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1. Sir John Sutton of Dudley Castle, (1380-1406), married 1401 to Constance Blount, with issue.

1.1. Sir John Sutton “sives Dudley” KG, (1400-1487), Cr: 1439 Baron Dudley in England., married to Elizabeth Berkeley, with issue.

1.1.1. Sir Edward Dudley Kt, married (1) to Lady Joyce Beaufort, married (2) to Hon Matilda Clifford, with issue. (First Marriage) Edward Dudley, 2nd Baron Dudley, (1459-1508), married 1487 to Cicely Willoughby, with issue. John Dudley, 3rd Baron Dudley, married 1519 to Lady Cecily Grey, with issue. Edward Dudley, 4th Baron Dudley, (d. 1586), married (1) 1556 to Hon Katherine Chandos, married (2) Lady Jane Stanley, married (3) to Hon Mary Howard, with issue. (first Marriage) Hon Agnese Dudley, married (1) to Francis Throckmorton, married (2) to Thomas Wylmer. (Second marriage) Edward Dudley, (d. 1643), 5th Baron Dudley., married 1586 to Theodosia Harington, with issue. Sir Ferdinando Dudley KB, (1588-1621), 6th Baron Dudley, married 1610 to Lady Honora Seymour, with issue. Hon Frances Dudley, 7th Baroness Dudley, married 1628 to Humble Ward, 1st Baron Ward. Hon John Dudley, of Compton (1569-), married to Elizabeth Whorwood, with issue. Anne Dudley, amrried to Edward Gibson of York. Hon Henry Dudley, married to N. Ashton. Hon George Dudley, soldier in the garrison of Calais. Hon Thomas Dudley, (1539-1574), married with issue. Hon Eleanore Dudley, married to Henry Beaumont of Wednesbury. Hon Arthur Dudley, ‘Priest’. Hon Geoffrey Dudley, married to Eleanor Talbot, with issue. (Ancestor of the Dudleys of Russell’s Hall). Hon Thomas Dudley, married with issue. (Ancestors of the Dudleys of Massachusetts). Hon George Dudley. Hon Joyce Dudley, married to John Leighton. Hon Sir John Dudley of Aston le Walls, married with issue. Hon Margaret Dudley, married to John Butler. (Second marriage) Hon Dorothy Dudley, married to Richard Wrottesley.

1.1.2. Hon John Dudley of Atherington., married with issue. Sir Edmund Dudley Kt, (1462-1510), married (1) to Anne Windsor, married (2) 1495 to Hon Elizabeth Grey, 6th Baroness Lisle, with issue. (First Marriage) Elizabeth Dudley, married to William Stourton, 7th Baron Stourton. (Second Marriage) Sir John Dudley KG, (1504-1553), Cr: 1543 Viscount Lisle; 1547 Earl of Warwick; 1551 Duke of Northumberland., married to Jane Guildford, with issue. (First Marriage) Hon Henry Dudley. Hon Thomas Dudley, d.inf. Lord John Dudley, 2nd and 1st (cr: 1547) Earl of Warwick. KG, KB, (1527-1554)., married 1550 to Lady Anne Seymour, dsp. Lord Ambrose Dudley, 3rd Earl of Warwick, (1528-1590), married (1) Anne Whorwood, married (2) to Elizabeth Tailboys, Baroness ., with issue. (First Marriage) John Dudley, (d. 1552), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Lord Robert Dudley KG. (1532-1588), Earl of Leicester., married (1) 1550 to Amy Robsart, married (2) to Lettice Knollys, with issue. (First marriage) Robert Dudley, Lord Denbigh, d.inf. (illegitimate from Lady Douglas Sheffield nee Howard) Sir Robert Dudley, (1574 -1649 Florence Italy), Cr: 1st Duke of Northumberland and Earl of Warwick in the Holy Roman Empire., married (1) to Margaret Cavendish, married (2) 1573 to Alice Leigh, Cr: 1644 Duchess of Dudley in Tuscany, married (3) 1606 to Elizabeth Southwell, with issue. (Second Marriage) Lady Alice Dudley, (1598-1621), married to Sir Ferdinado Sutton (cousin). Lady Catherine Dudley, (1598-1673), married 1609 to Richard Levenson. Lady Frances Dudley, (d. 1644), married to Sir Gilbert Knifeton of Bradley. Lady Anne Dudley, married to Sir Robert Holborne. (Third Marriage) Lord Henry Dudley, Earl of Warwick, dunm. Lady Anna Dudley, (d. 1629)., married to Marchese Orazio d’Appiano d’Aragona, 4th Principe di Piombino, with issue. Marchesa Margarita d’Appiano d’Aragona, (1629-), d.inf. Lady Mary Dudley., (d. 1660), married (1) to Spinetta Malaspina, Marchese d’Olivola, married (2) to Giambattista Fieschi dei Conti di Lavagna, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Malaspina, Marchese di d’Olivola, (1633-1682), married to Claudia Santacrocce, dsp. Lazzaro Malaspina, Marchese di d’Olivola, (1635-), married to Beatrice di Sylvia di Conti di San Pietro, with issue. Antonio Alerigo Malaspina, (d. 1764), dunm. Bernardo Malaspina, dunm. Giuseppe Massilimano Malaspina, (d. 1758), Marchese di d’Olivola, married to Maria Teresa Malaspina dei Marchese di Fisdinoro, with issue. Cristina Malaspina, married 1748 to Marchese Orazio Pacca di Benevento. Alberigd Malaspina, (died in Sicily 1789), dunm. Lazzaro Malaspina, Marchese di d’Olivola, (d. 1783), married to Tommasina Falconi di Chiavaro, with issue. Barbara Malaspina, married to Marchese Francesco Tirelli di Guastalla. Teresa Malaspina, (d. 1828), married to Conte Luigi Bondari di Parma. Carlo Malaspina, Last Marchese di Olivola, (d. 1811), dunm. Beatrice Malaspina, Nun, dunm. Anna Malaspina, (d. 1783), married 1764 to Claudio Malaspina, Marchese di Ponte Bosio, with issue. Vittoria Malaspina, Nun, dunm. Laura Malaspina, dunm. Carlotta Malaspina, dunm. Giulio Malaspina, (1769-1845), Marchese di Ponte Bosio, married to Vincenza Oldeini, with issue Claudio Malaspina, dunm. Azzo Malaspina. Grimaldo Malaspina, Marchese di Ponte Bosio, married to Laura dei Marchese Piotorelli, with issue. Torello Malaspina, (1844-. Carolina Malaspina. Anna Malaspina, dunm. Ferdinando Malaspina, Monk, dunm. Beatrice Malaspina, Nun, dunm. Azzolino Malaspina, (1774-), dunm. Federico Malaspina, dunm. Maria Maddalena Malaspina, (d. 1693), dunm. Elizabetta Malaspina, (1636-1712), married to Francesco Antonio Malaspina, Marchese di Suvero, with issue. Evridia Malaspina, (d. 1716), married to Alessandro Malaspina, Marchese di Podenzana, with issue. Dejanira Malaspina, married to Giancristoforo Malaspina, Marchese di Mulazzo, with issue. Corrardo Malaspina, (d. 1757), Anna Malaspina, married to Giovanni Malaspina, Marchese di Bastia, with issue. Matilde Malaspina. Enrichetta Malaspina, (d. 1786), married 1769 to Marchese Demofilo Paveri. Adelaide Malaspina, married 1775 to Conte Alessandro Arrivabene. Giuseppa Maria Malaspina, married 1788 to Conte Artaserse Bajardi. Alessandro Malaspina, dunm. Obizzo Malaspina, Cavalier di San Stefano, (d. 1740), dunm. Alberto Malaspina, d.inf. Cesare Malaspina, created Marchese di Montemauro e Rocca Federighi and later Marchese di Malazzo, dunm. Vittoria Cecilia Malaspina. Francesco Maria Malaspina, Marchese di Podenzana, (d. 1754), married to Beatrice deli Obizzi, with issue. Paride Malaspina. Leonardo Malaspina, Knight of Malta, (d. 1766), dunm. Tommaso Malaspina, (d. 1782). Alessandra Malaspina, married to Marchese Giuseppe Montecuccoli of Modena. Alessandro Malaspina, Marchese di Podenzana, (1729-1789), dunm. Vittoria Malaspina, (d. 1764), dunm. Alfonso Malaspina, Marchese di Podenzana, (1737-1796), Abbott, dunm. Matilda Malaspina. Teresa Felice Malaspina. Torquato Malaspina, (1667-1736), Marchese di Suvero, married to Livia Galletti, with issue. Rinaldo Malaspina, (d. 1770), Marchese di Suvero e Montesimone, dunm. Annibale Malaspina, (1704-1763), Priest, dunm. Cesare Malaspina, (d. 1769), dunm. Francesco Antonio Malaspina, (1714-1771), Marchese di Suvero e Montesimone, married to Livia dei Marchese Saporiti, with issue. Rosa Malaspina, (1767-), Nun, dunm. Torquato Malaspina, (1769-1827), Marchese di Suvero e Montesimone, married to Teresa dei Marchese Garimberti, with issue. Giuseppa Malaspina, (1788-, married to Francesco Giangrandi. Maria Girolama Malaspina, (1790-, dunm. Francesca Malaspina, (1792-., d.inf. Francesco Antonio Malaspina, (1794-. Maria Antonia Malaspina, (1793-. Matilde Malaspina, (1800-, married to Tenente Antonio Morini. Girolama Malaspina, (1801-, married to Gian Carlo Cancari. Maria Francesca Malaspina, (1802-. Ricordano Malaspina. Francesca Malaspina, (1808-. Massimilian Leonardo Malaspina. Edvige Malaspina, married to Obizzo Malaspina, Marchese di Villafranca, with issue. Giovanni Malaspina. Tommaso Malaspina, (1745-1834), Marchese di Villafranca, married to Linqia dei Marchesi Malaspina dei Ponte Bosio, with issue. Giambattista Malaspina, (d. 1835), dunm. Alfonso Malaspina, (d. 1835), married to Caterina Bertoni, with issue. Ferdinando Malaspina. Carlo Malaspina. Benedetto Malaspina. Tommaso Malaspina, married to Clothilde Malaspina dei Marchesi di Villafranca, dsp. Leopold Malaspina, dunm. Matilde Malaspina, married to Annabile Malaspina, Marchese di Villafranca, dsp. Maria Malaspina, dunm. Edvige Malaspina, married to Federico Malaspina, Marchese di Villafranca. Francesco Malaspina, Priest, dunm. Giovanni Malaspina, Canon, dunm. Ercole Malaspina, Gesuita in Rome, dunm. Caterina Malaspina. Giovanni Malaspina. Beatrice Malaspina. Cristina Malaspina. Matilde Malaspina, married to Cavalier Carlo Orsolini. Obizzo Malaspina, (1835-., married to Brigida Murri, with issue. Luigia Malaspina, married to Marchese Giacinto Malaspina, with issue. Guglielmo Malaspina. Richelda Malaspina. Antonia Malaspina. Giuseppe Malaspina, married to Carolina Malaspina, with issue. Romilda Malaspina. Massimiliano Malaspina. Antonio Malaspina. Adele Malaspina. Marzio Malaspina. Clara Malaspina. Scipione Malaspina, married to Vittoria Armanini, with issue. Sofia Malaspina. Corrardo Malaspina. Tommaso Malaspina. Francesco Malaspina. Olimpia Malaspina. Niccolo Malaspina. Marcellino Malaspina. Amelia Malaspina. Vincenzo Malaspina. Torquato Malaspina, Capitano in Spanish Army. Giulio Gaspare Malaspina, (1707-1768), dunm. Ottaviano Malaspina, (1687-), dunm. Cosimo Malaspina, (1637-1709), dunm.l. (illegitimate) Spinella Diana Malaspina, married 1698 Palermo, Sicily to Amatore Pelisieri sives Impellizzieri dei Baroni di Bussello, with issue. Grazia Maria Giuseppa Pelisieri sives Impellizzieri, married 1718 Valletta to Carlo Andrea Ferreri of Solario, Alessandria, Italy, with issue. Margherita Ferreri, married 1738 Valletta to Antonio Paceco la Cruz of Spain, with issue. Maddalena Paceco la Cruz, married 1763 Senglea to Gio Battista Girolamo Scivoli, Mistress to Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM, (1732-92), Governor of Gozo, (r. 1774-92) died in Gozo., with issue. (issue from Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM) Giovanna Scivoli, (1783-1829), married 1809 Genoa to Sig Biagio Tagliaferro. (issue from Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM) Teresa Don, Orphelin, married 1811 Birkirkara to Sig Bartolomeo Mallia. (issue from Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM) Clement Scivoli, (1779-1836).  Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia, married 1799 to Marchioness Helena Wielopski, with issue. Chevalier Clement II Scivolisky 2nd Knight , (1800-42), married 1825 to Yolanda Xerrisky., with issue. Henrietta Scivolisky, (1826-), married 1850 to Count Lacy. Tatiana Scivolisky, (1828-), married 1852 to Count von der Borsch. Yolanda Scivolisky, (1803-), married 1825 to Chevalier Giovanni Xerrisky. Marie Scivolisky, (1804-), married 1830 to Chevalier Nicholas Zerafov Chevalier Peter Scivolisky 3rd Knight, (1805-96), married 1830 to Ursula Borgski., with issue. Chevalier Clement III Scivolisky, 4th Knight, (1832-1905), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier George Scivolisky, (1835-41), dunm. Catherine Scivolisky, (1838-), married 1860 to Count von Browne. Chevalier Igor Scivolisky., (1806-72), married 1828 to Anastasia Grimov., with issue. Antoinette Scivolisky, (1830-), married 1859 to Count Nicholas Zoubov. Natalie Scivolisky, (1832-), married 1855 to Count Alexandri Zoubov. Marie Scivolisky, (1833-), married 1857 to Count George Zoubov. Victoria Scivolisky, (1835-), married  1860 to Count von Sievers. Chevalier Matthew Scivolisky, (1837-94), married 1865 to Countess Tatiana von Sievers, with issue. Chevalier Peter Scivolisky5th Knight, (1869 – 1907), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier Clement IV Scivolisky, 6th and last Knight, (1873-1953), married 1901 to Victoria Borgsky, with issue. Tatiana Scivolisky, (1902-, married 1924 to Count Peter Vgazmitinov. Catherine Scivolisky, (1903-., married 1925 to Count Alexis Shuvalov. Ingrid Scivolisky, (1905-., married 1927 to Sergei Turgenev. Elizabetta Scivolisky, (1908-., married 1930 to Baron Ladislaus Pilars de Pilars. Helena Scivolisky, (1909-., married 1933 to Prince Alexander Potemkin. Marie Scivolisky (1911-, married 1939 to Baron Charles Desierov Anastasia Scivolisky, (1878-., married 1935 to Count Paul Ignatieff.. Antonio Scivoli, married 1809 Valletta to Caterina Monteverde. Anna Paceco la Cruz, married (1) 1769 Valletta to Agostino Xicluna, married (2) 1784 Senglea to Michele Calafato. Vincenza Pellisieri sives Impellizzieri dei Baroni di Bussello, married 1722 Valletta to Francesco Rolando of France. Antonia Pellisieri sives Impellizzieri dei Baroni di Bussello, married (1) 1721 Valletta to Giuseppe Dalgado of Seville, Spain, married (2) 1743 Valletta to Don Domenico Silves of Huesca, Spain, with issue. (First marriage) Aloisia Dalgado, married 1755 Valletta to Giovanni Preti sives Freti sives Treti. Filippo Pellizzeri sives Impellizzieri dei Baroni di Bussello, Barone di Ponticello, married to Vincenza Cappellano, with issue. Luigi Pellizzeri dei Baroni di Bussello, (1764-1823), Barone di Ponticello, created Marchese di Monteblu 1814 in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, married to Donna Isabella la Rocca, with issue. Don Vincenzo Pellizzieri, (1788-), 2nd Marchese di Monteblu, married to Francesca de Filippo, with issue. Don Filippo Pellizzieri, (1820-). Don Onofrio Pellizzieri, (1822-. Don Antonio Pellizzieri, (1824-. Donna Giuseppa Pellizzieri, married 1817 Messina to Francesco di Giovanni, 4th Duca di Precacuore, 2nd Marchese Piccolo, with issue. Don Giovanni di Giovanni, (1819-1857), 5th Duca di Precacuore, 3rd Marchese Piccolo, married to Paolina Amodio, with issue. Donna Giuseppa di Giovanni, (1852-1908), married to Giuseppe Musolino. Don Giuseppe di Giovanni, (1852-1908), 6th Duca di Precacuore, 4th Marchese Piccolo, married to Giuseppa Maugieri, (see below). Don Giovanni Camillo di Giovanni, (1857-), d.inf. Don Luigi di Giovanni, (1822-1852), married to Marianna Marchese, with issue. Donna Isabella di Giovanni, (1834-). Don Francesco di Giovanni, (1840-), married to Teresa Barbalonga, with issue. Don Luigi di Giovanni, (1880-), married 1914 Palermo to Donna Carmela Branciforte. Don Luigi di Giovanni, (1842-), married to Carolina Galatti. Don Giovanni di Giovanni, (1851-1853), d.inf. Donna Anna di Giovanni, (1832-1851), married to Gaetanmo Maugeri, with issue. Giuseppa Maurgeri, (1850-1908), married to Francesco di Giovanni, 6th Duca di Precacuore, 4th Marchese Piccolo, (See above). Donna Chiara Stella Pellizzieri, (1808-1854), married to Antonio Macri, with issue. Isabella Macri, (1844 Messina), married 1872 Messina to Giuseppe Benedetto Gatto. Giambattista Malaspina, (1639-1708), dunm. Vittoria Malaspina, (1640-, married to Luigi, Conte Verita di Verona. Teodora Malaspina, (1642-), dunm. Cristina Malaspina, (1643-, married to Guido Antonio Bonaventuri d’Urbino. Spinella Malaspina, (1645-), dunm. Ambrogio Malaspina, (1646-1718), Monk., dunm. Margherita Malaspina, (1648-), Nun, dunm. Anna Teodora Malaspina, (1650-1722), married to Conte Galeazzo Canessa.  Lord Carlo Dudley, 2nd Duca di Northumbria, (1614-1686)., married to Marie Madeleine Gouffier dei Duchi di Rhoanet, with issue. Lord Roberto Dudley, 3rd Duca di Northumbria, (d. 1706)., Chamberlain to Queen Maria Christina of Sweden in Romedunm. Lord Antonio Dudley, 4th Duca di Northumbria, (1653-1728), Canon of the Vatican. Lady Maria Cristina Dudley, married to Andrea, Marchese Paleotti, with issue. Marchesa Adelaide Paleotti, (d. 1726), married (1) to Conte Alessandro Roffeni, married (2) 1705 to Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsburymistress to King George I of United Kingdom.  Lord Ambrose Dudley., married to the Duchesse di Casteleaon del Lagodsp.  Lord Fernardo Dudley., (1618-1657 Palermo Sicily), married (c.1639 Birgu Malta) to Maria Pangales., with issue. Lady Vincenza Anna Dudley, (1641-, married 1655 Senglea to Nobile Leonardo di Nardo of Sicily, Medico, with issue. Nobile Tecla Paola di Naro Dudley, married 1671 Valletta to Aloiseo Borg. Nobile Orsola di Naro Dudley, married 1678 Senglea to Nicola Panajotti of Cyprus, with issue. Nicola Panajotti, married 1703 Vittoriosa to Anna Maria Allegritto, with issue. Francesco Panajotti, married 1731 Vittoriosa to Caterina Barbara. Rosa Panajotti, married 1706 Vittoriosa to Pietro Raimondo. Grazia Panajotti, married 1699 Vittoriosa to Mro Rafaele Camilleri., Maria Carolina Panajotti, married 1705 Vittoriosa to Bernardino Torrensi. Eleanora di Naro Dudley, married 1667 Messina to Don Chevalier Giuseppe Saura. Lord Bartolomeo Dudley, (1642-1689), married (c.1665) to Nobile Augusta Maria di Naro, with issue. Lord Fernardo Dudley, (1673-1735), 5th Duca di Northumbria, married 1698 Salerno to Caroline De Sain, with issue. Bartolomeo Dudley, (1706-1753), 6th Duca di Northumbria, married 1725 Birgu to Aloisea Serra, with issue. Lady Marie Christine Dudley, (1729 – 1805 Palermo, Sicily), married (1) 1744 to Cristoforo Dudley, (Uncle). Enrico Dudley, (1733 – 1748), Earl of Warwich, dunm. (illegitimate with Alexandra Alunna di Lorenzo Sayd), Anna Alunna di Dudley, married 1746 Valletta to Michele Amato. (illegitimate with Cardinal Conte Ludovico Gualtieri, 2nd Earl of Dundee, . 2nd Duca di Camie, Inquisitor of the Order of St John of Malta, Titular Archbishop of Mira) Michele de Agius Gualtieri, (1745-, married 1765 Qormi to Teresa Bugeja, with issue. Lord Antonio Dudley, (1709-1775), 7th Duca di Northumbria, ‘Monk‘, dunm. Lord Angelo Dudley, (1712-1758), ‘Monk‘, dunm. Lord Cristoforo Dudley, (1715-1749), married 1744 to Lady Marie Christine Dudley (Niece), with issue. Fernardo Dudley, (1745-1779), 8th Duca di Northumbria, ‘Monk‘, dunm. Bartolomeo Dudley, (1746-1785), 9th Duca di Northumbria, ‘Monk‘, dunm. Antonio Dudley, (1748-1792), 10th Duca di Northumbria, ‘Monk‘, dunm. Carlo Dudley, (1749-1795), 11th Duca di Northumbria, married 1793 Vittoriosa to Maria Hamilton, with issue. Bartolomeo Dudley, (1795-1879), 12th and Last Duca di Northumbria, ‘Monk’, dunm. Lady Liberata Maddalena Dudley, (1795 – 1837), married 1818 Valletta to Filippo Cilia. (illegitimate) Saveria Spiteri, Alunna de l’Hospital eleve par Nicola Gatt et Caterina, married 1807 Siggiewi to Nicola Borg. (illegitimate) Elena de Spiteri, Orpheline d’Hospital, married 1806 Birkirkara to Orazio Muscat. Lady Carolina Guglielima Dudley, (1749-, married 1769 Valletta to Michele Angelo Rocchi, with issue. Caterina Rocchi, married 1816 Cospicua to Paolo Cachia Ricca. Giuseppe Rocchi, married 1805 Valletta to Maria Cassar. (illegitimate with Conte Giuseppe Fenech Bonici) Baldassare de Fenech, married 1816 Valletta to Maria Attard, with issue. Lady Fiorenza Dudley, married 1771 Palermo, Sicily to Nicola Xiriha de Laudia. Lady Aloisea Marianna Dudley, (1707-, married to William Dodsworth, English Merchant, with issue. John Dodsworth, (d. 1770), British Consul in Malta (1745-1763), married 1738 Valletta to Nobile Aloisea Young, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, with issue. Nobile Nicola Dodsworth, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1763 Vittoriosa to Elena Corconese, with issue. Nobile Aloisea Dodsworth sives TedescoHereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1789 Valletta to Pietro Baldacchino, with issue. Nobile Vincenza Baldacchino, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1816 Valletta to Francesco Cachia, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Cachia, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1844 Valletta to Anna Cardona. Nobile Maria Dodsworth sives TedescoHereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1781 Valletta to Giorgio Zammit, with issue. Nobile Gaetano Zammit, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1801 Qormi to Paola Camenzuli, with issue. Nobile Caterina Zammit, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1825 Cospicua to Francesco Vella, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Vella, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1855 Cospicua to Liberata Grima. Nobile Elizabetta Dodsworth, married 1786 to Edoardo Moscat. Nobile Willimena (Guglielma) Dodsworth, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (1) 1772 Vittoriosa to Baldassare Zammit, married (2) 1786 Valletta to Emanuele Farrugia. Lady Maria Stefania Dudley, (1713-, married 1750 Palermo, Sicily to Michele Angelo Vuittor sives Ruttin, English Consul of Malta. Lady Eleanore Dudley, (1674-), mistress to Dr Bernardo Piscopo Macedonio JUDCount of Mont’Alto. Lady Jane Dudley, (1675-, maried 1695 Valletta to Blasio di Pena of Cannes, France. Lord Douglas Dudley, (1679-. Lady Diana Dudley, (1643-., married 1659 Birgu Malta to Marchese Geronimo Malaspina di Mulazzo e Montefalcone. Lord Ambrose Dudley, (1644-1697), ‘Priest’., dunm. Lady Henrietta Anna Maria Louise Dudley, (1645-, married 1689 Vittoriosa to Salvatore d’Andrea, with issue. Giuseppe d’Andrea, married 1753 Mdina to Rosa Gambin, with issue. Giovanna d’Andrea, married 1774 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Micau sives di Michele, with issue. Gaetano Micau, married 1797 Valletta to Maria Angelica Mirabella, with issue. Antonia Micau, married 1830 Valletta to Salvatore Gellel. Maria Micau, married 1838 Valletta to Vincenzo Bartolo, with issue. Carmelo Bartolo, married 1872 Birkirkara to Irena Borg, with issue. Elena Bartolo, married 1894 Birkirkara to Emmanuele Grech. Alessandro d’Andrea, married 1764 Valletta to Maria Agius. Felice d’Andrea, married 1770 Vittoriosa to Grazia Magro, with issue. Agostino d’Andrea, married 1790 Vittoriosa to Maria Pace, with issue. Annunziata d’Andrea, married 1825 Valletta to Giuseppe Tabone, with issue. Maria Tabone, married 1847 Cospicua to Francesco di Giorgio. Nicola d’Andrea, married 1736 Zejtun to Margherita de Guevara, with issue. Maria d’Andrea, married 1774 Zejtun to Giuseppe Spiteri, with issue. Caterina Spiteri, married 1803 Zejtun to Salvatore Bondin, with issue. Tomaso Bondin, married 1838 Zejtun to Caterina Camilleri. Alessandro Bondin, married 1839 Zejtun to Caterina Attard, with issue. Lorenzo Bondin, married 1868 Zejtun to Filomena Calleja, with issue. Aloisio Bondin, married 1911 Zejtun to Maria Consiglia Gatt, with issue. Caterina Bondin, married 1939 Zejtun to Giovanni Caruana. Maria d’Andrea, married 1724 Vittoriosa to Orazio Muscat. Teresa d’Andrea, married (1) 1731 Vittoriosa to Stefano Fino, married (2) 1742 Vittoriosa to Crispino Cordidano, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Fino, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Elena Cassar, with issue. Giuliano Fino, married 1785 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Fino, married 1810 Vittoriosa to Teresa Agius, with issue. Carmelo Fino, married 1856 Zabbar to Vittoria D’armonia. Fortunata Fino, married 1833 Vittoriosa to Tomaso Gori. Anna Maria Fino, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Ruggier, with issue. Aloisio Ruggier, married 1829 Cospicua to Concepta Garzin. Antonio Fino, married 1823 Vittoriosa to Aloisia Galea, with issue. Lorenza Fino, married 1841 Cospicua to Salvatore Mizzi. Lorenza Fino, married 1823 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Galea. Pasquale Fino, married 1785 Vittoriosa to Emmanuela Franglanza, with issue. Giovanni Fino, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Rosa Fenech, with issue. Michele Fino, married (1) 1839 Vittoriosa to Concetta Darmania, married (2) 1847 Vittoriosa to Maria Concetta Delia, with issue. (First marriage) Lorenza Fino, married 1883 Vittoriosa to Aloisio Hili. (Second marriage) Giuseppa Fino, married 1884 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Battista Aquilina. Michelina Fino, married 1909 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Vella Orsini. Carmelo Fino, married 1881 Vittoriosa to Elena Busuttil. Maria Carmela Fino, married 1850 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Xicluna. Anna Fino, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Pasquale Sena of Naples. Antonio Fino, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Graziella Fleri, with issue. Giuseppa Fino, married 1837 Cospicua to Baldassare Vella. Antonio Fino, married 1789 Senglea to Margherita Cauchi, with issue. Giovanni Fino, married 1815 Vittoriosa to Paola Zammit, with issue. Emanuele Fino, married 1855 Cospicua to Caterina Ellul, with issue. Giovanni Fino, married 1882 Vittoriosa to Maria Cleofa Caruana, with issue. Lorenzo Fino, married 1924 Vittoriosa to Maria Vincenza Galea. Caterina Fino, married 1920 Vittoriosa to Rogerio Cordina. Paolo Fino, married 1896 Zurrieq to Caterina Zerafa, with issue. Teresa Fino, married 1931 Zurrieq to Luigi sives Lewis Zammit. Maria Anna Fino, married 1883 Cospicua to Aloisio Seichel. Maria Teresa Fino, married 1897 Cospicua to Lorenzo Ciantar. Antonio Fino, married 1839 Vittoriosa to Marianna Tabone. Salvatore Fino, married 1814 Vittoriosa to Margherita Fleri, with issue. Giuseppa Fino, married 1837 Cospicua to Baldassare Vella. Teresa Fino, married 1819 Cospicua to Aloisio Falzon. Lady Maria Christina Dudley, (1647-, married 1672 Syracusa, Sicily to Sig Sebastiano Alessi of Syracusa, Sicily. Lord Giovanni Dudley, (1649-1685), ‘Monk‘, dunm. Lady Maria Dudley, (1651-. Lady Teresa Dudley., (d. 1698), married to Mario, Conte di Carpegna, with issue. Anna Maria di Carpegna, (d. 1734), married to Marchese Giambattista di Naro. Elizabetta di Carpegna, dunm. Uldarico, Conte di Carpegna, created Principe di Bascio 1698, (d. 1731), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Housemaid) Dioniso de Anastasio, Alunno di Uldarico, Conte di Carpegna, Principe di Bascio, 1653-1731, elevee pa Giuseppe d’Anastasio, married 1693 Mdina to Caterina Bugeja, with issue. Gio Domenico de Anastasio, married 1721 Mdina to Anna Cortis, with issue. Matteo d’Anastasio, married 1745 Mdina to Maria Portelli, with issue. Andrea d’Anastasio, married 1766 Birkirkara to Caterina Dimech, with issue. Giovanni d’Anastasio, married 1801 Birkirkara to Teresa Grech. Lorenzo d’Anastasio, married (1) 1753 Dingli to Rosa d’Rinaldo, married (2) 1796 Dingli to Rosa Vella. Giovanni d’Anastasio, married 1758 Mdina to Francesca Fsatini. Rosa d’Anastasio, married 1744 Mdina to Lorenzo Mifsud. Francesco d’Anastasio sives Danastas, married 1761 Mdina to Margherita Borg, with issue. Pasquale Danastas, married 1811 Mdina to Anna Xuereb, with issue. Francesco Danastas, married (1) 1844 Mdina to Maria Agius, married (2) 1863 Mdina to Maria Carmela Azzopardi, with issue. (First marriage) Vincenzo Danastas, married 1867 Mdina to Giuseppa Vella. Lorenzo Danastas, married 1867 Mdina to Maria Zghendo, with issue. Costanza Danastas, married 1893 Mdina to Paolo Galea. Rosa Danastas, married 1895 Mdina to Giovanni Galea. Maria Anna Danastas, married 1898 Mdina to Giuseppe Micallef. Francesca Danastas, married 1901 Mdina to Andrea Camilleri. Annunziata Danastas, married 1872 Mdina to Gio Maria Sant. Rosa Danastas, married 1873 Mdina to Francesco Danastas, (see below). Maria Carmela Danastas, married 1885 Mdina to Antonio Busuttil. Felice Denastas, married 1849 Mdina to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Giovanni Denastas, married (1) 1875 Mdina to Maria Carmela Fenech, married (2) 1884 Mdina to Costanza Attard. Carmelo Denastas, married (1) 1895 Mdina to Teresa Borg, married (2) 1919 Mdina to Emmanuela Grech. Maria Denastas, married 1895 Mdina to Paolo Borg. Giuseppe Denastas, married 1855 Valletta to Anna Caruana, with issue. Pasquale Denastas, married 1897 Mdina to Maria Consolata Giordmaina. Rosa Denastas, married 1888 Mdina to Francesco Saliba. Francesca Denastas, married 1883 Mdina to Matteo Agius. Maria Carmela Denastas, married 1883 Mdina to Francesco Micallef. Paolo Denastas, married 1862 Mdina to Giuseppa Xuereb, with issue. Anna Denastas, married 1883 Mdina to Salvatore Deguara. Rosa Denastas, dunm.l. (illegitimate with Don Carlo de Guevara, 12th Duca di Bovino) Maria Carmela de Denastas, married 1877 Mdina to Nicola Tonna. Paolo Denastas, married 1785 Mdina to Rosa Tanti, with issue. Francesco Denastas, married 1838 Mdina to Teresa Micallef, with issue. Paolo Denastas, married 1877 Mdina to Maria Ciangura, 20th dejure Baroness di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana, Lineal Heiress to de Lusignan, with issue. Rosa Denastas, married 1862 Mdina to Francesco Azzopardi. Matteo Denastas, married 1840 Mdina to Vincenza Casha, with issue. Paolo Denastas, married 1870 Mdina to Gaetana Galea. Rosa Denastas, married 1872 Mdina to Carmelo Muscat. Maria Grazia Denastas, married 1881 Mdina to Giovanni Pullicino. Maria Denastas, married 1809 Mdina to Francesco Galea. Anna Denastas, married 1826 Mdina to Francesco Borg. Lorenzo Denastas, married 1804 Mdina to Rosa Maria Frendo, with issue. Domenico Denastas, married 1818 Mdina to Anna Mongalias. Salvatore Denastas, married 1837 Mdina to Rosa Fenech, with issue. Teresa Denastas, married 1859 Mdina to Aloisio Micallef. Francesco Denastas, married 1873 Mdina to Rosa Denastas, (see above), with issue. Maria Rosa Denastas, married 1892 Mdina to Carmelo Attard. Salvina Denastas, married 1900 Mdina to Paolo Vella. Giuseppe Denastas, married 1881 Mdina to Maria Sammut. Paola Danastas sives Denastas, married 1834 Mdina to Nobile Felice Attard. Simone Denastas, married 1791 Mdina to Giovanna Ebejer, with issue. Maria Denastas, married 1827 Mdina to Giuseppe Mallia. Antonio de Anastasio, married 1719 Mdina to Paolina Magro, with issue. Maria d’Anastasio, married 1741 Mdina to Paolo Xuereb. Anna d’Anastasio, married 1745 Mdina to Paolo Taliana. Sancto de Anastasio, married 1726 Mdina to Rosa Vella, with issue. Teresa d’Anastasio, married 1752 Mdina to Giuseppe Vella. Maria de Anastasio, married 1752 Mdina to Pietro de Battista. Vittoria di Carpegna, (d. 1733), married to Francesco Orsini Cavalieri. Lord Cosmo Dudley., d.inf  Lord Anthony Enrico Dudley, (1631-)., ‘Priest‘. Lord Guilford Dudley., (d. 1554), married to Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England (r. 1554), dsp. Lord Henry Dudley. Lady Catherine Dudley, d.inf. Lady Catherine Dudley, married to the Earl of Huntington. Lord Charles Dudley, d.inf. Lord Temperance Dudley, d.inf. Lady Margaret Dudley, d.inf. Sir Andrew Dudley Kt, (d. 1559). Jerome Dudley. Simon Dudley. Elizabeth Dudley. Elizabeth Dudley, married to Thomas Ashburnham of Sussex.

1.1.3. Hon William DudleyBishop of Durham 1476-83,