Royal House of Angels
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1. Woden, (c 250), King of Angels and Denmark, married with issue.
1.1. Prince Wecta of Angels, married with issue.
1.1.1. Prince Witta of Angels, married with issue. Prince Wihtgils of Angels, married with issue. Hengest, King of Kent(r 455-488), married with issue. Aesc sives Oeric Oisc, King of Kent, (r 488-512), married with issue. Octa, King of Kent, (r 512-540), married with issue. Eormenric, King of Kent, (r 540-560), married with issue. Ethelbert I, King of Kent, (r 560-616), married (1) to Princess Bertha of Paris, married (2) to N, with issue. (First Marriage) Eadbald, King of Kent, (r 616-640), married (1) N (stepmother), married (2) to Princess Emma of Austrasia, with issue. (First Marriage) Princess Mildred of Kent, Abbess of Lyminge. (Second Marriage) Prince Eormenred of Kent, Sub King of Kent, married to Oslava N, with issue. Prince Ethelred of Kent. Prince Ethelbert of Kent. Princess Ermenburga of Kent, married to Merewald N. Earconbert, King of Kent, (r 640-664), married to Princess Sexburga of East Anglia (See below), with issue. Egbert I, King of Kent, (r 664-673), married with issue. Eardric, King of Kent, (r 685-687). Wihtred, King of Kent, (r 690-725), married (1) to Cynegyth N, married (2) to Ethelburga N, married (3) to Werberga N, with issue. (First Marriage) Ethelbert II, King of Kent, (r 725-762), married with issue. Egbert II, King of Kent, (r 765-780). Eadbert Praen, King of Kent, (r 796-798). Princess N of Kent, married to Prince Eafa of Wessex. Princess Theudelinda of Kent, married to prince Guagenfrid I of Lombardy, Comte de Verdum. Eadbert, King of Kent, (r 725-748), married with issue. Eardwulf, King of Kent, (r 747-). (Third Marriage) Alric, King of Kent, (r 725-). Hlothere, King of Kent, (r 673-685). Princess Earcongota of Kent. Princess Earmengild of Kent, married to Wulfhere, King of Mercia (See below). Princess St Eanswythe of Kent, Abbess of Folkestone. Princess Ethelburga of Kent, (d. 647), married to Edwin, King of Northumbria (See below). Princess Ricula of Kent, married to Sledda, King of Essex, (See below). Princess Rowena of Kent, married to Voritgem, King of the Britons.
1.2. Prince Baeldaeg of Angels, married with issue.
1.2.1. Prince Brand of Angels, married with issue. Prince Frithugar of Angels, married with issue. Prince Freawine of Angels, married with issue. Prince Wig of Angels, married with issue. Prince Gewis of Angels, married with issue. Prince Esla of Angels, married with issue. Prince Elesa of Angels, married with issue. Cerdic, King of Wessex. Prince Bernicia of Angels, married with issue. Prince Aloc of Angels, married with issue. Prince Angenwit of Angels, married with issue. Prince Ingui of Angels, married with issue. Prince Esa of Angels, married with issue. Prince Eoppa of Angels, married with issue. Ida, King of Bernicia, (r 547-559), married to Bearnoch N, with issue. Glappa, King of Bernicia, (r 559-560). Adda, King of Bernicia, (r 560-568). Ethelric, King of Bernicia, (r 568-572), married with issue. Ethelfrith, King of Bernicia, (r 592-616), married (1) to Bebba N, married (2) to Princess Acha of Deira (See below), married (3) to N, with issue. (First marriage) Eanfrith, King of Bernicia, (r 633-634), married to Princess N of the Picts, with issue. Talorcan I, King of the Picts, (d. 656). Princess N of Bernicia, married to Bile, Sub King of Fortrinn. (Second Marriage) St Oswald, King of Bernicia, (r 634-641), married to Princess Cyneburg of Wessex, with issue. Ethelwald, King of Deira, (r 651-654). Prince N of Bernicia. Prince N of Bernicia. Prince N of Bernicia. Prince N of Bernicia. (Third Marriage) Oswy, King of Bernicia and Northumbria, (r 641-670), married (1) to Riemmelth N, married (2) to Princess Eanfled of Deira (See below), married (3) to Fina, Mistress, with issue. (First Marriage) Prince Alchfrith of Northumbria, Sub King of Deira (r 654-664), married to Princess Cyneburg of Mercia, with issue. Oscric, King of Northumbria, (r 718-729). Princess Alchfled of Northumbria, married to Prince Peada of Mercia (See below). (Second Marriage) Egfrith, King of Northumbria, (r 670-685), married (1) to Princess Etheldrea of North Anglia, (See below), married (2) to Eormenburg N, with issue. (First Marriage) Princess N of Northumbria, married to Coenred, King of Northumbria (See below). Prince Elfwine of Northumbria, (d. 679). Princess Osthryth of Northumbria, married to Ethelred, King of Mercia (See below). Princess Elfleda of Northumbria, Abbess of Whitby, (d. 713). (Third Marriage) Aldfrith, King of Northumbria, (r 685-704), married to Princess Cuthburga of Wessex, with issue. Osred I, King of Northumbria, (r 704-716). Princess N of Northumbria, married to Prince Cuthwine of Bernicia and Northumbria (See below). Princess Ebba of Northumbria, Abbess of Coldingham. Prince Theodbald of Bernicia, (d. 603). Theodric, King of Bernicia, (r 572-579). Frithuuwald, King of Bernicia, (r 579-586). Hussa, King of Bernicia, (r 585-592). Prince Ogg of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Aldhelm of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Ecgwald of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Leodwald of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Cuthwine of Bernicia and Northumbria, married to Princess N of Northumbria (See above), with issue. Coenred, King of Northumbria, (r 716-718), married to Princess N of Northumbria (See above), with issue. Princess Ricthryth of Northumbria, married to Oswulf, King of Northumbria (See below). Ceolwulf, King of Northumbria, (r 729-737), (d. 760 as a Monk). Princess N of Northumbria, married to Eadbert, King of Northumbria (See below). Prince Eata of Northumbria, married with issue. Eadbert, King of Northumbria, (r 737-758), (d. 768), married to Princess N of Northumbria (See above), with issue. Oswulf, King of Northumbria, (r 758-759), married to Princess Ricthryth of Northumbria (See above), with issue. Elfwald I, King of Northumbria, (r 778-788), married with issue. Prince N of Northumbria, (Killed in 791 by King Erhelred I). Prince N of Northumbria, (Killed in 791 by King Erhelred I). Princess Osgyfu of Northumbria, married to Alchred, King of Northumbria (See below). Princess N of Bernicia (Northumbria), married to Prince Manfred III of Lombards, Comte de Verdum. Prince Egbert of Northumbria, Archbishop of York 732-766. Princess Ethelthryth of Northumbria, married to Ethelwald Moll, King of Northumbria (See below). Prince Alric of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Blaecman of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Bofa of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Byrnhom of Bernicia, married with issue. Prince Eahlwine of Bernicia, married with issue. Alchred, King of Northumbria, (r 765-774), married to Princess Osgyfu of Northumbria (See above). II, King of Northumbria, (r 788-790). Prince Alchund of Northumbria, (d. 800). Ethelwald Moll, King of Northumbria, (r 759-765), married to Princess Ethelthryth of Northumbria (See above), with issue. Ethelred I, King of Northumbria, (r 774-778, 790-796), married (1) to N, married (2) to Princess Elfleda of Mercia, (See below).
1.3. Prince Casere of Angels, married with issue.
1.3.1. Prince Tyrmon of Angels, married with issue. Prince Trygils of Angels, married with issue. Prince Hrothmund of Angels, married with issue. Prince Hryp of Angels, married with issue. Prince Wilhelm of Angels, married with issue. Prince Wehha of Angels, married with issue. Wuffa, King of East Anglia, (r 571-578), married with issue. Tytila, King of East Anglia, (r 578-593), married with issue. Redwald, King of East Anglia, (r 593-617), married (1) to N, married (2) N, with issue. (First Marriage) Siegeberhy, King of East Anglia, (r 631-634). (Second Marriage) Prince Raegenhere of East Anglia, (d. 616). Earpwald, King of East Anglia, (r 617-627), married with issue. Princess Saewara of East Anglia, married to Anna, King of East Anglia (See below). Prince Eni of East Anglia, married with issue., King of East Anglia, (r 633-654), married (1) to N, married (2) to Princess Saewara of East Anglia (See above). (First Marriage) Princess Saethryth of East Anglia, Abbess. (Second Marriage) Princess Sexburga of East Anglia, married to Earconbert, King of Kent (See above). Princess Etheldreda of East Anglia, married (1) to Tondberht, Ealdoman of the South Gyrwas, married (2) to Egfrith, King of Northumbria (See above). Princess Wihtburga of East Anglia, Nun. Princess N of East Anglia, married to Aldwulf, King of East Anglia (See below). (illegtimate) Ethelburga of East Anglia, Abbess. Ethelhere, King of East Anglia, (r 654), married to Princess Hereswith of Deira (See below), with issue. Aldwulf, King of East Anglia, (r 663-713), married to Princess N of East Anglia (See above), with issue. Prince Elric of East Anglia. Princess Eadburga of East Anglia, Abbess of Repton. Princess Ethelburga of East Anglia, Abbess of Hackness. Princess Hwaetburga of East Anglia, Abbess of Hackness. Princess N of East Anglia, married to (Uncle)Alfwold, King of East Anglia (See below). Alfwold, King of East Anglia, (r 713-749), married to (Neice), Princess N of East Anglia, with issue. Princess N of East Angelia, married to Prince Sigemund of Essex (See below). Princess Ragnatrade of East Angelia, married to Godebert, 10th King of Lombards. Ethelwold, King of East Anglia, (r 654-664).
1.4. Prince Seaxneat of Angels, married with issue.
1.4.1. Prince Gesecg of Angels, married with issue. Prince Antsecq of Angels, married with issue. Prince Swepps of Angels, married with issue. Prince Sigefugel of Angels, married with issue. Prince Bedca of Angels, married with issue. Prince Offa of Angels, married with issue. Aescwine, King of Essex(r 527-587), married with issue. Sledda, King of Essex, (r 587-604), married to Princess Ricula of Kent (See above), with issue. Saebert, King of Essex, (r 604-616), married with issue. Sexred, King of Essex, (r 616-617), married with issue. Sigeberht I, King of Essex, (r 617-653), married with issue. Sighere, King of Essex, (r 665-683), married to Princess St Osyth of Surrey and Mercia (See below), with issue. Offa, King of Essex, (r 709-). Princess N of Essex, married to Sigeheard, King of Essex. Sebbi, King of Essex, (r 665-695), married with issue. Sigeheard, King of Essex, (r 695-709), married to Princess N of Essex (See above), with issue. Prince Sigemund of Essex, married to Princess N of East Anglia (See above), with issue. Swithred, King of Essex, (r 746-758), married with issue. Princess N of Essex, married to Sigeric, King of Essex (See below). Swaefred, King of Essex, (r 695-). Prince Swaebbard of Essex. Saeward, King of Essex,. (r 616-617). Prince N of Essex. Prince Sexbald of Essex, married with issue. Sigeberht II, King of Essex, (r 653-660), married with issue. Saelred, King of Essex, (r 709-746), married with issue. Sigeric, King of Essex, (r 758-798), married to Princess N of Essex (See above), with issue. Sigered, Last King of Essex, (r 798-825), married with issue. Princess N of Essex, married to Alberico I, Conte di Milan. Princess Cynethryth of Essex, married to Offa, King of Mercia, (See below). Swithhelm, King of Essex, (r 660-665). Princess N of Essex, married to Pybba, King of Mercia (See below).
1.5. Prince Wargdaeg of Angels, married with issue.
1.5.1. Prince Siggar of Angels, married with issue. Prince Swebdaeg of Angels, married with issue. Prince Sigegeat of Angels, married with issue. Prince Saebald of Angels, married with issue. Prince Saefugl of Angels, married with issue. Prince Westerfalca of Angels, married with issue. Prince Wilgisl of Angels, married with issue. Prince Uxfrea of Angels, married with issue. Prince Fffi of Angels, married with issue. Aelli, King of Deira, (r 559-590), married with issue. Edwin, King of Deira, (r 616-633), married (1) to PrincessCwenburg of Mercia (See below), married (2) to Princess Ethelburga of Kent (See above), with issue. (First Marriage) Prince Osfrith of Deira, (d. 633), married with issue. Prince Yffi of Deira. Prince Eadfrith of Deira. (Second Marriage) Prince Ethelhun of Deira. Princess Wuscfrea of Deira. Princess Eanfled of Deira, married to Oswy, King of Bernicia, (See above). Princess Ethelthryth of Deira. Prince N of Deira, married with issue. Prince Hereric of Deira, married to Princess Breguswith of Deira (See below), with issue. Princess Hereswith of Deira, married to Ethelhere, King of East Anglia, (See above). Princess St Hilda of Deira, Abbess of Whitby, (d. 660). Princess Acha of Deira, married to Ethelfrith, King of Bernicia, (See above). Princess N of Deira, married to Osric, King of Deira, (See below). Prince Aelfric of Deira, married with issue. Osric, King of Deira, (r 633-634), married to Princess N of Deira, (See above), with issue. Oswine, King of Deira, (r 644-651), married with issue. Princess N of Deira. Princess Breguswith of Deira, married to Prince Hereric of Deira, (See above).
1.6.Wihtleag, King of Angels and Denmark, married with issue.
1.6.1. Wrmund, King of Angels and Denmark, (c. 350), married with issue. Offa, King of Angels and Denmark, married with issue. Angeltheow, King of Angels, married with issue. Eomer, King of Angels, married with issue. Icel, King of Angels, (Invaded Britain), married with issue. Cnebba, King of Britain, married with issue. Cynewald, King of Mercia, (r 583-593), married with issue. Creoda, King of Mercia, (r 585-593), married with issue. Pybba, King of Mercia, (r 593-606), married to Princess N of Essex (See above), with issue. Penda, King of Mercia, (r 632-654), married to Cynewise N, with issue. Prince Peada of Mercia, (d. 656), married to Princess Alchfeld of Northumbria, with issue. Princess Cynewise of Mercia, married to Coenred, King of Mercia, (See below). Wulfhere, King of Mercia, (r 657-675), married to Princess Eormengild of Kent, with issue. Coenred, King of Mercia, (r 704-709), married to Princess Cynewise of Mercia, (See above). Princess Werburga of Mercia, married to Ceolred, King of Mercia (See below). Ethelred, King of Mercia, (r 675-704), married with issue. Ceolred, King of Mercia, (r. 709-716), married to Princess Werburga of Mercia, (See above), with issue. Princess Cynewise of Mercia, married to Ethelbald, King of Mercia (See below). Princess Cyneburga of Mercia, married to Prince Alchfrith of Northumbria, (See above). Princess Cyneswith of Mercia, Nun. Princess Wilburga of Mercia, married to Frithwold, Sub King of Surrey, with issue. Princess St Osyth of Surrey and Mercia, married to Sighere, King of Essex. Princess N of Mercia, married to Cenwalh, King of Wessex. Princess N of Mercia, married to Cadwallon ap Cadfan, King of Gwnynedd. Prince Eowa of Mercia, (d. 641), married with issue. Prince Alwih of Mercia, married with issue. Ethelbald, King of Mercia, (r 716-756), married to Princess Cynewise of Mercia, (See above), with issue. Princess Marcellina of Mercia, married to Prince Thingfrith of Mercia, (See below). Prince Heardberht of Mercia. Prince Osmod of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Eanwulf of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Thingfrith of Mercia, married to Princess Marcellina of Mercia, (See above), with issue. Offa, King of Mercia, (r 757-796), married to Princess Cynethryth of Essex, (See above), with issue. Egfrith, King of Mercia, (r 796). Princess Eadburga of Mercia, married to Beothtric, King of Wessex. Princess Elfeda of Mercia, married to Ethelred I, King of Northumbria. Princess Elfthryth of Mercia, married to Ceonwulf, King of Mercia (See below). Princess Ethelburga of Mercia, married to Ceolwulf, King of Mercia, (See below). Prince Ceonwalh of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Cundwalh of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Centwine of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Cynreow of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Bassa of Mercia, married with issue. Prince Cuthbert of Mercia, married with issue. Ceonwulf, King of Mercia, (r 796-821), married to Princess Elfthryth of Mercia, (See above), with issue. Prince St Kenelm of Mercia, (d. 821). Princess Cwenthryth of Mercia. Princess Burgenhild of Mercia. Cuthred, King of Kent, (r 798-807). Ceolwulf, King of Mercia, (r 821-823), married to Princess Ethelburga of Mercia, (See above), with issue. Princess Elfleda of Mercia, married to Prince Wigmund of Mercia (See below), with issue. Prince N of Mercia, married with issue. Wiglaf, King of Mercia, (r 827-840), married with issue. Prince Wigmund of Mercia, married to Princess Elfleda of Mercia (See above), with issue. Prince St Wistan of Mercia. Princess Eadburga of Mercia, married to Ethelred Muscil, Ealdorman of the Gaini, with issue. Lady Ealhswith of the Gaini, married to Alfred the Great, King of Wessex. Ethelwulf, Earlorman of the Gaini, (d. 901), married with issue. Lady Ethelgyth, Lady of the Gaini, (c. 903), married to Ethelfrith, Earldorman of South Mercia, with issue. Lady Ethelgifu of the Gaini, married to Prince Ethelred III of Wessex. Elfstan, Earlorman of Mercia, (c. 930-934). Ethelstan, Half-King of East Anglia, (c. 932-956), married with issue. Ethelwald, Earlorman of East Anglia, (d. 962). Ethelwine, Earlorman of East Anglia, (d. 992). Ethelwald, Earlorman of Kent, (c. 940-946). Eadric, Earlorman of Wessex, (942-949). Princess N of Mercia, married to Manfredo IV, Marchese di Lombardo. Ceorl, King of Mercia, (r 606-626), married with issue. Princess Cwenburga of Mercia, married to Edwin, King of Northumbria, (See above).. Prince Cweldgils of Angels, married with issue. Prince Caedbaed of Angels, married with issue. Prince Bubba of Angels, married with issue. Prince Beda of Angels, married with issue. Prince Biscop of Angels, married with issue. Prince Eanferth of Angels, married with issue. Prince Eatta of Angels, married with issue. Prince Ealdfrith of Angels, (c 786-796).