Barbara Family
Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.
Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.
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Note: Note all descendants are listed.
1. Vincenzo Barbara, married 1581 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Isabella lo Restino, with issue.
1.1. Nicola Barbara, married 1622 Zurrieq to Maria Ellul, with issue.
1.1.1. Dioniso Barbara, married 1662 Mqabba to Maria Buttigieg, with issue. Marco Barbara, married 1686 Valletta to Grazia Agius, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, married 1713 Gudja to Paolica Mamo, with issue. Andrea Barbara, married 1749 Gudja to Maria Polidora Vulgar Dalli, with issue. Giovanni Barbara, married (1) 1787 Gudja to Margarita Borg, married (2)1798 Cospicua to Gaetana Olimpia Curmi, with issue. (Second marriage) Angela Barbara, married (1) 1836 Gudja to Giuseppe Barbara, married (2) 1846 Gudja to Giuseppe Xicluna. Anna Barbara, married 1850 Gudja to Michele Dimech. Andrea Barbara, married (1) 1822 Valletta to Rosa Debono, married (2) 1837 Cospicua to Caterina Caia. Teresa Barbara, married (1) 1786 Gudja to Giovanni Zammit, married (2) 1828 Gudja to Giuseppe Zammit. Evangelista Barbara, married 1776 Gudja to Francesco Dalli. Saveria Barbara, married 1785 Gudja to Angelo Sacco. Giovanni Barbara, married 1732 Gudja to Gaetana Vella. Maddalena Barbara, married 1745 Gudja to Cristoforo de Gabriele. Graziulla Barbara, married 1750 Gudja to Aloisio Dalli. Maria Barbara, married 1752 Gudja to Pasquale Cassar. Maria Barbara, married (1) 1703 Valletta to Carlo de Gatt, enfant illegitimate di Graf Karl Friedrich Brenner, 1649-1700, Knight of Malta, , married (2) 1708 Valletta to Giuseppe Nicola Manuel of Batavia and originally from Dutch East India, married (3) 717 Valletta to Chevalier Grazio Pibar of Chirnito, Ormiri, Moravia.with issue. (First marriage). Francesco Carlo de Gatt, married 1726 Valletta to Teodora Felice, with issue. Rosa Gatt, married 1752 Valletta to Paolo Schembri. Maria Gatt, married 1747 Valletta to Giovanni Zahra. Caterina Barbara, married 1709 Valletta to Silvestrino Debono, married 1719 Valletta to Nicola Osman of Germany. Teresa Barbara, married 1717 Valletta to Lorenzo Cristoforo Zicler of Brandenburg, Germany. Domenica Barbara, married 1717 Valletta to Giovanni Gabriele Gattinar of Matenburgo. Maria Barbara, married 1717 Valletta to Grazio Piber of Moravia. Aloisia Barbara, married 1720 Valletta to Gio Federico Ruler.
1.1.2. Domenica Barbara, married 1644 Zurrieq to Tomaso Caruana.
1.1.3. Dorotea Barbara, married 1647 Zurrieq to Nicola Fiume.