The family of Caravita,

Last update: 02-03-2024.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
Giuseppe de Caravita, Manumesso de Knight Fra Giovanni Caravito, married 1672 Valletta to Nobile Giovannella Attard, with issue.
1. Gio Domenico de Caravita, married 1695 Valletta to Rosa de Meysionat, Manumessa de Meysionat, with issue.
1.1. Angelo Rafaele Caravita, married 1737 Valletta to Carla Tonna, with issue.
1.1.1. Felice Caravita, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Maria Saliba, with issue. Vincenza Caravita, married (1) 1807 Valletta to Salvatore Giovanni Briffa. Maria Teresa Caravita, married 1810 Valletta to Salvo Tomaso Matrenza. Giuseppe Caravita, married 1810 Matrice Gozo to Carola Tomasi, with issue. Concepta Caravita, married 1833 Cospicua to Antonio Gatt. Maria Anna Caravita, married 1836 Cospicua to Bartolomeo Spinocchia. Raphaele Caravita, (1817 Cospicua – 1883 Tunisa), married 1839 Cospicua to Teresa Abela, with issue. Maria Carmela Caravita, (1847-), married 1868 Vittoriosa to Jean Marie Joseph Portelli. Lorenzo Caravita, (1852- 1942 Sfax, Tunisia), married 1883 Sfax, Tunsia to Antonia Frendo. Achille Caravita, (1857 Msida – 1928 Tunis), married 1877 Msida to Lucrezia Toglia, with issue. Raphael Caravita, (1879 Messide, 1928 Tunis), married 1905 Tunis to Agostina Catinchi, with issue. Mathilde Lucrece Caravita, (1905 Tunis – 1995 Courcouronnes, France), married to Mathieu Sansone. Lucretia Caravita, (1908 Rosaure-). Maria Francoise Caravita, (1909-1970), married to Edmond Georges Galipon. Adele Germaine Caravita, (1911 Tunis-). Desire Jean Caravita, (1914-. Joseph Marius Caravita, (1887 La Goulette, Tunis – ), married 1910 to Elvira Tortoricci, with issue. Achille Caravita, (1911 Tunis-). Francoise Caravita, (1913 Tunis-). Henri Jean Battiste Caravita, (1914 Tunis-). Lucrece Caravita, (1916 Tunis-). Attilo Ernesto Caravita, (1888 Sfax, Tunis-). Henri Caravita, (1889 Sfax, Tunis – 1927 Tanglier). Praxadus Caravita, (1891 Ste Croix, Tunis-). Carmelus Caravita, (1893 Ste Croix – 1927 Tunis). Joannes Alfredus Caravita, (1900 Ste Croix, Tunis-). Spiridon Caravita, (1863 Sfax, Tunis-). Felice Caravita, (d. 1870), married (1) 1846 to Carolina Cucciardi, married (2) 1851 to Maria Agius. Teresa Caravita, married 1848 Cospicua to Antonio Diacono.
1.1.2. Maria Caravita, married (1) 1763 Valletta to Pietro Chetcuti, married (2) 1787 Valletta to Paolo Angelo Cruci.
2. Maria Marta Caravita, married 1699 Valletta to Gio Paolo Felici.