“de Felice family”
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Giuseppe de Felice, (Neofito and Released Slave of the Felice family), married (1) 1766 Valletta to Orsola Tanti, married (2) 1766 Valletta to Paola Fenech., with issue..  

1. (First Marriage) Lorenzo de Felice., (Migrated to France), married 1789 Valletta to Marguerite Perrettini., with issue.  

1.1.   Giuseppe Lorenzo Felici “sives de Felice”., (Later Migrated to Corsica, France) married (1) 1813 to Mathee Oliva., married (2) 1829 to Marianna Paolantonacci., with issue. 

1.1.1. (First Marriage) Antoine Felici., (1814-15)., d.inf. 

1.1.2. Toussainte Felici., (1817-., married 1845 to Charles Michel Santarelli.  

1.1.3. Giuseppe Antonio Felici., (1824-. 

1.1.4. Gracieuse Felici., (1826-1904). 

1.1.5. Rosanna Felici., (1828-29)., d.inf. 

1.1.6. (Second Marriage) Pauline Felici., (1829-1910)., married 1862 to Joseph Baptiste Peri. 

1.1.7. Marie-Mathee Felici., (1831-. 

1.1.8. Laurent Dominique Felici., (1835-., married 1862 to Felicite Cauro., with issue. Felicite Anne Marie Felici., married Isidore Joseph Jean Clos. Adrienne Felici. Agatha Marie Felici. Jean Joseph Felici. Xaviere Marianne Felici. Marianne Agatha Felici., married Louis Louvet-Delang. 

1.1.9. Vincensina Felici., (1842-47)., d.inf. 

1.1.10. Xaviere Felici., (1843-60). 

1.2. Victoire de Felice, (1802 Toulon – 1879 in Ajaccio, Corsica)., married 1824 Ajaccio, Corsica to Nicolas Tavera, with issue. 3

1.2.1. Jean-Dominique Tavera, (1831-1889 Ajaccio, Corsicua)., married 1861 Ajaccio to Nataline Muraccioli, with issue. Joseph Tavera, (1862 Sartene – 1922 Bastia), married 1891 Sartene to Nicolette Manetti, with issue. Jean Tavera, (1892 -1917 Craonne), dunm (Died in action WWI). Cesar Tavera, (1894 Sartene – 1976 Bastia), married 1924 Bastia to Jeanne Pekle, with issue. Helene Tavera, (1925 Cassis – ), married 1945 Erbalunga-Brando to Dominique Ferretti, with issue. Nicole Ferretti, (1946 Bastia -), married 1970 Marseille to Jean-Jacques Martin, with issue. Valerie Martin, (1971 Marseille -), married (1) 1997 (Div) Marseille to Jean-Philippe Gallet, with issue. Marie Gallet, (1999 Marseille -). (issue from Eric Casoni) Lea Casoni, (2010 Marseille -). Pascale Martin, (1973 Marseille -), married 1999 Marseille to Franck Oliveri, with issue. Baptiste Oliveri, (2000 Marseille -). Matthieu Oliveri, (2005 Marseille -). Nicolas Martin, (1979 Marseille -), married 2011 Hanoi (Italian Embassy) to Nadia Murgia, with issue. Louis Martin, (2012 Saigon-Hoshiminville -). Pierre Dominique Martin, (2015 Menton, France -). Pierre Ferretti, (1952 Bastia -), married 1981 Saint Nicolas de la Balerme to Edwige Isnard, with issue. Sandrine Ferretti, (1982 Marseille -), married 2013 Pernes Les Fontaines, France to Thibaud Masselot, with issue. Gabriel Masselot, (2014 Avignon, France -. Mathilde Masselot, (2016 Avignon, France -. Anne Ferretti, (1984 Marseille -), married 2011 at La Ciotat, France to Valentin Beugnies, with issue. Paul Beugnies, (2012 Nice, France -). Adele Beugnies, (2015 Nice, France -). Felicite Ferretti, (1956 Marseille -), married 1985 Marseille to Patrick Cianfarani, with issue. Marie-Laetitia Cianfarani, (1987 Marseille -). Dominique Cianfarani, (1992 Marseille -). Madeleine Tavera, (1929 Bastia – 2003 Vence), dunm. Marcelle Tavera, (1932 Bastia -2015), married 1955 Bastia to Xavier Seta, with issue. Andre Seta, (1957 Bastia -), married 1986 Sainte Rose de la Reunion to Aidee Ango, with issue. Saveria Seta, (1988 Bastia -). Mathieu-Xavier Seta, (1990 Bastia -). Jean-Dominique Seta, (1958 Erbalunga-Brando -), married 1984 Paris to Monique Chan-Si-Shi, with issue. Vannina Seta, (1986 Paris -). Julie Seta, (1989 Paris -). Anne Seta, (1963 Bastia -), married 1989 Vence to Rene Salanski, with issue. Stephane Salanski, (1990 Nice -). Alexis Salanski, (1995 Bastia -). Marcel Tavera, (1896 Sartene – 1918 Sancy), dunm (Died in action WWI) Georges Tavera, (1898 Sartene – 1979 Paris), married to Berthe Farnaud, with issue. Josette Tavera, (1927 Marseille -2019 Paris, France), married 1951 Paris (Div) to Pierre Lapresle, with issue. Dr Philippe Lapresle, (1952 Paris – ), married 1973 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Catherine Solle, with issue. Stephanie Lapresle, (1976 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 1999 to Mathieu Geffrier, with issue. Benjamin Geffrier, (2003 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Timothee Geffrier, (2006 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Amelie Lapresle, (1978 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2001 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Pierre-Emmanuel Gelis, with issue. Alexandre Gelis, (2005 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Victoire Gelis, (2007 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Pauline Lapresle, (1980 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2003 Neuilly-sur-Seine to Loic Gelis, with issue. Martin Gelis, (2006 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Clement Gelis, (2010 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Clementine Lapresle, (1983 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2006 to Aymeric Arnaud, with issue. Philippine Arnaud, (2012 Neuilly-sur-Seine -). Valentine Arnaud, (2015 Neuilly-sure-Seine -). Constance Arnaud, (2017 Levallois-Perret -). Marion Lapresle, (1987 Neuilly-sur-Seine -), married 2012 Neuilly sur Seine, France to Georges de La Taille, with issue. Joseph de La Taille, (2014 Paris, France -. Charles de La Taille, (2016 Paris, France -). Rosine Lapresle, (1953 Paris -). Georges Lapresle, (1957 Amiens -). (issue from Dominique Lion) Antonin Lapresle, (1990 Fort-de-France, Martinique -). (issue from Dominique Lion) Victoria Lapresle, (1991 Fort-de-France, Martinique -). 

1.2.2. Laurent Tavera, (1835 Ajaccio -), married 1859 Ajaccio to Xaviere Tavera, with issue. Constantin Tavera, (1867 Ajaccio-), married 1901 Ajaccio to Louise Peraldi. 

1.2.3. Jean-Paul Tavera, (1839 Ajaccio -), married (1) 1863 Ajaccio to Laure Poggi, married (2) 1868 Ajaccio to Marie-Antoinette Salini.  

1.3.  Giovanni de Felice., married 1828 to Maria Francoise Savona., with issue.  

1.3.1. Laurent Felici., (1829-96)., married 1848 to Livie Desanti., with issue. Josephine Argentina Felici., (1849-., married Joseph Marie Mancini. Antoine Crispimano Felici., (1850-70)., dunm.  Jean Felici., (1853-1942).  Angele Marie Felici.  Francoise Felici.  Michele Felici.  Paul Michel Felici., married Felicite Carboni., with issue. Antoine Elie Felici., married to Celie Marcelle Blaize. Elie Felici., married Eugenia Jeanne Louise Mary., with issue. Andre Eugene Felici. Raymond Felix Felici. Eliane Felicite Felici., married to Christian Bordes. Paule Raymonde Felici., married NN. Moridet. Jerome Laurent Felici., married Marthe Marie Colin. Laurent Noel Felici., married Caroline Tavera., with issue. Paul Felici., married to Josephine Anne Mariani., with issue. Laurent Jeromine Felici. Jeanne Antoinette Felici., married to Claude Bacci. Paul Michel Felici., married Helene Quilichini., with issue. Paul Michel Felici. Jacqueline Felici., married to Xavier Ollandini. Felix Felici., married to Marie-Francoise Alata., with issue. Paul Marie Felici, married to Lucie Paoli, with issue. Stella Felici. Laurence Felici. Laurent Felici, married to Marie Ferrali, with issue. Alice Felici. Felix Felici. Jean Baptiste Felici. Marie Antoine Felici. 

1.3.2. Joseph Antoine Felici., (1831-70)., married (1) 1852 Ajaccio, Corsica to Anne Marie Muraccioli., married (2) 1869 Tolla to Diana Rossi, with issue. Marriage) Marie-Francoise Felici. Angelique Felici. Jeanne Felici., d.inf. Marie-Josephine Felici. Jeanne Felici. Angele Felici. (Second Marriage) Anne-Marie Felici, (1870 Ocana -), married 1892 to Jean-Martin Romanetti, with issue. Marie-Gracieuse Romanetti. Marie-Isabella de Felice., (1833-.  

1.3.4. Noel de Felice., (1836-97)., married 1842 to Anne-Marie Selli., with issue. Jean Olivier Felici. Laurent Philippe Felici. Antoine Felici., married Lucie Ceccaldi., with issue. Marie-Madeleine Felici., married to Nicolas Marc Carrega. Jeanne Marie Josephine Felici., married to Andre Arsac. Joseph Felici., married to Laure Graux., with issue. Laurent Felici. Vincent Felici., married (1) to Francoise NN., married (2) to Daniele Caillot., with issue. (Second Marriage) Laura Felici. Jacominette Felici. Joseph Felici., married to Mathilde Giorgi., with issue. Maurice Felici. Jacqueline Felici., married (1) to Antoine Pugliesi-Conti., married (2) Paul Saint Guily., married (3) to Francis Hure. Jacqueminette  Martine Felici. Joseph Felici., married to Jeanne Andree Poitevin. Elie Felici. Marie-Francoise Felici., married to Jean-Baptiste Maurice Emmanuel Fiterre. Marie-Josephine Felici. Philippe Joseph Felici. Philippe Felici. Noel Felici., married (1) to Etea Rosa Susanna Scordino., married (2) NN., with issue. (Second Marriage) Noel Felici., married NN., with issue. Jean-Noel Felici.  

1.3.5. Marguerite de Felice., (1840-1842)., d.inf.  3

1.3.6. Vincent Marcel Felici., (1845-., married 1865 to Paule Marie Ucciani, with issue. Anne Marie Felici., married to Jean Chappaz. Jean Felici., married to Odile Amelie Guidon. Marie-Antoinette Felici. Paule Marie Felici., married Seraphin Jules Rocca. Marie-Francoise Felici., married to Jean Broustra.  3 Francoise Angele Felici. Marie-Antoine Felici., married Francois Nevaggioli. Josephine Jeanne Felici., married to Francois Godde.  

1.3.7. Francois Emmanele Felici., (1847-)., d.inf.  

1.3.8. Marie Lucrece Felici., (1851-)., married to Charles Comiti. 

1.4. Vincentina Felici, (1805 Ajaccio, Corsica -1851 Sari, Corsica), married 1822 to Giuseppe Diana, with issue.

1.4.1. Marguerite Diana, (1832 Ajaccio, Corsica -, married (1) 1849 Philippeville, Algeria to Jacques Louhart, married (2) 1868 Philippeville, Algeria to Cyprien Guillaume Marcanibac, with issue. (First marriage) Marie Laurence Louhart, (1852-1854), d.inf. Louise Henrietta Louhart, (1854-. Marie Louise Louhart, (1856 Philippeville, Algeria -1879 Collo, Algeria), married 1873 Philippeville, Algeria to Jacques Michel Guitart, with issue. Ignace Guitart, (1873 Philippeville, Algeria -, married 1987 Collo, Algeria to Isabelle Cassant, dsp. Albertine Rose Guitart, (1876 Collo, Algeria -, married 1896 Algeria to Louis Jacques Kussler, with issue. Louise Marie Kussler, (1897 Collo, Algeria -1946 Constantine, Algeria), married 1919 Collo, Algeria to Henri-Louis Dieudonne Cariven. Emilie Ferdinand Kussler, (1899 Collo, Algeria -1957 Conde-sirl’Escault, France), married 1925 Montagne du Nord, France to Jeanne Celina Durif. Albert Joseph Kussler, (1902 Collo, Algeria -1949 Algeria), married 1923 Algeria to Julia Louise Pelli. Florian Jean Kussler, (1906 Collo, Algeria -1960 Algeria), married 1929 Algeria to Charlotte Adrienne Marquant. Emilie Louis Guitart, (1879 Bessombourgh, Algeria -), married (1) 1901 Stora, Algeria to Marie Augustine Angela Sainte Franchi, married (2) 1910 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Rose Franchi, with issue. (First marriage) Alexis Jacques Guitart, (1902 Duzerville, Algeria – 1988 Auray, France), married 1927 Philippeville, Algeria to Marie Louise Lerza. Emilienne Marie Guitart, (1904 Mustapha, Algeria -, married 1926 Philippeville, Algeria to Paulin Jean Laganc. Felicie Louise Giutart, (1879-1880), d.inf. Louis Augustin Louhart, (1858-1928). Adelaide Louhart, (1861 -.

1.4.2. Antoine Diana, (1833 Ajaccio, Corsica -1879 Lyon, France), married 1862 Philippeville, Algeria to Melanie Faure, with issue. Joseph Honore Diana, (1865 El Arrouch, Algeria -), married 1885 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Eugenie Mazier, with issue. Eugenie Diana, (1886-1886), d.inf. Valentin Diana, (1871-1875), d.inf.

1.4.3. Laurent Diana, (1835 Ajaccio, Corsica -), married 1861 Philippeville, Algeria to Adelaide Piola, with issue. Felicite Marie Diana, (1862 El Arrouch, Algeria -), married 1881 Collo, Algeria to Louis Augustin Louhaut, with issue. Laurent Marguerite Louhart, (1882  Collo, Algeria-, married 1899 Collo, Algeria to Jacques Desire Sorbiere, with issue. Louise Marie Anne Sorbiere, (1900 Collo, Algeria -1965 Parmain, France), married 1927 La Meskiana, Algeria to Jean Casimir Gaubert. Louis Pierre Sorbiere, (1904 Collo, Algeria -. Mathilde Laurence Sorbiere, (1912 Akbou, Algeria -2007 Toulouse, France), married 1935 Kouba, Algeria to Norbert Achille Soupier. Henriette Marie Louhart, (1885 Collo, Algeria -, married to Henru Marcelin Pinedon, with issue. Fernard Marcellin Pinedon, (1920 Bessomborgh, Algeria – 1945 Spire, Germany). Marie-Louise Louhart, (1886 Collo, Algeria -, married 1905 Collo, Algeria to Pierre Marie Seguillon. Henrietta Emilie Diana, (1867 Marseille, France -), married 1891 Collo, Algeria to Dominique Eon. Mathilde Marguerite Diana, (1876 Marseille, France -, married 1900 Collo, Algeria to Andre Marius Vernoux.

1.4.4. Noel Diana, (1837 Ajaccio, Corsica – 1867 Algeria), dunm.  

2. Maria Teresa de Felice., married 1796 San Paolo, Valletta to Aloiseo Barsia, with issue. 

2.1. Giuseppe Barsia, married 1825 Valletta to Vincenza Abdilla, with issue. 

2.1.1. Aloiseo Barsia, married 1851 Vittoriosa to Anna Maria Callus, with issue. Alfredo Barsia, married 1886 Vittoriosa to Carmela Galea, with issue. Maria Concetta Barsia, married 1910 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe German. Gaetano Barsia, married 1888 Vittoriosa to Ludgarda Minuti. Margherita Barsia, married 1894 Vittoriosa to Carmelo Abela.

2.1.2. Elisabetta Barsia, married 1857 Vittoriosa to Francesco Curmi.

3. Emmanuele de Felice, married 1804 Valletta to Maria Teresa Schembri, married (2) 1830 Valletta to Maria Anna Azzopardi. 

4. Flora de Felice, married 1810 Valletta to Antonio Cordina.