Lomellini ‘sives Lomellino or da Lumello /Lumbello di Genoa family

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1. Vassallo da Lumello, Consol of Genea, (c. 1177, 1197, 1198), with issue

1.1. Ansaldo da Lumello, (c. 1192, 1193, 1198, 1228, 1248), with issue.

1.1.1. Tommaso da Lumello, (c. 1243, 1253)., dunm.

1.1.2. Matteo da Lumello, married to Richelda N, with issue. Giovanni da Lumello, (c. 1248, 1251, 1253), with issue. Giovanna da Lumello, (c. 1277). Barbara da Lumello, (c. 1277). Maria da Lumello, (c. 1254), married to Ansaldo Corvo.

1.1.3. Giacoba da Lumello, (c. 1253).

1.1.4. Adellasia da Lumello, married to N. Recco.

1.1.5. Giacomo da Lumello, (c. 1248), married to N. Lanza, with issue. Nicolino da Lumello, (d. 1282), with issue. Giacomo da Lumello, (c. 1282, 1292, 1305), with issue. Nicolo da Lumello, (c. 1346), married to Franca N, with issue. Francesco da Lumello, (c. 1356). Selvagia da Lumello, (c. 1356). Ansaldo da Lumello, (c. 1248, 1251), with issue. Francolina da Lumello, (c. 1297), married to Giuliano Coda.

1.1.6. Andrea da Lumello, (c. 1217, 1234, 1251)., married to Simona N, with issue. Percival da Lumello, (1277), with issue. Federico da Lumello, (c. 1311), with issue. Fabiano da Lumello, (c. 1343). Maria da Lumello, (c. 1343), married to Grimaldo Grimaldi. Percivale da Lumello, (c. 1343). Bertolino da Lumello, (c. 1277). Bonvassallo da Lumello, (1282, 1292), married to Margarita N, with issue. Ottobono da Lumello, (c. 1313). Corrado da Lumello, (c. 1313, 1343), with issue. Vincenzo da Lumello, (c. 1354). Gabriele da Lumello, (c. 1356), married to Francisca N, with issue. Gianotto Lomellini, (c. 1393, 1422), married to Teodora de Marni, with issue. Selvagia Lomellini, (c. 1422, 1434, 1437), married to Pietro Grimaldi. Leonardo Lomellini. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1419, 1422, 1431), married to Oliverio Calvi. Corrado Lomellini, (c. 1413, 1420), married to Pietra Maruffo, with issue. Limbania Lomellini, (c. 1429), married to Francesco Spinola. Gabriele Lomellini, dunm. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1413, d. 1420), married to Bianca Salvago, with issue. Battina Lomellini, (c. 1420, 1432), married to Agostino Spinola. Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1420, 1432), married to Cipriano de Mari. Francesca Lomellini, (c. 1424, 1435), married to Melchior Imperiale. Gianotto Lomellini. Illario Lomellini. Odoardo Lomellini. Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1423), married to Tommaso Imperiale Tartaro. Alessandro da Lumello, (c. 1352). Bartolomeo da Lumello, (c. 1313, 1343), married to Argenta N, with issue. Grimalda da Lumello, (c. 1348), married to Antoiniotto Vivaldi. Alaone da Lumello. Valerano da Lumello, (c. 1343, 1366, 1377), married to Selvagia N, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, married to Orietta Lercari, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1361, 1398). Cosmo Lomellini, (c. 1378, 1383, 1396), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1410, 1414, 1435), married (1) to Maria Negroni, married (2) to Caterina Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Cosmo Lomellini, (c. 1440, 1475), married to Bianca olim Giacoba Lomellini, d/o Battista, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1468). Urbano Lomellini, (c. 1468, 1518). Sobrana Lomellini, married to Benedetto Spinola. (Second Marriage) Giorgio Lomellini, (d. 1484), married to Argenta Lomellini, d/o Antonio, with issue. Matteo Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1492), married to Sobrana Lomellini, d.o Filippo, with issue. Pietro Lomellini, d.inf. Giorgio Lomellini, (d. 1567), dunm. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1534, 1567), married to Giovanni Odone. Geronima Lomellini, (c 1484, 1486, 1492), married to Giacomo Doria. Michele Lomellini, (c. 1393, 1402), married to Maddalena Lomellini, d.o Egigio, with issue. Marta Lomellini, (c. 1416, 1435), married to Benedetto Gentile Avogario. Luchina Lomellini, (c. 1435), ‘Nun’. Gerolamo Lomellini, (c. 1400). Valerano Lomellini, (c. 1395, 1410, 1434), married to Argenta Lomellini, d./o Leonello, with issue. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1414, 1416), dunm. Battista Lomellini, (c. 1419). Maria Lomellini, (c. 1414), married to Ambrogio Pinello Ardimento. Antoniotto Lomellini, (c. 1414, 1434, 1435), married to Lombardia Cattaneo, with issue. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1452, 1453). Battina Lomellini, (c. 1443), married to Ambrogio Lomellini, s/o Goffredo. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1452, 1489), married (1) to Lucchina Imperiale, married (2) to Chiara Doria, with issue. (Second Marriage) Lombarda Lomellini, (c. 1489), married to Ambrogio Lomellini, s/o Baldassare. Angela Lomellini, d.inf. Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1451, 1489), married to Gianotto Lomellini, s.o Tobia. Bartolomeo Lomellini. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1414), married to Niccolo Spinola. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1388), dunm. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1415, 1426, 1428), married to Argenta Gentile de Turca, with issue. Pometta Lomellini, (c. 1439), married to Agostino Zucca. Damiano Lomellini, (c. 1420, 1459, 1465), married Chiara Centurione, with issue. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1465), married to Odoardo Leardi. Lodisio Lomellini, (c. 1421), dunm. Gherardo Lomellini, (c. 1378, 1393), married to Luchina Piccamiglio, dsp. Vincenzo da Lumello, (c. 1348), married to Luchina N, with issue. Emanuele de Lumello, (c. 1369, 1376), married to Eliana Campo Fregoso, with issue. Sobrana Lomellini, (c. 1362, 1431, 1444), married to Andreolo Grimaldi. Gianotto Lomellini, (c. 1362, 1444), married to Maria N, dsp. Argenta de Lumello, (c. 1388), married to Giovanni Spinola. Raffaele de Lumello, (c. 1376, 1384), married to Teodora italiano Lavaggi, with issue. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1434), married to Battina Lomellini, d/o Carlo, with issue. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1470), married to Gironima Cattaneo Mallone, with issue. Martino Lomellini, (c. 1516), married to Bianca Salvago, with issue. Geronima Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1530), married to Antonio de Caneto. Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1516). Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1473), married to Raffaele Lomellino. Bernardo Lomellini, (c. 1467, 1473, 1491), married to Luigi Lomellini, d/o Girolamo, with issue. Tommasina Lomellini, (c. 1520, d. 1528), married to Pantaleo Lomellini, s/o Giorgio. Gio Batta Lomellini, (d. 1522), dunm. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1520, 1522), married to Benedetta Lomellini, d.o Daniele, with issue. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1589, 1592), married to Pier Batta Fiesco olim Padova. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1568, 1589, 1592), married to Niccolo Lomellino, s/o Lucchino. Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1560, 1589, 1592), married to Antonio Aliberti. Battina Lomellini, (c. 1580, 1589, 1592), married to Agostino Centurione Cantelli. Ginevra Lomellini, (d. 1592), married to Niccolo Cattaneo. Tobietta Lomellini, (c. 1530), married to Luca Vivaldi. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1434), married (1) to Perettta Grimaldi, married (2) to Maddalena Cattaneo, with issue. (Second Marriage) Vassallo Lomellini, (c.1450, 1476). Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1455, 1468). (First Marriage) Peretta Lomellini, (c. 1484), married to Simone Ciceri. Cristoffaro Lomellini, (c. 1468, 1476), married to Battina de Marini, with issue. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1486), married (1) to Laura Gentile, married (2) to Francisca Vivaldi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Cristoffaro Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1520). Luchino Lomellini, (c  1510). Pietro Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1520). Luchina Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1490, 1530), ‘Imutta’. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1488), married to Anselmo Guilli di Andora. Germano Lomellini, (c. 1486, 1491, 1502), married (1) to Selvagia Calvi, married (2) to Pellina Gentile Ricci, with issue. (First Marriage) Simone Lomellini, (c. 1514). Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1514, 1530, 1561), married to peretta Vivaldi, dsp. (Second Marriage) Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1514, 1536, 1565), married to Gironima Lomellini, d.o Battista, with issue. Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1594, 1621, 1625), married to Maria Odone, with issue. Gio Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1599, 1621, 1623). Gio Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1623, 1636). Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1623). Stefano Lomellini , (c. 1623). Gio Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1623, 1660), married to Camilla Lomellini, d/o Antoiniotto, with issue. Gio Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1675). Teresa Lomellini, married to Gaspare Baciadonne. Maria Lomellini. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1594, 1623), married to Francesco Pinelli Luciani. Placidia Lomellini, (c. 1594, 1623), ‘Nun’. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1620), ‘Nun’. Germano Lomellini, (c. 1599), d.inf. Gio Batta Lomellini, (d. 1602), dunm. Pellina Lomellini, (c. 1578, 1607, 1621), married to Bartolomeo Calvi. Stefano Lomellini. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1594, 1612), married to Laura Gentile, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1612, 1614, 1630), married to Gio Batta Lomellini, s/o Ambrogio. Francesco Maria Lomellini, (c. 1608, 1612, 1652, 1660), married to Benedetta Gentile, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1649). Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1649). Tommaso Lomellini, (c. 1649). Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1643), married to Carlo Grimaldi Oliva. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1649), ‘Priest’. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1598, 1612), married to Gio Antonio Grimaldi Oliva. (First Marriage) Battina Lomellini, (c. 1414). Angelo Lomellini, (c. 1488, 1489, 1502), married to Peretta Centurione, with issue. Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1518). Battina Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1520, 1530), married to Critoffaro Spinola. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1518). Maria Lomellini, (c. 1484), married to Pier Francesco Lomellini, s/o Giuliano. Isabella Lomellini, mnarried to Barnaba Curlo di Taggia. Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1476, 1489, 1495), married (1) to Domenico Gentile, married (2) to Brancaleone Doria. Tobia Lomellini, (c. 1421, 1424), married (1) to Battina Doria, married (2) to Violante Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. (Second Marriage) Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1430, 1450), married to Lionetta de Marini Pessagno. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1438, 1449). (First Marriage) Innocente Lomellini, (c. 1421), married to Cristoffaro Fiesco. Gianotto Lomellini, (c. 1438, 1450), married (1) to Maria Cattaneo, married (2) to Antonia Lomellini, d/o Antonio, with issue. (Second Marriage) Andrea Lomellini, (c. 1470, 1490), married to Bartolomea Lomellini, with issue. Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1519), married to Gio Batta Lomellini, s/o Ansaldo. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1490), married to Antonio Doria. Giorgio Lomellini, (c. 1376, 1434), with issue. Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1419, 1427), married to Orietta Lomellini, d/o Carlo, with issue. Angelo Lomellini, (d. 1454), dunm. Alessandro Lomellini, (c. 1454), ‘Somasco’. Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1454, 1459). Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1454, 1461, 1462), married to Maddalena Vivaldi, with issue. Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1486), married to Bartolomeo Spinola. Giuliano Lomellini, (c. 1486, 1498), married to Peretta Calvi, with issue. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1524, 1527), dunm. Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1524, 1529, 1550), married to Gio Ambrogio de Marini. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1524, 1529, 1550), married to Girolamo Fiesco. Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1524, 1527, d. 1529), dunm. Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1490). Costantino Lomellini, (c. 1454, 1459, 1481), married to N. Fiesco, dsp. Andrea Lomellini, (d. 1454), dunm. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1419, 1427). Vincenzo Lomellini, (c. 1419, 1427, 1443), married to Valerana Giustinani Longhi, with issue. Giacomo Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1444). Giorgio Lomellini, (c. 1444, 1461, 1463), dunm. Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1444, 1461), dunm. Napoletano Lomellini, (c. 1444, 1461, 1497), married (1) to Brigida Grimaldi, married (2) to Angenta Cicala, with issue. (illegitimate) Emanuele Lomellini, (c. 1467, 1525), with issue. Simone Lomellini, (c. 1525). (First Marriage) Cattaneo Lomellini, (c. 1467), married to Luigia Lomellini, d/o Cipriano, with issue. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1525). Violante Lomellini, (c. 1467, 1497, 1525), married to Onorato de Signori di Lingueglia. Franco Lomellini, (c. 1444). Emanuele Lomellini, (c. 1444, 1461), dunm. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1444). Novella Lomellini, (c. 1444), married to Bernardo Imperiale Tartaro. Giorgio Lomellini, (c. 1412), dunm. Battista Lomellini, (c. 1414, 1427, 1444, 1462), married (1) to Giacoba Gentile, married (2) to Catterina Lomellini, d/o Carlo, with issue. (Second Marriage) Pietro Lomellini, (c. 1462, 1463, 1473). Lodisio Lomellini, (c. 1462, 1463, 1473). Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1462), married to Filippa de Camilla. (First Marriage) Paolo Lomellini, (c. 1462, 1482), married (1) to Bianca Grimaldi de Castro, married (2) to Bartolomea Cicala, married (3) to Gironima Lercari, with issue. (First Marriage) Giacoba Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1515), married to Niccolo Spinola. (Second Marriage) Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1515), married to Antonio Sauli. (Third Marriage) Maria Lomellini, married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1510, d. 1534), dunm. (Second Marriage) Pasqualino Lomellini, (c. 1467, 1473, 1481). Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1462, 1473). Ginevra Lomellini. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1376). Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1376). Sibila de Lumbello, (c. 1235, 1292), married to Guidone di San Ambrogio. Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1277, 1282, 1292), with issue. Manfredo de Lumbello, (c. 1313), married to Francisca Busso, with issue. Alessandro de Lumbello, (c. 1325, 1344), married to Manfreda Maruffo, with issue. Luca de Lumbello, (c. 1364, 1372). Giacomo de Lumbello, (c. 1364, 1372). Lomellino de Lumbello, (c. 1341, 1344, 1346), married to Teodora Cancelerio, with issue. Bonvillano de Lumbello, (c. 1346). Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1308, 1341, 1344, 1346), married to Sobrana Marcone, dsp. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1308, 1330, 1337), married to Selvaggia de Mari, with issue. Pier Andrea de Lumbello, (c. 1347, 1364, d. 1387), dunm. Andreola de Lumbello, (c. 1347). Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1331), married to Beatrice Salvago, with issue. Selvagio de Lumbello, (c. 1346), married to Isabella Negroni, with issue. Selvagio de Lumbello, (c. 1386), married to Franca Centurione Oltramarini, with issue. Lucano Lomellini, (c. 1410), dunm. Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1410, 1428), dunm. Caterina Lomellini, (c., 1415, 1428), married to Leonardo Adorno olim Novello. Moisia Lomellini, (c. 1418, 1428), married to Raffaele Littardi di Nizza. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1364), married to Eliana Serra, with issue. Niccolo Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1423, 1433, 1459), married to Eliana Lomellini, d/.o Antonio, with issue. Cattarina Lomellini, (c. 1559, 1571), married to Gregorio Fiesco. Susanna Lomellini, (c. 1450, 1459), married to Leonardo Grimaldi. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1450, 1458, 1480), married to Leonardo Lomellini, s/o Emmanuele. Selvagia Lomellini, (c. 1413), married to Ottobono Spinola. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1425, 1427), married (1) to Violante Doria, married (2) to Orietta Lomellini, d.o Giovanni, with issue. (First Marriage) Luchina Lomellini, (d. 1427), dunm. (Second Marriage) Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1427). Gherardo Lomellini, (c. 1427). Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1427). Pietra Lomellini, (c. 1413), married to Giacomo Vivaldi. Ginevra de Lumbello, (c. 1347). Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1347). Eliana de Lumbello, (c. 1344). Bonvillano de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1344), married to Margarita Squarciafico,  with issue. Damiano de Lumbello, (c. 1345), married to Orietta Spinola, with issue. Margarita Lomellini, married to Golestano Pinelli. Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1344, 1369, 1384), married to Eliana N, with issue. Lino de Lumbello, (c. 1376), married to Triadano Lomellini, d/o Percivale. Elisia de Lumbello, (c. 1338, 1369), married to Guglielmo Oltremarino, married (2) to Leonardo Oliva.

1.1.7. Simone de Lumbello, (d. 1253), married to Giulia N, with issue. Tommaso de Lumbello, (c. 1252, 1259), dunm. Belmosto de Lumbello, (c. 1267). Oberto de Lumbello, (c. 1267, 1292), married to Angela N, with issue. Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1287, 1292, 1313), married to Maria Piguoli, with issue. Pietra de Lumbello, (c. 1342, 1362, 1367), married to Cassano Doria. Violante de Lumbello, (c. 1342, 1346), married to Galcotto Doria. Caterina de Lumbello, (c. 1346), married to Francesco di Negro. Tobietta de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1354), married to Ettore Fiesco. Isolta de Lumbello, (c. 1313), ‘Nun’. Isabella de Lumbello, (c. 1313). Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1326), married to Oberto Guizolfi. Riccardo de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1320), married to Caterina N, with issue. Boarello de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1344), married to Cattarina de Marini, with issue. Pietra de Lumbello, (c. 1375), married to Illario Spinola. Andreolo de Lumbello, (d. 1375), dunm. Argenta de Lumbello, (c. 1350), married to Niccolo Doria. Lodisio de Lumbello, (c. 1342., 1344,. 1357), married (1) to Francisca Spinola, married (2) to Caterina Barbavaria, with issue. (First Marriage) Selvagia de Lumbello, (c. 1350, 1376, 1383), married (1) to Giovanni Cattaneo, married (2) to Sorleone de Cruce. (Second Marriage) Onofrio de Lumbello, (c. 1375), married (1) to Luchina Pansano, married (2) to Bianca de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Onofrio Lomellini, (c. 1412), married to Romanella de Marini, with issue. Giorgio Lomellini, (c. 1440). Cristoffaro Lomellini, (c. 1440). Damiano Lomellini, (c. 1440, 1466), married to Battina Squarciafico, with issue. Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1489), married to Giovanni Marengo di Novi. Oronasco Lomellini, (c. 1477, 1488), married to Peretta Vivaldi, with issue. Gerolamo Lomellini, (c. 1518). Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1518). Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1518), married to Bastiana de Saulo, with issue. Giacomo Lomellini, married to N. Crivelli della Spezia, with issue. Giulia Lomellini, married (1) to Agostino Facori, married (2) to Nicolo Calvi olim Lorlo. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1579), married to Lucia, with issue. Marc’Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1561, 1605), married to Antonia Ricci, dsp. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1579, 1591, 1618), married to Paola Spinola, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1653), married to Isabella Doria, with issue. Paola Lomellini, married to Baldassare Adorno. Giacomo Lomellini, married to Anna da Passano, with issue. Lilla Lomellini, married to Gio Batta de Mari. Teresa Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Settimia Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Gio Batta Lomellini, married to Paola Lomellini, d/o Niccolo, with issue. Luigia Lomellini, married to Gio Batta Lomellini, s/o Gio Maria. Luciano Lomellini, (c. 1662). Marc’Antonio Lomellini. Francesco Lomellini, married to Pellina Spinola, with issue. Angela Lomellini, married to Gio Batta Grimaldi. Gio Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1685), married to Emilia Pallavicini, with issue. Argenta Lomellini, married to Raffaele Spinola. Angela Lomellini, married to Giulio Spinola. Niccolo Lomellini, married to Lilla Lomellini, d/o Domenico, with issue. Emilia Lomellini, married to Gio Carlo Brignole. Eleanore Lomellini, (c. 1800, 1832), married (1) to Cesare Doria, married (2) to Giovanni Cusani di Milano. Angela Lomellini, married to Niccola Zongli. Maria Lomellini, married to N. Amati. Pellina Lomellini, married to Doge Ridolfo Brignole. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1678), d.inf. Gio Batta Lomellini. Onorato Lomellini. Gio Pietro Lomellini. Carlo Lomellini. Luciano Lomellini, (c. 1579, 1591). Margherita Lomellini, (c. 1502), married to Lorenzo de Augustana. Luchesina Lomellini, (c. 1484), dunm. Battina Lomellini, (c. 1440). Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1406), married to Niccolo Corte. Alberto Lomellini, (c. 1412). Battina Lomellini, (c. 1406, d. 1412), married to Cosmo Ravaschiero. Lodisio Lomellini, (c. 1412, 1441, 1464), married to Bianca de Marini, with issue. Battina Lomellini, (c. 1440, 1463, 1488), married to Antonio Oliva. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1464). Paolo Lomellini, (c. 1440, 1464), married (1) to Giaconba Maruffo, married (2) to Cattarina Valdettaro, with issue. (First Marriage) Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1502, d. 1516), married to Girolamo Spinola. Gio Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1500), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Nicoletta Lomellini, (c. 1509, 1516), married to Ambrogio Spinola. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1500), d.inf. Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1465). Giorgio de Lumbello, (c. 1376, 1393), dunm. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1340, 1344, 1350), married to Clemenza Piccamiglio, dsp. Baliano de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1325), married (1) to Odina N, married (2) to Giacoba Grimaldi, with issue. (First Marriage) Alaone de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1361), married to Orietta N, dsp. Babilano de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1366), married to Orietta N, with issue. Ettore de Lumbello, (c. 1370, 1381), married to Sobrana Lomellino., d/o Giovanni, with issue. Orietta Lomellini, (c. 1393). Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1394, 1398, 1443), married to Tommaso Grimaldi Ceba. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1393, 1398), dunm. Odoardo Lomellini, (c. 1393, 1398), dunm. Ambaldo de Lumbello, (c. 1380, 1390, 1391), married to Pometta Grimaldi, dsp. Despina de Lumbello, (c. 1393), married to Movello de Lumbello. Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1357, 1375, 1380, 1393), married  (1) to Bigotta Zaccaria, married (2) to NN, with issue. (First Marriage) Emanuele Lomellini, (c. 1405, 1417, 1450), married to Francisca Maruffo, with issue. Leonardo Lomellini, (c. 1432), married to Maria Lomellino, d/o Niccolo Antonio, with issue. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1450, 1480), married to Domenico Spinola. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1442, 1450). Bigotta Lomellini, (c. 1422, 1450), married to Ambrogio Lomellino, s/o Antoniotto. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1432, 1450, 1455), married (1) to Selvagia Lercari, married (2) to Maria Salvago Nepitelli, with issue. (Second Marriage) Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1513, 1514), married to Giacomo Cattaneo Mallone. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1508), married to Agostino Lomellino, s/o Bonifacio. Cosmo Lomellini, (c. 1455, 1497, 1514, 1520), married to Francisca Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. Pasquale Lomellini, (c. 1526, 1528). Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1526, 1528). Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1534). Illario Lomellini, (c. 1445). Lorenzina Lomellini, (c. 1455, 1513), married to Giovanni Belengerio. (Second Marriage) Angelo Lomellini, (c. 1405). Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1405). (First marriage) Cosmo Lomellini, (c. 1405), with issue. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1455). Sobrana Lomellini, (c. 1455), married to Francesco Usodimare. (Second Marriage) Gaspare Lomellini, (c. 1405). Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1405). (First marriage) Gherardo Lomellini, (c. 1405), married to Chiara Doria, with issue. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1449, d. 1469), dunm. Annibale Lomellini, (c. 1449, 1460). Gherardo Lomellini, 9c. 1449, 1459, 1460), married (1) to Pometta Spinola, married (2) to Catterina Negroni, with issue. (First Marriage) Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1504), married (1) to Gio Antonio Spinola, married (2) to Emanuele Spinola. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1487). (Second Marriage) Damiano Lomellini, (c. 1508, 1519), married to Gironima Ghizolfi, with issue. Tedina Lomellini, (c. 1540, 1573), married to Ambrogio Italiano. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1540, 1544), married to Cattaneo Gentile Folamonica. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1460, 1480, 1487, 1502), married to Goffredo Spinola de Zoniaco. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1460). Babilano Lomellini, (c. 1405, 1448, 1460), married (1) to Aranetta de Marini, married (2) to NN, with issue. (First Marriage) Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1479), married (1) to Antonio Doria, married (2) to Domenico Doria de Signori di Oneglia. (Second Marriage) Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1522), married to Luchesia di Negro, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1533, 1536), married to Paolo Girolamo Doria. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1533, 1547, 1550), married to Sebastiano Doria. Cesare Lomellini, (c. 1533), married to Chiara N, with issue. Gio Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1547, 1566), married to Francisca Grimaldi. Gio Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1506, 1519), dunm. (First Marriage) Despina Lomellini, (c. 1458). Sobrana Lomellini, (c. 1458). Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1458, 1475). Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1458). (Second Marriage) Cipriano Lomellini, (c. 1473, 1485), married to Maddalena Lomellini, d.o Raffaele, with issue. Germano Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1522, 1535, 1570), married to Maria Lomellini, d.o Giovanni, with issue. Cipriano Lomellini, (c. 1522). Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1522). Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1522). Eliana Lomellini., (c. 1522). Batista Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1554), married to Catterina Lomellini, dsp. Vincenzo Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1518), married to Maria Lomellini, dsp. Pasquale Lomellini, (c. 1516, 1554, 1564), married to Maddalena Gentile Ricci, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1563), married to Tommaso Lercari. Babilano Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1563), ‘Ebbe moglie e figli in Sicilia’. Lionetta Lomellini, (c. 1516), married to Antonio Giustiniani. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1554, 1562), married to Cattaneo Lomellini, s.o Napoletano. (First Marriage) Andreola Lomellini, (c. 1458). Lucia Lomellini, (c. 1388, 1398), married to Bartolomeo di Negro. Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1343), married (1) to Gasparo Grimaldi, married (2) to Emanuele Vento. Ansaldo de Lumbello, (c. 1313), married (1) to Argenta N, married (2) to Francisca de Gualtieri, with issue. (First Marriage) Valentino de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1345), married to Luchina de Marini, with issue. Napoleone de Lumbello Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1364), married to Luca Grimaldo. Orietta de Lumbello, (c. 1345). Egidio de Lumbello, maried (1) to Orietta Malocello, married (2) to Mariola Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1368, 1393), married to Cecilia Imperiale, with issue. Ottobono Lomellini, (d. 1414), dunm. Orietta Lomellini, (c. 1414), married to Batista Lomellini, s.o Francesco. Christoffaro Lomellini, (c. 1414). Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1413, 1414), married to Michele Lomellini, s.o Cosmo. Agamennone Lomellini. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1391, 1441), married to Teodora Spinola, with issue. Eliano Lomellini, (c. 1470), married to Caracoa Lomellini, d.o Galeotto, with issue. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1467, 1487), married to Beendetta Doria, with issue. Eliano Lomellini, (d. 1518), dunm. Batista Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1528). Bartolommeo Lomellini,. (c. 1517, d., 1518), dunm. Oberto Lomellini, (c. 1495, 1499), married to Luigia di Negro, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1499,. 1502), married to Biaggio Doria. Tommaso Lomellini, (c. 1470). Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1441, 1444), married to Orietta Lomellini, with issue. Luchetto Lomellini, (c. 1444, d. 1460), dunm. Lino Lomellini, (c. 1444), married to Gregorio Lercari. Isolta Lomellini, (c. 1444, 1460), married to Giovanni Grimaldi Oliva. Luchina Lomellini, (c. 1444). Egidio Lomellini, (c. 1441, 1470, 1490), married (1) to Chiara Spinola, married (2) to Bartolomea Vivaldi, with issue. (First Marriage) Sebastiano Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1514), married to Selvagia Fiesco, dsp. Simona Lomellini, (c. 1473). Ottobono Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1511), married to Pellegra Gentile Pignoli, with issue. Gaspare Lomellini, (c. 1499, 1511), ‘Monk’. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1511), ‘Domenicano’. Melchior Lomellini, (c. 1507, 1556), married to Battista Gentile Ricci, with issue. Giulia Lomellini, (c. 1563). Pier Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1555, 1556), married to Lucrezia Centurione Scotti, dsp. Antonio Lomellini,. (c. 1556, 1593), married to Camilla di Negro, dsp. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1556). Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1556), married to Stefano Spinola. Nicoletta Lomellini, (c. 1506, 1593), married to Girolamo Cibo. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1555, 1561), married to Filippo Doria. Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1511). Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1511). Francisca Lomellini, (d. 1506), ‘inutta’. Eleanoroa Lomellini, (d. 1506), ‘inutta’. Antonio Lomellini. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1463, 1513), married to Stefano Cicala. Pasquale Lomellini, (c. 1463, 1513), married to Andreola Grimaldi, with issue. Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1513, 1533), married to Gio Michele Lomellini olim Ferdinandi. Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1513, 1533), married to Gio Batta Torre. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1513, 1533), married to Pier Beendetto Fregoso. Giacomo Lomellini,. (c. 1513, 1530), dunm. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1503). Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1465). Lazzaro Lomellini, (c. 1473, 1495), married to Maria Cattaneo, with issue. Pelegra Lomellini, (c. 1495, 1532), married (1) to Luchino Lomellini, s/o Cristiano, married (2) to Gio Batta Spinola. Gio Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1495), dunm. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1495), dunm. Orietta Lomellini, (c. 1495). Cattarina Lomellini, (c. 1495). Ansaldo Lomellini,. (c. 1465, 1473, 1478), married (1) to Bartolomea Grimaldi, married (2) to Cattarina Cicala, with issue. (First Marriage) Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1490, 1553), married to Nicoletta Grimaldi di Ceba, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1553, 1573, 1581), married to Maddalena Centurione Oltramarino, dsp. Angelo Lomellini, (c. 1573, 1578), dunm. Bartolomea Lomellini, (c. 1545, 1557), married to Giacomo Baciadonne. Nicolosio Lomellini, (c. 1553, 1578, 1581), married to Maria Imperiale, with issue. Angelo Lomellini, (c. 1585). Porzia Lomellini, (c. 1572, 1618), married to Cosmo Centurione Oltramarino. Gio Vincenzo Lomellini, (c. 1585), married to Chiara Pallavicini, with issue. Nicolosio Lomellini, (c. 1634), dunm. Maria Lomellini, married to Giacomo Durazzo. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1630), ‘Priest’. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1572), married to Carlo Imperiale. Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1553, 1578, d. 1587), married to Caterina de Varano, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1586, 1614), married to Lavina Spinola, with issue. Caterina Lomellini, married to Filippo de Marini Castagna. Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1652), married to Nicoletta Lomellini, d/o Gio Agostino, with issue. Lavina Lomellini, married to Giulio della Rovere. Agostino Lomellini, married to Giulia Bracelli, with issue. Baldassare Lomellini, married to Angela de Franchi Tonso, with issue. Nicoletta Lomellini, married to Ottavio de Marini. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1672, 1734), ‘Priest’. Stefano Lomellini, married to Maria Granello, with issue. Maria Lomellini, married (1) to Cesare Veneroso, married (2) to Carlo Imperiale. Maria Gironima Lomellini, married to Girolamo Lomellino, s./o Filippo. Costanza Lomellini, (c. 1649), married to Girolamo Spinola. Anna Maria Lomellini, married to Ottavio Sauli. Giovanna Lomellini, (c. 1656), married to Gio Francesco Lomellini, s/o Stefano. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1626, 1657), married to Barbara Doria, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1657, 1660), married to Ersila Lomellini, d/o Francesco, with issue. Francesco Lomellini, ‘Abate’. Gio Batta Lomellini, ‘Somasco’. Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1704), married to Lilla de Mari, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, Doge of Genoa, married to Clelia de Mari, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, married to Anna Negroni, dsp. Ersilia Lomellini. Domenico Lomellini, married to Eleanora Pallavicini, with issue. Lillia Lomellini, (c. 1832), married (1) to Niccolo Lomellini, s/o Gio Domenico, married (2) to Girolamo Cattaneo. Teresa Lomellini, (c. 1832), married (1) to Carlo Federico Doria, married (2) to Pietro Roustan di Ancezunes. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1656), ‘Priest’. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1579, 1608, 1630), married to Nicolo Grimaldi. Pietro Lomellini, (c. 1579, 1590, 1613), married to Silvia Imperiale, with issue. Angelo Lomellini, (c. 1622, 1628, 1636), married to Maria Pavese, with issue. Ansaldo Lomellini, (c. 1626, 1671), ‘Monk’. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1628, 1671), dunm. Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1622). Ettore Lomellini, (c. 1621, 1623), married to Veronica Stalburger, with issue. Battina Lomellini, married to Cristofaro Spinola. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1630), married to Gio Giacomo Lomellini. s/o Francesco. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1625), married to Francisca Pallavicini, with issue. Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1653). Francesco Lomellini, ‘Teatino’. Maria Francesca Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1653), married to Laura Spinola, dsp. Maria Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Agnese Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Francesca Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Aurelia Lomellini, married to Pier Francesco Grimaldo. Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1468), married to Gaspare Doria. Bartolomeo de Lumbello Valentino de Lumbello, (c. 1391), with issue. Ambrogio Lomellini. Eliano de Lumbello, (c. 1396, 1447), married (1) to Orietta de Mari, married (2) to Lionetta de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Oberto Lomellini, (c. 1453). Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1453), married to Sobrana Lomellini, d/o Antonio, dsp. Oberto de Limbello, (c. 1345), married to Caterina Doria, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1420). Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1420). Opizio Lomellini, (c. 1384, 1420, 1424), married to Selvagia Cicala, with issue. Odoardo Lomellini, (c. 1430, 1442). Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1430, 1442). Oberto Lomellini, (c. 1430, d. 1442), dunm. Eliana Lomellini, (c. 1430, 1442). Cecilia Lomellini, (c. 1420), ‘Nun’. Ansaldo Lomellini, d.inf. Illario Lomellini, married (1) to NN, married (2) to Ginevra Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Ansaldo Lomellini, (c. 1396). Bartolomeo Lomellini., (c. 1396, 1442), married to Teodora Grillo. Orietta Lomellini, (c. 1434), married to Antonio Fiesco. Giacomo Lomellini, (d. 1345), ‘gia’, with issue. Costanza Lomellini, (c. 1445, 1456), married to Gio Galeazzo de Lucani di Brignale. (Second Marriage) Tommaso Lomellini, (c. 1413). Lazzaro Lomellini, (c. 1423). Illaria Lomellini, (c. 1392), married to Baldassare Squarciafico. Luchino de Lumbello, (c. 1306, d. 1313), dunm. Benedetto de Lumbello, (c. 1313), married to Gioffredina N, with issue. Tobia de Lumbello, (c. 1343), married to Orietta N, with issue. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1378, 1418), married to Beendetta Lomellini, d/o Napoleone, with issue. Teodora Lomellni, (c. 1440, 1442, 1462), married to Carlo Lercari. Tobia Lomellini, (c. 1378, 1391), married to Franca Lomellini, d/o Nicolo, with issue. Gaspare Lomellini, (c. 1442), married to Teodora Gentile de Turca, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1472, 1489), maried to Angelo Scotto. Ginevra Lomellini, (c. 1463, d. 1472), dunm. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1410, 1465), married to Battina Grillo, with issue. Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1488), married to Brigida Cattaneo, dsp. Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1495), married (1) to Galeotto Lomellini, s.o Carlo, married (2) to Alaone Doria. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1479, 1490), married to Cristofaro Cattaneo de Volta. Tobia Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1479, 1480), married (1) to Caterina de Carmandino, married (2) to Giorgietta Gentile, with issue. (First Marriage) Selvagia Lomellini, (c. 1503, 1518), married to Girolamo Spinola. (Second Marriage) Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1518), married to Stefano de Marini. (First Marriage) Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1496, 1518), married to Isabella Gentile, with issue. Tobia Lomellini, (c. 1506), with issue. N. Lomellini, (c. 1522, 1553), married (1) to Niccolo Belgodere, married (2) to Lorenzo de Dominicis. Maria Lomellini, married to Germano Lomellini, s/.o Cipriano. Battista Lomellini, (c. 1506, 1528, 1553), married to Antonia Gentile Pignoli, with issue. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1528, 1593), married to Benedetto Lomellini, s/o Germano. Aurelia Lomellini, (c. 1573). Battina Lomellini, (c. 1541)., married to Battista Re. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1506). Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1506), married to Simone Usodimare. Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1506). Francesca Lomellini, (c. 1541), married to Gio Batta Fiesco. (First Marriage) Catetta Lomellini, (c. 1542). Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1487). (Second Marriage) Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1547), married to Brigida Lomellini, d/o Pier Francesco, with issue. Leonardo Lomellini, (c. 1534, 1547, 1551, 1566), married to Bianca Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. Faustina Lomellini, (c. 1594), married to Federico Centurione Becchignone. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1581, 1590, 1594), married to Andrea Spinola. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1581, d. 1594), dunm. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1590, 1594), married to Sforza Trotti. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1590, 1594), married to Fabio Gallerati. Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1581, 1590, 1594), married to Giacomo Bracelli. (First Marriage) Battista Lomellini, (c. 1497, 1531), married (1) to Nicoletta Cicala, married (2) to Violante Pinelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1505, 1519), with issue. Nicoletta Lomellini, (c. 1519). Violante Lomellini, (c. 1519), married to Pietro Vivaldi. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1519), married to Benedetto Pinello. (Second Marriage) Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1532), married to Pellina Spinola, with issue. Maddalena Lomellini, (c. 1579., 1599, 1613), married to Visconte Spinola. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1566, 1578, 1594), married to Tommasina Lomellini, d/o Gio Batta, with issue. Dorotea Lomellini, (c. 1642), married to Lorenzo Spinola. Domenico Lomellini, (d. 1642), dunm. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1642), married to Aurelio Fiesco. (First Marriage) Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1508, 1519), married to Cristofaro Spinola. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1505, 1519), married to Gio Pietra Serra. (Second Marriage) Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1566), married to Chiara Imperiale, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1562), married to Fabrizio Spinola. Violante Lomellini, (c. 1562, 1608), married to Bartolomeo Doria. Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1478). (Second Marriage) Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1518), with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini. Vincenzo Lomellini, married to Porzia (schiava, poi moglie), with issue. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1587). Catterina Lomellini, (c. 1587). Livia Lomellini, (c. 1587). Lavina Lomellini, (c. 1587), married to Simone Garbarino. Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1587). Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1587). Lorenzo Lomellini, (c. 1475, 1495, 1518), married to Andreola Lomellini, d/o Marco, with issue. Marco Lomellini, (c. 1518), married (1) to Peretta Vivaldi, married (2) to Benedetta Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Lorenzo Lomellini, (c. 1565), with issue. Benedetto Lomellini. (Second Marriage) Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1562), married to Nicoletta Spinola, with issue. Peretta Lomellini, (c. 1562), married to Antonio Francesco Girardengo. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1563, 1577), married to Marc’Antonio Bacigalupo. Lorenzo Lomellini, (c. 1571, 1609), married to Faustina Biassa, with issue. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1609, 1636), married to Cassandra Pallavicini, with issue. Faustina Lomellini, (c. 1636), married to Leandra Federici. Catterina Lomellini, (c. 1600, 1612), married to Gio Agostino Agrofoglio. Marco Lomellini, married to Isabella Gavi, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1652), married to Maria Montebruno, with issue. Anna Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Isabella Lomellini, married to Giuseppe Alberti Priori di San Severino. Marco Lomellini, married to Battina Lomellini, d/o Lorenzo, with issue. Maria Lomellini, married to Gio Batta Pallavicino. Lorenzo Lomellini, married to Lilla Fieschi, with issue. Maria Lomellini, married (1) to Stefano Durazzo, married (2) to Gio Battista Carrega. Battina Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Marco Lomellini, (c. 1832), married to Camilla de Fornari, with issue. Lilla Lomellini, (c. 1832), married to Conte Sgariglia di Ascoli. Costanza Lomellini, (c. 1832), married to Francesco Doria. Camilla Lomellini, (c. 1832), married to Duca Pompeo Litta. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1832). Teresa Lomellini, (c. 1832), married to Gio Andrea Pallavicini. Elena Lomellini, married to Angelo Uberto Passano. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1619, 1657, 1668). Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1609, 1612, 1615), married to Oberto Rivarola. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1571, 1609, 1619), married to Gio Girolamo Lomellini, s/.o Agostino. Orazio Lomellini, (c. 1595), married to Sofonisha Anguisola. (Second Marriage) Benedetta Lomellini. Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1511). Benedetta Lomellini, (c. 1407), married to Montano de Marini. Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1343). Giorgio de Lumbello, (c. 1343), with issue. Benedetto de Lumbello, (c. 1369). Giorgio de Lumbello, (c. 1368, 1370, 1391, 1398), married to Ginevra Doria, with issue. Aimone Lomellini, (d. 1413), dunm. Gaspare Lomellini, (c. 1410, 1413), ‘Frate’. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1413, 1421), married to Raffaele Lercari. Andreola Lomellini, (c. 1330, 1347), poi Orietta in Luchino Cattaneo olim Soldano Mallone. Giacomo de Lumbello, (c. 1268, 1282, d. 1304), married with issue. Emanuele de Lumbello, (c. 1313), married to Isabella Grillo, with issue. Ginevra de Lumbello, (c. 1368), married to Antonio de Suzanico. Sobrana de Lumbello, (c. 1368, 1382), married to Galeotto Lomellino, s/o Basileo. Filippo de Lumbello, (c. 1304). Moisia de Lumbello, (c. 1312), married to Marcoado Cattaneo Mallone. Matteo de Lumbello, (c. 1312, 1315), with issue. Cristiano de Lumbello, (c. 1350, 1355). Giovanni de Lumbello, married to Margarita Torre, with issue. Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1340). Niccolo Andreolo Lomellini, (c. 1340, 1382, 1392), married to Nicoletta Doria, with issue. Giano Lomellini, (c. 1412), married (1) to Lino Usodimare, married (2) to Pometta de Carli, with issue. (First Marriage) Teramo Lomellini, (c. 1454, 1473, 1477), married to Battina Italiano oilm Romeo, with issue. Raffaele Lomellini, (c. 1473, 1493, 1506), married (1) to Teodora Lomellini d/o Benedetto, married (2) to Alterisa De Marini, with issue. (First marriage) Domenico Lomellini. (c. 1493). Tommaso Lomellini, (c. 1477, d. 1493), dunm. Paride Lomellini, (c. 1473, 1493, 1516), married to Tommasina Salvago, with issue. Simone Lomellini, married to Caterina Spinola, with issue. Andrea Lomellini, (c. 1593, died in Palermo), dunm. Tommaso Lomellini, (c. 1593, 1614), married to Camilla de Cassina, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1614), married to Niccolo Pallavicini. Anna Lomellini, (c. 1619), married to Francesco Serra. Gio Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1614, 1630), married to Caterina Lomellini, d/o Pietro, with issue. Silvia Lomellini, married to Alessandro Grimaldo. Gio Andrea Lomellini. Ottaviano Lomellini. Lucia Lomellini, (c. 1568). Tommaso Lomellini. Antonio Lomellini. Martino Lomellini. Agostino Lomellini. Alessandro Lomellini. Gio Batta Lomellini,. married to Moisia Spinola, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1528). Francesco Lomellini,. (c. 1527). Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1527). Paris Lomellini, (c. 1527,. 1543, 1571), married to Isolta Pinelli, with issue. Camilla Lomellini, (c. 1573, 1574, 1575), married to Stefano Salvago. Simone Lomellini. Geronima Lomellini., (c. 1537). Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1537), ‘Nun’. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1460, 1477, 1516), married (1) to Bartolomeo Arangi, married (2) to Prospero Lomellini, s/oi Giacomo. Sisto Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1506, 1527),. married (1) to Benedetta Salvago, married (2) Maria Gentile, with issue. (First Marriage) Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1507), married to Gio Batta Merello. Tommaso Lomellini. Galeotto Lomellini, (11456, 1458, 1469), marriedd to Caterina Lomellini, d/o Gaspare, with issue. Rainero Lomellini, (c. 1473, d. 1477), dunm. Lodiso Lomellini. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1458), married to Domenico De Enrico. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1340). Lorenzo Lomellini, (c. 1304). Gerisotta Lomellini, (c. 1316),. married to Fasano Doria. Sorleone Lomellini, (c. 1304, 1425, 1436), married (1) to Caterina N, married (2) to Alterisa de Castro, with issue. (First Marriage) Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1336, 1345). Bartolomeo Lomellini, (c. 1345, 1368, 1372), with issue. Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1368, 1398). Pietrino de Lumbello, (c. 1267, 1287), married to Tomasina N, with issue. Damiano de Lumbello, (c. 1305), with issue. Tomasina de Lumbello, (c. 1350), ‘Nun’. Luciano de Lumbello, (c. 1345), dunm, Angelo de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1320, 1333), married to Isabella N, with issue. Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1343), married to Eliano Salvago olim Nepitelli. Carlotto de Lumbello, (c. 1330, 1343, 1354), married to Maencia Fiesco, with issue. Caterina de Lumbello, (c. 1395), married to Battista Lomellino, s/o Napoleone. Colombo de Lumbello, (c. 1370), married to Argenta di Negro, dsp. Soldano de Lumbello, (c. 1393), married to Bianca Ciconia, with issue. Pietra Lomellini, (c. 1406, 1433), married to Stellino Guercio de Carmandino. Corrado de Lumbello. Gottifredo de Lumbello, (c. 1345, 1351, 1354). Roberto de Lumbello, (c. 1343, d. 1354). Cattaneo de Lumbello, (c. 1330, 1343, 1347, 1354), with issue. Melchior de Lumbello. Grimaldo de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1354). Luca de Lumbello, (c. 1343, d. 1354). Odoardo de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1350, 1354), married to Ginevra Grimnaldi, with issue. Lorenzo de Lumbello, (c. 1362, 1368, 1395), married to Maria Gentile, with issue. Argenta de Lumbello, (c. 1414), married to Stefano Lomellino, s/o Leonello. Odoardo de Lumbello, (c. 1403, 1414, 1425), married to Andreola Lomellini, d/o Matteo, with issue. Marco Lomellini, (c. 1457), married to Bianca Spinola, with issue. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1479), married to Lorenzo Fiesco. Andreolo Lomellini, (c. 1479, 1518), married to Lorenzo Lomellini, s/o Giacomo. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1518), married to Leonardo Lomellini, s/o Pier Francesco. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1457, 1512), married (1) to Maria Lomellini, d/o Pier Battista, married (2) to Selvagia Vivaldi, with issue. (First Marriage) Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1501, d. 1505), married (1) NN, married (2) to Bianca Centurione Becchignone, with issue. (First Marriage) Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1501). Girolamo Lomellini, (c. 1509, 1516)., dunm. Pier Batta Lomellini, (c. 1509, 1516). (Second Marriage) Agostino Lomellini, dunm. Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1525), married to Filippo Cattaneo. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1525), married (1) to Gio Batta Grimaldi, married (2) to Gaspare Gentile. Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1489), married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Ginevra Lomellini, (c. 1481), married to Ambrogio Salvago Nepitelli. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1480, 1485, 1526), married to Benedetto Salvago Stregiaporco. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1480, 1485, 1526), married to Bartolomea Doria, with issue. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1531, 1557, 1567), married (1) to Maria Pallavicini, married (2) to Antonia Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Camilla Lomellini, married (1) to Niccolo Doria, married (2) to Michele Imperiale. Pier Battista Lomellini, married to Aurelia Doria, dsp. Giulia Lomellini, (c. 1587), married to Pasquale Grimaldi Oliva. Agnese Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1533), married to Sobrana Garibaldi, with issue. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1559), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Paola Lomellini, (c. 1626, 1642), married to Simone Doria. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1617, 1642), married (1) to Battina Centurione Oltramarini, married (2) to Zenobia Giustiniani Longhi, married (3) to Laura Fiesco, with issue. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1642), married to Bendinelli Negrone. Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1642), married to Maddalena Gentile Pignoli, with issue. Battina Lomellini, married to Carlo Lomellino, s/o Stefano. Giacomo Lomellini, (c. 1663), married to Gironima Lomellini, d/o Stefano. Teresa Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Cosmo Lomellini, (c. 1642). Pier Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1642). Paola Lomellini, (c. 1642), ‘Nun’. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1642), married to Maddalena Brignole, with issue. Lorenzo Lomellini, (c. 1642, 1675), maried to Maddelana Maggiolo, with issue. Carlo Lomellini, d.inf. Battina Lomellini, married to Marco Lomellino, s/o Gio Batta. Maddalena Lomellini, ‘Nun’. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1571). Ignazio Lomellini, ‘Priest’. Giuseppe Lomellini, (c. 1673, 1693), married to Giovanna Spinola, with issue. Bartolomeo Lomellini, married to Angela de Mari, dsp. Gio Batta Lomellini. Filippo Lomellino, ‘Teatino’. Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1677), married to Livia Fiesco, with issue. Carlo Lomellino, d.inf. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1696), married to Gio Agostino Spinola. Benedetto Lomellino, ‘Priest’. Benedetta Lomellino, (c. 1616), married to Gio Batta Lercari. Claudia Lomellino, (c. 1578), married to Antonio Serra. Lorenzo Lomellino, (c. 1559, d. 1620), dunm. Pellina Lomellino, (c. 1573, 1609), married to Domenico Pallavicini. Bartolomea Lomellino, (c. 1576, 1620), married (1) to Dionsio Spinola, married (2) Benedetto Spinola. Giacomo Lomellino, (c. 1559), dunm. Stefano Lomellino, (c. 1559), married to Orietta Centurione Oltramarino, with issue. Gio Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1620, 1656), married to Giovanna Lomellino, d/o Agostino, with issue. Lavina Lomellino, married to Carlo Pallavicini. Stefano Lomellino, (c. 1649), married (1) to Maddalena Centurione Scotti, married (2) to Anna Serra, with issue. Bianca Lomellino, married to Agostino Maria Lomellini, s/o Giacomo. Giovanna Lomellino, (c. 1674), married to Gio Luca Pallavicino. Maddalena Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Gio Francesco Lomellino, married to Paola Lomellino, d/o Agostino, with issue. Gio Serafina Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Stefano Lomellino, married to Faustina Pallavicino, dsp. Anna Teresa Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Paola Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Teresa Maddalena Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Maria Giovanna Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Anna Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Orietta Lomellino, married to Gio Batta Centurione Oltramarini. Caterina Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Anna Vittoria Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1656), married to Vittoria Lomellino, d/o Giacomo, with issue. Giovanna Lomellino, married to Filippo Centurione Oltramarino. Barbara Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Ersilea Lomellino, married Agostino Lomellino, s/o of Bartolomeo. Battina Lomellino, married to Gio Domenico Spinola. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1620, 1652, 1656), married to Giovanna Lomellino, d/o Giacomo, with issue. Teresa Lomellino, (c. 1656), married to Ansaldo Pallavicino. Maddalena Lomellino, (c. 1656), married to Ignazio Doria. Gio Geltrude Lomellino, (c. 1656), ‘Nun’. Stefano Lomellino, (c. 1656, 1663), married to Dorotea Spinola, with issue. Anna Lomellino, married to Clemente della Rovere. Teresa Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Carlo Lomellino, married to Battina Lomellini, d/o Filippo, with issue. Dorotea Lomellino, married to Agostino di Negro. Vittoria Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Giovanna Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Stefano Lomellino, dunm. Filippo Lomellino, dunm. Teresa Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Anna Maria Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Dorotea Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Giovanna Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Lorenzo Lomellino, ‘Priest’, (c. 1656). Carlo Lomellino, (c. 1656). Anna Maria Lomellino, (c. 1656), ‘Nun’. Eleanora Lomellino, married to Opicino Spinola. Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1531, 1566), married (1) to Francisca de Marini, married (2) to Battina Lomellino, d/o Girolamo, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giacomo Lomellino, Doge of Genoa, married (1) to Violante Pinelli, married (2) to Barbara Spinola, married (3) Maddalena Grillo, married (4) to Pellegra Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1641, 1664), married to Paola Doria, with issue. Francesco Lomellino, ‘Priest’. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1648, 1664, 1679), married to Livia Pallavicino, with issue. Paola Lomellino, married to Gio Francesco Lomellino, s/o Stefano. Gio Francesco Lomellino, d.inf. Carlo Lomellino, (c. 1676, 1698), married to Battina Grimaldi, with issue. Livia Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Agostino Lomellino, married to Giulia Maria Centurione Scotti, with issue. Carlo Lomellino, married to Anna Grimaldi, with issue. Ottavio Lomellino, married to Ginevra Grimaldi, with issue. Carlo Lomellino, (c. 1832). Luigi Lomellino, (c. 1832), married to Giuseppina Thollot. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1832). Gio Battista Lomellino, (c. 1832), married (1) to Teresa Grimaldi, married (2) N. Guasco, with issue. Anna Lomellino, (c. 1832), married to Matteo Passi. Giuseppe Lomellino, (d. 1832), married to Giovanni Passi. Luigi Lomellino, (c. 1832). Francescia Lomellino, (c. 1832). Cristina Lomellino, (c. 1832). Margarita Lomellino, (c. 1832). Gisueppe Lomellino, (c. 1832). Antoinetta Lomellino, (c. 1832). Clemente Lomellino, (c. 1832). Silvia Lomellino,  married (1) to Alessandro Grimaldi, married to Luca Grimaldi. Lavina Lomellino, (c. 1664)., married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Filippo Lomellino, (c. 1664), married (1) to Maddalena Grimaldi, married (2) to Francisca Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. (First Marriage) Alessandro Lomellino, ‘Gesuita’. Giacomo Lomellino, (c. 1660, 1682), ‘Gesuita’. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1660, 1682), married to Benedetta Negroni, dsp. Giuseppe Lomellino, (c. 1665, 1682), ‘Gesuita’. (Second Marriage) Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1666, 1682), ‘Gesuita’. Battina Lomellino, married to Gio Luca Spinola. (Second Marriage) Vittoria Lomellino, (c. 1656), married to Francesco Lomellino, s/o Gio Francesco. (First Marriage) Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1641, 1664), married to Maddalena Pallavicino, with issue. Violante Lomellino, (c. 1664), married to Andrea Doria. (Second Marriage) Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1641), dunm. (First Marriage) Giovanna Lomellino, (c. 1656), married to Gio Batta Lomellino, s/o Stefano. Teresa Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Veronica Lomellino, (c. 1608), married to Agostino Pallavicino. Maria Gertrude Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Sobrana Lomellino, (c. 1483). Geronima Lomellino, (c. 1480, 1485). Caterina Lomellino, (c. 1480). Lorenzo Lomellino, (c. 1480, 1505, 1532), married (1) to Francisca Doria, married (2) to Maria Spinola, with issue. Gironima Lomellino, (c. 1520, 1529), married to Antonio Spinola. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1520, 1533, 1539), married to Ambrogio Spinola. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1520), dunm. Daniele Lomellino, (c. 1437, 1510), married to Maria Gentile Pallavicino, with issue. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1491, 1521), married to Gio Batta Fiesco. Baldassare Lomellino, (c. 1491, 1526), married to Fregosina Campofregoso, dsp. Benedetta Lomellino, (c. 1491, 1523), married to Carlo Lomellino, s/o Bernardo. Geronima Lomellino, (c. 1491, 1521), married to Demetrio Italiano Mignardo. Meleaduce de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1347, d. 1354). Marchione de Lumbello, (c. 1343). Filippo de Lumbello, (c. 1330,. 1343), married to Isabella Ghisolfi, with issue. Filippo de Lumbello, (c. 1350, 1404). Galeazzo de Lumbello, (c. 1354, 1404). Ginevra de Lumbello, (c. 1397). Eliana de Lumbello, (c. 1343), married to Antonio de Marini. Agamennone de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1350, 1353), married (1) to Maria Gentile, married (2) to Limbania Usodimare, with issue. (First Marriage) Paolo de Lumbello, (c. 1397, 1416), married to Andreolo de Mari, with issue. Moisia de Lumbello, (c. 1425, d. 1431), married to Carlo Sauli. Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1343), married to Simone di Negro. Leonello de Lumbello, (c. 1305, 1323, 1343), married to Caterina N, with issue. Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1362), married to Niccolo Fiesco. Napoleone de Lumbello, (c. 1350, 1387, 1399), married to Teodora di Negro, with issue.  Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1384, 1402), married to Luchina Lercari, with issue. Gaspare Lomellino, (c. 1412, 1419, 1435), married to Violante Vivaldi, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1438). Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1438), with issue. Lodisio Lomellino, (c. 1458, 1467), married to Susanna Lomellino, d/o Girolamo, with issue. Tobietta Lomellino, (c. 1476). Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1476). Caterina Lomellino, (c. 1438, 1465, 1496), married (1) to Galeotto Lomellino, s/o Giano, married (2) to Bonficao Lomellino, s.o Antoniotto. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1460, 1496), married to Tommaso Spinola. Bartolomea Lomellino, (c. 1460, 1496), ‘Nun’. Tommaso Lomellino, (c. 1438). Argenta Lomellino, (c. 1396), married to Barnaba Cattaneo de Volta. Angelo Lomellino, (c. 1419, d. 1435). Franca Lomellino, (c. 1378, 1391), married to Tobia Lomellino, s/o Benedetto. Domenico Lomellino, (c. 1412, 1458, 1467), married (1) to Isolta Lecavello, married (2) to Battina Vivaldi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Luigi Lomellino, (c. 1452, 1468). Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1452, 1468), married to Maria Salvago Nepitelli, with issue. Domenico Lomellino, (c. 1503, 1513, 1522), married (1) to Gironima Fieschi, married (2) Pellina Centurione Becchignone, with issue. (First Marriage) Chiara Lomellino, (c. 1522, 1524), married to Gio Batta Cicala olim Monleone. Francisca Lomellino, (1522, 1524), married to Niccolo Giustiniani. Dr Gio Batta Lomellino JUD, (c. 1557, 1568, 1579). (Second Marriage) Ottaviano Lomellino, (c. 1572), married to Pellegra Salvago, with issue. Ortensia Lomellino, (c. 1572, 1579). Lucrezia Lomellino, (c. 1572, 1579). Nicoletta Lomellino, (c. 1572), married to Diego de Albizzo. Minetta Lomellino, (c. 1557), married to Cristofaro Cattaneo de Volta. (First Marriage) Maria Lomellino, (c. 1557), married to Ambrogio Rivarola. Meliaduce Lomellino, (c. 1503, 1513, 1515), married to Andreola Spinola, with issue. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1521), married to Gio Batta Ferrocchio. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1520, d. 1524), married to Cosmo Piccamiglio. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1521). Gianotto Lomellino, Doge of Genoa, (c. 1522, 1542), married to Francisca Negrone, with issue. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1586), married to Oberto Rivarola. Isabella Lomellino, (c. 1522). Nicoletta Lomellino, (c. 1522). Margherita Lomellino, (c. 1522, 1526), married to Niccolo de Gavi. Francisco Lomellino, (c. 1452, 1458). Luchetto Lomellino, (c. 1453, 1458). Orietta Lomellino, (c. 1444, 1452, 1471), married to Girolamo Lomellino, s/o Gregorio. Luchina Lomellino, (c. 1452, 1510), married to Morvello Cicala. (First Marriage) Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1452). Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1456, 1484, 1505), married (1) to Selvagia Lercari, married (2) to Francisca Doria, with issue. (First Marriage) Teodora Lomellino, (c. 1494, 1501), married to Alessandro Lercari. Gironima Lomellino, (c. 1505, 1510), married (1) to Bernardo Spinola, married (2) to Lorenzo Cattaneo. (Second Marriage) Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1515, 1528, 1548), with issue. Vincenzo Lomellino, married to Ginevra Cattaneo, with issue. Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1568, 1578, 1592), married to Maddalena Grillo, with issue. Giulia Lomellino. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1515). Ginevra Lomellino, (c. 1515, 1545). Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1444), d.inf.

1,1, Sobrana Lomellino, (c. 1379, 1422), married to Manfredo di Negro. Carlo de Lumbello, (c. 1397, 1427), married to Ginevra Leccavello, with issue. Selvagia Lomellino, (c. 1455, 1467), dunm. Tobietta Lomellino, (c. 1438, 1447), married to Giacomo Lercari. Galeotto Lomellino, (c. 1455, d.1460), married (1) to Maria del Caretto, married (2) to Argenta Lomellini, d/o Giacomo, with issue. (First Marriage) Lazzaro Lomellino, (c. 1460). Cesare Lomellino, (c. 1463, 1480), married to Caterina Pinelli Ardimenti, with issue. Galeotto Lomellino, (c. 1520). Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1536), married to Brigida de Balestrino, with issue. Giorgietta Lomellino, (c. 1542, 1544). Lazzaro Lomellino, (c. 1542, d. 1544). Lazzaro Lomellino. Todeschina Lomellino, (c. 1465). Maddalena Lomellino, (c. 1463). (Second Marriage) Giorgietta Lomellino, (c.1484, 1496), maried to Angelo Pinello. Gio Maria Lomellino, (c. 1463, 1486, 1498), married (1) to Caterina de Signori di Lingueglia, marrried (2) to Maria Fieschi, with issue. (First Marriage) Bernardo Lomellino, (c. 1498, 1513), married to Nicoletta Benegasi, with issue. Girolamo Lomellino, (d. 1511). Pelotta Lomellino, (c. 1511). Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1511, 1513, 1526), married to Gironima de Loreto, with issue. Bernardo Lomellino, (c. 1526, d. 1527), dunm. Giulio Lomellino, (c. 1521). Francisca Lomellino, (c. 1480), married to Gio Benetto Lupo. Orietta Lomellino, (c. 1462), married to Girolamo Lomellino, s/o Gio Batta. Caterina Lomellino, (c. 1462, 1473), married to Gio Batta Lomellino, s/o Giorgio. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1434), married to Benedetto Lomellino, s/o Rafaele. Sorleone Lomellino, married to Susanna de Marini, with issue. Carlo Lomellino, (c. 1437, 1444, 1493), married to Simona Lomellino, d/o Antonio, with issue. Susanna Lomellino, (c. 1503, 1509), married to Leonello Lercari. Sobrana Lomellino, (c. 1523), married to Pietro Spinola. Bartolommea Lomellino, married to Andrea Lomellino, s/o Gianotto, married (2) to Abramo Garibaldo. Antonio Lomellino, (c. 1493, 1533), married (1) to Nicoletta Spinola, married (2) to Maria Spinola, dsp. Pietro Lomellino, married to Bartolommea Doria, dsp. Leonardo Lomellino. Cattaneo Lomellino, (c. 1437, 1444), married to Brigida Lomellino, d/o Battista, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1498, 1527), married to Maria di Negro, with issue. Cattaneo Lomellino, (c. 1524, 1527, 1528), married to Gironima Centuriuone Cantelli, dsp. Gironima Lomellino, (c. 1498, 1528), married to Gio Batta Doria. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1528, 1549, 1577), married to Barbara Vivaldi, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1549, 1602), with issue. Cattaneo Lomellino, (c. 1602, 1622), married to Gironima Banchero, with issue. Gio Francesco Lomellino, married to Maria Battina Gallo, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, married to Faustina da Passano., with issue. Agostino Lomellino, married to Francisca Bargagli, married (2) Dorotea N. Caterina Lomellino, (c. 1549, 1577), married to Gio Batta Vivaldi. Barbara Lomellino, (c. 1549, 1577, 1609), married to Paolo Spinola. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1577). Catetta Lomellino, (c. 1527), married to Giacomo Lomellino, s/o Giorgio.. Francisco Lomellino, (c. 1516, d. 1524), dunm. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1472), married to Cristofaro Negrone. Sorleone Lomellino, (c. 1498, 1504), married to Susanna Doria, with issue. Orietta Lomellino, (c. 1498, 1506), married to Bartolommeo Doria. Bernardo Lomellino, (c. 1564), with issue. Anna Lomellino, (c. 1559). Matteo Lomellino, (c. 1498), married to Giovanna Grillo, with issue. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1532, 1534, 1538), married to Gio Batta Lomellino, s/o Gregorio. Elizabetta Lomellino, (c. 1534, 1538, 1539), married to Vincenzo Rivarola. Ginevra Lomellino, (c. 1451, 1479), married to Angelo Lercari. Giorgio de Lumello, (c. 1383, 1402)., married to Limbania Giustiniani, with issue. Teodora de Lumbello, (d. 1434), ‘inutta’. Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1424, 1427, 1436), dunm. Giacomo de Lumbello, (c. 1423, 1437, 1474), married to Violante Fieschi, with issue. Prospero Lomellino, (c. 1474, 1479), married to Maria Lomellino, d/o Franco, with issue. Bernardo Lomellino, (c. 1508). Benedetta Lomellino, (c. 1474), married (1) to Girolamo Negrone, married (2) Giuliano Lomellino. Giorgio Lomellino, (c. 1474, 1480), married to Gironima Scaglia, with issue. Pantaleo Lomellino, (c. 1488, 1508, 1528), married to Tommasina Lomellino, d/o Bernardo, with issue. Sebastiano Lomellino, (c. 1528). Gironima Lomellino, (c. 1528). Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1528, 1562), married to Brigida Usodimare, with issue. Tommasina Lomellino, (c. 1526, 1589, 1591), married to Gio Batta Lomellino, s/o Domenico. Andrea Lomellino, (c. 1528, 1562, 1569), married to Orietta Spinola, dsp. Matteo Lomellino, (c. 1455, 1510), married to Gironima Doria, dsp. Giacomo Lomellino, (c. 1508), married to Catetta Lomellino, d/o Battista, with issue. Maddelana Lomellino, (c. 1528). Ottaviano Lomellino, (c. 1528). Manfreda Lomellino, (c. 1474), married to Demetrio Pinello. Prospero Lomellino, (c. 1417, 1423). Goffredo de Lumbello, (c. 1394, 1402, 1435)., married with issue. Napoleone Lomellino, (c. 1426, 1452, 1465), married to Francisca Grillo, with issue. Giustina Lomellino, (c. 1466), married to Manfredo de Mari. Violante Lomellino, (c. 1466), married to Manfredo Invrea. Niccolosia Lomellino, (c. 1466, 1491), married to Domenico Spinola olim Lussio. Bernardina Lomellino, (c. 1462, 1464). Teodora Lomellino, (c. 1398), married to Luciano Doria. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1432, 1445, 1467), married (1) to Battina Lomellino, d/o Antoniotto, married (2) to Maria Pinelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Silvestro Lomellino, (c. 1474). (Second Marriage) Napoleone Lomellino, (c. 1498). Bernardo Lomellino, (c. 1498). Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1498). Giuliana Lomellino, (c. 1468, 1474). Luciano Lomellino, (c. 1419, 1435, 1462), married to Pometta Spinola, with issue. Goffredo Lomellino, (c. 1469, 1476), married (1) to Bartolommea Fieschi, married (2) to Novella Cicala, with issue. Paolo Vincenzo Lomellino, (c. 1516, 1528, 1558), married to Caterina Spinola, with issue. Claudia Lomellino, (c. 1577), married to Silvio Gonzaga. Marc’Aurelio Lomellino, (c. 1577, 1587, 1591), married (1) to Caterina Doria, married (2) Anna Geronima Torsogelli, with issue. Leonello Lomellino, (c. 1616). Christofaro Lomellino, (c. 1616). Goffredo Lomellino, (c. 1616). Giustina Lomellino, (c. 1616). Paolo Vincenzzo Lomellino, (c. 1616). Aurelia Lomellino, (c. 1616). Chiara Lomellino, (c. 1616). Paola Gironima Lomellino, (c. 1616). Napoleone Lomellino, (d. 1589), dunm. Dr Galeotto Lomellino JUD, (c. 1587, 1591). Luciano Lomellino, (c. 1587). Gio Pietro Lomellino, (c. 1591). Goffredo Lomellino, (c. 1577, 1587, 1591), ‘Priest’. Livia Lomellino, (c. 1577), married to Gaspare Cattaneo. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1575, 1588, 1600), married (1) to Bianca di Negro, married (2) to Livia Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Luciano Lomellino, (c. 1643). Gio Batta Lomellino, married to Maria Aurelia Boccardo, with issue. Rafaele Lomellino, (c. 1677). Paolo Vincenzo Lomellino, (c. 1676), married to Laura Spadiglia di Toledo. Ambrogio Lomellino, married to Caterina Ansaldo, with issue. Maria Lomellino, married to Ettore Doria. Gio Batta Lomellino, d.inf. Luciano Lomellino, (c. 1677), ‘Priest’. Orietta Lomellino, (c. 1673), married to Luca Ottavio Fiescho. Francesco Lomellino, with issue. Aurelia Lomellino. Galeotto Lomellino. Gio Batta Lomellino. Prassede Lomellino. Bianca Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Emilia Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Maddalena Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Goffredo Lomellino, (c. 1643), with issue. Ambrosio Lomellino, (c. 1607, 1608), with issue. Galeotto Lomellino, (c. 1680, 1709). Francesco Saverio Lomellino, (c. 1695, 1709), married to Vittoria di Negro, with issue. Emanuele Lomellino, married to Maria Giacinta Gonzales, with issue. Niccolo Raimondo Lomellino. Giuseppe Antonio Lomellino. Francesco Saverio Lomellino. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1791). Ambrgio Lomellino, (c. 1750), married to Clemenza Clavinquel di Granata., with issue. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1779), married to Gaspare de Larin. Giuseppa Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Francesco Maria Lomellino, (c. 1775), married to Maria ALvarez de Clavinquel, with issue. Anna Maria Lomellino, (c. 1780). Gio Maria Clemenzio Lomellino, (c. 1811), married to Maria de Los Dolores Cordola, with issue. Maria Giuseppa Lomellino, (c. 1813). Francesco d’Assisi Lomellino, (c. 1813). Maria Giuseppa Lomellino, (c. 1779), married to Ignazio Ignerae di Siviglia. Giovanna Maria Lomellino, (c. 1780). Raimondo Maria Lomellino, married to Manuela Calebaza, with issue. Giuseppe Lomellino, (c. 1811). Gioachina Lomellino, (c. 1808), married to Gioacchino Balderramo. Raimondo Lomellino, (c. 1794)., married to Maria della Mercede Morillas Naverette, with issue. Giuseppe Raimondo Lomellino, (c. 1795). Maria de los Dolores Lomellino, (c. 1796). Maria de la Mercedes Lomellino, (c. 1798). Rosalia Lomellino. Leonello Lomellino, (c. 1643). Napoleone Lomellino, (c. 1643). Galeotto Lomellino, (c. 1643). Giacomo Lomellino. Benedetto Lomellino. Caterina Lomellino, married to Giovanni Camilla. Emilia Lomellino, (c. 1577, 1592), married to Napoleone Lomellino, s/o Ambrogio. Luciano Lomellino, (c. 1517, 1520). Margherita Lomellino, (c. 1516), married to Tommaso Sansoni. Simone Lomellino, d.inf. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1476), married to Oberto Gentile. Simona Lomellino, (c. 1441), married to Francesco Squarciafico. Marco Lomellino, (c. 1435, 1442), married to Maria Squarciafico, with issue. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1463), married to Baldassare Doria. Gheraldo Lomellino, (c. 1466), dunm. Galeazzo Lomellino, (c. 1466), with issue. Marco Lomellino, (c. 1515). Luigia Lomellino, (c. 1466). Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1466). Battista de Lumbello, (c. 1395, 1402), married (1) to Caterina Lomellino, d/o Carlotto, married (2) to Luigia Doria, with issue. (First Marriage) Olivierio Lomellino, (c. 1406). (Second Marriage) Urbano Lomellino, (c. 1412, 1421). Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1412). Brigida Lomellino, (c. 1450), married to Cattaneo Lomellino, s/o Sorleone. (Second Marriage) Battista Lomellino, (c. 1433), married to Argenta Vivaldi, with issue. Giacoba Lomellino, (c. 1437, 1453, 1454, 1467), married to Cosmo Lomellino, s/o Bartolomeo. Bianca Lomellino, (c. 1437, 1453, 1455). (First Marriage) Oberto Lomellino, (c. 1412, 1452), married to Battina Cattaneo, with issue. Campiona Lomellino, (c. 1440, 1444). Taddeo Lomellino, (c. 1451). Argenta Lomellino, (c. 1439), married to Eliano Spinola. Isabella Lomellino, (c. 1450, 1492, 1499), married to Lodisio Centurione Scotti. Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1444, 1446), married to Tobietta Doria, with issue. Susanna Lomellino, (c. 1458, 1497, 1476), married to Luigi Lomellini, s/o Nicolo. Gio Batta Lomellino, Doge of Genoa, (c. 1476, 1518, 1533), married to Bartolommea Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. Niccolo Lomellino, (d. 1519)., with issue. Cassandra Lomellino, (c. 1519). Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1528, 1533), with issue. Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1579). Andrea Lomellino, (c. 1579). Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1529, 1579, 1583), married to Pellina Doria, with issue. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1558), married to Cattaneo Spinola, married (2) to Niccolo Lomellino, s/o Giacomo. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1579, 1583, 1612), married to Gironima Centurione Oltamarini, with issue. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1587), married to Ansaldo Grimaldo. Anna Maria Lomellino, (c. 1587), maried to Costantino Pinelli Ardimenti. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1587). Giulia Lomellino, (c. 1598), married to Filippo Cattaneo. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1567). Battina Lomellino, (c. 1529). Luigia Lomellino, (c. 1458, 1467, 1476), married to Bernardo Lomellino, s/o Bernardo. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1444). Caterina Lomellino, (c. 1444), married to Paolo Centurione Beccgignone. Bartolommea Lomellino, (c. 1450). Barnaba Lomellino, (c. 1450). Chiara Lomellino, (c. 1450), married to Luigi Lipora di Cogoleto. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1413, 1460), married to Filippo de Marini. Innocente Lomellino, (c. 1450, 1453), married to Filippo Vivaldi. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1453), married to Gaspare Vivaldo. Francisca de Lumbello, (c. 1421, 1443), married to Luciano Spinola. Franca de Lumebello, (c. 1411),.  married to Percivale Vivaldi. Bianca de Lumebello, (c. 1393, 1427), married to Napoleone Doria. Benedetta de Lumebllo, (c. 1378, 1418), married to Benedetto Lomellino, s/o Tobia. Franco Lomellino, (c. 1402, 1409), married to Teodora N, with issue. Ginevra Lomellino, (c. 1413), married to Pellegro Tarrigo. Franco Lomellino, (c. 1418), married (1) to Brigida Usodimare, married (2) to Battina Cattaneo, with issue. (First Marriage) Pietro Lomellino, (c. 1446, 1480, 1494), married (1) to Luigia Grimaldi, married (2) to Maria Imperiale, with issue. (First Marriage) Luigia Lomellino, (c. 1479, 1499, 1500), married to Antonio Sopranis de Riparolio. Giovanni Lomellino, (c. 1499, 1501), married to Maria Pansano, dsp. Olivierio Lomellino, (c. 1472). (Second Marriage) Ottobono Lomellino, (c. 1446, 1481, 1491), married to Pometta Stella, with issue. Battina Lomellino, (c. 1485, 1501), married to Niccolo di Negro. Franco Lomellino, (c. 1485, d. 1491), dunm. (First Marriage) Teodora Lomellini, (c. 1461, 1464), married to Gherardo Lomellino, s/o Antonio. Benedetta Lomellini, married to Selvagia Giustiniani de Forneto, with issue. Brigida Lomellini, (c. 1459, 1500, 1509), married to Pier Battista de Guiso. Leonardo Lomellino, (c. 1432, 1433). Gabriele Lomellino, (c. 1432, 1433, 1473), ‘Priest’. Martino Lomellino, (c. 1410, 1421), married to Lino Cattaneo, with issue. Percivale Lomellino, (c. 1460), with issue. Brigida Lomellino, (c. 1460), married to Pietro Cademartori di Chiavari. Fabiano Lomellino, (c. 1460). Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1467, 1471), with issue. Rafaele Lomellino, (c. 1464). Giacomo Lomellino, (c. 1464). Teramo Lomellino, (c. 1421, d. 1460), dunm. Giacomo Lomellino. Imperiale Lomellino. Marchisio Lomellino, (c. 1410, 1423), married to Campiona N, with issue. Franca Lomellino, (c. 1423), married (1) to Raffaele Cattaneo de Volta., married (2) to Riccardo Spinola. Barnaba Lomellino, (c. 1421, 1438, 1440), married (1) to Luigia de Fornari, married (2) to Eliana Grimaldi, with issue. (First Marriage) Paride Lomellino, (c. 1461,. 1470), married to Selvagia Gentile Ricci, with issue. Martino Lomellino, (c. 1520). Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1494, 1520). Antonio Lomellino, (c. 1520). Tommaso Lomellino, (d. 1517)., dunm. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1494, 1520). Maria Lomellino, (c. 1520). Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1520). Simone Lomellino, (c. 1520, 1528), married to Catetta Re. Brigida Lomellino, (c. 1520). Margarita Lomellino, (c. 1494, d. 1520), (d. Inutta). Maria Lomellino, (c. 1479, 1487), married to Marco Gentile Ricci. Violante Lomellino, (c. 1463), ‘Nun’. Lucia Lomellino, (c. 1463), ‘Nun’. (Second Marriage) Gregorio Lomellino, (c. 1467). Pasquale Lomellino, (c. 1467), married to Grimalda Salvago, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1494, 1505). Niccoletta Lomellino, (c. 1499). Leonello Lumbello, (c. 1383, 1402), married to Pietra Doria, with issue. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1400, 1459), married to Niccolo Fiesco. Matteo Lomellino, (c. 1407, 1433, 1456), married (1) to Teodora N, married (2) to Sobrana Fieschi, married (3) to Battina Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Pietra Lomellino, (c. 1459), ‘Nun’. Andreola Lomellino, married to Odoardo Lomellino, s/o Lorenzo. Antonio Lomellino, (c. 1459), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Teodora Lomellino, (c. 1458, 1472, 1489), married to Goffredo Lercari. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1459, 1472, 1496), married to Filippo Lercari. Maddalena Lomellino, (c. 1459, 1472), married to Domenico De Marini. Argenta Lomellino, (c. 1459, 1472, 1474), married to Giorgio Lomellino, s/o Bartolomeo. Eliana Lomellino, (c. 1459, d. 1461), married to Giovanni Lomellino, s/o Eliano. Battina Lomellino, married to Paolo Spinola. Andalo Lomellino. Teodora Lomellino, (c. 1417, 1460, 1484), married (1) to Marcaldo Gentile de Turca, married (2) to Nicola Doria, married (3) to Ardoino Doria. Brigida Lomellino, (c. 1414), married to Giuliano Lomellino, s/o Leonardo. Clarisia Lomellino, (c. 1416), married to Andrea Gentile dei signori di Capocorso. Stefano Lomellino, (c. 1414), married (1) to Argenta Lomellino, d/o Lorenzo, married (2) to Pietra Usodimare, with issue. (First Marriage) Paolo Lomellino, (c. 1459, 1460, 1490), married to Battina Grimaldi, with issue. Leonello Lomellino, (d. 1490), dunm. Gio Batta Lomellino, ‘Monk’. Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1490), married (1) to Tommasina Pallavicini, married (2) to Francisca Lomellino, d/o Cosimo, with issue. (First Marriage) Isabella Lomellino, d.inf. Pellina Lomellino, (c. 1528), married to Lodisio Pinello olim de Roxio. Ceva Lomellino, (c. 1490), ‘Monk’. Gregorio Lomellino, (c. 1496), married to Niccoletta Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. (Second Marriag) Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1528, 1539, 1558), married (1) to Maria Pinelli, married (2) to Maria Lomellino d/o Matteo, with issue. (First Marriage) Gregorio Lomellini, (c. 1578). Nicoletta Lomellino, (c. 1582), married to Ottavio Rivarola. Napoleone Lomellino, (c. 1490). Peretta Lomellino, (c. 1490), ‘Nun’. Despina Lomellino, (c. 1490), ‘Nun’. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1480, 1490), married to Visconte Cicala. Maria Lomellino, (c. 1427, 1457), married to Tommaso Doria. Margharita Lomellino, (c. 1431, 1481), married Acellino Lercari. Baldassare Lomellino, (c. 1433, 1471, 1497), married to Benedetta Doria, with issue. Stefano Lomellino, (d. 1497), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Pellegra Lomellino, (c. 1511). Antoiniotto Lomellino, (c. 1497, 1511, 1540), married to Battina Lomellini, d/o Girolamo, with issue. Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1534, 1545, 1553, 1573), married to Francisca Gentile Pignoli, with issue. Battina Lomellino, married to Benedetto Gentile. Maddalena Lomellino, (c. 1556, 1591), married to Gio Batta Gentile Pignoli. Paride Lomellini, (d. 1615), dunm. Antoiniotto Lomellini, (c. 1591, 1602, 1609), married to Maria di Negro, with issue. Maria Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1629, 1664), married to Pantaleo Balbi. Giovanna Lomellini, (c. 1629), married to Paolo Maria Garibaldo. Maria Frnacisca Lomellini, (c. 1618), ‘Nun’. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1618, 1629), married to Giovanna Brignole, with issue. Antoiniotto Lomellini, (c. 1664). Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1664). Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1664). Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1664). Giuseppe Lomellini, (c. 1664), married to Maddalena Serra, with issue. Gerolamo Lomellini. Niccolo Lomellini, married to Olimpia Durazzo, with issue. Giacomo Filippo Lomellini, (c. 1798). Giuseppe Lomellini, (c. 1798), Doge of Genoa, married to Paola Garibaldi. Paola Lomellini, married to Luca Pinello Ardimento. Giovanna Lomellini, married to Gaspare Bociadonne. Caterina Lomellini, married to Giuseppe Maria Garibaldo. Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1629), married to Niccolo Maria Pallavicino. Camilla Lomellini, (c. 1629), married to Raffaele Lomellino, s/o Gerolamo. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1598). Antonia Lomellini, married to Ascanio Spinola. Paola Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1591, 1598), ‘Nun’. Oberto Lomellini, (c. 1534). Pietro Lomellini, (c. 1534). Arcangela Lomellini, (c. 1569), ‘Nun’. Leonello Lomellini, (c. 1511, d. 1534). Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1531, 1571, 1592), married to Nicoletta Spinola., with issue. Battina Lomellini, married to Domenico De Novaria. Costanza Lomellini, (c. 1574). Eugenia Lomellini, (c. 1574). Gio Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1574, 1598). Gio Leonello Lomellini, (c. 1574). Gio Francesco Lomellini, (d. 1574), dunm. Ippolita Lomellini, (c. 1574, 1592). Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1497, 1511, 1560), married to Battina Gentile, with issue. Stefano Lomellini, (c. 1574), married to Cassandra Grimaldi, dsp. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1538, 1574, 1586, 1592), married (1) to Nicoletta Doria, married (2) to Caterina Doria, with issue. (Second Marriage) Battina Lomellini, (c. 1572, 1590), married to Stefano Gentile. Faustina Lomellini, (c. 1590, 1602), married to Antonio Vivaldo. Paola Lomellini, (c. 1602), married to Girolamo Doria. (First Marriage) Giulio Lomellini, (c. 1590, 1593), married to Artemisia Gentile, with issue. Angelo Nicolo Lomellini, (c. 1586). Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1586, 1590), married to Federico Imperiale. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1586, 1593), married to Ersila Negro, dsp. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1593, d. 1602), married to Giano Grillo. Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1571, 1574, 1578), married to Pellina Grimaldi, dsp. Angelo Gabriele Lomellini, (c. 1561), ‘Monk’. Bartolomeo Lomellino, (c. 1497, 1511, 1531), married to Chiara Sauli, with issue. Francisca Lomellino, (c. 1558), married to Demetrio Pinelli. Ottavio Lomellino. Battista Lomellino, (d. 1558), dunm. Nicoletta Lomellino, (c. 1558, 1562, 1569), married to Gio Batta Cattaneo. Domenico Lomellino, (c. 1497, 1558, 1562). Francisca Lomellino, (c. 1511). Giacoba Lomellino, (c. 1511, 1531), married to Lorenzo de Marini. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1489, 1495), married (1) to Lombardina Lomellini, d/o Franncesco, married (2) to Giacoba Doria, with issue, (First Marriage) Tommasina Lomellino, (c. 1469, 1495), married to Gio Batta Spinola. Pellina Lomellino, (c. 1526). (Second Marriage) Filippo Lomellino, (c. 1469, 1538, 1551), married to Gironima Doria, with issue. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1582, 1586), married to Grimalda de Carmandino, with issue. Chiara Maria Lomellino, (c. 1583), ‘Nun’. Gio Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1583, 1586), married to Gironima Lomellini, with issue. Pellina Lomellino, (c. 1590, 1602), married to Annibale Anguisola di Piacenza. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1590, 1605). Gio Benedetto Lomellino, (c. 1580, 1593, 1615), with issue. Gio Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1679), married to N. Menegassi, with issue. Gio Benedetto Lomellino, d.inf. Domenico Lomellino, (c. 1662, 1679). Francesco Maria Lomellino, (c. 1662, 1677). Ottavia Feliciana Lomellino, ‘Nun’. Maddalena Lomellino, (c. 1590, 1595), married to Agostino Biassa. Deodata Lomellino, (c. 1596), ‘Nun’. Maria Felice Lomellino, (c. 1583, 1586), ‘Nun’. Maria Costanza Lomellino, (c. 1583, 1586), ‘Nun’. Paola Emilia Lomellino, (c. 1586), ‘Nun’. Gio Maria Lomellino, (c. 1583, 1596, 1619), married to Laura Negroni, with issue. Gio Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1619), married to Caterina Gentile, with issue. Nicoletta Lomellino, (c. 1562), married to Stefano Lomellini, s/o Agostino. Tommaso Lomellino, (c. 1619). Napeolone Lomellino, (c. 1619). Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1619), married to Livia Lomellini, d/o Giacomo, with issue. Giacomo Lomellino, (c. 1666), married to Benedetta Salvago, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, ‘Priest’. Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1682), married to Bianca Lomellini, d/o Stefano, with issue. Stefano Lomellino. Giacomo Lomellino, married to Maddalena Bargelini, with issue. Lilla Lomellino, married to Agostino de Mari. Vincenzo Lomellino, married (1) to Maria Cambiaso, married (2) to Laura Negroni. Francesco Lomellino, ‘Knight of the Order of St John of Malta’. Stefano Lomellino, ‘Priest’. Tommaso Lomellino, (c. 1666). Agostino Lomellino, (c. 1666), married to Bianca Lomellino, d/o Filippo, with issue. Livia Lomellino, married to Niccolo Francesco Spinola. Gio Carlo Lomellino, (c. 1619). Gio Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1619). Pellina Lomellini, married to Giovanni de Marini Castagna. Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1551, 1586, 1590), married (1) to Nicoletta de Mari, married (2) to Luigia Spinola, with issue. (Second Marriage) Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1592), married to Maria Lomellino, d/o Filippo, with issue. Geronima Lomellini, (c. 1630), married to Niccolo Pavese. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1630). Laura Maria Lomellini, (c. 1630). Gio Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1630, 1653, d. 1667), married to Silvia Moscoso (cubina), with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1653, 1673), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1673, 1679), dunm. Gio Andrea Lomellini, (c. 1673), ‘Somasco’. Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1645, 1667, 1669), ‘Somasco’. Maria Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1667). Domenico Lomellini, (c. 1652, 1674), married to Luigia Gentile, with issue. Maddalena Lomellini, married (1) to Gio Paolo Invrea, married (2) to Francesco Imperiale Lercari, married (3) to Ottavio Pallavicini. Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1680, 1696), d.inf. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1688, 1696), Bishop. Battista Lomellini, (c. 1691, 1696), d.inf. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1689, 1696), Bishop. Maria Givoanna Lomellini, married to Niccolo Pavese, married (2) to Paolo Francesco Cicala. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1630), ‘Gesuita’. Giovanna Lomellini, (c. 1630). Filippo Lomellini., (c. 1630). Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1593, 1622),. Knight of the Order of St john of Malta, with issue. (illegitimate) Baldassare Lomellino, (c. 1606, 1649), married to Francisca Gentile, with issue.. Filippo Lomellino, (c. 1630), ‘Monk’. Ambrogio Lomellino, (c. 1630), ‘Teatino’. Fra Ottavio Lomellino, (c. 1630), ‘Canonico’. Niccolo Bonaventure Lomellino, (c. 1630, 1658), Commendatore of the Knights of the Order of St John of Malta. Maria Felice Lomellino, (c. 1630), ‘Nun’. Giulio Cesare Lomellino, (c. 1630, 1652), with issue. (illegitimate) Domenico de Lomellino, (c. 1692), married to Gironima N, former wife of Gio Batta Doria, with issue. Francesco Lomellino, (c. 1769, 1792), married to Bianca Gandolfi, with issue. Geronima Lomellino, (c. 1830), married to Gioachino Doria. Luigia Lomellino, (c. 1830), married to Costantino Sperone. Paola Lomellino, (c. 1630), married to Gio Batta de Franchi. Cecilia Lomellino, (c. 1630). Carlo Teodoro Lomellino, (c. 1630), ‘Priest’. Aurelia Lomellino, (c. 1630). (First Marriage) Barbara Lomellini, (c. 1592). Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1592, 1646), married to Tommaso Lercari. (Second Marriage) Camilla Lomellini, (c. 1592, 1602), married to Ferdinando Gattinara. Filippo Lomellini. Giulia Lomellini, (c. 1592, 1602), married to Francesco Ravaschiero. Maria Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1602), ‘Nun’. (First Marriage) Napoleone Lomellini, married to Emilia Lomellini, d/o Paolo Vincenzo. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1570), married to Gio Maria Spinola. Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1526). Maria Lomellini, (c. 1469, 1499), married to Gio Batta Doria. Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1526). Costanza Lomellini, (c. 1489, 1495), married to Alerame Pallavicini. Gironima Lomellini, (c. 1519), married to Gaspare Negrone. Francisca Lomellini, (c. 1500), married to Marco Centurione Becchignone. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1477, 1538), married to Argenta Gentile, with issue. Peretta Lomellini, (c. 1518, 1523, 1541), married (1) to Antonio de Marini, married (2) to Pantaleo Pallavicini. Novella Lomellini, (c. 1518), married to Cassano Camilla. Simone Lomellini, (d. 1538), married to Brigida Lomellini, d/o Leonardo, with issue. Baldassare Lomellini, d.inf. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1513, 1533, 1538), married to Giorgio Spinola. Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1433, 1443), married (1) to Antonio Doria, married (2) to Luca Spinola. Novella Lomellini, (c. 1433), married to Branco Grillo. Argenta Lomellini, (c. 1410, 1434), married to Valerano Lomellino, s/o Cosmo. Baldassare Lomellini, (c. 1400, d. 1420), dunm. Galeotto de Lumbello, (c. 1383). Ansaldo de Lumbello, (d. 1402). Imperiale de Lumbello, (c. 1402, 1430), married (1) to Maria de Mari, married (2) to Lucchina Grillo, with issue. (First Marriage) Pietro de Lumbello, (c. 1430, d. 1447), married to Franca Lercari, with issue. Raffaele de Lumbello, (c. 1447). Olivierio de Lumbello, (c. 1447). Maria de Lumebello, (c. 1447), married to Paolo Spinola. Imperiale de Lumbello, (c. 1447). Raffaele de Lumbello, (c. 1430). Sorleone de Lumbello, (c. 1430). (Second Marriage) Demetrio de Lumbello, (c. 1430). (First Marriage) Angelo Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1430, 1450), married to Bartolommea Oliva, with issue. Margaritta de Lumbello, (c. 1461), married to Gio Antonio Spinola. Luigia de Lumbello, (c. 1461). Pellegra de Lumbello, (c. 1461). Filippo de Lumbello, (c. 1461). (Second Marriage) Filippo de Lumbello, (c. 1430). Tommaso de Lumbello, (d. 1402). Pietro de Lumbello, (d. 1402). Andrea de Lumbello, (c. 1396, 1402), Stipite del Ramo de’Nobili Lomellini detti del Porto. Boniface de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1320, 1322, 1333), married (1) to NN, married (2) to Costanza Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Adriano de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1359), with issue. Boniface de Lumbello, (c. 1370). Caterina de Lumbello, (c. 1350), married to Priano de Mari. Ambrogio de Lumbello, (c. 1350), married to Violante N, with issue. Bonifacio de Lumbello, (c. 1370). Andalo de Lumbello, (d. 1383), dunm. Antoniotto de Lumbello, (c. 1383), married (1) to Isabella N, married (2) to Maria Lomellini, d/o Leonello, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giacomo de Lumbello, (c. 1444), married to Isabella Scaglia, with issue. Peretta de Lumbello, (c. 1450, 1451, 1487), married to Gio Batta Gentile. Pier Bartolomeo de Lumbello, (c. 1450, 1477, d. 1487), married to Francisca de Mari, with issue. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1480,. 1487), married to Federico Centurione Becchignone. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1480, 1487), married to Brancaleone Gentile Pignoli. Battina Lomellini, (c. 1480, 1487, 1528), married to Agostino di Negro. Battina de Lumbello, (c. 1450, 1457). Violante de Lumbello, (c. 1423), married to Baldassare Grillo. Antoniotto de Lumbello, (c. 1479), dunm. Bonifacio de Lumbello, (c. 1465, 1479), married (1) to Caterina Gentile, married (2) to Caterina Lomellini, d/o Gaspare, with issue. (First Marriage) Antoniotto de Lumbello, (c. 1465, 1485). Simone de Lumbello, (c. 1465, 1485). Agostino de Lumbello, married to Gironima Lomellini, d/o Carlo, with issue. Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1508, 1526, 1530), married to Nicolosia Pallavicini, dsp. Carlo de Lumbello, (c. 1508, 1520, d. 1526), dunm. Bonifacio de Lumbello, (c. 1426, 1430, 1458), married (1) to Caterina de Marini, married (2) to Nicoletta de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Valeria Lomellini, (c. 1498)., ‘Nun’. Antonio Lomellini, (c. 1588), dunm. Carlo Lomellini, (c. 1588), Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1588), Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Michele Lomellini, (c. 1571), ‘Nun’. Agostino Lomellini, (c. 1588, 1593), with issue. Viriginia Lomellini, (c. 1592). Curzio Lomellini, (c. 1583, 1588, d. 1593), married to Decia Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1599, 1631, 1637), married (1) to Nicolo Usodimare, married (2) to Lodisio de Signori di Ponsone. Isabella Lomellini, married to Domenico Doria. Niccolo Lomellini, (c. 1588). Stefania Lomellini, (c. 1569, 1599), ‘Nun’. Apolonia Lomellini, (c. 1569, 1599), ‘Nun’. Paolo Orazio Lomellini, (c. 1558). Caterina Lomellini, (c. 1508, 1554), married to Gio Batta Lomellini, s/o Cipriano. Simone Lomellini, (c. 1520). Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1465, 1495), ‘Monk’. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1485, 1495), married to Baldassare Cattaneo de Volta. Isabella Lomellini, (c. 1423), married to Ambrogio Centurione Cantelli. Andalo Lomellini, (c. 1412, 1461),. married to Luchhina Cattaneo, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1420, 1464, 1487), married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Giovanni Lomellini, (c. 1461). Chiara Lomellini, (c. 1392), amrried to Niccolo Pallavcini. Ambrogio Lomellini, (c. 1412), married to Bigotta Lomellini, d/o Emanuele, with issue. Maria Lomellini, (c. 1458, 1472, 1487), married (1) to Domenico Imperiale Mangiavacche, married (2) to Barnaba Calvi. Paolo de Lumebllo, (c. 1383). Pietro de Lumbello, (c. 1350, d. 1359), dunm. (Second Marriage)  Niccolo de Lumbello, (c. 1350), with issue. Lino de Lumbello, (c. 1369), ‘Nun’. Simone de Lumbello, (c. 1313, 1315, 1323), married to Vissa N, with issue. Costantino de Lumbello, (c. 1346), married to Teodora de Bosco, with issue. Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1350, 1392), married to Martino Comunale. Luchina de Lumbello, (c. 1346). Abraino de Lumbello, (d. 1352), with issue. Baliano de Lumbello, (c. 1355). Simone de Lumbello, (c. 1355). Paolo de Lumbello, (c. 1352, 1368). Castellino de Lumbello, (c. 1365, 1369, 1370), married to Maria N, with issue. Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1391), married to Giovanni de Cadano. Caterina de Lumbello, married to Tommaso Costa. Selvagia de Lumbello, (c. 1369), married to Antonio de Cerago. Alaona de Lumbello, (c. 1352, 1355), married to Benedetto De Beato. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1303, 1320, 1323, 1333), married to Selvagia N, dsp. Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1313). Lanfranco de Lumbello, (c. 1262), married to Pietra N, with issue. Raffaele de Lumbello, (c. 1287, 1312). Pietro de Lumbello, (c. 1292, 1302, 1312), married to Tommasina Boccaccio, with issue. Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1348), married to Selvagia Salvago, with issue. Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1377, 1397), married to Antonio Grimaldo. Sobrana de Lumbello, (c. 1370), married to Ettore de Lumbello, s/o Babilano. Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1377), married to Orietta Usodimare, with issue. Maria de Lumbello, (c. 1417), married to Luchino de Marini Castagna. Orietta de Lumbello, (c. 1417), married to Brancaleone de Marini. Selvagia de Lumbello, (c. 1390, d. 1417), married to Giovanni Vivaldo. Sisto de Lumbello, (c. 1411, 1432), married to Argenta Fiesco, dsp. Ottobono de Lumbello, (c. 1411, 1432). Bertolino de Lumbello, (c. 1411, 1432). Andreolo de Lumbello, (c. 1411, d. 1432). Nicolo de Lumbello, (c. 1412, d. 1432). Marco de Lumbello, (c. 1377), dunm. Luchina de Lumbello, (c. 1340, 1368), married to Angelo di Negro. Lanfranco de Lumbello, (c. 1346), married to Pietra de Tiba, with issue. Argenta de Lumbello, (c. 1345, d. 1356), married to Michele Lercari. Giuliano de Lumbello, (d. 1356), dunm. Taddeo de Lumbello, (c. 1357), married to Isolta Spinola, dsp. Cristino de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1357), with issue. Maddalena de Lumbello, (d. 1375), married to Piccamiglia Usodimare. Tommaso de Lumbello. Bernardo de Lumbello. Leonardo de Lumbello, (c. 1359, 1373), married to Selvagia Spinola, with issue. Cristiano de Lumbello, (c. 1357). Pietro de Lumbello, (c. 1357). Giuliano de Lumbello, (c. 1357, 1414), married to Brigida Lomellini, d/o Leonello, with issue. Cristiano Lomellino, (c. 1440, 1469, 1472), married to Caterina Ghisolfi, with issue. Giuliano Lomellino, (c. 1469). Luchino Lomellino, (c. 1469, 1473, 1488), married (1) to Maria Doria, married (2) to Pellegra Lomellini, d/o Lazzaro, with issue. (First Marriage) Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1488). Filippo Lomellino, (c. 1488). Cristiano Lomellino, (c. 1486, 1517). Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1488, 1533), married to Maria Lomellino, d/o Carlo, with issue. Innocenza Lomellino, (c. 1587), married to Agostino Maruffo. Girolamo Lomellino, (c. 1563, d. 1581), married to Argenta Spinola, with issue. Niccolo Lomellino, (c. 1581, 1621), married to Artemisia Lomellini, d/o Benedetto, with issue. Anna Lomellino, (c. 1643), married to Cristoforo Spinola. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1623, 1660), married to Caterina Doria, dsp. Benedetto Lomellino, “teatino”. Gironimia Lomellino, (c. 1581), married to Pietro de Giorgi. Pietro Lomellino, (c. 1516). Catetta Lomellino, (c. 1518, 1530), married (1) to Gio Battista Grimaldi, married (2) to Giovanni Grillo olim Cantello. (Second Marriage) Luchino Lomellino, (c. 1516), d.inf. Selvagia Lomellino, (c. 1473, 1487, 1506), married (1) to Andrea Italiano olim Lavaggi, married (2) to Raffaele Vivaldo. Pier Francesco Lomellino, married to Maria Lomellini, d/o Giacomo, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellino, (c. 1460). Leonardo Lomellino, (c. 1460, 1476, 1484, 1486), married to Maria Lomellini, d.o Marco. Margarita Lomellino, (c. 1469). Pietra Lomellino, (c. 1426), married to Giovanni Centurione olim Bestagno. Battista Lomellino. Orietta Lomellino, (c. 1357). Lomellino Lomellini. Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1369, 1394), married to Cristoforo Malocello. Francolina olim Andreola de Lumbello, (c. 1287), married (1) to Lanfranco de Nava, married (2) to Leone Monterosso. Ughetto de Lumbello, (c. 1250, 1292), married (1) to Cicalina N, married (2) to Mabilia N, with issue. Pasquale de Lumbello, (c. 1312, 1323), with issue. Ottaviano de Lumbello, (c. 1344, 1362), married to Lino Usodimare, with issue. Lucano de Lumbello. Barnaba de Lumbello, (c. 1340), married to Clarisia N, with issue. Panfilo de Lumbello, (c. 1351, 1381). Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1351, 1381). Luchina de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1372), married to Giuslando de Castro. Brandaligia de Lumbello, (c. 1292). Aiguina de Lumbello, (c. 1292), married to Damiano de Turca. Guglielmo de Lumbello, (c. 1287, 1312), married to Brandolina Cibo, with issue. Argone de Lumbello, (d. 1385), with issue. Benedetto de Lumbello, (c. 1382). Basilio de Lumbello, (c. 1385), married (1) to Teodora N, married (2) to Preziosa de Gualtieri, with issue. Galeotto de Lumbello, (c. 1382, 1385), married to Sobrana Lomellini, d/o Emmanuele, with issue. Teodora de Lumbello, (c. 1395, 1414), ‘Nun’. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1395), d.inf. Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1343, 1345), married to Caterina Oltramarino, with issue. Dario de Lumbello, (c. 1345). Argone de Lumello, (c. 1345). Guglielmo de Lumbello, (c. 1345). Percivale de Lumbello, (c. 1345, 1384), with issue. Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1383). Triadano de Lumbello, (c. 1376), married to Girolama-Lino Lomellini, d/o Niccolo, with issue. Triadano de Lumbello, (c. 1396, 1407), married (1) to Tobietta di Negro, married (2) to Bianca de’Signori di Lagneto, with issue. (Second Marriage) Francisca de Lumbello, (c. 1438, 1482). Bartolommea de Lumbello, (c. 1422, 1438). Triadano de Lumbello, (c. 1437), married to Maria de Marini, with issue. Leonardo de Lumbello, (c. 1437). (Second Marriage) Francesco de Lumbello, (c. 1422, 1447, 1484), married to Francisca Centurione olim Cantelli, with issue. Pellegra Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1513), married to Agostino Pictrasanta. Bianca Lomellini, (c. 1484). David Lomellini, (c. 1484, 1488, 1510), married to Bianca Centurione Cantelli, with issue. Francesco Lomellini, (c. 1527, 1556), ‘Shiavo ‘Slave’ in Turkey’, with issue. Gio Batta Lomellini, (c. 1546, 1586). Vincenzina Lomellini, (c. 1568, 1581), married to Stefano Centurione Becchignone. Cesare Lomellini, (c. 1556). Maria Lomellini, (c. 1534, 1570), married to Giuliano Pallavicino, married (2) to Francesco Lomellino, s/o Bartolomeo. Minetta Lomellini, (c. 1537). Benedetto Lomellini, (c. 1535, 1556, 1571), Cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Ascanio de Lomellini, (c. 1556). Luigia Lomellini, (c. 1537). Ettore Lomellini, (c. 1484). Pietro de Lumbello, (c. 1292). Daniele de Lumbello, (c. 1291, 1313, 1318, 1321),  with issue. Boarello de Lumbello, married to Primafiore de Benama, with issue. Eliana de Lumbello, (c. 1320). Caterina de Lumbello, (c. 1320, 1328), married to Conte de Mari. Ughetto de Lumbello, (c. 1310). Lino de Lumbello, (c. 1346, 1408), married (1) to Francesco de Mari, married (2) to Tommaso Pinello. Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1361), with issue. Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1383, 1416), married (1) to Caterina Lecavello, married (2) to Argenta de Marini, married (3) to Despina Doria, with issue. (First Marriage) Eliana Lomellini, (c. 1416, 1423), married to Niccolo Lomellino, s/o Francesco. (Second Marriage) Gherardo Lomellini, (c. 1423, 1464), married to Teodora Lomellini, d/o Franco, with issue. Teodora Lomellini,. (c. 1433), married to Ambrogio Italiano Mignardo. (First Marriage) Alaona Lomellini, (c. 1416, 1423), married to Lodisio Grillo. Pietra de Lumbello, (c. 1390), married to Gabriele Pallavicino. Eliana de Lumbello, (c. 1323, 1343). Lotto de Lumbello, (c. 1314). Morvello de Lumbello, (c. 1349, 1370), married to Despina de Lumbello, d/o Babilano, with issue. Morvello de Lumbello, (c. 1393), married to Argenta Salvago, dsp. Fabiano de Lumbello, (c. 1388), married to Moisia Pinelli, with issue. Fabiano de Lumbello, (c. 1415). Cattaneo de Lumbello, (c. 1415). Anfreone de Lumbello, (c. 1388). Andreone de Lumbello, (c. 1318). Brancaleone de Lumbello, with issue. Vinciguerra de Lumbello, (c. 1360). Antonio de Lumbello, (c. 1347, 1353, 1375), married to Lino Grimaldi, dsp. Luchhina de Lumbello, (c. 1313), married to Matteo de Marini. Magnone de Lumbello, (c. 1281, 1339, 1343), married to Eleonora Guiszolfi.

1.2. Oberto de Lumbello, (c. 1217, 1222), married to Attilia N, with issue.

1.2.1. Gugliemo de Lumbello, married to Doricella N.

1.2.2. Oberto de Lumbello, (c. 1253), married to Simona Grillo, dsp.

1.2.3. Adelasia de Lumbello, (c. 1253), married to Simone Spinola.

1.3. Guglielmo de Lumbello, (c. 1192, 1218), with issue.

1.3.1. Attilia de Lumbello, (c. 1250, 1253).

1.3.2. Barbara de Lumbello, (c. 1250, 1253).

1.4. Bonvassallo de Lumbello, (c. 1188, 1218), with issue.

1.4.1. Giacoba de Lumbello, (c. 1234, 1253).

1.4.2. Guglielmo de Lumbello, (c. 1227), married to Adelasia N.

1.5. Ugone de Lumbello, (c. 1217), married to Giacoba Cartagenia, with issue.

1.5.1. Giovanni de Lumbello, (c. 1234, 1253).

1.5.2. Lanfranco de Lumbello, (c. 1234).

1.5.3. Ogerio de Lumbello, (c. 1244, 1253), with issue. Simona de Lumbello, (c. 1253).

1.5.4. Andreola de Lumbello, (c. 1250, 1253).

1.5.5. Amico de Lumbello, (c. 1234, 1243, 1253, 1263).

1.5.6. Bartolomea de Lumbello, (c. 1234), married to Ugone Lercari.

1.5.7. Montanaria de Lumbello, (c. 1234), married to Enrico Negro.

1.5.8. Simona de Lumbello, (c. 1250, 1253).


Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.