Emirates_of_Sicily_and_MaltaPrince Sa’id bin Sa’id Kalbid, (1235-), Hereditary Prince-Emir of Malta (1239-1240), Hakim of Malta, (r. 1260-80).

Only a child, when his father died in 1239, succeeded as heir to his grand father, who was the last Emir of Malta. When his grandfather renounced his title the family continued to live in Mdina under the rule of the Hakim, a family member and direct rule of Sicily as a fiefdom, which was purchased by Nicoloso in 1232. The family still were able to formally rule as Hakim till 1356, though taxes went to the fief holder or the Kingdom of Malta. Prince Sa’id bin Sa’id Kalbid married a cousin by the name of Princessi Viva bin Seykil Kalbid and had several children. In 1260, Prince Sa’id bin Sa’id Kalbid successfully won the Hakim title and ruled till 1280. Not much else is known, though the family gave in to the Kingdom of Sicily and their authorities. The family had strong ties with the Sicilian nobility and royal family till 1356 and continued to practice their Muslin faith.

According to Stefan Goodwin (1 Jan 2002) Malta, Mediterreanean Bridge, by Greenwood Publishing Group, “Though by the end of the fifteen century all Matters Muslin would be force to convert to christianity, they would still be in the process of acquiring surnames as required in European tradition, they often used their fathers’ personal Arabic name as the basis of surname, though there was a consistent cultural avoidance of extremely obvious Arabic and Muslin names”

As the surname used by the royal family of Kalbid was more or less extinct, the first name’s normally was used as part of a persons name, for example as you see with Sa’id bin Sa’id Kalbid. One of his descendants ended up using the surname of Said or Sayd, another and the most direct line of descent were almost hereditary Hakims after losing the hereditary Emir title, took the surname of Hachem, which lasted till the 16th century. Their descendants intermarried with much of the nobility as we know it today, the Xara’s, Bonavia’s, Xerri’s, Inguanez, Xuereb’s and Borgs.


Gen 1:

1. Prince Sa’id bin Sa’id Kalbid, (1235-), Hereditary Prince-Emir of Malta (1239-1240), Hakim of Malta, r. 1260-80.

Gen 2:

2. Prince Sa’id Kalbid, (1215-1239), Hereditary Prince-Emir of Malta, Hakim of Malta, r. 1233-

3. Yolanda de Lorenzo.

Gen 3:

4. Jafar VIII, (1195-1248), Last Emir of Malta, r. 1233-1240

5. Princess Euphrosyne Angelos.

6. Milite Pietro Luca II di Lorenzo, (1190-1250), 5th Barone di Milacco di S. Lorenzo, di San Marco...

7. Urana Filangieri di Corteimpiano.

Gen 4:

8. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla IV, Emir of Malta, r. 1195-1233

9. Viva di Castelvetere.

10. Isaakios II Angelos, (1155-1204), Byzantine Emperor, r. 1185-1204.

11. Eirene Tornikaina, married 1181.

12. Milite Silvestro II di Lorenzo, (1160-1220), 4th Barone di Milacco di S.Lorenzo..

13. Guillauma de Molisio di Boiano, sives Moulins.

14. Giordano Filangieri, Signore di Corteinpiano, (d.1221).

15. Olimpiase N.

Gen 5:

16. Jafar VII, (1150-1195), Emir of Malta r. 1188-1195.

17. Zuna di Angerio di Corteimpiano.

18. Ruggiero di Castelvetere, Signore di Tavrasi e Rocca San Felice.

19. Perrona dell’Aquila.

20. Alexius III Angelos, Byzantine Emperor r. 1195-1211.

21. Euprosyne Doukaina Kamaterina.

22. N. Tornikaina.

23. N.

24. Milite Pietro Luca di Lorenzo, (1130-1215), 3rd Barone di Milacco di S.Lorenzo.

25. Emma de Arenabale.

26. Hughes II de Moulins, Conte di Boiano, (d. 1156).

27. N de Altavilla.

28. Guglielmo di Angerio, Signore di Corteinpiano, (d. 1187).

29. N.

30. N.

31. N.

Gen 6:

32. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, (1123-1188), Emir of Malta r. 1132-1188.

33. Richilda di San Severino.

34. Guglielmo di Angerio, Signor di Conteimpiano, (d. 1187).

35. N.

36. Giacomo di Montelmilletto, Signore di Tavrasi e Rocca San Felice.

37. N.

38. Ruggiero dell’Aquila, Conte de Collesano e di Adriano.

39. N. di Altavilla, daughter of Roger II.

40. Prince Andronikos Doukas Angelus, (d. 1885).

41. Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa.

42. N.

43. N.

44. Edwardo di San Lorenzo, (1100-1165), 2nd Barone di Milacco di S.Lorenzo.

45. Agnese di Chiaramonte.

46. N. de Arenabale.

47. N.

48. Hughes I de Molisse, (d. 1105), Signore di Boiano.

49. N.

50. Geoffrey d’Altavilla, Conte di Marsica, (d. 1139).

51. Princess Teodora of Salerno.

52. Giordano di Angerio, (d. 1143), Signore di Corteinpaino.

53. Princess Dudla bin Jafar of Sicily.