The family of Greco sives Grech.
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
Giovanni Greco, married 1689 Lija to Nobile Domenica Bezzina, with issue.
1. Nicola Grech, married 1727 Gharghur to Caterina Fenech, with issue.
1.1. Giovanni Grech, married 1760 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue.
1.1.1. Nicola Grech, married 1783 Gharghur to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Orazio Grech, married 1826 Gharghur to Maria Portelli, with issue. Grazia Grech, (1827 -1903 Constantine, Algeria), married 1845 Gharghur to Carlo Zammit, with issue. Maria Concepta Zammit, (1852 -, married 1870 Guelma, Algeria to Salvatore Jacques Gauci, with issue. Joseph Gauci, (1871-. Charles Gauci, (1872 Guelma, Algeria -, amrried 1899 Bone, Algeria to Marie Xicluna, with issue. Marcel Jean Gauci, (1916 Guelma, Algeria -. Suzanne Anna Gauci, (1920 Guelma, Algeria -. Marianna Gauci, (1874 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Jean Pierre Gauci. Gregorie Gauci, (1876 Guelma, Algeria -1950 Constantine, Algeria), married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Francoise Teuma, (see below). Louisa Gauci, (1877-. Dominique Gauci, (1880-), d.inf. Barthelemy Gauci, (1881 Guelma, Algeria -1942 Bone, Algeria), marrid 1909 Bone, Algeria to Pauline Sant. Carmelo Gauci, (1883-1888), d.inf. Jean Marie Gauci, (1884-), d.inf. Anna Gauci, (1885-. Jeanne Gauci, (1888 Guelma, Algeria -1953 Bone, Algeria), married 1907 Guelma, Algeria to Marius Nicolas Bartolo. Josephine Zammit, (1861 Guelma, Algeria -1921 Guelma, Algeria), married 1878 Guelma, Algeria to Dominique John Teuma, with issue. Charles Salvator Teuma, (1879 Guelma, Algeria -1970 Nimes, France), married 1900 Guelma, Algeria to Antoinette Philomene Bartolo, with issue. Marie Rose Teuma, (1901-. Charlotte Antoinette Teuma, (1901 Guelma, Algeria -2003 Meaux, France), married (1) 1921 Guelma, Algeria to Philibert Bezzina, married (2) 1930 Le Kram, Tunisia to Marcel Francois Camilleri. Josephine Teuma, (1903 Guelma, Algeria -1977 Lyon, France), married 1930 Guelma, Algeria to Marius Toussaint Curmi. Yvonne Charlotte Teuma, (1905 Guelma, Algeria -1992 Marseille, France), married (1) 1924 Guelma, Algeria to Dominique Bezzina, married (2) to Charles Neu. Berthe Marie Teuma, (1909 Guelma, Algeria -1999 Marseille, France), dunm. Michel Dominique Teuma, (1913-1916), d.inf. Laurent Georges Teuma, (1915 Guelma, Algeria -2006 Mougins, France), married 1938 Tunisia to Antoinette Cosentino. Marcelle Michelle Teuma, (1917 Guelaat Bou Sba, Algeria  -2006 Nimes, France), married to Felix Rosario Lavigne. Andree Marie Teuma, (1919 Guelaat Bou Sba, Algeria -1995 Beaucaire, France), married to Maurice Vincent. Rose Teuma, (1880 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1900 Guelma, Algeria to Auguste Bartolo, with issue. Laurent Bartolo, (1904 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1928 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Emelie Augustine Figucci. Auguste Philippe Bartolo, (1906 Millesimo, Algeria -2002), married 1933 Montauban to Gabrielle Louise Saint-Blancat. Charles Bartolo, (1908 Guelma, Algeria -2001 Aix-en-Provence, France). Auguste Marcel Bartolo, (1914 Guelma, Algeria -2006 Condom, France). Dominique Georges Bartolo, (1916-), d.inf. Estelle Bernadette Bartolo, (1916 Guelma, Algeria -2010 Marseille, France). Blanche Innocente Bartolo, (1917 Nechmeya, Algeria -2005 Boulogne sur Gesse, France), married 1945 Pont-du-Fahs, Tunisia to Raoul Henri Dalmasso. Marie Francoise Teuma, (1881 Guelma, Algeria -1945 Guelma, Algeria), married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Gregoire Gauci. Salvator Teuma, (1883-1884), d.inf. Anna Teuma, (1885 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1905 Guelma, Algeria to Philippe Raphael. Jean Carmelo Zammit, (1864 -, married 1899 Guelma, Algeria to Eugenie Micheline Ropa, with issue. Eulalie Gracia Zammit, (1901 Guelma, Algeria -1994 La Garde, France), married 1923 Guelma, Algeria to Leon Constant Said. Carmele Bartholomie Zammit, (1866 Pagi-Gargue, Algeria -1907 Guelma, Algeria), married (1) to Gaetan Ellul, married (2) 1897 Guelma, Algeria to Salvator Cassar, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Ellul, (1888 -1959 Penthievre, Algeria), married 1920 Guelma, Algeria to Celestin Heffner. Charlotte Ellul, (1892 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1912 Mondovi, Algeria to Emile Henri Buch. Nicola Grech, (1831 -1892 Guelma, Algeria), married 1861 Bone, Algeria to Annunziata Marie Bonnici, with issue. Anna Grech, (1862-1881). Rose Carmene Greck, (1863 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1883 Guelma, Algeria to Nicolas Cuschieri, with issue. Anna Rose Cuschieri, (1884 -. Marie Charlotte Cuschieri, (1893 Guelma, Algeria – 1956 Guelma, Algeria). Eugene Greck, (1865 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1895 Guelma, Algeria to Elisa Labord. Georges Greck, (1868 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1904 Bone, Algeria to Louise Esposito. Lucia Grech, (1869 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1888 Guelma, Algeria to Francois Bonvino, with issue. Marie Gaetana Bonvino, (1889-), d.inf. Vincente Marie Bonvino, (1891 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1907 Guelma, Algeria to Vincent Bonvino. Nicolas Bonvino, (1892-1948). Marie Rose Bonvino, (1894 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1913 Guelma, Algeria to Edouard Leone Lepori. Marie Anne Greck, (1873-. Louis Philippe Greck, (1873-. Philommene Rosine Grech, (1875-1878), d.inf. Laurent Greck, (1877-), d.inf. Josephine Beatrix Greck, (1878 Guelma, Algeria -), married 1899 Guelma, Algeria to Thomas Francois Mallea. Rose Marie Greck, (1880-. Louis Greck, (1882-. Charles Greck, (1884-. Berthe Barbara Greck, (1887-. Jean Grech, (1834 -1903 Ain Tahamimine, Algeria), married 1859 Guelma, Algeria to Maria Concetta Zammit, with issue. Grecio Greck, (1860-1862), d.inf. Michel Greck, (1862 Guelma, Algeria -1887 Guelma, Algeria), married 1882 Guelma, Algeria to Angele Marie Toce, with issue. Concepta Greck, (1883 Guelma, Algeria-, married 1908 Guelma, Algeria to Henri Antonin Bonnet. Elisa Greck, (1886-1887), d.inf. Michel Greck, (1888-), d.inf. Marie Greck, (1864-1865), d.inf. Marie Carmena Greck, (1866 Guelma, Algeria -1948 La Sefia, Algeria), married 1895 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Paul Publicus Debono. Dominique Greck, (1869-. Gracia Greck, (1870 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1892 Ain Beida, Algeria to Paolo Theuma, with issue. Marie Anne Greck, (1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1913 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Joseph Resclause. Joseph Greck, (1872 Guelma, Algeria -1962 Biarritz, France), married 1904 Guelma, Algeria to Anna Rose Cuschieri, with issue. Odette Louise Greek, (1910 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1930 Guelma, Algeria to Leopold Jean Fug. Angeline Greck, (1874 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1896 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Ange Antoine Casalonga, with issue. Octave Toussaint Casalonga, (1906 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria -, married to Lucienne Mertz. Barthelemy Prosper Grech, (1876-. Vincente Sidonie Greck, (1879-), d.inf. Rosine Greck, (1880 Duvivier, Algeria -1962 Le Vesinet, France), amrried 1889 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Vincent Raphael Brucciacasa, with issue. Salvator Emilie Brucciacasa, (1902 Villars, Algeria -1940 Bone, Algeria). Jeanne Conception Brucciascasa, (1905 Bone, Algeria -1967 Montrejeau, France). Francoise Vincente Greck, (1885 Medjex-Sfa, Algeria -1975 ), married 1905 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Michel Jean Masia, with issue. Jean Edmond Masia, (1911 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria -1974 Montpellier, France), married 1943 Sousse, France to Josephine Tanous. Michel Fernand Masia, (1914 Sousse, Tunisia -, married 1939 Sousse, Tunisia to Gabrielle Conception Cristina. Basile Masia, (1916 Sousse, Tunisia -, married 1941 Sousse, Tunisia to Francoise Gilbert Benvenutto. Berthe Masia, (1920 Sousse, Tunisia -2020 Niort, France), married 1941 Sousse, Tunisia to Jean Noel. Joseph Grech, (1838 -), married 1869 Bone, Algeria to Philomene Farrugia, with issue. Maria Grech, (1870 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1940 Bone, Algeria), married 1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Jean Marie Tanti. Auguste Grech, (1872-1888), dunm. Gracia Greck, (1874 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Joseph Pierre Abela, with issue. Charles Mathieu Abela, (1896 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1921 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Toussainte Caccavelli. Antoinette Greck, (1875 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1949 Constantine, Algeria), married 1896 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Antoine Vincent Scamaroni, with issue. Marc Andre Scamaroni, (1904 Constantine, Algeria -), married (1) (Div) to Hugette Georgette Arbez, married (2) 1948 Constantine, Algeria to Suzanne Renee Romani. Alphonse Joseph Greck, (1878 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1904 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Jeanne Marie Semelet. Lucie Jeanne Greck, (1880 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1899 Aouk-Ahras, Algeria to Paul Xavier Cordina, with issue. Leontine Cordina, (1898 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -. Michel Cordina, (1902 Souk-Ahras, Algeria-), married 1930 Bone, Algeria to Carmele Cordina. Leontine Silvie Greck, (1883-1884), d.inf. Eugenie Marie Greck, (1885 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1904 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Paul Marie Sardet. Delphine Augustine Greck, (1887 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1909 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Gustave Achille Gaubert. Dominique Andre Grech, (1841 Gharghur -), married 1863 Bone, Algeria to Carmina Mifsud, with issue. Augustin Dominque Grech, (1864-. Joseph Nicolas Grech, (1866-1868), d.inf. Marie Victorine Grech, (1868 Bone, Algeria -1962 Nice, France), married 1891 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Pierre Abela, with issue. Florence Mathilde Abela, (1898 Souk-Ahras, Algeria – 1993 Toulouse, France), married 1923 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Adolphe Resclause. Therese Rosine Grech, (1870-1871), d.inf. Nicolas Fortune Grech, (1877-1886), dunm. Pietro Grech, married 1795 Birkirkara to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1825 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Muscat.