Feudal Barony of Bauvso, 1296.

Last update: 14-04-2024.

Note: Royal Decree by the King of Italy governing succession to Titles of Nobility and Nobiliary ranks – Decree no 1489 of 16 August 1926.

Granted to:  Nobile Vassallo de Vassallo.

By: Frederick II, King of Sicily.

On: 1296 at Palermo.

Presented to the British Royal Commission on Nobility: No.

With Remainder to: His male descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Nobile Vassallo de Vassallo, 1st Barone di Bauvso, (Created 1296), succeeded by his son.

2. Nobile Roberto de Vassallo, 2nd Barone. (d. 1337), succeeded by his son.

3. Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo, 3rd Barone. (d. 1359), succeeded by his son.

4. Don Roberto II de Vassallo, 4th Barone. (d. 1391), created Conte di Bauvso 1368, succeeded by his son. 

5. Don Giacomo II de Vassallo, 5th Barone. 2nd Conte, (d. 1400), succeeded by his uncle. 

6. Nobile Vassallo II de Vassallo, 6th Barone. (d. 1409), succeeded by his son.

7. Nobile Roberto III de Vassallo, 7th Barone. (d.1429), succeeded by his son.

8. Nobile Vassallo III de Vassallo, 8th Barone. (d. 1459), succeeded by his son.

9. Don Giacomo III de Vassallo, 9th Barone. Created Conte di Bauvso 1468, (d.1471), succeeded by his son

10. Don Vassallo IV de Vassallo, 10th Barone, 2nd Conte. (d. 1476), succeeded by his son. 

11. Don Roberto IV de Vassallo, 11th Barone, 3rd Conte. (d. 1480), succeeded by his brother. 

12. Don Giacomo IV de Vassallo, 12th Barone, 4th Conte. (d. 1485), succeeded his second cousin. 

13. Don Roberto V. Vassallo, 13th Barone, created Conte di Bauvso 1490 and Principe di Bauvso, (d. 1499), succeeded by his son. 

14. Don Roberto VI. Vassallo, 14th Barone, 2nd Conte e 2nd Principe, (d. 1571), succeeded by his fourth cousin. 

15. Don Roberto VII. Vassallo, 15th Barone, created Conte di Bauvso 1574, (d. 1575), succeeded by his nephew. 

16. Don Giacomo V. Vassallo, 16th Barone, (d. 1625), succeeded by his son.

17. Don Andrea I. Vassallo, 17th Barone, (d. 1695), succeeded by his son.

18. Don Andrea II. Vassallo, 18th Barone, (d. 1728), succeeded by his son.

19. Don Giacomo VI. Vassallo, 19th Barone, created Conte di Bauvso 1729, (d. 1730), succeeded by his son. 

20. Don Roberto VIII. Vassallo, 20th Barone, created Visconte di Bauvso 1732, (d. 1739), succeeded by his brother. 

21. Don Andrea III. Vassallo, 21st Barone, created Visconte di Bauvso 1745, (d. 1751), succeeded by his son. 

22. Don Vassallo V. Vassallo, 22nd Barone, 2nd and last Visconte di Bauvso, (d. 1818), Extinct in the legitimate direct line

23. Nobile Bartolomeo IX Vassallo, ( 1740- 1828), succeededed 1818 as de Jure 23rd Barone di Bauvso in Sicily, never acknowledged in Palermo or in Malta. Title stopped at this generation.


Articles relating to this title:

1. Varie scrivvure concurnentu la famiglia Vassallo.

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