Conte Magri 1730.

Last Update: 16-04-2023.

The Peerage and Knightage in Malta, (Midsea Books, Malta 2018).

Granted to:  Captaino Giorgio Magro.

By: Pope Clement XII Corsini.

On: 1730 Rome, Papal States.

With Remainder to: for his lifetime, style of dei Conti to his descendants.

List of Title holders: 

1. Captaino Giorgio Magro, (d. 1749 Rome), 1st Conte, extinguished as per grant.


2. Nobile Antonio dei Conti Magro di Susa, (1727 – 1774), tried to have the same Pope to extend the title to his father’s descendants, styled as deJure 2nd Conte, succeeded by his son.

3. Nobile Captaino Giorgio Magro Sant, (1765-1818), deJure 3rd Conte, succeeded by his brother.

4. Nobile Eduardo Magro Sant, (1767-1828), deJure 4th Conte, succeeded by his son.

5. Nobile Antonio Magro Sant, (1800-1869), deJure 5th Conte, succeeded by his grandson.

6. Nobile George Magro Capece, (1833-1878), deJure 6th Conte, dormant or extinct.

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