The Bencini family.
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Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed. 
1. Nicola Boncini, Etranger, married 1649 Valletta to Caterina Grech, with issue.
1.1. Bartolomeo Bencini, married 1679 Valletta to Eugenia de Bertis, with issue.
1.1.1. Giacobo Bencini, married 1715 to Carla Borg, with issue. Fortunato Bencini, married to Maria Musci, with issue. Fra Niccolo Bencini, Parish Priest of Naxxar., dunm. Dr Gioacchino Bencini MD, married 1780 Valletta to Marcella dei Conti Marchesi., with issue. Teresa Bencini, married 1802 to Dr. Gioacchino Arena, LL.D, with issue. Sofia Arena., married 1825 to Vincenzo Caruana. Achille Arena., married 1827 to Antonia Sammut. Salvatore Bencini, married 1807 to Barbara Triganza, with issue. Francesco Saverio Bencini, married 1842 Valletta to Maria Teresa Micallef-Grimaud, with issue. Giuseppe Bencini, married 1876 to Carmela Micallef-Grimaud, with issue. Robert Bencini (1889-1967), married 1912 to Gemma Pellegrini-Petit, with issue. Alfred Bencini (Commissioner of Police Malta) (1917-1991), married 1941 to Marchesa Lucy Testaferrata-Bonici, Patrizia Messina e Roma, Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, with issue. Chevalier Col. Dr Raymond Bencini Testaferrata Bonici, MD, (1942-, married (1) to N, married (2) 1986 to Marlena Warstat, with issue. (First marriage) Tara Bencini, married Timothy Sinclair. Ramona Bencini. (Second marriage) Alexander Bencini Testaferrata Bonici, married 2022 to Sophia Skoutella. Marlene Bencini, married to Dr. Anton Zammit Bonett LLD, (Migrated to South Australia), with issue. Dr Shaun Bonett, LL.D, KM, (1971-, [wiki], married 2004 to Vanessa Baron, with issue. Eve Bonett, (2007-. Dr Stephen Bonett, LL.D. Freda Bencini, married Herbert Naudi, with issue. Mireille Naudi. Roberto Naudi. Daniela Naudi. Franco Naudi. Kevin Naudi. Denise Bencini, married Udo Turscherl, with issue. Nadine Turscherl. Laura Bencini, married Capt Anthony Spiteri-Mallia, with issue. Mabel Bencini, married Charles Azzopardi. Giuseppe Josie Bencini, married to Baroness Eileen von Brockdorff, with issue. Angela Bencini, (1944-2016), dunm. Adrian Bencini, married to Dorsann N. Dr Austin Bencini, (Secretary of Allied Malta Newspaper), married to Juanita N. Capt Alfred Bencini, (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment), (1884-1956), married 1909 to Beatrice Maud Johnson, with issue. Paul Joseph Bencini, (Chief Customs and Excise, Malta), (1912-2000), married to Giuseppina Silvia Bencini, (See below), with issue. Astrid Bencini, (1939-1973), married to David Borda, with issue. Louise Borda, (1958-, married to Franco Mifsud. Cecil Borda, (1959-. Maria Borda, (1960-. Dorothy Borda, (1962-, married to Noel Marshall. (issue from Lawrence Persico) Josianne Persico, (1967-. John Bencini, (1943-,. married to Victoria Antoncich, with issue. Graziella Bencini, (1975-, married to Andew Vella. Adrian Bencini. Marcel Bencini, (1947-. Andre Bencini, (1950-, married (1) to Rosanne Jones, married (2) to Olga Gorchakova, with issue. (First marriage) Stefan Bencini, (1973-, married to Sharry Taylor. (Second marriage) Luciana Bencini, (2003-. Ramon Bencini, (1951-, married (1) to Mary Ruth Bentley Burgess, married (2) Luzviminda Alcantara Zaguirre, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo Bencini, (1973-. Daniele Bencini, (1974- Michel Bencini, (1957-. John Bencini., (1889-1981), married 1912 to Maria Theresia Bonnici Enriquez, with issue. Giuseppina Silvia Bencini, (1913-1992), married to Paul Joseph Bencini, (see above). Maria Ester Bencini, (d. 1992), married to Chevalier Vincent Apap, OBE, MOM, with issue. Nella Apap, married to Alan Meadows, with issue. Tristan Meadows. Alana Meadows, married to Yves Muscat. Amber Meadows, married to Gianni Daniello. John Apap, (1949-2007), married to Lyndsey Garroch, with issue. Adam Apap. Manon Apap, married to Roger Calleja, with issue. Ryan Calleja. Troy Calleja. Carmen Bencini, married to Josef Diacono, with issue. Daniella Diacono, married to Adrian Ellul, with issue. Tara Ellul. Henri Diacono, married to Marie Antoinette Manche, with issue. Jacques Diacono. Karl Frederick Bencini, married to Ermelina Azzopardi, with issue. Desiree Bencini. Anna Bencini, married to Godwin Bencini. Remi Bencini, dunm. John Victor Bencini, (d. 2005), married to Giusa Attard, with issue. Nathalie Bencini, married to Godwin Cachia, with issue. Gordon Cachia. Nicole Cachia. Marguerite Bencini, married to Joseph Schranz, with issue. Karl Schranz. Lara Schranz. Anton Bencini, married to Emily N, with issue. Max Bencini. Maria Bencini, married to Ivan Micallef, with issue. Kyle Micallef. Kurt Micallef. Kiersten Micallef. George Alexander Bencini, (d. 2009), married to Yvonne Debono, with issue. Sandra Bencini, married to Aldo Vella, with issue. Candice Vella. Ilona Vella. Nella Bencini, married to Michael Abela, with issue. Jamie Abela. Jessica Abela. Nella Bencini, (1921-1939), dunm. Elsa Bencini, (1923-), married to Trevor Denzey, with issue. Nella Denzey, (1948-), married (1) to Gerald Markoe, married (2) to Henry Liska, with issue. (First marriage) Jeremy Markoe, married to Danielle N. Andra Markoe, married to Kareem Bryne. (Second marriage) Jonathan Trevor Liska. Fiona Denzey, (1951-, married to Stanley Zippan, with issue. Natasha Zippan. Danielle Zippan. Nicola Denzey, (1966-, married (1) to Steve Kaye, married (2) Patrick Rael, with issue. (Second marriage) Lola Cordelia Rael, (2001-. Marcelle Bencini, (1924-, married to Reginald Holland, with issue. Julian Holland. John Holland, married to Marchesa Mary Louise Testaferrata de Noto. Teresa Holland. Henry Holland. Nigel Holland. Dorian Holland. Christian Holland. Lt Commander Jeremy Holland, (d. 2021), married to Valerie N, with issue. Mark Holland. Dominic Holland. Alice Holland. Dorotea Liliana Bencini, (1927-. Terry Bencini, (1930-, married to Maurice Lubrano, with issue. Massimo Lubrano, married to Miriam Debono, with issue. Gian Luca Lubrano. Nicolai Lubrano. Matina Lubrano. Andreina Lubrano, married to Christopher Sansone, with issue. Bianca Sansone. Julian Sansone. Alessia Sansone. Michele Sansone. Vanya Caterina Lubrano, married to Clarence Busuttil, with issue. Mattia Busuttil. Kara Busuttil. Francesco Saverio Bencini, (d. 1929), married 1925 to Giuseppa Crocetta, with issue. Dr Francesco Saverio Bencini MD (Senior Gynaecologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia)., (1927- , married 1955 to Margaret Allan, with issue. Claire Bencini., married Grant Fisher. Bernadette Bencini, married Olivier Brachat. Angela Bencini, married Robert Strutt. Barbara Bencini, dunm. Vittoria Bencini, dunm. Carmela Bencini, dunm. Giacomo Bencini, married to Caterina Zammit, dsp. Gioacchino Bencini, dunm. Fortunata Bencini. Francesca Bencini. M’Teresa Bencini., married 1811 Valletta to Michel’Angelo Caprile. Filippa Bencini. Anna Bencini, married 1767 Valletta to Dr Arcangelo Grech Cumbo JUD.
1.2. Caterina Bencini, married 1707 to Grazio Guiliett.
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