Barons Barberi (cr: 1562).

The Peerage and Knightage in Malta, (Midsea Books, Malta 2018).

Last update: 16-04-2020.

Granted to: Milite Antonio Barberi.

By: Philippe Villiers de l’Isle-Adam, Grand Master of Malta.

On: 1562 in Vittoriosa.

With Remainder to: His male descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.

List of Title holders: 

1. Milite Antonio Giuseppe Barberi, 1st Barone, succeeded by his son.

2. Nobile Lorenzo Barberi, 2nd Barone, (c. 1575), succeeded by his son.

3. Nobile Giuseppe Barberi, 3rd Barone, (c. 1629), succeeded by his brother.

4. Nobile Gio Paolo Barberi, 4th Barone, (c. 1625), succeeded by his son.

5. Nobile Domenico Barberi, 5th Barone, (c. 1656), succeeded by his cousin.

6. Nobile Lorenzo Barberi, 6th Barone, (c. 1700), succeeded by his cousin.

7. Nobile Pietro Barberi, 7th Barone, (d. 1727), succeeded by his cousin.

8. Nobile Gaetano Barberi, 8th Barone, (c. 1777), succeeded his brother.

9. Nobile Pietro Barberi, 9th and last Barone, extinct c. 1790.

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