Barone Barbara of the Kingdom of Naples, 1813.

Copyright belongs to Annuario della Nobilita Italiana, edizione XXX1, Vol 111 – Maltese nobility.

Last update: 23-10-2022.

Note: Royal Decree by the King of Italy governing succession to Titles of Nobilityand Nobiliary ranks – Decree no 1489 of 16 August 1926.

Granted to: Major Vincenzo Barbara.

By: Joseph Murat, King of Naples.

On: 1813 at Naples, Italy.

With Remainder to: to his male to male descendants.

List of Title holders: 

1. Major Vincenzo Barbara, (d. 1828), 1st Barone, succeeded by his son.

2. Nobile Salvatore Barbara, 2nd Barone, succeeded by his son.

3. Nobile Alexio Barbara, (1859), 3rd Barone, succeeded by his son.

4. Nobile Carmelo Barbara, (c. 1883), 4th Barone, succeeded by his son.

5. Nobile Paolo Barbara, (c.1889), 5th Barone, title is dormant.

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