The Family of Caruana.
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed here.
1. Domenico Caruana, married 1612 Mdina to Margherita Vella, with issue.
1.1. Pietro Caruana, married 1638 Ghaxaq to Andreanna Teresa Caruana, with issue.
1.1.1. Caterina Caruana, married 1660 Ghaxaq to Angelo Giuseppe Baldacchino, with issue.
1.1.2.  Lorenzo Caruanamarried (1) 1663 Zabbar to Antonia Gerada, married (2) 1673 Vittoriosa to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. (Second marriage) Antonio Caruana, married 1759 Vittoriosa to Bartolomea Pisani, with issue. Tomaso Caruana, married 1781 Vittoriosa to Maria Mizzi. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1787 Senglea to Vincenza Inglott. Paolo Caruana, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Maria Fabri. Maria Anna Caruana, married 1793 Vittoriosa to Ferdinando Baghett. Francesco Caruana, married 1797 Vittoriosa to Barbara Barbara. Giovanni Caruana, married 1804 Cospicua to Maria Antonia Musicau.  Balbina Caruana, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Fortunato Barbara. Lorenzo Caruana, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Maria Sapiano. Salvatore Caruana, married 1807 Zejtun to Francesca Abela.
1.1.3. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1680 Vittoriosa to Margherita Attard, with issue. Gregoria Caruana, married 1709 Cospicua to Stefano Ferrera, (son of Giuseppe Ferrara and Caterina Zacari), with issue. Giuseppe Ferrera, married 1759 Cospicua to Anna Maria Gulia, with issue. Stefano Ferriera, married 1782 Cospicua to Liberata Azzopardi, with issue. Vincenzo Ferrera, married 1820 Cospicua to Maria Bartolo, with issue. Giuseppe Ferrera, married 1850 Cospicua to Antonia Ghigo, with issue. Maria Ferrera, married 1879 Cospicua to Henry George Spencer RN, with issue. Henricis Georgius Aloysius Achilles Spencer, (1879 Qormi – 1917). Gaetano Ferrera, married to Antonia Attard, with issue. Pio Maria Ferrera, married 1903 Birkirkara to Maria Teresa Spina. Liberata Ferrera, married 1845 Cospicua to Alessandro Camilleri. Vincenzo Ferrera, married 1811 Cospicua to Anna Cutajar. Margherita Ferrera, married 1806 Cospicua to Antonio Micallef.