric Giovanni Bernardo Caxar

Cleric Petrus Bartholus.

Don Julius Borgius.

Don Francesco Barberius

Don Dominico Boccagiale.

Don Petrus Bonello.

Don Gregorio Mamo.

Don Mariano Briffa.

Don Jacobus Calleya.

Don Leonardo Micallef.

Don Antonio Bartolus, Vicar.


Priests in Gozo

Don Antonio Tardus

Cleric Giovanni Manduca.

Don Angelo Infantino

Don Laurentius Apapis.

Cleric Alfonso Chirenus.

Cleric Giovanni Francesco Platamone.

Cleric Bartolomeo Fantino.

Cleric Giovanni Domenico Vella.

Don Leonardo Dallo.

Cleric Giovanni Deobaldus.

Don Federicus Attardus.

Don Marianus Briffa.

Don Bartholomeus Mangione.

Don Pancratius Cafur.

Cleric Ludovico Fava.

Cleric Giovanni Dominicus de Lo Rita.

Cleric Marius Cassar.

Rev Antonio Vassallo

Cleric Carolus Taliana.

Cleric Florius Galan

Don Nicolaus Burlo.

Papa Manoli, Greek Priest due to recent arrival of the Knights and their followers from Rhodes Island.

Don Mattheo Macro.

Papa Giovanni de Jasorino, Greek Priest.

Papa Angelinus Metaxi, Greek Priest

Don Erasmus Balsanus.

Fr Cesare Turcha, Knight.

Don Giovanni Mamo.

Don Gaspare Prato.

Fr Francesco Fiteni, Knight.

Don Marianus Ziza.

Rev Don Pancratius Micallef, Archdeacon of the Cathedral of Gozo.

Rev Tanquam Vicarius.

Rev Petrus Burlo.

Don Joseph Bellia.



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