Statement regarding Same sex marriages and Unions on

Same-sex marriage is a term used to describe a legally or socially recognized marriage between two people of the same sex. Other terms used to describe this type of recognition include gay marriage, gender-neutral marriage, or marriage equality Same-sex marriage is a political, social, and religious issue in many western nations. Usually, it is closely related to the larger debate over societal acceptance of homosexual relationships. Proponents of same-sex marriages regard it as a human right to be able to enter into marriage regardless of the genders of the participants. Those who oppose same-sex marriages often base their opposition on the perceived societal impact of same-sex marriages, concerns about indirect consequences of same-sex marriages, parenting concerns, tradition, or religious grounds. In some countries, laws are governed with same sex couples becoming a union either as a marriage or as a civil union. Therefore, evidence provided of such a union is highly essential for the base of legality and to be noted on web site. does accept descendants listed as far and wide all over the planet of the Maltese race and it is not govern by the laws of Malta. Lastly we agree those opportunities to be listed as a union with children is the right of the individual. Though in the case of claimage to nobility laws should only be based on each grant of title and its “letters patent” and not by the laws of the land, unless a Court or Government states otherwise. Any adoption or children from one of the partners of the union still needs to list a biological parent to continue the bloodline. This needs to be verified in a statement signed by all persons concerned. Though when it comes to styles of usage to nobility such as “dei conti, Baroni, Marchesi, Principi”, this is only govern by each title and its “letters patent” regarding succession and usage. In most cases, one may be able to style their partners claim of style in their time of union. With any case of divorce and a new union has been entered, further documentation of proof is needed. If still in doubt please consult for further advice. Example of genealogy: (note that this is a fictitious tree)  

1. John Paul Maselli, (1942- ., 4th Barone di Campos (succ 1995), married 1973 Valletta to Doris de la Crème, with issue.

1.1. Eloise dei Baroni Maselli, (1975- ., married 1998 Sliema to Phillip Yarra, with issue.

 1.2. Peter Maselli, (1977-., Baroncino di Campos, married (civ) 2002 Madrid Spain to Juan Caserillo, (styles dei Baroni di Campos after his name), with issue.

1.2.1. (Biological Mother is Simona Vercello) Max Maselli,- Caserillo, (2004 London-.

1.2.2. (Biological Father is Juan Caserillo- Biological Mother is Simona Vercello) Tanya Maselli-Caserillo, (2006 London-.

1.3. Samuele  dei Baroni Maselli, (1979-., married 2005 Mosta to Jane Toxicity, with issue.

1.3.1. John Paul dei Baroni Maselli, (2007 Mosta -.

1.3.2. Yolanda dei Baroni Maselli, (2009 Rabat Malta -.

1.4. Ursula dei Baroni Maselli, (1981-., (Civil Union in London UK 2007 ; Divorced 2009 Uk) to Ingrid Berstorm, with issue.

1.4.1.  (Biological mother is Ursula: Biological Father is Jason Thornyton) Jane Maselli, (2006 Southampton UK-.

1.4.2. (Biological mother is Ursula: Biological Father is Thomas Eggerton) Alexander Maselli-Berstorm, (2008 London -.

1.4.3. (Biological Mother is Ingrid: Biological father is Henrik van der Oaeten) 

In this genealogical case, the title granted clearly states succession to those within wedlock, though it does not cover if its to a man and women, man to man or a women to women. So from a genealogical sense, it would be treated as “out of wedlock” issue. With the case of the partner of the “heir” no laws stops the partner from styling a title of the other partner, though it would only be used socially and yet in some countries where the monarchy still exist have their own laws which needs to be consulted.